Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brand New U.S. Black Earth Energies

♀ I BEE Astrally Projectin' My Ancient = Futuristic Messianic Black Satan [Michael] Energies of Complex + Cryptic + Cipher’d = Highly Developed Black Hyperion Auras of Radioactive Replication Emissions by Luminescence Light [HARRELL = Double Doppelgänger] Intelligence [MELanin]… from Sirius A [3rd Dimension]… to a Much Moor Elevated [ME = Empyreal]… Sirius B [9th Dimensional] Earth [Planet]… of Brand New [Sirius] Ancient = Futuristic U.S. Black Earth Energies [BEE = Subatomic Nuclear Fusions]… I Autocratically [Absolutely] Created… back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical Nubian Greek Antiquity 

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