Monday, January 18, 2016

Phantom Illuminati Bloodlines

♀ as I Alkhemically Remix My Hidden [MH = Secret] Black Akashic Doppelgänger [BAD = Phantom Illuminati] Bloodlines of Ancient = Futuristic Multicellular Chromosomes [MC = Multiple Michaels]… from Inner Earth’s Complex + Cryptic + Cipher’d = Highly Advanced Empyreal Black Biokhemical [Magical] Maculated [Decorated] Minerals [Metals]… My Hereditary [MH = Royally] Amalgamated [Oligarchical] MELanin Powers BEE Telepathically Communicatin’ Our Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Cosmic Knowledge [Esoteric Wisdom] to My Heavy [MH = Monolithic] Olmec Ego of Subconsciously Supreme Black Pharaoh [Christ = Olmec = Soul] Intelligence… as I Properly [Humbly] Equalize My Monumental Expressions [ME = Genius] of Mama’s Universally [MU:13] Indigenous Gullah Ebonic [G.E. = Rosicrucian] Linguistic Energies ♀

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