Thursday, January 28, 2016

New 720° U.S. Black Masonic Counsil

♀ I’mma take My Newfound Neural Network MELanin of 720° Omniversal Black Pharaoh Intelligence to an Unbelievable Scholastic [U.S. = Otherworldly] Level of Sirius B [9th Dimensional = Empyreal] Thought [Thoth] Physics… as I Mentally & Astrally Project [MAP = Clairvoyantly Configure] My Brand New [Sirius] Golden Black Hyperion Auras of Radioactive Replication Emissions by Luminescence Light [HARRELL = Double Doppelgänger] Body… to Our Brand New [Sirius B] Earth [9th Dimensional Planet]… of Permeable Golden Black ETernal [BET = Immeasurable] Orgasmic Vibrations… We Radioactively Created from Our archaic 3rd Dimension [3D = Stone Age = Ptolemaic] Dynasty of Dormant [Latent] Black Earth Energies [Universal Life Forces] ♀

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