Sunday, January 3, 2016

U.S. Sexually Explicit Revolution

♀ Let Me Articulate My Artistic [MA+MA = Double Masonic] Michael Mind of Sexually Explicit Thoughts [Thoth] to Pleasurable Pornographic Positions… so I can Creatively Create a New + Ancient = Futuristic U.S. of Astronomical [Aboriginal] Black Roman Currency Magick from Inner Earth’s Interstellar U.S. Black Knights Templar Origins... 4 My Vivid Empyreal Byzantine Visions of U.S. Black Nanodimensional Life… be Intellectually Stimulatin’ My Monolithic Golden Black Godhead [Olmec = Ω] Glands as I Speed Type this Prolific Michael Masterpiece... IN:side the 9th Dimension [Nanodimension = ALL Black Renaissance Future = Supreme Black God~Goddess Realm = Biblical Eden = Mythological Atlantis]… ‘cause I BEE Unapologetically Hedonistic & Fantastically [UHF = Extraordinarily] Sexual… by Nature ♀

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