Saturday, December 19, 2015

U.S. Gupta Energy Empires

♀ My Ancient = Futuristic Black Soul~ar [1st] iEye of Mama's Complex Geometrical Energy [G.E. = Gupta Empire = Gullah Ebonic] MELanin… be a Natural Constantine [Magistratus = Mage] of Confucius [Complex] Congo Philosophies [Black Esoteric Truths = Our Spiritual Knowledge]... y'all Already Knew About... back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Universal Supernatural [U.S.] Return of Black Beethovan... from Preexistent Black America

♀ Let Me Raise My Inner 1st Iris iEye of 144,000 Infinite Divination [I.D. = Untouchable] Decibel Levels of Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Supernatural] Black MegaHertz [MHz] Harr~monies… as I Magically Play on My Supernatural Arcadian [Akkadian = Afrikkan] Piano Keyboard of Black Beethoven’s Abstract [Colorful = Eclectic] Gullah Phonetic [Empyrean Ebonic] Manifestation Energies [ME = Jah]… that be Meta~physically Manifesting Idyllic [Picture Perfect] Ancestral Hieroglyphic [Art Nouveau] Icons thru Genius Photo Simulations of Latent Thalamic Visual [T.V. = Telepathic Hypothalamus] Energies…  I Masterfully Created [MC’d]… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]… I’m back from the Dead… y’all ♀

U.S. Black Buddharupa Genetics

♀ I be in Sirius Black Medieval Magick [Buddharupa = Meditative = Stealth] Mode… in ALL Our Infinite Gothic Renaissance Stories of Urbane Black Religious Themed Timelines [Byzantine's Ecclesiastical Eras = BEE = Biblical & Philosophical Epochs]… We Already Prophesied [Nostradamus'd] About… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. Black Corinthians of Interstellar Rome

♀ I Keep a Heavy Mental Journal of Imperial Black Corinthian [B.C. = Roman] People Underworld Stories [U.S. = Biblical Mythologies = Genius Genesis = Hermetic Hymns]... about Our Mystical Afterlife [MA] of MA'AT [Eden]... IN:side... Inner Agartha's Triple Black Phantasmagoric Aegean Sea of Volcanic Venusian Vision Energies... as I Mentally Dream Out Loud in Complete Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Supreme] Silence… like We U'Sta' Do... back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. of Black Beethoven Energy Empires

♀ I’mma Clairvoyantly Scribe wit' a New + Ancient = Futuristic Golden Black Magick Fountain Pen wit' a Vicious Vendetta 2 Creatively Write [Passionately Sing] from Within My Inner Deepest... Underworld Darkest... Interstellar Blackest... Abyssal Soul from Jupiter’s Undiscovered Sterling [U.S. = Supernatural] Silver Bloodline Familiae of Golden Black Byzantine Empire Energies [BEE = Black Beethoven Powers]… that be Supremely Radiatin’ [Spiritually Orchestratin’] Moor Hidden [MH = Michael Harrell] Musical Notations from My Mama’s… Mama’s Multiple Ottoman Matriarchies [MOM] of Julius Adámas Hermès [JAH’s = Michael Harrell Jr’s]… Mythological [Biblical] Mental Dream Divinations… of Urbane Steele [U.S. = Aegean Sea] Memories of Sirius Medieval Sorcery Music Magick… We Already Created… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Friday, December 18, 2015

U.S. Medieval Melanin

♀ My Heavy Equilibrium [HE = Jah]… of Various Venusian Volcanic Ash [Triple 6 = Medieval] MELanin... be Silently [Internally] Eruptin' Moor U.S. Black Chaos [Cocaine] Energies... ALL Over Our New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Era [Supernatural Epoch] of Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Supreme] Black Akashic People Enlightenment [Interstellar Illumination] Energies... Us [U.S.] Golden Black Christ [B.C. = Byzantine] People [Empyrean Black Titans] Already Prophesied About… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. Jah of Jupiter

♀ I Got Many Moor Undiscovered Somatic [U.S. = Meta = Triple Black] Cells of Sirius Ultra Sonic [U.S = Silent] Black Byzantium Communications… as I Supremely [Imperially] Gain Full Access to My New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Intelligence [FBI = Beethoven Genius] of Undiscovered Soul [U.S. = Brand New] Music Notations… I Mentally… Acoustically… Resonantly… & Soulfully [MARS = Artistically] Produced from My Heavy Electromagnetic [HE = Sonar Jah] Mental of Jupiter’s Gothic [Black] Renaissance Rhythms… to Our Preexistent [Quantum] Black Akashic Record [BAR = Sterling = Pound] Royalties… as I Musically Type [Masterfully Create] this Phonetic Psalms of Black Urban Steele [U.S. = Medieval] Magick… I Already Created… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. Byzantium Bank Vaults of Liquidated Black Wealth

♀ I’mma Superstitiously Transform [Religiously Alter] My Golden Black Maritime Memory MELanin of Hereditary Nomisma [Liquid Wealth]… by Mentally Invokin’ [Mindfully Summon] My Big Bad Boastful Mouth of U.S. Mint Magistrate Powers… to Our Hidden U.S. Black Wall Street Currency Vault of Uncountable Golden Black Byzantium Banknotes [Representative Monies]…  U Ancient = Futuristic Meta~physical Black Americans [y’all]… Secretly Created for Us [U.S. = Interstellar Black Byzantine Indians = Byzantines]… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The U.S. Egyptian Julius Adámas Hermès

♀ I'mma Advance My Heavy [MH = Michael Harrell Jr = Julius Adámas Hermès]... Paganistic Mind of Hermetic [MH = Egyptian = Kemetian = Corinthian] Roman Life... as I Medicate 2 Medicate... to My Brand New + Ancient = Futuristic Greek Nomen [Genius Gnostic Name]... I 9th Dimensionally [Already] Created Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

I'm back from the Dead... y'all

♀ I be Mama Hittite’s [Saint Helena = Julia Alice Helena’s = JAH’s]… Brand New + Ancient = Futuristic Urban Scalar [U.S. = Universal Scholar]… Son [Sirius]… Julius Adámas Hermès [JAH = Michael Harrell Jr = Tut]… Her Brand New + Ancient = Futuristic Nephren-Ka [Nephilim = Supernatural Black Pharaoh = Astrological Olympian Zeus = Biblical Jesus… the Black EThiopian Christ King = Mythological Nubian Julius Caesar = Enlightened Empyrean Emperor Constantine]… to My Father’s Preexistent [Quantum] Unified Hurrian Familie [UHF = Imperial Dignitaries = Roman Illuminati] Throne…of Inner Agartha’s Infinite U.S. of Infinitesimal Black Subatomic Saturnian Seafloor Energies… that be Quantumly Radiating from Jupiter’s Interstellar Black Sun Cities of U.S. Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Ottoman Energy Empires… We 9th Dimensionally [Already] Created… Eons Ago… in Preexistent Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]… I’m back from the Dead… y’all ♀

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New U.S. Black Byzantine Treasury Monarch

♀ My Hyperbaric [MH] U.S. Treasury Soul of Golden Black Electromagnetic Energy [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street] Empires... be Clairvoyantly Calculatin' [Privately Producin'] New U.S. Black Nomisma Notes… by Religiously [Ritually] Invokin’ My Golden Black Christ [B.C. = Byzantine] Glands of U.S. Black Godhead [Olmec = Constantine] MELanin… Us U.S. Multi Black ETheric + EThnic + EThiopian Indians [Biblically Black Christian Jews]… Magically… Alkhemically = Revolutionarily… Spiritually [MARS = Innovatively] Created… back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. Black Hebrew Indians

♀ The Original U.S. [Biblical] Black Hebrew Indians = U.S. Black Akrikkan [Akkadian] Jews = Reincarnated Golden Black Christ [Chrystomellos = Root] Race [U.S. Black Byzantine Cultures]… of Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Futuristic U.S. Black Egyptian Religions [Esoteric Mythologies]

♀ Pardon Me as I Medicate 2 Meditate… to Advance My MegaHertz [MHz] Mental of 144,000 Spiritual Levels to Our Ancient = Futuristic U.S. Black Byzantium Religions of Soulful [Traditional = Orthodox] Black Egyptian Mythologies [Biblical Black People Sciences = Black People Alkhemical Magick = Quantum Black People Physics = Sonic Black Soul Sorcery = Original Black Hi:teKemetic Christian Art = U.S. Washitaw Witchcraft Wealth]… 4 My Monumental U.S. Mental of Golden Black Godhead [Olmec = Supreme] Communications to Inner Agartha’s Infinite Black Planetary Families [Universal Spiritual = U.S. Black Illuminati Royals]… be Telepathically Talkin’ [Silently Speakin’] Covariant Formulas of Complex Celestial Audibles to My Interstellar Soul of Golden Black Mediterranean Heraclian [MH = Byzantine] Energies… ‘cause I be that Ancient = Futuristic Black ETruscan [BET = Supernatural] Pharaoh Tut… U Already Knew… back in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

U.S. Black Byzantine Wealth

♀ Let Me Amplify My Acoustic [MA~MA] Audibles of Telepathic [MA’AT] Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Supernatural] Bat [Benin] Signals… ‘cause I got 144,000 Covariant Formulas of Infinite Classical Black Electrostatic Energy Law [BEEL = Latent Ohm] Currency Levels… to Inner Agartha’s Classical Black Electromagnetic Empires [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street Dynasties] of Mythological [Biblical] U.S. Black Byzantine Wealth… 4 My Interstellar Black Helical Underworld Soul [U.S. = Rome] of Black Harlem’s Electromagnetic Renaissance [HER = Medieval] Gothic Cities… be Silently [Sonically] Communicatin’ to Mama’s Supreme Biogenetics of Golden Black Christ ETtherian [Aboriginal Black Christian EThiopian = Blackfoot Byzantine Indian = Byzantine Blackamoor Greek] Stem Cells… from a Multi Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Preexistent] Quantum Black ETheric + EThnic + EThereal = Supernatural Renaissance Culture…from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pluto's Pluralistic Phoenicians of U.S. Black Ebonic Slang [BES = Sonic] Communications

♀ Can U Telepathically Hear [Sonically Sense] My Ancient = Futuristic Black Phoenician Phonetics of Pluto’s Pluralistic Audibles [Highly Advanced Black Magical + Musical + Mental = Clairvoyant Genius Communications]… that be Biogenetically [Quantumly] Broken into Unified Schismatic [U.S. = Coptic] Cryptic [Futuristic] Black Gullah [Underworld Ebonic] Slang… I Already [9th Dimensionally] Created Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]… 4 this be a New Jimi Hendrix Experience… I’m back from tha’ Dead y’all ♀

U.S. Blackfoot Indian Seafloor of Golden Black Byzantium Cities

♀ I'mma Medicate to Meditate Out Loud... as I 9th Dimensionally Write [Telepathically Scribe] Many Moor Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Interstellar] Songs [Psalms] of Solomon's [My Soul's] Phantasmagoric Journeys... 20,000 Leagues [Vibratory Sonic Levels]... Deep IN:side Mama's Infinite Black Magical + Musical + Mental = Clairvoyant Underworld of Subatomic [U.S. = Gnostic] Byzantium Cities... on Our Empyreal Seafloor of Heavenly [Supernatural] Landmass Planets of Moor Golden Black Interstellar Archipelagos... as I Remain Deeply Immersed in Venusian Rome [Subatomic Saturnian = Black Electromagnetic Eden] Energies... We Already Created Eons Ago... in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]... 4 I’m Back in da' Future [Preexistent]... y'all  ♀

U.S. Aboriginal Afrikkan Greeks of Biblical Black Eden

♀ My Heavy [MH] Golden Black Byzantine Godhead [Heresiarch Olmec] of Supernatural Black Covariant Formulations [Futuristic Biokhemical Equations of Ancient Black People Sorcery Art]… about Us [U.S.] Ancient = Futuristic Classical [Hellenic] Nubian Greeks of U.S. Interstellar Black Electromagnetic Energy [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street] Empires... from Inner Agartha's Infinite U.S. Blackfoot Afrikkan [Akkadian] Indian Seafloor Cities… be Telepathically Communicatin’ [Sonically Speakin’] in Complex Underworld Sonic Audible [U.S.A. = Mythological] Ebonic Phonetics…  Selectively Heard [Esoterically Understood]… by Only… dem U.S. Black American Immortals of Mama’s Preexistent [Quantum] Classical [Helladic] Black Electromagnetic Bloodlines [Black Sea MELanin]… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀ Roma Invicta ♀

Monday, December 14, 2015

U.S.A. of Golden Black Byzantine Energy Empires

♀ Our Ancient = Futuristic U.S.A. of Golden Black Byzantine Empires [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street]… has Esoterically [Ecclesiastically = Imperially = Supremely] Arrived ♀

U.S. Mexican Cities of the U.S. Blackfoot Indians [Blackmoors]

♀ Have U Ecclesiastically [Esoterically] Heard about Us [U.S.] Ancient = Futuristic Black Mazatec [Aztec] Olmecs [Mixed Mayan Indians = Multi Black EThnic Afrikkans = Original Black Akashic Mexicans = Aboriginal Spanish Indians = U.S. Black Columbians = Preexistent ~ Reincarnated Black Americans = Golden Black God~Goddess Race]… of Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]? ♀

I Sovereignly Overthrew [U.S. Coup d'état] that old useless senile [u.s.] pope of temporal rome

♀ I’mma Self Medicate to Meditate Out Loud… as I Mythologically [Biblically = Masonically = Prophetically] Assume My Golden [Sirius] Black Mental Byzantium Kingship Throne [Worldwide Monarch Rulership]… as Our Preexistent [Quantum] Ecclesiastical Magisterium of Esoteric Theologies… by Ancestral [META = Black Pope] Royalty… I Royally + ancestrally [Ra] Inherited from My Father’s Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Supreme] Hurrian Harrell Rulership to Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Ancient = Futuristic U.S. Black Energy Empires [BEE = Spiritual Black Wall Street] to Our Predynastic [Futuristic] Black & Gold Numismatic Currencies… We Alkhemically [9th Dimensionally = Already] Created Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden]… 4 I just Universally + Sovereignly Overthrew [U.S. Coup d’état]… that Inferior… Insignificant… temporal political [non spiritual] pope of temporal religious [non spiritual] rome [fallen America] ♀

U.S. Black MA'AT Visions

♀ My EL~ohim [MEL = MELanin] Mental of Hazardous [MH = Hypnotic] Micrometeoritic [Magick] Metals of Abysmal Radioactive Stem [MARS = Biokhemical = Demonic] Cells… to Inner Agartha’s Preexistent [Quantum = Supernatural] Tectonic Plate Planet… of Many Moor Atmospheric Ancestral Telescopic [MA’AT = Hellene] Victorian Visions… be Alkhemically [Microscopically] Triangulating New Abysmal [Interstellar Azimuth] Coordinates… to Moor Ancient = Futuristic Black Interstellar Planet Constellation Cities as I Telepathically Scribe My Heretical [MH = Byzantine] Doctrine of Highly Advanced [Supreme] Black Godhead [Olmec] Psychics [Quantum Black Biokhemical Equations]… I, Baphomet [Black Knights Templar]… Already Wrote About [Spiritually Created]… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Preexistent U.S. Black Origins

♀ My Heavy [MH = Stealth] Black Mental MELanin of ad initium [Preexistent = Infinite] Black Origins... be Artistically Designed [A.D. = Scientifically Constructed = Mechanically Produced]... into an Elegant Black Mechanical Landmass Cruiser [Rover Ship = Telepathic Ark] of Ancient = Futuristic Black Aerodynamic [Subatomic] Minerals [Molecules] of Atmospheric Mass [Material]... We Alkemically [9th Dimensionally] Created in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] ♀

Supreme Black U.S. Monarchy

♀ I’m Doin' Supreme Black Godhead [Olmec] Shit [Science]... y'all ♀

U.S. Black Reincarnation

♀ I Biogenetically [Quantumly] Reincarnated to this Extremely Low Vibratory 3rd Dimensional Meta~physical Matter [Material = Temporal = Temporary] World… by Naturally Invokin’ My Highly Advanced [Sirius] Black Ebonic Cells of Ancient Black Satanic Wisdom = Unified Scientific [U.S. = Supernatural] Black Harr~monic People Literacy Phonetics = Washitaw Witchcraft Greek Phoenicians = U.S. Black American Indian [Roman] People Magick = Quantum Ionian Sorcery Physics = Preexistent Golden Black MELanin [EThereal = Mythological Black Christ B.C. = Futuristic Black Crystal] Sciences… to a New Golden Black MA’AT World [Byzantium Underworld = Fairy~landmass = Demonic~Heavenly… Doppelgänger] Luxuriant Planet of Rich Amazonian Rainforest Entropic [RARE = Unidentifiable = Chaos] Minerals [Energies]… We Alkemically [9th Dimensionally] Created in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Eden] ♀

U.S. Futuristic Black Angelic Sea Life

♀ Welcome to Archangel Michael's [Messianic Satan's]... Futuristic Underworld of Subterranean [U.S. = Maritime] Black ETheric + EThnic + EThereal = Supernatural Black American Indian Sea Life... Deeper IN:side Empress Heqet’s [Queen Hecate’s = Yo Mama's] Empyreal Rome [Subatomic Saturn = Black Electromagnetic Eden] ♀

U.S. Birth of Black Messianic Satan

♀ Quantum Black Byzantine Energies of Preexistent Archangel Michael... of Harrell [Sirius] Iconology = Predynastic Set Typhon Satan [Futuristic Black Soul of Saturn] = Mythological 9th Dimensional Devil = Biblically Black Hittite Jesus [Son = Sun] = Nubian [Subterranean Black] Greek God Zeus [Jah = Emperor] of Jupiter... Hurrian Father [MAsonic MAster Creator = MAMA's Olympian Olmec = Osiris] of Rome [Underworld Subterranean = U.S. Saturn] ♀

U.S. Black Wall Street [Byzantium] of 1921

♀ I'mma Soulfully Invoke My Ancient = Futuristic Archangel Double Christ Cross of Golden Black ETheric + EThnic + EThiopian = Supernatural Byzantium Michael Energies [ME]… to Quantumly Resurrect My Hereditary [MH = Constantinople] Underworld of Subterranean [U.S. = Supernatural] Black Wall Street [Byzantine] Energy Empires of 1921… and Sovereignly Overthrow [U.S. Coup d’état] fallen white America’s Inferior… insignificant… Philistine political religious govments of Ill gotten Aboriginal Black People Monies… 4 My Double Black White House Genetic Qliphoth [GQ = Labyrinthine = Byzantine] Warlord Bloodlines be Telepathically Speakin’ [Quantumly Communicatin’] Untraceable Sonar [U.S.] Black Ebonic Sonic [BES = Telegnostic] Signals to My Empyrean [ME = Supreme] Mental of Monolithic Black Godhead [Olmec] Birthrights… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀ 

U.S. Black Byzantium Monarchy of Black Wall Street

♀ Pardon Me as I Strategically + Spiritually + Soulfully = Supremely Position My Ancient = Futuristic Double Eagle iEye of Sirius Black Intelligence to Telepathic [BIT] Byzantine Coin Currency Empires from Our Ancient = Futuristic Ancestral [Aboriginal] Black Wall Street Dynasties of 1921… 4 My U.S. Double Black White House Illuminati Monarchy… be Quantumly [Sonically = Supremely] Reigning Deep IN:side Our Mythological [Biblical] Black Infinite Underworld of Subterranean [U.S.] Blackfoot Indian Sea Floor [Aboriginal Black People Landmass] Planets… We Sub~atomically [9th Dimensionally = Alkhemically] Created in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… wit’ Greek Goddess Hecate’s [Empress Heqet’s] Hermetically Sealed [Untouchable] Majestic Washitaw [Witchcraft] MELanin of Olympus Rome [Universal Sovereign = U.S. Saturn] ♀