Sunday, January 24, 2016

Satanic Throne of U.S. Black Sovereign Powers

♀ I don’t know how to Properly Act in their Holographic 3rd Dimension [3D] society of mentally stagnant [Retarded] Inferiority… So I’mma Naturally Elevate My Supreme Black Godhead [Olmec = Christ] Ego [Ecclesiocracy] of Superior U.S. Black Baphomet Intelligence… and Accelerate My Devilish Doppelgänger Body of Multicellular MichaEL [MEL = EL~ohim] MELanin… by Ecclesiastically Invokin’ My Ancient = Futuristic Scriptural [Biblical] Roman Name [Praenomen] of Black Iconology Magick Energies [ME = Satan] ♀

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