Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Who BEE in Black Alkhemy?

♀ I’mma Speed Write this Highly Advanced Academic Composition Verse… as My Mental Astrolabe of Patois [MAP = Cosmic Mental = Black Telepathic] Speech… Accelerates to a Much Higher [MH = Untouchable] Level of Intellectual U.S. Black Akashic Thought [BAT = Benin] Sciences [Magick]… ‘cause My Rebelicious Mind of Sonic [Satanic] Alkhemy BEE Soulfully Speakin’ to My Inner Tripartite [Triple] Soul of Mythological [Biblical = Royal] Black Beginnings… as I Elevate My Hermetically [MH = Royally] Sealed Black Occultum Bloodlines of Primordial [Primeval] 9th Dimensional [Futuristic] Black Intelligence [MELanin] ♀

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