Sunday, January 24, 2016

♀ I Went Mad Undercover [MU = Scientifically Died] to My Hidden [MH = Highly Meditative] Harlem Mental Underworld [MU = Hyperion Tomb = Saturn] wit’ My Most Hateful Anger to Religious Rhetoric Energies of Lazy Lies [HARRELL = Physical Earth Manifestations]… ‘bout Our Heavy Astral Radium of Revolutionary Electromagnetic Lascivious Lithium [HARRELL = 9th Dimensional] Intelligence [MELanin]… back to Inner Earth’s Unseen Untouchable Subterranean [U.S. = 9th Dimensional] Seafloor of Phantasmagoric Black Illuminated Cities and Quietly Crafted [QC = Quality Controlled = Quantumly Perfected] My Ancient = Futuristic Hi:teKEMETICosmologies about Our Newfound Sirius SoulStar Intelligence MELanin… as I Now Scripturally [Biblically] Rise from the Dead [Inner Earth] to Majestically Spit these Magical [Supernatural] Black Proverbs [Grand Unified Theorems] thru these Brand New Iridium [Platinum] Wattstax [Washitaw] Wires [Black Fiber Optics] of Powerful [Royal] Black Telepathic Occult [Vodun] Currencies… ‘cause I BEE Inner Earth’s Original = Black… Afrikkan [Akkadian] Prince of Mali’s Electromagnetic [ME = Luciferian = Dogon] Energies ♀

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