Thursday, January 21, 2016

N.A.S.A.'s Many Failed Missions

♀ N.A.S.A… can Not Afford [Failed] to Orbit their lo-tech [archaic = 3rd dimensional] shuttle… around My Highly Advanced Hi:teKEMETICosmic Tut Tomb of Lunar Moon Energies [ME] of Undetectable Saturnian [U.S. = Saturninus] Lead [MELanin]… as I Properly [Celestially] Invoke My Hidden [MH = Stealth = Interstellar] Mental Ark of Preexistent [MAP = 9th Dimensional = Quantum] Black Planetary Energies that BEE Astronomically Lockin’ [Astrologically Blockin’] Out… dem’ Non Indigenous political religious govments of Inferior… insignificant Artificial [Holographic = Clone] Intelligence… as I Soulfully [Spiritually] Raise Inner Earth’s U.S. of Infinite Black Planetary Soul [Akashic] Energies to a Much Moor Higher [MH = Orgasmic] Level of Unseen Stealth [U.S. = Omniversal] Black Vodun Vibrations ♀

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