Friday, January 1, 2016

U.S. Black Phoenician Linguistics

♀ I gotta’ Big Black Killa’ BEE Mouth of Alpha… Delta… Gamma… & Theta [Phoenician] Linguistics… that be Angularly Acceleratin’ to a Much Higher [MH = Untouchable Olmec God = Sirius] Plateau of Black Optical Hieroglyphic Microscopic [OHM = Ω] Genetics… IN:side Inner Earth’s 144,000 Infinite Subterranean Seafloor Levels of Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Universal] Black 9th Dimensional [Nanodimensional = Ultramicroscopic = Black EThereal = Phantasmagoric = Supernatural] Intelligence Life… 4 My Hypnotic [MH = Memorizing] Dream Mental of Deadly Demonic Sorcery Spells be Sonically [Inter~cellularly] Detectin’ Moor Ubiquitous [Omnipresent] Black Audible Signals as I Instinctively Invoke My Black Triple 6 Soul of Universal Satanic [U.S. = Supreme] Black Killa’ BEE [Byzantium] Energies… to Speed Write this Prolific Parametric Equation from Pluto’s Highly Advanced Regenerative Mental Alkhemy [PHARMA] Energies ♀

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