Saturday, February 27, 2016

The U.S. Egyptian Hermés

I BEE My Mama’s… Mama’s Masonic Hermès [MH = Otherworldly Magisterium] Ecclesiastical Lord [EL~ohim = Lucifer = Fallen ArchangEL MichaEL = Dual Messianic Satan = Black Occult Christ]… to a Hidden Mythological [Biblical] Hell [Harrell = HarrEL:Lunar Hades = Hellenistic Underworld of Sirius = U.S. Black Polyphyletic Netherworld = Parallel Moon Universe = MU = Mental Eden = ME = Egyptian Renaissance Afterlife = ERA] Eon… ‘cause I BEE A… Very Ancient = Highly Futuristic Pre Monumental [EThereal] Black Energy Emperor [BEE = Magical Hermés = MH = U.S. Michael Harrell]… from Lost Atlantis [L.A.] ♀

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