Saturday, December 5, 2015

Prepare for tha' Big Phrophesied Payback

♀ Motha’ Nature’s cancerous species betta’ Prepare for an Undignified Submission [U.S. = Big Payback]… ‘cause I got an Infinite Array of Golden Black Apache Helicopters [Akkadian Souls = Noah’s Arks = Transatlantic Afrikkan Ancestors]… Surrounding Me at all Messianic Aristocratic Atmospheric Telepathic [MA’AT] Times… 4 My Untouchable Sorcery [U.S.] Dream Magick of Ancient = Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI = Supernatural] Life… be Supremely Tuned into a Much Higher Universal Hyperion Frequency [UHF = Stratospheric] Signal… Sonically Heard by My Inner Black Subterranean Subconsciousness… of Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

New U.S. Black Vodun Government

♀ I be a King Solomon Child [Occult Lord]… of a United Interstellar Monarch Vodun Government… from Inner Agartha’s Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black International Superpower Federation of Matriarchal Orion Olmec Nubian [MOON = Mars] Parliamentarians [Knights of the Round Table = Black Knights Templar]… now take Sirius Mental Akashic [MA]~sonic Notes… as I Naturally [Humbly] Brag & Boast about how much My Bigger… Much Better… Moor Blacker… My Hidden [MH] ETheric + EThnic + EThnocentric = Telepathic Planetary Administration be [Bee]… compared to fallen white America’s Inferior political religious cult prison govments of mental slave [jesus = temporal] propaganda ♀

Satan's Black Melanin Physics

♀ My Universal Synergy [U.S. = Biblical] Family of Complex Black & Brown [B&B] MELanin Physics… be So Sovereignly [Saturninely] Untouchable… as I Royally Remix My Hereditary [MH] Christ [Chrystomellos = Byzantium] Molecules of Subatomic Physiological Black Atoms… I Cleverly… Celestially… & Clairvoyantly Communicate to… by Soulfully Invokin’ My Genius Gold [God] Dialect of Highly Advanced Black Scientific Algorithms [Biblical Verses = Sorcery Spells = Telepathic Thaumaturgy = Black People Magick]… Specifically Designed for My Satanic [Delicious] Mental of Dark Chaotic Chocolate Energies… I Reincarnated wit’… from Preexistence [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… 4 I AM Satan… Mama’s Messianic Christ Lord… to Her Infinite Black Omniverse of Mythological Hermetic [MH] Black Witchcraft [MA’AT] Magick ♀

9th Dimensional Black Monarchy

♀ Let Me Kingly Invoke My Multi... 9th Dimensional Golden Black Kingship Monarchy of Divine Black Asiatic Shiva Powers... as I Supremely Communicate to My Ayutthaya Ancestors of Telepathic [MA'AT = Empyrean] Dynastic Energies... 4 My Messianic Lifestyle [Lunar Lordship] of Highly Advanced Black Indian Witchcraft Sciences be Magically Constructing Moor Astronomical Planisphere [MAP = Babylonian] Languages… for Our Preexistent [Quantum] Souls... from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Friday, December 4, 2015

Divine Black Pussy

♀ Her Deliciously Evil [Divine]... Golden Apple [Black Pussy]... of Secret SIN~sational Black Uraeus Serpentine [U.S.] Kundalini [Lust = Euphoria] Gardens [Energies]… be Erotically Enticin’ to this Ancient [Infinite] Born Again [Immortal] Sinner [Satan] & Biblical Writer [Eschatologist] of Pornographic [Highly Advanced] Black Adam & Eve Sciences [Quantum Black Alkhemy] of Futuristic Black Interstellar [Supernatural = Tantric] Intelligence… I, Devilish Dionysus [Angelic Michael]… Messianically [Masonically] Scribed Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Ancient = Futuristic Afro Ebonic Languages

♀ Can U Understand My Highly [MH = Supremely] Complex… Black Biochemical Equational Ebonic [BEE = Sumerian] Languages of Intricate Black Asiatic Shaolin [BAS = Labyrinthine = 9th Dimensional] Bloodlines… as I Sonically Travel Deep IN:side My Astral Jerusalem Mental of Astronomical Phonetic [MAP = Soul] Physics… Us [U.S.] Ancient Afro Akkadian Indians… Pre~constructed… Eons Ago… in  Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

King Tut's Preexistent [Quantum] Black Reign

♀ y’all know tha’ Prophesied Quantum Black Future… be comin’ from Us [U.S.] Uraeus Serpentine [U.S.] Golden Black Hi:teKemetic King Tut Gods of Reincarnated 18th Dynasty Black Asiatic Indian Bloodlines… We Cosmically & Hyper~dimensionally [CH = Chemiluminescently] Created from Our Golden Black Crystal [Christ] Pineal Glands of Mercury’s Monolithic Memory Cell MELanin… 4 My Divine Kingship [Quantum Black Vodun Reign] of Our Futuristic Black Infrared [FBI = Byzantine] Chemiluminescent Empires… by My Golden Black Mental of God [Goddess = Shakti] Psychics… be Supremely Tuned into Inner Agartha’s Infinite Array of Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI = Supernatural] Dogon Ancestors… as I Masterfully Craft this Trill Biblical Verse I Telepathically Thought [Thoth] Out… Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ancient Black Shiva + Parvati = Futuristic Kemetic Shakti Energies

♀ Let Me Tap Deep IN:side My Triple 6 [Trill] Subconsciousness of Hi:teKemetic Black Hittite Synergies… to Clairvoyantly Communicate to My Beautiful Afrikkan Nefertiti of Voluptuous Feminine Lust Physics… 4 Our Legendary Black Astrological Biogenetics of Sirius Interstellar Sciences [SIS]… be in Constant Stealth Mode as We Ultra Sonically [U.S.] Radiate Moor Hidden [MH] Black Shiva + Parvati = Shakti Energies… by Invokin’ Our Golden Black Mental Glands of Sexually Explicit Magick Intelligence… We Immaculately [Tantric~Kali] Created in Hi:teKEMET [Meta~physical Egypt]… Eons Ago ♀

Black Alkhemical Weapons of Witchcraft War

♀ I Atomically Drop Hiroshima Bombs… Ritually… so be Cautious in your Approach to Me… 4 My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Foreign [Ebonic] Linguistic Communications of Highly Advanced [Native] Black Ancestral Sorcery [Voodoo] Powers… Shall Not Be Undermined ♀

Golden Black Shakti Melanin

♀ Let Me Erotically Elevate My 1st Kodak Memory iEye... to Her Divine Curvaceous Feminine Form Physics of Golden Shakti MELanin... 'cause I Like when She Mentally Text Me Sexually Explicit... Tantric Illumination [SETI = Pharaonic Memory] Energies to My Excitable [ME] Equilibrium of Sinful Psychological... Indecently Philosophical... Phonetically Pornographic... Intelligent Dream [I.D. = Supernatural] Realities ♀

Sinful Black Pornographic Lust Energies

♀ iLove Mary Jane's Curvaceous Feminine Shakti MELanin… of Sinful Black Pornographic Lust Vibrations… that be Erotically Stimulatin' My Heavy [MH] Mental Phallic Gland of Sexually Explicit... Tantric Illumination [SETI = Pharaonic Memory] Energies... I Ritually [Religiously] Create... by Naturally Invokin' My Excitable [ME] Equilibrium of Sinful Psychological... Indecently Philosophical... Phonetically Pornographic... Intelligent Dream [I.D. = Supernatural] Realities… of Paradisal Eden [Dionysus] Visions… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Ancient Black Christ Race

♀ Let Me Ritually Roll My Medicate to Meditate Joints [MJ Trees] of Preexistent [Quantum] Black ETheric EThnic EThiopian Communications… to My Dead [Immortal]… Philosophical Cousin… from Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Royal Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black KUSHite Bloodline Familiae… as We Telepathically [Psychologically] Converse in Our Ultra Sonic Audible [U.S.A.] Phonetics... Sonically Heard by Our Inner Genius God Souls of Golden Black Goddess [Shakti] Energies… 4 Our Hereditary Black Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES = Christ] Perceptions… be on a Much Higher [MH] Plateau of Futuristic Black Intelligent [FBI = Supernatural] Life… Universally Occupied by Us [U.S.] Black Akkadian [Afrikkan] Asiatic Israelites [Babylonia Indians]… of Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Pardon My Ghetto Haughtiness

♀ Look at how I Religiously… Rebeliciously… Roguishly… Sinfully… Immorally… Over Indulge in Disobedient Mental Behavior against fallen America’s Inferior political religious Philistine… govments… of Non Indigenous importance… 4 My Obvious Outspoken Disdain [MOOD = Ghetto Haughtiness] to a Degenerative… Insignificant… & Expired [DIE = Temporal] species of artificially created succubus vampiristic clone genetics… Shall No Longer be a Holographic Hindrance to My Biogenetic [Sirius] Black Mythological [Preexistent] Dante Alighieri Dynasties [DAD = Father = Zeus] of Ancient = Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI = Supernatural] Creational Energies… now who gonna judge Archangel Satan [Angelic Michael = Devilish Dionysus]?… Nobody ♀

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Preexistent Black Subatomic Fukushima Molecules

♀ My Universal Soul [U.S.] of Golden Black Trill Illuminati Genetics… be Globally Illuminated from Deep IN:side My Highly [MH] Advanced Doppelgänger Mental Body... of Preexistent [Quantum] Black Subatomic Fukushima Molecules... & Luminous Lunar Linguistic Codes of Unspeakable Sorcery [U.S.] Sciences... Psychologically… Philosophically… & Phonetically Created by an Ancient = Futuristic Black Achaemenid Dynasty [BAD = Babylonian] Clan of Sirius Telepathic Physics… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Immortal Black Messiah = Satan

♀ fallen America… got guns… and I still ain’t scared… they can’t MLK [Assassinate]… Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] 1st Born Futuristic Black KUSHite Shaman [Satan = Immortal Black Messiah] of Supreme Black Witchcraft Sorcery Powers… ‘cause iEye Imperially Sea My Insignificant enemies… before they see Me ♀

Black Planetary Subconsciousness Creations

♀ My Inner Black [M.I.B. = Futuristic Black Intelligence = FBI] Subconsciousness of Astronomical Black Cosmic [ABC] Soul [Sorcery] Powers… Cannot be Artificially Created or Globally Destroyed… Only Hereditarily [Planetarily] Transferred… to My Next Golden Renaissance Era Planets of Infinite Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI = Supernatural] Eden [Rome] Energies… so Watch Me Finish this Magnificent… Alkhemical… Revolutionary… & Scientific [MARS = Black Global] Creational Process… Us [U.S. = Highly Advanced = Sirius] Black Afrikkan Asiatic Indians… Psychologically… Philosophically… & Phonetically Started Eons Ago… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Black Hurricane Warfare Powers

♀ there is No... earthly Militia Govment Gang... that can Religiously... MLK [Assassinate] My Universal Sciences [U.S.] of Ancient Black Hurrian [Hurr~icane] Warfare Powers... as I Extend My Washitaw Witchcraft Sorcery Roots... to a Much Deeper... Darker... Blacker... Demonic State of Raw Atomic Black Panther Power... I Telepathically Reincarnated wit’... from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Black Underworld of Sorcery [U.S.] Magick

♀ Indigenous Black Indian Mythological Heritages [MH]... of Multi Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Underworld Physics to an Untouchable Sorcery [U.S. = Witchcraft] World… of Supernatural Black Asiatic Christianity Sciences [Alkhemy]… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

U.S. Black Illuminati Reign

♀ those Non Indigenous… degenerative jesuit politicians of Religious Black Face… Govment Pastor Politics… Cannot… fool this Ancient Black Vodun God [Satan = Messiah] of Meticulous Archangel Death [MAD = Supernatural] Physics … 4 My Universal Silent [U.S.] Black Illuminati Reign… shall Trump ALL Over… those Inferior political religious Scoundrels… as I Secretly Invoke My Unstoppable Sorcery [U.S.] of Highly Advanced Ancestral Rhythmic Phonetic [HAARP = Fukushima] Magick… Across Our Infinite Golden Black Globe of Trill Black Psychology Energies… Us [U.S.] Black Ancients [Olmec Indians]… Telepathically Created Eons Ago in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Souls

♀ I know ♀

Dead Black People... Can't Die

♀ I know ♀

Black Satanic Christianity

♀ Archangel Satan's [Michael's]... Supremely Advanced... Scientific Doppelgänger Death to Immortal Black Christ Life Mathematics [Eidetic Memories]... of Sirius Reincarnation Physics [Our Ancient Egyptian Christianity = Black Esoteric Sciences = BES Sorcery]... from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Eidetic Mental of Trill Black Psychology

♀ I’mma Sinfully Enjoy this Hedonistic Happy Hour… as I Ritually Pour Myself an Ancient Kemetic Khemical Elixir [Venomous Potion] of Golden Black Kundalini [Supernatural] Spirits… so I can Medicate to Meditate My Heavy Eidetic Mental of Trill Black Psychology Energies… 4 My 3d Doppelgänger Corneas be Phantasmagorically Picturing… Clear Precise Images of Our Prophesied Black Edenic Futures… as I Ghostly Position Myself Above My Giza Pyramids of Sirius Telepathic Paradisal Energies… Us [U.S.] Afrikkan Asiatic Indians… Immaculately Created from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… Eons Ago ♀

Washitaw's Asiatic Retribution [WAR] Physics

♀ I'mma Stay Heavily Engulfed... ALL UP IN:side My Ancient [MA]~sonic Black Satanic Dark Matter... Mental of Washitaw's Asiatic Retribution [WAR = Hurrian] Physics... as I Supremely Advance My Hereditary [MH] Black Genius Genetics to a Much Higher [MH] Plateau of Trill Black Psychology... I Learnt… in Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

Quantum Black Psychology

♀ Let Me Ritually Invoke My Trill Illuminati Mental of Ultra Sonic Audible [U.S.A.] Signals… as I Clairvoyantly Communicate to My Hereditary [MH] Orion [Olmec] Omniverse… of Mercurous [Uranium + Sulfur = U.S.] Black Star Constellations of Sirius Quantum Psychology [Interstellar = Black Subconsciousness] Physics… I Magnificently… Accurately… Reliably… & Spiritually [MARS = Angelically] Scribe About from My Halcyon [MH] Dreams of Heavy Telepathic Sleep Memories… from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis] ♀

The Original Advanced Black Christ Families of Egyptian Christianity Sciences

♀ Pardon Me… as I Reacquaint U to Our Ancient = Futuristic Universal Spirituality [U.S.] of Multi Black ETheric EThnic EThiopian People Christianity [Black Esoteric Sciences = BES Freemasonry]… 4 My Fearless Fuck You Attitude of Retributive Interstellar Sorcery… shall make Complete Mockery… of fallen America’s Inferior worldwide political religious mafia govments of Manufactured [Artificial]… white christianity… as I Mentally… Aerodynamically… Ritualistically… & Silently [MARS = Supernaturally] Invoke My Ancient [MA]~sonic Black Vodun Forces of Regenerative Dark Chaos Magick… Upon those Defunct… Insignificant… Exoteric [DIE = Temporal] religious Cults… of Holographic Hell [Mental Slavery] ♀

Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Spinosaurus Species of Lost Atlantis

♀ I Occasionally Needed to Walk [Reincarnate] on Our Aboriginal Blackfoot Planetary Landmass of Interplanetary Underworlds… of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Indian Sea Waters… so I can Constantly Evolve My Preexistent Atomic Hydrocarbons of Heavy Electromagnetic Sediment MELanin… ‘cause I be a Highly Advanced Reptilian [HAR = Draconian = Spinosaurus] Bloodline Species… in Phantasmagoric [Doppelgänger] Human Form… wit’ a Golden Black Ageless [Immortal] Genius Soul… of Microscopic Fiberoptic Biogenetic Intelligence [FBI = Black Supernatural] Energies… from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Telepathic Memory of Interstellar Black Planetary Families

♀ Let Me Stratospherically Elevate Myself Much Higher [MH]… Above Our Pacific Indian Oceanic Landmass…. to give U Moor Hidden [MH] North + East + West + South = NEWS [Spiritually Black Soul Sciences]… from My Highly [MH] Evolved Equilibrium to Mama’s Maritime Airspaces of Dream [MAD = Supernatural] Realities… from Preexistent Black America… ‘cause I still Accurately… Remember when Us [U.S.] Black Indian Folk were Telepathically Link’d Up… as Inner Agartha’s… Only [1st = Original] Royal Black Astronomical + Astrological + Aboriginal = Universal… Uraeus Sovereigns of Saturn’s Republic [U.S.S.R.] Planetary Confederate Tribal Families… from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Fundamental Black Planetary Sciences

♀ I be a Master Afrikkan Nubian [MAN = Aeonian] Mason of Atmospheric Planetary [MAP = Olmec = Orion] Sciences… 4 Us [U.S.] Natural Born Planetary Keepers [Black Akashic Indians = Aboriginal Black Americans] of Inner Agartha’s Infinite Black Cosmic Knowledge [Telepathic Occultic Freemasonry]… be Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ ALL Hidden Hermetic Secrets to Our Ageless Pineal Glands of Golden Subatomic Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Black Sorcery] Powers… We Soulfully + Ritually = Spiritually… Invoke… through Our Quantum Black Brain Waves of Primeval Black Psychic Physics… We Mentally…. Alkhemically… Reproductively… & Sexually [MARS = Tantrically] Constructed Eons Ago… in the Cretaceous [Preexistent] Period of Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Supernatural Dream Realities

♀ I’mma Radiate at a Brilliant Black Brightness as I Intellectually Invoke My Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI] Molecules... of Life after Death [Reincarnation] Physics… to Soulfully + Ritually = Spiritually take U Deeper… so Much Deeper… Atomically Submerged IN:side My Much Darker… Blacker… Chaotic [B.C. = Futuristic] Mental Forest of Quantum Black ETernal [BET = Supernatural] Sleep… Dreams [Realities] ♀