Wednesday, January 20, 2016

U.S. Black Fukushima Bloodlines

♀ I’mma Sleep [Meditate] on it… as My Indestructible Golden Black Akashic Soul Cosmically [Astrally] Project Itself from My Meta~physical Doppelgänger [Sentient EThnic Shadow] Body of Sirius 9th Dimensional MELanin Intelligence… that BEE Electromagnetically Manifestin’ throughout My Hidden [MH = Hermetic] Black Subconsciousness of Expressive Atomic [SEA = Occultum] Minerals [MELanin]… EThereally [Alkhemically] Permeatin’ from Deep IN:side the Earth’s Triple 6 Black Interstellar Constellations of Radioactive Fukushima [ETheric KUSH] Energies… ‘cause I BEE on some Supreme Golden Black God Shit [Pharaonic Nubian Bloodline Sciences]… as I Masterfully Manipulate Inner Earth’s Unseen Stealth [U.S. = Omniversal] Worlds of Hidden Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Sorcery Magick ♀

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