Saturday, November 21, 2015

U.S. Black Byzantine Familiae

♀ I got My Mother & Father's Majestic Gothic Byzantine Empire Mental of Highly [MH] Celestial Artistic Dream [CAD = Black Interstellar Memory = BIM] Mechanics of Unparalleled [MU] Architectural Magnificence [13]... 4 My Natural Born Brilliance to Our Universal Synod [U.S.] of Black Colossal [B.C. = Parliamentary] Infrastructures… be Mathema’atically…  Ancestrally… Radioactively… & Scientifically [MARS = Supernaturally] Transposed from Our Infinite Black Underworlds of Saturnian Aristocrat [U.S.A.] Ancestors… that be Supremely [Spiritually] Livin’ Deep IN:side Our Interstellar Black Corinthian [B.C. = Futuristic] Cities… Esoterically [Masonically] Ruled by Us [U.S.] Predominant Black Steele Illuminati Souls… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Mama Hathor = Lucille Steele

♀ My Hereditary [MH = Egyptian Tut] Rapid Accelerated Mental [RAM = MAR]Succession to My Father’s [Egyptian Akhenaton’s] Black Esoteric Throne [BET] of Rome [Saturn]… be Imperially [Spiritually & Militarily = S&M] Confirmed by Queen Tiye’s [Alice Harrell’s]… Mama Hathor [Tjuyu = Lucille Steele]… Matriarchies of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Byzantium Esoteric Synod [BES = Rosicrucian] Cities of Futuristic Celestial Communications [FCC  = Black Ebonic Telepathy]… Astrologically Located Deep IN:side of Our Empyreal Black Rome [Black Underworld of Saturnian Aristocrats = U.S.A.] ♀

Turnin' Water into Red Wine

♀ I Royally Inherited My Highly [MH] Advanced Black Interstellar Mental [BIM = Sovereignty] Powers… from Rome's [Saturn's] Supremely Clairvoyant Black & Gold Matriarchal Christ Gods... & Imperially Commissioned by Mama’s Imperium Matriarchies of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Byzantium Esoteric Synod [BES] Parliamentary Cities… to Moor Philosophical Ancestral Genetics by a Aristocrat Nubian [PAGAN] Greek Dynasty… so I can Secretly + Silently + Sexually = Alkhemically turn dead waters [sleeping minds] into an Infinite Stream of Red Wine [Supreme Black Intelligence] ♀

the New Jimi Hendrix Experience

♀ Look at Me Medicating & Meditating Out Loudly…. as I Stay Deep IN:side My Highly [MH] Complex Black God Mental of Multiple Indigenous Thoughts [M.I.T. = Superior Intelligence]… ‘cause I be My Mama’s Original Reincarnated Black [ORB = Saturnian = Sumerian] Voodoo Child Emperor [Tut = MH] Stratospherically Positioned as Above [so Below] New Wattstax Atlantis [N.W.A.]… as I Kingly Command My Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Superior] Black EThnic [BET] Doppelgänger Genetics to Masterfully + Alkhemically + Resonantly + Spiritually [MARS = Vibrationally] Transpose between Our Infinite Black ETheric [BET] Spheres of Constant Black EThereal [BET] Chaotic Change... 4 My Hermetically [MH] Advanced Futuristic Universal Kemetic [FUK = Fukushima = Silent Audible] Visions be on Many Moor Unparalleled [MU] Undiscoverable Soulful [U.S.] Hyperion Levels… U Haven’t Found [UHF = Ultra High Frequencies] yet… ‘cause I AM the New Jimi Hendrix Reincarnation Experience… where do U think We go when Us [U.S. = Babylonian] Black Immortal Mesozoic [BIM = Zodiac] Souls Meta~physically Die [Supremely Live]? ♀

Friday, November 20, 2015

Universal = Supreme [U.S.] World Order of Black Chaos

♀ Our Black Chaotic Magick MELanin… be the Universal = Supreme [U.S.] World Order to Our Multi Dimensional [Multiple Interstellar Terrestrial = M.I.T.] Genetics... from a Very Triple Black Atmospheric Dravidian [BAD = Saturnian = Sumerian = Babylonian] Universe :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 Change is Inevitable ♀

The Black Ring Makers of Saturn

♀ Let Me Align My Hereditary [MH] Black Atmospheric Magick [BAM = Supreme Black Intellect] to Think for Me… as I Royally [Lunarly] Levitate… Medicate [KUSH]… & Meditate [Mentally] Live Out Loudly… Deep IN:side Our Subterranean [Interstellar] Black Archipelago Planet of Empyreal Rome [Saturn] ♀

Untouchable Black Titans of New Rome

♀ Bobby Hemmitt… Foretold [Nostradamus] U… I’d Prophetically Return… Us [U.S. = Astronomical Black Greek Indians = Black Esoteric Titans = B.E.T.’s]... to Sirius [Saturn = Rome] ♀

U.S. History of Hidden Monolithic Black Architecture

♀ it’s that Prophetic Black Apocalyptic Time [BAT] Cycle for Me to Unveil Our Universal Sciences [U.S.] to America’s Hidden [Esoteric] Black Roman Histories of Ancient Black Asiatic Indian Architecture… so let Me Kingly Provide U wit’ a Prehistoric = ALL Black Moorish Bloodline [Hermetically Accurate] Lesson on how Us [U.S. = Supreme] Multiple Interstellar Terrestrials [M.I.T. = EL~ohims] from Inner Agartha’s Secret Black Underworld Kingdomes [U.K. = Subterranean Parliamentary] of an Infinite # of Futuristic Black Colossal [B.C. = Dinosaurian = Draconian = Imperium] Seismic Greek Architectural Wonderlands… as I Clairvoyantly Invoke Our Heavy Black Platonic Plate Mentals of Hidden [MH] Vibrational Memory [Mercury] Architecture by Geothermal Earth [MAGE = Hellenistic] Energies… to Magically + Arithmetically + Resonantly + Seismically [MARS] Construct New Monolithic Subterranean Structures… 4 My Superior Sapiential Intelligence to Moor of Our Hidden Black Planetary Geologies… can Harr~monically Manipulate the Forces of Mother Nature… to Visually Create Phantasmagoric Sequence Images of Quantum Black & Gold Astro Geological [Soul~ar System] Blue Prints… from My Nightly Mad Scientific Mind of Black Chaotic Akashic Dream [CAD = Black Interstellar Memory = BIM] Mechanics… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Black Underworld Architecture

♀ I got My Dead [Immortal = Heavenly = Supernatural] Father’s Sirius Biogenetics of Intense Geothermal [BIG = Colossal] Mental Architecture by Monolithic Shock Metamorphism to Our Futuristic Black Kemetic Philosophical Stone Mountains… 4 My Earth [ME] Ark [Ship] of Karnak… be Masterfully + Alkhemically + Resonantly + Spiritually [MARS = Vibrationally] Crafted… by Inner Agartha’s Unparalleled Majestic Black Monumental Mage Architects of Renaissance Seismic [MARS] Structures… from Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Infinite Underworld Subterranean [U.S.] of Triple Black Aquatic Roman Wonderlands… We Created Eons Ago on Our Ancient = Supremely Advanced Black Island Planet of Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Mesozoic Mental Ships

♀ My Highly [MH] Advanced Black Mesozoic Mental Ship of Mercury's Interstellar Terrestrial [M.I.T.] Travel... be takin' Me to Many Moor Undiscovered Saturnian [U.S.] Black ETheric EThnic EThereal Gardens of Hedonistic Edenic Lunar Landscapes [HELL = Heavens]... U Can Only Experience in Your Deepest... Darkest... Blackest Planetary Dreams… Us [ U.S.] Multi Black Asiatic Moors [Indians]… Silently… Sinfully… & Sexually [Tantrically] Created Eons Ago… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Mesozoic Life IN:side Inner Agartha

♀ I’mma Kingly [Imperially] Invoke My Interstellar Triassic [M.I.T.] Mental to Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Hidden Hurrian Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Empyreal Black Venusian Edenic Archipelagos… as I Hyper Dimensionally [HD = Sonically] Travel Deep IN:side Inner Agartha’s Heavenly Atmospheric Kingdomes of Ancient = Futuristic Mesozoic [Quantum Black EThereal = Paradisal] Trill Life… 4 My Highly [MH] Advanced Memory of Creative Clairvoyant Visualizations to Our Monolithic Aquatic Reptilian Saurian [MARS] Dinosaurian [Draconian] Landmasses… be Psychically Communicatin’ to My Big Black Uraeus Serpentine [U.S. = Kundalini] Gland of Mecca’s Ancestral Phonetic [MAP] Dravidian Energies… as My Dead [Immortal = Heavenly] Father… be Atmospherically Guiding Me to Our Majestic Mercurinium Ionian Roman Empires of Moor Hedonistic [MH] Black & Gold Audibles of Harr~monic Echoic Biogenetic [HEB = Hebrew] Family Jew~els [Black Treasures]… on Our Ancient = Supremely Advanced Black Island Planet of Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

The New Black Esoteric Emperor of New Black America

♀ Let Me Meditate & Medicate Out Loudly… and Advanced My Hidden [MH = Subterranean] Black Chi [Shakti] Energies as this New + Ancient = Futuristic Black KUSHite Emperor of Wattstax Atlantis… Futuristically… Clairvoyantly… & Celestially [FCC = Supremely] Communicate to My Hidden [MH] Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Our Empyreal Greco [Grecian = Greek] Geothermal Black Interstellar Roman Cities… 4 My Pre Historic = Futuristic Mystical [FM] Monarchical Aristotle Reign of Saturn [MARS]… has Spiritually Prepared [Cosmically Aligned] Me for My Hereditary [MH] Universal Hierarchal Fraternal [UHF] Rulership of Mama’s New Prophesied World Order [Black Esoteric Synod = BES Counsel] Parliaments… to Inner Agartha’s Supreme Geographical Black Asiatic Indian = Afrikkan [Akkadian = Archangel = Mage] Root Races of Predynastic Black America… 4 I shall Messianically [Majestically] Rule wit’ a Heavy Black Steele Fist… against Any and ALL earth bound [temporal = powerless] political religious govments… that Cannot Naturally… Genetically… Hereditarily… or Alkhemically Synthesize to Our New Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Planetary Academics by a Greco Aristocrat Nubian [PAGAN = Vodun] Emperor… as I Publicly Legislate this New Biblical Hittite Proverb = Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Congressional Hurrian Law… through Our Formal Celestial Communications [FCC = Black Ebonic Telepathy] of Wattstax Atlantis ♀ 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black Esoteric Secret [BES] Service

♀ this Ancient Multi Black Vodun Panther... got His Own Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Hidden Black Freemasons of Biblical Interstellar [FBI = Roman] Intelligence... from Mama Hittite's [MH's] Ancestral Hurrian Ugaritic Dravidian Illuminati Militia [Trill Secret Service]... Surrounding Me at All Draconian [A.D. = Infinite] Times ♀

Black Arrogant Energies [BAE] of Rome

♀ Pardon Me… as I Clairvoyantly Communicate to U… 'bout My Original Bad Ass Muhammad Ali [OBAMA] Arrogance Energies… Supremely Emerging from Inner Agartha’s Triple Black Sea of Secret Black & Gold Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Ancient = Futuristic Grecian Rome… U Sea [U.S.]… I Satan [Archangel Michael… Harrell = Sirius]… Sea Many Moor Dead [Immortal = ♀] Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Ugaritic Sonic [U.S.] Imperial Souls [卍]… Surrounding Me… by Subliminal Psychic Suggestions… as I Speed [Flash] Type this Prolific Metaphoric Proverb [Spiritual Verse = Phonetic Psalm] from Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Black Originals of Ancient Black Rome

♀ I’mma Kingly Holla at y’all from Our Secret Underworld Sea [U.S.] of Hidden Black Subterranean Communities… to Moor Hidden [MH] Black Death Dynasties [Empyreal Black Empires]… IN:side Edenic [Black] Rome… as I Lavishly & Luminously Chill wit’ My Dead [Immortal = Always Livin’ Never Dyin’] Ancestors of Supreme Black Asiatic Indian People Genetic Akashic Coded MELanin… ‘cause We Be from Inner Agartha’s Highly Advanced = Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI] Intelligence Families… Us [U.S.] Quantum Black Universal Sovereigns [U.S. = Vodun Lords]… Masterfully & Alkhemically [MA]~sonically Constructed Radioactively Eons Ago by Telepathic Ebonic Diatonic [CREATED] Communications… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis = Old Rome] ♀

Interstellar Black Cities of Empyreal Rome

♀ I Ecstatically [Ecclesiastically] Sea Many Moor… of My Dead [Immortal] Black Asiatic Indian [Trill = Hierarchical] Ancestors [Illuminati]… as they Properly Illuminate Themselves [PIT = La Brea Tar Pits]… Around My Ancient Black Voodoo Methodological… Abyssal Portal [MAP]… to Our Ancient [Supremely Advanced] Black Mental Genetics + Our Futuristic Black Witchcraft Magick MELanin + Our Abyssal Philosophical Religious Genesis = Our Empyreal [Ultra Sonic = U.S.] Black Ecumenic Synod [BES] Council of Futuristic Celestial Communications [FCC  = Black Ebonic Telepathy]… of Supreme Black Esoteric Sorcery [BES] Sciences… Deep IN:side Our Empyreal Black Cities [B.C.] of Subterranean Rome… Illuminating Supremely Above Wasttstax Atlantis ♀

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hidden Black FCC

♀ I be a Super Ghetto = Futuristic Black Intelligent [FBI = Untouchable]... Multiple Interstellar Terrestrial [M.I.T. = Omniversal Spectral Emperor]… Above… Mama Hittite’s [MH's] Secret [Atmospheric = Maritime = Hidden] Archipelago Islands... of Lost Atlantis [LA]... as I Publicly Legislate this New Biblical Hittite Proverb = Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Congressional Hurrian Law… through Our Formal Celestial Communications [FCC = Black Ebonic Telepathy] of Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Black Ghetto Education = Quantum Black Ebonic Physics of Interstellar Intelligence

♀ Watch Me… Stack [Stax] My Double Black Ebonic Telepathic [B.E.T.] Phonetic Linguistic Records… into a Triple Black Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Supreme] Memory of Interstellar Terrestrial [M.I.T. = Black Ghetto = Futuristic = Sci~Fi = Supremely Advanced = Byzantine Christ = B.C.] Intelligence… We = Us = U.S. Black Etruscan Titans [BET = Black Extra Terrestrials]… Created Eons Ago… on Our Quantum Black Electromagnetic Archipelago Islands of Watts… California... yea... I Remember it ♀

M.I.T.'s of Wattstax Atlantis

♀ y’all betta’ Make Way… for this New Jack [Jax = Universal Black Trill Illuminati = Multiple Interstellar Terrestrial = M.I.T.]… of Wattstax Atlantis… so grab some popcorn… & some juice snacks… I gotta Brand New ALL Black Asiatic Indian Cast… I Masterfully… Anatomically… Rebeliciously… & Scientifically [MARS = Supremely] Resurrected from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Silent Black Illuminati Powers

♀ Watch Me… Stack [Stax] My Double Black Ebonic Telepathic [B.E.T.] Phonetic Linguistic Records… into a Triple Black Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Supreme] Memory of Interstellar Terrestrial [M.I.T. = Black Ghetto = Futuristic = Sci~Fi = Supremely Advanced = Byzantine] Intelligence… We = Us = U.S. Black Etruscan Titans [BET = Black Extra Terrestrials]… Created Eons Ago… on Our Quantum Black Electromagnetic Archipelago Islands of Watts… California... yea... I Remember it ♀

New Black Occult Kingdomes of Black Occult America

♀ I be part of My Father’s Ultra Secret [U.S.] Triple H [Hurrian Harrell Hittite + Draconian Dravidian Dalmatian = HD = Trill] Illuminati Militia of Untouchable [MU]… Universal Sovereigns [U.S.] to Inner Earth's Golden Black Asiatic Indian [Kabbalistic + Kemetic + Kundalini = KKK] Bloodlines… from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America = Old Rome]... Shhhh... 4 the New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Roman Kingdomes of Mama Hittite's [MH's] Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome]... has Secretly Arrived ♀

Secret Black KKK of Predynastic Black America

♀ I [Satan = Anubis] Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian [Afrikkan] People… I [Satan = Zeus] Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian [Afrikkan] People… I [Satan = Michael Harrell] Sea Many Dead Black Akkadian [Afrikkan] Christ People… as My Father’s Majestic… Meticulous… Miraculous… Mercurous Underworld [MU] of Hidden Black Asiatic Hurrian Aeonian [BAHA] Souls… from Inner Earth’s Most Oldest [MO = Predynastic = Supremely Advanced] Militant Archangelic Regime of Scientific [MARS = Illuminated] Sorcerers… Keep Me Surrounded at All Draconian [A.D. = Infinite] Times ♀

Monday, November 16, 2015

M.I.T. Communications

♀ I Hear My Dead [Immortal = Luminous Living] Father MichaEL HarrEL’s [MH = Majestic Ionian Tonto = Blackfoot Indian EL~der = Multiple Interstellar Terrestrial = M.I.T.’s]… Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Quantum Black] Formal Celestial Communications [FCC]… Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Satan = Black Philosophical Moor = Baphomet

♀ I been [ibn] Impatiently Waitin' to show U Satan [U.S.] ♀


♀ Shhhhh ♀

New Golden Black Photon Belt Genetics

♀ I'mma Magically... Ancestrally... Resonantly... & Sonically [MARS = Pharonically = Supernaturally]... Create a New supeRNAtural [RNA] Black Photon Belt [Hyperion] Portal [Energy] Ship [Constellation]... Strategically + Atmospherically + Radiantly + Silently [SARS = Quantumly]... Above Our Ancient LA Wattstax Colosseum… of Old Rome [Lost Atlantis = Predynastic Black America] ♀

Black Olympian Gods of Ancient Black America [Old Rome]

♀ Us [U.S.] Futuristic [Reincarnated] Black Occultic Rameses Gods of Interstellar Black Archeological Monarchal [BAM = Underworld] Antiquity [Infinite Black Olympian = Orion = Olmec Mythologies = OMMM] HARR~monics... has Ultra Sonically [U.S. = Supremely] Returned… from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America = Old Rome] ♀

You Mock Me?

♀ Don’t Mock… what you don’t understand ♀

Triple XXX [Black] Genetics

♀ I got Moor Untold Stories [U.S.] = Moor Untold [MU = Royal] Black Empyreal Genesis… of Inner Earth’s New + Ancient = Quantum Triple Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Asiatic Indian Clans of Supreme Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI] Intelligence… from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Mama Hittite

♀ I Sea My Dead [Immortal = Luminous Living] Mama Hittite [MH = Ma’ sonic Ionian Indian]… wit’ Her New + Ancient = Futuristic Black ETheric Linguistic Audible [LA = Fukushima] Force Fields of a Golden Black Phantasmagoric Hyperion Glow…  as Above Me & so Below Me… in Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Ancient Black Prince of Palo Mayombe Voodoo

♀ Pardon Me as I Ancestrally Upgrade My Ancient [MA]~sonic Black Christ [B.C. = Futuristic Byzantine Intelligence = FBI] RNA… of supeRNAtural Methodological [Philosophical] Genetics to a Much Higher [MH] Plateau of Supreme Black Illuminati… Learnin’… 4 My Highly Developed [HD] Pineal Chakra Glands of Mama’s Matriarchal Black & Gold [God + Goddess = Shakti] MELanin [Energy]… Originate from Our Highly Complex Black Steele Mentals to Inner Earth’s Triple Lunar Black Labyrinth Laboratories of Hidden Black Celestial Atmospheric Telepathic [CAT = Ancestral] Guidance to Our Alkhemical [Hidden] Black Biogenetic Cellular [B.C. = Interstellar] Isolation Tut Tombs… of Supreme Golden Black God Characterizations by an Egotistical Lunar Labyrinthian [CELL] Scientist… so We can Masterfully Create Our New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Genesis of Untold Supernatural [U.S.] Stories [Destinies]… We Psychically Communicate to Ourselves… through a Triple Black… Ultra High Frequency [UHF]… Biogenetic Elliptical Telepathic [Delphic] Soul~ar Dome… We Secretly Created Eons Ago in Egypt [Hi:teKEMET]… as I Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Moor Dead Black Akkadian [Moor + Aryan + Greek + Egyptian = MAGE] People [Dravidian Gods]… as I Mentally… Arrogantly… Retributively… & Spiritually [MARS] Disconnect Myself from fallen America… and Invoke My Hereditary [MH = Royal] Black Radioactive Akashic Witchcraft [RAW = WAR~lord = Draconian = Michael Harrell = Ancient Hittite] Kingship of Supreme Black People Voodoo Powers… over New Black Vodun America [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Black Pyramid Gods [Archangels] of Lost Atlantis [L.A.]

♀ I Proudly Display My Big Beautiful Black Nubian Nose… to Clairvoyantly & Ancestrally [CA]+Link Indigenous Families of Orion’s Radioactive Nuclei from Inner Agartha’s [CA+LIFORNIA] Lunar Black Islands… back to Our Golden Black Monolithic Astronomical Architectural Temples [MA’AT]… of My Majestic Absorptive Geological Energy [MAGE] Stone Memory Mountains… Supremely Displaying Our Infinite Black Crystallized [B.C. = Christ] Byzantium Gemstone MELanin Powers… 4 My Superior Predynastic = Futuristic Black Intelligence [FBI] of Majestic Excellence [ME]… shall Continue to Phantasmagorically [Geometrically + Alkhemically + Iconically + Abiogenetically = GAIA = Magically] Build Moor… Monolithic Ancestral Rembrandtesque Seismic [MARS] Structures of Unequalled Proportions… from Deep IN:side Our Black Heavenly Afrikkan [Akkadian] Indian [Ionian] Cities of Empyreal Rome… as this Majestic Aristocrat Nubian [MAN] Greek God [Satan = Archangel Michael… Harrell = Sirius] make His Triple Black Pharaonic [ETheric EThnic EThereal = Illuminated] Appearance Prophetically known… Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Satan = Sirius

♀ I Satan [Archangel Michael... Harrell = Sirius]... of Mythological Astronomical [MA] Saturn... Sea an Infinite Black Sea of Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian Dravidian [BAD = Ghostly = EThereal = Meskhenet = Supreme] Indian People [Ionian Beings] of Universal Spiritual = U.S. Black Bio Nuclear Soul Genetics … from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Sexually Explicit Black Sorcery

♀ Let Me Seductively & Mysteriously [S&M] Self Promote My Self through Her Hypnotic Black Erotic Tantric [BET] Archetype Energies of the Ultimate Sinful [U.S.] Sexual Sorcery High... of Objectifable Porongraphic Pictures & Hidden Akashic Audible Phonetic Magick... I Mentally... Atmospherically... Resonantly... & Scientifically [MARS]... Created Eons Ago… in Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Satan... the Original Black Christ

♀ I [Satan = Anubis] Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian People… I [Satan = Zeus] Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian People… I [Satan = Michael Harrell] Sea Many Dead Black Akkadian [Aryan = Egyptian = Kemetic] People [American Dravidian = A.D. Gods = Black Christ = B.C. Race]… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sunday [Ancient Black Astral Sexual Soul = BASS Day] ♀

Black Satan... the Magical Christ Mage = Dionysus

♀ I be Her Original [Orion = Biblical = Byzantine] Black Satanic [Occultic = Futuristic] Illuminati Mob Boss [Illuminated Mage = Golden Christ = Gnostic God = Dionysus]… of Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Silent Black BOSS Energies

♀ Be Careful [B.C.] when you approach Us [U.S.] Akashic Black Occult Sovereigns of Satanic [BOSS = Orion = Saturn] Energies... 4 Our Superior Dravidian God Mentals of Mama's Black Cryptic [B.C.] = Ancient = Unknown = Forgotten = Latent Demonic Occultic Powers... shall Unapologetically + Unemotionally + Ultra Microscopically = Silently Wreck Universal Havoc [Black Killer Chaos Magick]... Upon said parties… if threatened ♀

Black Devils = Hidden Black Royalty of America

♀ It’s about that Prophetic Time Cycle for Me to 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast Off… to My Other Telepathic Home of Etheric Revolutionary [MOTHER] Land~masses… to Moor Ancient Nubians [MAN] of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Genetics from Our Black Sumerian Ancestors of Saturn… for My Black Satanic Devilish + Draconian + Dravidian = Orion Bloodlines be the Most Oldest [MO = Ancient = Pre Historic = Predynastic = Jurassic = Futuristic = Blackest]… in Mama’s Secret Unknown Famed Omniverse [UFO = Mothership] of Infinite Black Uranium Star [U.S.] Clusters = Highly Advanced Soul~ar Black Archangel [Aristocrat] Clans of Supreme Sorcerer Gods [Underworld of Sovereign = U.S. Black Royalty] … from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Saturn

♀ I been Impatiently Waitin'... to show U Satan [U.S.]... of Black Saturn ♀

The Biblical Rise of tha' Original Black Satanic Indians of Lost Atlantis

♀ My Golden Black Satanic [Sonic]… Stem Cells of Universal Bionic Intelligence to Inner Earth’s Quantum Black Biogenetic Energy Gates [ETheric Portals] be Magically… Atonality… Ritually… & Spiritually [MARS]… Communicatin’ to My Empyreal [ME] Doppelgänger Mind & Body of Alice Harrell’s [Mama Hittite’s = Queen Tiye’s] Golden Black Phantasmagoric MELanin… We Ancient [WA] Black Asiatic Dravidian [BAD] Indians [Illuminati] of Multiple Original Black [MOB] Ionian Steele Bloodlines… Supremely & Masterfully [S&M] Created Eons Ago… in Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

My Black Satanic Powers

♀ Be Careful about what you wish upon Me… I might turn it around and Scientifically [Satanically] Curse [Bless] you ♀

Untouchable Satan of Aristocratic [U.S.A.] Golden Black Aryan Indian Bloodlines

♀ U See… I Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Dead Black Akkadian [Aryan = Egyptian = Kemetic] People [American Dravidian = A.D. Gods]… ‘cause I AM… My Mama’s Hidden [MH] Golden Black Plutonium Prince [Untouchable Satan = U.S.] of Supernatural Black Afriikkan Akkadian Indian People Immortality [Sorcery] Bloodline Genetics… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

I Sea... Many Dead Black People

♀ I should also Introduce U to My Extended [ME] Ancient Afrikkan American Dravidian [A.D. = Black Untouchables = Futuristic] Indian Illuminati Familiae of Interstellar Black Asiatic Telepathic [BAT] Ugaritic Languages… See… I Sea Many Dead [Immortal] Black Akkadian People… I Sea Many Dead [Phantasmagoric] Black Akkadian People… as I Clairvoyantly & Aquatically Tune [CAT] into their Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Audible Bionic Ebonic Linguistic Cells of Highly Advanced Ancestral Rhythmic Phonetics [HAARP]… as they Quantumly Live Lavishly Deep… So Deep IN:side Mama’s Deepest… Darkest… Blackest Abyss Sea of Futuristic Paradisal Black Roman Kingdomes… as I Universally… Supremely… & Aristocratically [U.S.A.] Scribe this Highly Complex [Alkhemical] Black Witchcraft [Scientific] Proverb [Theorem] from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀