Sunday, January 10, 2016

Magical U.S. Black Doppelgängers

♀ I’mma have some Psychedelic Herbal Tea as I Medicate to Meditate My Heavy [MH = Futuristic Michael] Memory Intelligence of Transmutable [M.I.T. = Magical Doppelgänger] Cells by Mama’s Untouchable Gradient Optical Flow [Black Supernatural = Nanodimensional] MELanin… a Day before I Scientifically Died [Mathematically Overdosed]… ‘cause My Triple 6 Dark Chaotic [D.C. = Utopic] Psilocybin Intelligence of Ancient = Futuristic Golden Black MELanin... was Already into the Prophetic U.S. Black Cosmic Dogon Future… on some Brand New King Jimi [James] Marshall Hendrix [MH = Michael Harrell] Energies… I Already told y’all… We can Not Die… We U.S. Black Immortals only Multiply… as We Reign Supremely [Imperially]… over everything else ♀

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