Saturday, January 30, 2016

U.S. Black Autocratic Energies [BAE]

♀ Pardon My Extreme [ME = Most Hated = MH = Michael Harrell] Appearance of Old Superficial 3rd Dimensional [3D = Dead] Human Cells to Basic Somatic Biology Energies… ‘cause on Sirius B [U.S. Black Afrikkan Dogon = BAD] Planet [Empire]… of Brand New [Sirius] Pristine Black Energies to Moor Explicitly Telepathic Akashic [META] Intelligence [MELanin]… My Highly [MH = Autocratically] Developed Black Hyperion Avatar of Radioactive Replication Emissions by Luminescence Light [HARRELL = Double Doppelgänger] Body… BEE on a Much Higher [MH = Pristine] Level of Unexplainable Sciences [U.S. = 9th Dimensional Black Anatomy Physics]… as I Speed Write a New 720° Masonic Masterpiece of Classical [Medieval] U.S. Black Theatre [Supernatural Life] ♀

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