Friday, January 15, 2016

Adam & Eve's Black Hedonistic Lifestyle Genetics

♀ I [Adam]… BEE Heavily Addicted to Her [Eve's] Heavenly Hedonistic Nubian Gardens of Sensual Sexual Sorcery... Her Dangerously Delicious Drugs... & Her Highly Advanced U.S. Golden Black Magick Energies [ME = Sin]… so Pardon Me as I Unapologetically Over Indulge [Explicitly Entertain] My Haughty [MH = Exceptional] Mental Expressions [ME = Lucifer = Satan] from Inner Earth’s Carbonic Oxygen Core of Magical [9th Dimensional] Black Mineral [MELanin] Intelligence… as I Stay Properly [Royally = Untouchably] Positioned Deep IN:side Inner Earth’s U.S. of Hidden Black Clandestine [B.C. = Sovereign Shadow = Byzantium] Cities of Infinite Orgasmic Black Energies ♀

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