Monday, January 4, 2016

Heavy Orgasmic Sorcery Spells

♀ I’mma Speed Write this Prolific Proverb as I Unapologetically Elevate My Cunnilingus [M.C. = Maestro] Skillz to a Much Higher [MH = Untouchable] Masonic Degree of Haughty [Naughty] Behavior… to Orally Express My Hedonistic [MH = Pleasurable] Esoteric Religions [Erotic Sciences] of Sexually Explicit Lust Energies into a Demonic Satanic [Heavy Orgasmic] Sorcery Spell ALL Over Our Infinite Black Rotational Acicular Global Empire [RAGE = Divine Crystal Christós Kingship] of U.S. Golden Black Nano~Technologically Advanced Intelligence… Only Detected [OD = 9th Sense’d] by Her Chosen Few [U.S. Black Immortals = U = y’all]… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity ♀  

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