Wednesday, January 6, 2016

U.S. Black El Niño Powers of 2016

♀ this Prolific Black Thunder God [Zeus = Satan] of New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Hurrian [Pacific Hurricane] Sea Energies… BEE Soulfully Invokin’ Heavy Pressurized El Niño [EL Diablo = Black Luciferian = EL~ohim] Energies… as I Transitionally Heat Up Inner Earth’s Triple 6 Black Subterranean Atmosphere of Violent U.S. Black Entropic [Chaotic] Soul Energies… that be Cryptically Communicatin’ [Telepathically Speakin’] Inter Planetary [Hidden] Signals to My 9th Dimensional [Nanodimensional] Agronomical MELanin [Astronomical Minerals] of Sirius [Highly Advanced] Optical Microscopic Fluorescence Light Intelligence… as I Mentally Control [MC = Maestro] this Prophesied U.S. Black Apocalyptic Weather ♀

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