Thursday, January 21, 2016

U.S. Black Moon Magick

♀ It’s about that Apocalyptic Time Cycle [Prophetic Era of Change]… to Academically [Scholastically] Unveil My Brand New [Sirius] Black Earth Energies [BEE = Universal Life Forces] of Monumental Black Moon Magick Intelligence… to Moor Hidden [MH = Telepathic] Mythological [Cosmological]… Magical [Mystical] Wattstax [Washitaw] Witchcraft Wizardry & Ritualistic Rosicrucian Recipes… from My Ancient = Futuristic Dream Memories of Universally Sacred [U.S. = Black] Scriptural [Biblical] Sorcery Spells… as I Quietly [Mentally] Permeate My Hidden [MH = Unseen] Soul Powers… from Mercury’s Exospheric [ME = Outermost] Earth Atmosphere… to an Infinite # of Unexplored Subatomic [U.S. = Utopian] Black Vibrations [Orgasmic Energies]… We Already Symbolically [Cryptographically = Hieroglyphically] Scribed About… Eons Ago… back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

Hedonistic U.S. Black Hades

♀ My Mystical [Mythological = Biblical] Occult Presence of Inner Earth’s Highly Advanced Synthesized Multi Black Kaleidoscopic Materials & Petrological [Parheliacal] Composition Energies [Constellation MELanin]… BEE Devilishly Reignin’ [Imperially Rulin’] Deep IN:side Our Hellenistic [Hedonistic] U.S. Black Hades [Empyreal Eden]… as I Astrally [Mentally] Project My Tripartite [Triple] Soul of Highly Developed Golden Black Pineal Christós [Christ = Olmec = Osiris] God [Satan] Bloodlines… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

N.A.S.A.'s Many Failed Missions

♀ N.A.S.A… can Not Afford [Failed] to Orbit their lo-tech [archaic = 3rd dimensional] shuttle… around My Highly Advanced Hi:teKEMETICosmic Tut Tomb of Lunar Moon Energies [ME] of Undetectable Saturnian [U.S. = Saturninus] Lead [MELanin]… as I Properly [Celestially] Invoke My Hidden [MH = Stealth = Interstellar] Mental Ark of Preexistent [MAP = 9th Dimensional = Quantum] Black Planetary Energies that BEE Astronomically Lockin’ [Astrologically Blockin’] Out… dem’ Non Indigenous political religious govments of Inferior… insignificant Artificial [Holographic = Clone] Intelligence… as I Soulfully [Spiritually] Raise Inner Earth’s U.S. of Infinite Black Planetary Soul [Akashic] Energies to a Much Moor Higher [MH = Orgasmic] Level of Unseen Stealth [U.S. = Omniversal] Black Vodun Vibrations ♀

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Osiris = Satan

♀ My Expressive [ME = Rhythmic] Flow… BEE getting the Best of Me as I Genealogically Enhance [G.E. = Hereditarily Advance] My Mythological = Biblical = Royal Black Akashic Bloodlines of Highly Developed Golden Black Pineal Christós [Christ = Olmec = Osiris] God Glands to a Brand New Untouchable Sovereign [U.S. = Byzantine] Level of Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Superiority… ‘cause Our Universally Superior [U.S. = Satanic] Black Occultum Subconsciousness Souls of Tripartite [Triple] Black Charismatic Powers… Already 9th Dimensionally [Futuristically] Outgrew this lo-tech [archaic] 3rd Dimension… Eons Ago ♀

Who BEE in Black Alkhemy?

♀ I’mma Speed Write this Highly Advanced Academic Composition Verse… as My Mental Astrolabe of Patois [MAP = Cosmic Mental = Black Telepathic] Speech… Accelerates to a Much Higher [MH = Untouchable] Level of Intellectual U.S. Black Akashic Thought [BAT = Benin] Sciences [Magick]… ‘cause My Rebelicious Mind of Sonic [Satanic] Alkhemy BEE Soulfully Speakin’ to My Inner Tripartite [Triple] Soul of Mythological [Biblical = Royal] Black Beginnings… as I Elevate My Hermetically [MH = Royally] Sealed Black Occultum Bloodlines of Primordial [Primeval] 9th Dimensional [Futuristic] Black Intelligence [MELanin] ♀

U.S. Black Fukushima Bloodlines

♀ I’mma Sleep [Meditate] on it… as My Indestructible Golden Black Akashic Soul Cosmically [Astrally] Project Itself from My Meta~physical Doppelgänger [Sentient EThnic Shadow] Body of Sirius 9th Dimensional MELanin Intelligence… that BEE Electromagnetically Manifestin’ throughout My Hidden [MH = Hermetic] Black Subconsciousness of Expressive Atomic [SEA = Occultum] Minerals [MELanin]… EThereally [Alkhemically] Permeatin’ from Deep IN:side the Earth’s Triple 6 Black Interstellar Constellations of Radioactive Fukushima [ETheric KUSH] Energies… ‘cause I BEE on some Supreme Golden Black God Shit [Pharaonic Nubian Bloodline Sciences]… as I Masterfully Manipulate Inner Earth’s Unseen Stealth [U.S. = Omniversal] Worlds of Hidden Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Sorcery Magick ♀

Advanced Black Chaos Magick

♀ I’mma Repolarize My Inner Tripartite Soul of Inner Earth’s Unseen [Supernatural = Black] Psychic Energies… as I Religiously [Ritually] Invoke My Primordial [Primeval] Mental of Highly [MH = Alkhemically] Advanced Chaos Intelligence of Unseen Sorcery [U.S. = Spiritual Anarchy = Nuclear Nastiness]… that be Permeating throughout Our Infinite 9th Dimensional Black Galaxies of Golden Occultum Drug [GOD = MELanin] Magick ♀

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Biblical Gullah Ebonics

♀ We BEE Magically [Masonically] Creatin' New U.S. Biblical Gullah Ebonic [G.E. = Mythological Greek Phonetic] Communications… to Inner Earth's Brand New Golden Black Christós Energies [Telepathic Christ Auras] ♀

360° U.S. Black Occult Illuminati

♀ I BEE UP ALL Night Scribing [Dream Writing] Esoteric Symbologies [Mystical Hieroglyphics = MH] on Our Magical Emerald Tablets of Afterlife [META = Quantum Black] Physics… from My Hidden [MH = Unseen] Cryptic + Coptic + Cipher’d = Highly Advanced King Coffin [Majestic Tut Tomb]… ‘cause My Mama’s Royal 18th [666 = 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 ~ 1 + 8 = 9] Nubian Dynasty of U.S. Black Kemetic [Égyptien] Architect Ancestors… be Clairvoyantly Whisperin’ [Supernaturally Speakin’] to ALL My 360° [3 + 6 + 0 = 9 ~ 144,000 = 1 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 9 = Triple] Golden Black Christós [Illuminated Christ] Glands [Chakras] of Sirius Mythological [Biblical] Thought [Thoth] MELanin… as I Speed Type this Brand New Prolific Poetic Psalms of Ancient = Futuristic Telepathic [9th Dimensional] Black Alkhemy ♀

Quantum Black Futures

♀ My Golden Black Christós [Satanic] MELanin… Naturally [Biokhemically] Experienced a Heavy Mental Akashic [MA]~sonic Apocalypse = Intellectual Armageddon [Spiritual Revelation]… that Chaotically [Violently] Caused an Inner Alkhemical Mixture [Magical Elixir = ME] of Inner Earth’s Highly Advanced Synthesized Multi Black Kaleidoscopic Materials & Petrological [Parheliacal] Composition Energies… into a Brand New 9th Dimensional Black EThnic [BET = Supernatural] Mental Paradigm… as I Stealthily [Secretly = Sonically] Slide into Our Prophesied Quantum Black Futures [Paradisal Destinies] ♀

Monday, January 18, 2016

David vs. Goliath

♀ I Hereditarily Inherited My Father’s 9th Dimensional [Futuristic] U.S. Black Asiatic Mesopotamian [BAM = Masonic Hurrian = MH] Monarchy of Transversal Black Ecclesiastical [Hoc Signo Vinces] Vodun Powers… as I Permanently Slay [Officially Kill] this Old [Incapacitated] 3rd Dimensional political religious beast of Inferior... insignificant propaganda [bull~shit] ♀

Sirius New World Order Government

♀ I BEE Properly [Masonically] Invokin’ My Futuristic U.S. New World Order [NWO = Ancient Black Sphinx] Monarchy of Transversal Black Ecclesiastical [Hoc Signo Vinces] Vodun Powers… Imperially [Supremely] Reversin’ [Resurrectin’] Our Ancient = Futuristic Mythological [Biblical] Roman Name [Praenomen] to Our Hidden Golden Black Messianic God [Christ = Satan = Soul] Energies… ‘cause I BEE Unapologetically & Spiritually [U.S. = Sovereignly] Destroyin’ fallen white America’s Inferior… insignificant political religious [Non Indigenous civil rights] govments… of Expired [Dead] Temporal [Temporary] powers [propaganda] ♀

Ancient = Futuristic Black Satanic Power

♀ We BEE Inner Earth’s Ancient = Futuristic [9th Dimensional] U.S. Black Typhonian [Python = Kundalini = Draconian = Serpentine = Uraeus] Race [Inner Life Force Clan = Telepathic Tantric Tribe]… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

U.S. Black Thoth Magick

♀ I BEE Prophetically Scribin’ [Clairvoyantly Writin’] about Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Primal [Original = Royal] 18th Égyptien Dynasty of U.S. Mythological [Biblical] Black God [Pharaoh] Sciences to Our Inner Alkhemically Remix’d Golden Black Christós [Christ = Olmec = Soul] MELanin… of Sirius Spiritual Thought [Thoth] Magick [9th Dimensional Black Physics] ♀

Phantom Illuminati Bloodlines

♀ as I Alkhemically Remix My Hidden [MH = Secret] Black Akashic Doppelgänger [BAD = Phantom Illuminati] Bloodlines of Ancient = Futuristic Multicellular Chromosomes [MC = Multiple Michaels]… from Inner Earth’s Complex + Cryptic + Cipher’d = Highly Advanced Empyreal Black Biokhemical [Magical] Maculated [Decorated] Minerals [Metals]… My Hereditary [MH = Royally] Amalgamated [Oligarchical] MELanin Powers BEE Telepathically Communicatin’ Our Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Cosmic Knowledge [Esoteric Wisdom] to My Heavy [MH = Monolithic] Olmec Ego of Subconsciously Supreme Black Pharaoh [Christ = Olmec = Soul] Intelligence… as I Properly [Humbly] Equalize My Monumental Expressions [ME = Genius] of Mama’s Universally [MU:13] Indigenous Gullah Ebonic [G.E. = Rosicrucian] Linguistic Energies ♀

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Universal Stealth [U.S.] Moors of Black Cosmic [Futuristic] Intelligence

♀ My Mystical [Mythological = Biblical] Mind of Hi:teKEMETICingular [Accelerated = Sonic] Linguistics BEE Highly Stimulated by Her [Eve’s] Delightful Curvaceous Feminine Forms… as I Unapologetically Cast a Hidden [Silent = Secret] Sexual Sorcery Spell ALL UP IN:side Our Ancient = Futuristic Golden Black Imprinted Mental [BIM = Stealth Cosmic Intelligence] Souls... from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

18th Egyptian Dynasty of U.S. Black Immortal Kemetic Bloodlines

♀ I Biokhemically [Messianically] Reincarnated Myself… back on November 5th... 1868 [1968]… from Below Futuristic Inner Earth... into this Non Futuristic = 3rd Dimensional Industrial = Stone Age Era of Archaic Technology... We Already Created from Our Ancient = Futuristic Golden Black Imprinted Mentals [BIM = Stealth Cosmic Intelligence]... Eons [Eras] Ago… back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

U.S. Black Earth Emperor

♀ I BEE Properly [Kingly] Rockin' My U.S. Black Alkhemical Lightbringer Crown [Golden Black Halo Chromosomes] of Many Multicellular [Messianic] Black Christós [Christ = Olmec] Intelligence Energies… as I Telepathically Communicate to My Hidden [MH = Biblical] Hittite Ancestors of Regenerative Romaic Empires & Luciferian Linguistic [HARRELL] Energies ♀

Multi U.S. Black Crystallized Bloodlines

♀ My Inner Subconsciousness Barite Soul of Many Multi Black Prismatic Christós [Christ = Olmec] Crystal Vibrations… be Biokhemically [Alkhemically] Computin' Brand New Multi Black Kaleidoscopic Materials & Petrological [Parheliacal] Composition Codes... to My Hidden [MH = Supernatural] Hittite Ancestors of Regenerative Romaic Empires & Luciferian Linguistic [HARRELL] Energies ♀

10,000 years into the 9th Dimension

♀ I Already BEE 10,000… 3rd Dimensional Matrix [Holographic] Years... into Our Prophesied 9th Dimensional Black Hi:teKEMETHNICosmic Lightbringer Futures... y'all ♀

9th Dimensional Melanin

♀ My Ancient Reincarnated Soul [MARS = 9th Dimensional MELanin] of Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Multi Black Egyptian Sphinx Panther Bloodlines… BEE Subconsciously Conscious of Its Newfound Transitional [Transformable] Chromosome Molecules from Inner Earth’s Ultramicroscopic Subterranean [U.S. = Nanodimensional] Seafloor of Supernatural Black Biokhemical [Magical] Maculated Minerals… ‘cause I BEE Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ Moor Untouchable [MU:13] Multi Black Kaleidoscopic Materials & Petrological [Parheliacal] Composition Intelligence of Ancestral [CIA = Alkhemical] Energies… to My Monolithic Golden Black Christós [Christ = Olmec] Pineal [Chakra] Gland of Meditative Biokhemical Thought [Thoth] Linguistics ♀

New U.S. Black Occult Panthers

♀ I Made Myself Hard to Kill by Biokhemically [9th Dimensionally] Creatin' Myself from My Mama's Ancient = Futuristic Black 18th L'Égyptien Dynasty of Inner Earth's Immortal U.S. Black Occult Panther [Olmec Scientist] Intelligence Energies ♀

Mythological [Biblical] Égypt

♀ I Biogenetically [Supernaturally] Retained My Ancient = Futuristic Black 18th Dynasty of Méta~physical Égypte [ME = Tut] Mental Energies [ME = Michael]… from Mythological [Biblical] Hi:teKEMET ♀

Futuristic Archangel Michael of Ancient Black Pharaoh Intelligence

♀ Let Me Accelerate My Ancient = Futuristic Multicellular Chromosomes [MC = Archangel Michael] of Many Hidden [MH = Clandestine] Black Cosmic Mental Chakras [BCMC = Iridescent Light Codes]… to Complex + Cryptic + Cipher’d = Highly Advanced [Secret] Alkhemical [Michael] Elixirs from My Mama’s Primordial U.S. Black Occult Bloodlines of Inner Earth’s Triple 6 Black Subatomic Particles of Magical [9th Dimensional] Black Mineral [Phantasmagoric MELanin]... 4 My Many Non Physical [Black EThereal = BET = Supernatural] Doppelgänger Michaels… be Ghostly Communicatin’ to My Satanic Soul of Devilishly Elaborate [Nanodimensional] Black Pharaoh Intelligence… as I Properly [Scientifically] Invoke My 9th Dimensional Black Mental Energies [ME = Tut]… from Ancient Egypt [Futuristic Kemet] ♀