Saturday, January 30, 2016

Julius Adámas Hermès [JAH]... of Sirius B Energies

♀ I’m Not Afraid 2 BEE My Authentic Astronomical Self of Moor Hidden [MH = Untouchable] U.S. Black EThereal [B.E.T. = Extraordinarily  Developed] Multicellular Hormones [MH = Julius Adámas Hermès = JAH]… of Golden Black Electromagnetic 9th Dimensional Light Coded Energies… as I Spiritually [Magically] Invoke [Waken] My Brand New [Sirius] Black Magical Hermés [MH = Michael Harrell = MH = Golden Iridium] Lunar Soul Energies… from Sirius A [Old Black Earth Energies = Religiously Dead]… to Sirius B [New Golden Black Light Energies = Soulfully Alive] ♀

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