Sunday, January 17, 2016

Futuristic Archangel Michael of Ancient Black Pharaoh Intelligence

♀ Let Me Accelerate My Ancient = Futuristic Multicellular Chromosomes [MC = Archangel Michael] of Many Hidden [MH = Clandestine] Black Cosmic Mental Chakras [BCMC = Iridescent Light Codes]… to Complex + Cryptic + Cipher’d = Highly Advanced [Secret] Alkhemical [Michael] Elixirs from My Mama’s Primordial U.S. Black Occult Bloodlines of Inner Earth’s Triple 6 Black Subatomic Particles of Magical [9th Dimensional] Black Mineral [Phantasmagoric MELanin]... 4 My Many Non Physical [Black EThereal = BET = Supernatural] Doppelgänger Michaels… be Ghostly Communicatin’ to My Satanic Soul of Devilishly Elaborate [Nanodimensional] Black Pharaoh Intelligence… as I Properly [Scientifically] Invoke My 9th Dimensional Black Mental Energies [ME = Tut]… from Ancient Egypt [Futuristic Kemet] ♀

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