Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Hidden Afterlife Realms of Black Death

♀ I BEE… Already Mentally Livin’ IN:side Our Most Wanted… Black Egyptian Renaissance Afterlife [ERA = Eon] Energies… as I Silently [Mentally] Speak Out Loud to ALL My Astronomical [MA = Masonic] Vision Quest [Vodun] Families of Multi U.S. Indo~European [Aboriginal Black American Indian] Bloodlines… as We Continue to Telepathically Communicate in Our Dual [♀♀] Incorporeal Soul Dialect [Spiritual Black Ebonics] of Sirius Black Binary [B] Coded [C] MELanin Intelligence… We been Philosophically [Scholastically = Academically = Ecclesiastically] Perfectin’… since Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀

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