Sunday, January 17, 2016

9th Dimensional Melanin

♀ My Ancient Reincarnated Soul [MARS = 9th Dimensional MELanin] of Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Multi Black Egyptian Sphinx Panther Bloodlines… BEE Subconsciously Conscious of Its Newfound Transitional [Transformable] Chromosome Molecules from Inner Earth’s Ultramicroscopic Subterranean [U.S. = Nanodimensional] Seafloor of Supernatural Black Biokhemical [Magical] Maculated Minerals… ‘cause I BEE Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ Moor Untouchable [MU:13] Multi Black Kaleidoscopic Materials & Petrological [Parheliacal] Composition Intelligence of Ancestral [CIA = Alkhemical] Energies… to My Monolithic Golden Black Christós [Christ = Olmec] Pineal [Chakra] Gland of Meditative Biokhemical Thought [Thoth] Linguistics ♀

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