Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Osiris = Satan

♀ My Expressive [ME = Rhythmic] Flow… BEE getting the Best of Me as I Genealogically Enhance [G.E. = Hereditarily Advance] My Mythological = Biblical = Royal Black Akashic Bloodlines of Highly Developed Golden Black Pineal Christós [Christ = Olmec = Osiris] God Glands to a Brand New Untouchable Sovereign [U.S. = Byzantine] Level of Imperial Black [Neo~Pagan] Superiority… ‘cause Our Universally Superior [U.S. = Satanic] Black Occultum Subconsciousness Souls of Tripartite [Triple] Black Charismatic Powers… Already 9th Dimensionally [Futuristically] Outgrew this lo-tech [archaic] 3rd Dimension… Eons Ago ♀

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