Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Better U.S. Black Life

♀ this Brand New [Sirius] Binary [B] Star = U.S. Michael Harrell [MH] of Hi:teKEMETIChthonic [C = Otherworldly] Constellation Linguistics [Soulful Ebonics]… BEE Mentally Constructing [M.C. = Imperially Establishing] A… Mo’ Better Life… 4 Us [U.S. = y’all = Black Aboriginals = Protogenos = First Black Creational Gods = Astronomical Chaos Beings = Nubian Greek Pantheon]… as I Phonetically Scribe [Harmonically Speak] this Newfound 9th Dimensional [Paradisal] Black Occult [Masonic] Psalm of U.S. Biblical Black Magick [Otherworldly] Acts… ‘cause I BEE Supremely Vibratin’ on a Much Moor Higher [MH = U.S. Executive Magistratus] Level of Multi Dimensional [Untouchable] Black Chthonic [Otherworldly] Creational Energies… like My Mama’s… Mama… Always said I would ♀

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