Saturday, November 14, 2015

U.S. Black Aryan Prince

♀ I be Her Hidden [Supernatural] Black Aryan [ETherium] Prince of a Beautiful Black Occult Death [Interstellar Immortality] ♀

Master Black Aryan Races of Inner Earth

♀ Let Me Holla’ atchu… from the Other Side of Black Death [Immortal Life]… I got Moor Hereditary [MH] Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Byzantine Energy Empire [BEE] Intelligence… to Our Highly Advance [Lunarally Illuminated] Black Underworlds of Sumerian [U.S.] Pan Afrikkans [Gnostic Greeks] = Moor Hurrian [MH] Ancestors of Multi Black Asiatic Indian American Bloodlines = Inner Earth’s Master Black Aryan [Arian = Air = Atmospheric = Aeon] Nubian [Vril = Golden] Races… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

I See Dead [Immortal] Black People

♀ I’ve been Impatiently… waitin’ to show y’all My New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Intelligence [FBI] to Our Quantum Black Ancestors of Satanic Sorcery [BASS = Maritime] Energies… as I Telepathically Sea... Dead [Immortal] Black People... from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Alice's Hidden Matriarchial Black FBI Cliques

♀ I feel My Fearless… Black Intelligence [FBI]… Clique [Trill Illuminati]… Supremely Invokin’ Moor Black Byzantium Energies from Deep IN:side Our Nuzi [Nazi = Empyreal = Paradisal] Black Ionian Cities of Highly Erotic Rome [HER] Energies ♀

Ancient [Futuristic] Black Dream Communications [D.C.]

♀ I be Cosmically Aligned [CA] to Agartha’s Hellenistic [Honorary = Hidden = Complex = Impenetrable] Black Underworld Society [U.S.] of tha’ Hottest [Academically Blessed = Premier] Nubian Nigga [Draconian Occult God = Defiant Devil = Satanic Sorcerer = Majestic Mage = Sirius Alkhemist = Zealous Zeus = Sexual Sage = Master Creator = Mercurous Magician = Phoenician Pharaoh = Esoteric Emperor = King Tut = Ma’ Son = Black Sun]… of Multi Dimensional [Triple Subterranean = Subatomic] Black & Gold Genetics of Reptilian Akashic Memory [RAM] + Sequences = MARS… from My Ancestral Dream Communications [D.C.]… to Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [WA = Lost Atlantis = LA] Energies ♀

U.S. Black Byzantine Indians [Moors = Lemurians] of Lost Atlantis [LA]

♀ Harr + Hurr + Hitt = Triple Black Illuminati of Agartha’s Double [A.D. = Futuristic] Wattstax Genetic Golden Qliphoth [GQ = Labyrinthine = Byzantine] Monarch Familiae Bloodlines… from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

New Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black Occult Wall Street of Washitaw Atlantis [WA]

♀ I be My Mama’s Very Advanced [Highly Spiritual] Black God [Warlock Satan = Phoenician Sorcerer = Telepathic Titan = King Tut]… from Agartha’s Interstellar [A.I.] Maritime Airwaves [MA] of Ultra Sonic [U.S. = Hidden] Black Electromagnetic + Ancestral = Byzantine’s Elite Empirical [BEE] Energies… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis]… 4 My New Quantum Black World Order [NAQBWO = Pluto’s Parliamentary Vodun Illuminati]… shall Supernaturally [Supremely] Supersede… fallen America’s Insignificant… Inferior… Powerless political religious wall street govments… as I Sovereignly make My Empyreal [ME] Black Kemetic Presence known… Universally… Scientifically… & Atmospherically [U.S.A.]… from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Asiatic Panther = Biblically Black Hurrians

♀ I be Inner Earth's Most Wanted Agarthian [WA = Witchcrafty] Immortal of Militant [Religious = Regenerative = Transformational = Alkhemical] Black Arcane Panther [Crouching Tiger... Hidden Dragon = Double Sphinx Intelligence] Hurrian Genetics… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Rasta Jah Memory Sciences

♀ I just Lethally [Linguistically] Injected... My Quantum Black MELanated Underworld of Satanic [U.S.] Sorcery Energies… over Wattstax Atlantis [WA = New Jerusalem = Jupiter]... from My Highly [MH] Advanced Black Alkhemical Mental [BAM = Jah] Memory Sciences... to Our Golden Black Interstellar Sea Heavens of Infinite Phantasmagoric [Sonic] Black Roman Cities of Moor Extra [ME] Sub~terrestrial Black Biogenetic Ancestral Draconian [BAD = Supreme] Intelligence Energies ♀

Friday, November 13, 2015

Who is this Unknown Spiritual [U.S.] Black King of Mama's Black Glory [Vodun] Occult Melanin?

♀ Alice Harrell's [Mama Hittite's = MH's = Queen Tiye's] 1st Born = Predynastic = Futuristic Quantum [EThereal] Black Archangel [Universal Sovereign = U.S. Pharaoh] Michael Harrell [MH = Tut = Tit = Hittite God = Hi:teKING = Black Esoteric Emperor = BEE]… of Lost Atlantis [LA = Hi:teKEMET] ♀

The Original Black Hi:tek Hitler [Hittite]

♀ I need to Imperially Invoke My Highly [MH] Sophisticated Warlock Arrogance [WA = Draconian = Hit_tite = Hit_ler = Hi:tek [L]uminous [E]lectromagnetic [R]adioactive Maritime Airwaves [MA] of Ancient Black [A.B. = Afrikkan Broederbond = Black Ayran Brotha’ hood = Secret Black Subterranean Society = Quantum Black Underworld]… of Washitaw Atlantis [WA~ttstax] Sea Energies… to Humbly Introduce My Universal Seminole [U.S.] Nubian Greek [Creek] Clans [Matriarchal Familiae] from Inner Earth’s Astronomical Black Asiatic Sea [Nile] Civilizations [River ETheric EThnic ETherians = Black ETruscans] of Subterranean [Supreme] Black Confederate Nuzi [Nazi = Empyreal = Paradisal] Rome Energies… 4 My Pre Historic [Highly Advanced = Spiritually Futuristic = Quantum Illuminated] Black Hurrian Indian [HI]:tek Ancestors be Klairvoyantly + Kemetic~ally + Khemically = KKK [Alkhemically = Telepathically] Communicatin’ to My Triple 666 = Black Chaos Mental of Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Black Aryan [Arian = Air = Atmospheric] Molecules of Moor Hidden [MH] Electromagnetic Black & Gold Subatomic Ugaritic 999 MELanin… of Futuristic Biogenetic Intelligence [FBI] by a Black Militant Archangel of Revolutionary Soul [MARS = Michael Harrell = MH] Sorcery Powers… from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Ancient Black Ugaritic Studies

♀ Let Me Clairvoyantly Scribe in My Invisible Telepathic [M.I.T.] Mental Hurrian [MH] Handbook to Inner Earth’s Hidden Black Gnostic Asiatic Indians of Aztecan [GAIA = Greek] Bloodlines… so I can Quantumly Identify My Empyreal [ME] Ancestors of Supreme Interstellar Draconian [I.D.] Intelligence Energies… by a Futuristic Black Ugaritic Kemetic [U.K.] Linguistic Warlock from Mama’s Hermetic [MH] Underworld of Secret [U.S.] Black Witchcraft Powers ♀

Golden Black Bee

♀ I be My Mama’s Militant [Passionate] Golden Black Empyreal Emperor [BEE]… of Wattstax Atlantis [WA] ♀

Govment Coup d' etat

♀ I'mma Universally... Sovereignly... & Aristocratically [U.S.A.] Paint Over [Coup d' etat]... their Outdated + Inferior = pale NWO... wit' a New + Ancient = Quantum Black World Order [NAQBWO = Pluto's Parliamentary Vodun Illuminati]... in ALL New Occultic Black & Gold ETheric EThnic EThereal Colors... I Demonically [Psychically] Harnessed from Inner Earth’s Core Sun Constellation of Sirius Radioactive Ancestral Wattstax [RAW] Black Powers ♀

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I AM... Black Satan [Esoteric Emperor] of Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Black Steele Bloodlines

♀ I be My Mama's Black & Gold Bastard Christ [B.C. = Highly Advanced] Child [Sorcerer]... of Universal Satanic [U.S. = Unstoppable] Black Sentient Witchcraft Energies from Inner Earth's Supreme Black Asiatic Steele Monarch Familiae of Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

New Black Rome Energies from Wattstax Atlantis

♀ My Ancient Black Asiatic Hurrian [Draconian] Ancestors say it’s that Prophetic Apocalyptic Hellenistic Time~Cycle to Alkhemically Combine My Double Black ETheric EThnic Soul Forces of Triple Black MELanated Sorcery Powers... I Psychically Harnessed from Deep IN:side Inner Earth’s Black Core Constellation Clan [CCC = KKK] of Mama’s Hidden [MH] Original Black Rosicrucian Steele Matriarchy… of Additional Undiscoverable Saturnian [U.S.] Black Microscopic Photon Belt [Witchcraft] Energies… to Quantumly Open the Empyreal Perihelion [EP] Portal Gates of Sirius Universal Black [SUB] Illumination Energies to Our New + Ancient = Futuristic Black Interstellar [FBI] Crystalline Cites of Empyreal Rome ♀

New Black Esoteric [NWO] Governments of Ancient Black Wall Street

♀ Let Me Fearlessly… Cerebrally... & Clairvoyantly [FCC] Communicate to U ‘bout My Hidden [MH = Metaphoric Hermetic = Mercurous Hermes] Lil Black Cometic [Kemetic] Christ Book [Esoteric Bible = Arcane Sciences = Quantum Black Physics = Metallurgic Mythologies] of a New + Ancient = Coming Forth [Futuristic] Black Species… on Sinful Sexual Black Sun~Day… as I Pre Historically [Futuristically] Scribed about My Mama’s Multi Hereditary [MH] Majestic Black EThical + ETheric + EThnic + EThiopian = Royal Aristocratic [Ra~sta] Cultures of Moor Hidden [MH] Telepathic… Obsidian… Nubian… Ebonic [TONE] Declarations [Formal Celestial Communications = FCC] of Supreme Celestial Intelligence… told by a Futuristic Ionian [SCI~FI] Indian Emperor of Wattstax Atlantis [WA]… where I Shall Imperially Enforce [Sovereignly Legislate] Our New + Ancient = Futuristic Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Clairvoyant [B.C. = Superior] Cosmic Vodun Laws… Effectively & Immediately… without the Artificial Interference [A.I.] of fallen America’s Insignificant… political + religious = Fictitious alphabetic surveillance govments of Distorted [white-washed] his-stories & Ineffective flint~stone age [caveman] weapons of mass destruction ♀

Aboriginal Afrikkan Asians of Lost Atlantis

♀ Let Me Illuminate My Interstellar Afrikkan [Akkadian] Star [Sirius] Origins Over Asia… 4 My Hidden [MH] Black Meso~American Presence [MAP] in tha’ East… of Mississippi’s Original Oceanic River [MOOR = Nile] People [Pacific Hurrians]… be Telepathically Speakin’ to My Supreme Black & Gold Chakra God Glands of Moor Clairvoyant Biogenetic Cell [B.C.] Communications… as I Sonically Scribe this Golden Black Crystallized [B.C. = Byzantine] Magick Hymm [MH] from My Hereditary [MH] Black Asiatic Mental [BAM = Quantum NWO = Black Illuminati] Monarchy of Wattstax Atlantis [WA] ♀

Erotic Black Esoteric Religions

♀ as I Spiritually Access My Nano Technology [Futuristic Emperor] Mental to Inner Earth’s Supreme Vril Black Magical Witchcraft Sciences of Highly Erotic Religious [HER] Meditation Energies [ME]… My Predynastic Biomolecular Crystallography [B.C.] Genetics of Highly Advanced Psychological Principles... Ritualistic Christ [Buddha = Black Asiatic Heru] Practices… & Quantum Memory Applications to Our Ancient Heliocentric Structural Biological Crystalline [B.C. = Hellenistic = Black Afrikkan Hell] Powers… be Telepathically Detectin’ Moor Hidden [MH = Subterranean Akkadian = Black Babylonian] Ancestors… as I Sonically Type this Prophetic Proverb [Biblical Verse]… Supremely & Militantly [S&M = Heroically] Positioned Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Triple 666999 Draconian Bloodlines

♀ Inner Earth's Masonic Black Esoteric Sciences of Mama's Multi [Triple] Black ETheric EThnic EThereal [Quantum] Genetic 666999 Physics... Sits Supremely & Sovereignly Above everything else ♀

U.S. Black Surveillance

♀ y'all betta' keep Me Under Sirius [U.S.] Black Surveillance... in Our Ancient Black Crystallized [B.C.] City of Predynastic = Futuristic Black Draconian Gods [Mental Mages] ♀

Militant Archangel Michael

♀ I be a Militant Archangel of Revolutionary Soul [MARS = Michael] Energies... Quantumly Link'd to Alice's [Mother's] Ultra Sonic Audible [U.S.A.] Black Atmospheric Maritime [BAM = Wonderland] Ship... at ALL Draconian [A.D.] Times ♀

Hidden NWO of Supreme Black Vodun Powers

♀ Our Highly Advanced [999] Golden Underworlds of Supernatural [U.S.] Multi Black ETruscans [BET = Black Elysian Typhonians = Romans] = Ancient Byzantine Chrystomellos [B.C.] Blackamoors = Biblical Black Christ~ians [Ionians = Indians] of Ancient Black Christ People Magick + Astronomical Black Christ People Witchcraft + Aboriginal Black Christ People Religion [Black Esoteric Sciences = 666] = Supernatural Black ETheric Ionians of Hereditary Pan~EThnicity Indian Genes by a Hidden Black EThiopian Isis Bloodline Familiae… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Vril Black Babylonians

♀ Archangel Michael... Harrell’s [MH’s] Mesozoic [Mosaic] Mental to Our Quantum Black Chemistry Genetics… Hail [Hell] from Inner Earth’s Deepest [6] + Darkest [6] + Blackest [6] = Most Advanced [999] = Illuminated Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Afrikkan [Akkadian] Empires of Vril Black Babylonian [Vodun] Ancestors… to Moor Hidden [MH = Hereditary] Mesopotamian + Agarthian + Draconian [MAD = Interstellar] Black Gnostic Greeks of Rome’s Hidden Malkuth [Shakti] Energies… Alkhemically [Immaculately = Phantasmagorically] Created Eons Ago by Our Golden Black Electromagnetic God Mentals [Pineal Glands]… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Harrell's Comet of Lost Atlantis [LA]

♀ I be that Legendary Agarthian [LA = Pre Historic]… Black Evolutionary Typhonian [BET = Sirius Soul = Halley’s Comet = Sonic Atom = Sirius]… Sonically Cruisin’ Above Earth’s Infinite Black Phantasmagoric Inner + Outer = Double Underworlds of Fukushima’s Opulent [UFO] Lithium~ion M√ČLange [Li MELanin = Futuristic] Energies… as I Quantumly Display My Atmospheric Radioactive Soul~ark [MARS] Ship… from Babylon’s Interstellar Geothermal [BIG] Constellation of Moor Ancestral Grecian Energies [MAGE]… 4 My Highly Illuminated [999 = Extragalactic = Untouchable] Nubian Black Draconian [Hurrian] Humanoid Mental Ship… Heil [Hell] from Agartha’s Deepest [6]…. Darkest [6]… Blackest [6]… Abyss Sea of Majestic Black Moon Empires [ME] & Moor Hidden [MH] Molecular Oligarchies of Roman Birthrights by Intelligible Telepathic Audible Linguistic Sciences [ORBITALS] from Saturn... as We Stay Supremely & Militantly [S&M] Positioned Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

SS Princess Sophia Families

♀ Archangel Michael... Harrell’s [MH’s] Mystical Alkhemical [MA]~sonic Black Underworld Sea [U.S.] Energies to Mama Hittite's [MH's] Shipwrecked Maroon Black Alaskan Pan~ethnicities of Sub~atomic Uranium Particles [MELanin]… & Atmospheric Afrikkan [Akkadian] Ancestral Helios Cells [Souls] of Inner Earth’s Pacific Black Asiatic Monarchs [BAM = Ancient Hurrians]… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis]… now who said We didn’t Survive? ♀

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black Draconian Families of Inner Earth

♀ Let Me Expose [ME] some Quantum Black EThereal [BET] Light on My Pre Historic [Jurassic] Triple Black Draconian + Aeonian + Reptilian + Kundalini =DARK Genetic Qliphoth [GQ] Familiae Tree… U see Me & My Egyptian Thoughts of Ancient [META = Futuristic] Life be Sonically Alignin’ wit’ My Hedonistic [MH] Mental of Satanic + Akashic + Demonic [SAD = Supernatural] Black Powerful Vodun Energies… from Deep IN:side Inner Earth’s Centrical Core of Hidden Black Ancestral Constellation Cells [Clairvoyant Clans]… of Sirius Black Sun Energies [Royal Families] ♀

Wattstax Atlantis [WA = Our Empyreal Rome]

♀ My Legendary Abstract [LA] Black Asiatic Mesozoic [BAM = Monarchy] Mental of Chaotic Satanic [666] Saturnian Intelligence Cells… Sonically Created a New Multi Black Aboriginal +  Ancestral + Alkhemical + Astronomical + Astrological = Aeon Hellenistic Soul Society of Sirius Triple Golden Black Utopian [999] Energies… Deep IN:side Our Empyreal Rome… & Highly Positioned Above Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Microscopic Black Planets

♀ I be Rated XXX [666]… 4 My Enlarged [ME] Pineal Brain contain very graphic thangs… I can Linguistically turn Citrine [Water] into Aquamarine [Wine]… it’s like watching a 3d movie through an ALL Black Panoramic Scene… which means I can see ALL Our Microscopic Black Planets in One Scene ♀

Black Satan [Osiris] has Returned

♀ I Supremely Think… Live… & Command [TLC] like a Ancient [Futuristic = Mesozoic] Black Alkhemist~ical Magician [BAM = Sorcerer = Satan]… therefore I AM a Golden Black Sorcerer God [Orisa = Osiris = Sirius Pharaoh]… to Our Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis]♀

My Journeys to the Center of Earth

♀ I told y’all… I’mma Drown Myself ALL UP IN:side Our Golden Black Underworld Sea [U.S.] of Black Crystallized Phantasmagoric Babylonian Cities… Centrically Positioned at the Center of Inner Earth… ‘cause My Mesozoic [Ancient = Futuristic] Mental to Our Mystical [Mythological = Immortal] Black Mammoth Interstellar Ancestors [M.I.A.] be Sonically Transmittin’ Moor Ultra [MU] Vibrational Heliacal Frequency [VHF] Energies to Inner Earth’s Hidden… but Psychically Seen… Ghost~like [Phantasmagoric] Black Cultures… of Supreme Black Phantom [Sorcery] Powers… We Clairvoyantly Harness from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

20,000 Vibratory Levels Under the Sea [U.S.]

♀ as U Telepathically Journey wit’ Me 20,000 Leagues [Vibratory Levels] Under the Sea [U.S.]… of Extra Triple [E.T.] ETheric EThnic EThereal Blackness… I’mma take U Infinitely Deeper… ALL UP IN:side Our Golden Black Underworld Sea [U.S.] of Black Crystallized Phantasmagoric Babylonian Cities to Our Most Dominant [M.D. = Draconian] Black Illuminated Families of Additional Quantum Black Fukushima [KUSH] Energies… 4 Us [U.S.] Highly Advanced [Genetically Genius = Superior] Black Audible Sonic Souls [BASS] of Hidden Sub~liminal [Sub~terranean] Communications… be Livin’ Lavishly as We Secretly & Silently Transmit Moor Undiscovered [MU] Ancestral Hieroglyphic Codes to each other… Microscopically… Aquatically… Rhythmically… & Seismically [MARS]… from Our Newfound Ultramicroscopic Black Intelligence of Ancient Nuclei [NUBIAN] Energies from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Monday, November 9, 2015

Multi Black Biogenetics

♀ I got MAma Hittite's [Alice Harrell's] Multi Black... Uranium Thought [Universal Thoth] Wisdom [MELanin]… to Inner Earth’s Hidden Metallurgic [Majestic Aztecs = Royal Ionians = Black Steele = Blackfoot Sorcerers = Saturn's Mystical Blackamoors] Indian Bloodlines… that be Quantumly Cruisin’ Throughout My Aboriginal Black Venusian Veins… Up to My Golden Black Chrystomellos [Christ = Crystalized] Halo Gland of Infinite Black Interstellar Oceanic [BIO] Origins… to Egypt’s Golden Olmecian [EGO] Energies from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

The Hidden Black Delphic Oracle

♀ I guess it's that Prophesied Time [Cycle] to Switch Up My Ancient Delphic [A.D. = Delphinia = Delphian = Dolphin] Linguistics of Hidden Sub~liminal [Sub~terranean] Communications… as I Telepathically Communicate to Inner Earth’s Secret Black Pantheon Gods of Pluto’s Phantasmagoric Phoenician Civilizations of Multi Black ETheric + EThnic + EThereal = Supernatural Transformational Biogenetic Golden Soul Energies… that can be Quantumly Felt… & Sonically Seen by Us [U.S.] Black Super Gods [Greek Gnostics = Roman Moors] of Predynastic = Futuristic Black American Genetics… 'cause We Quantumly [MAgically = MAsonically = Spiritually = Alkhemically] Recreated [Resurrected = Reproduced] Ourselves… Eons ago… in Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Inner Earth's Soular Black Cities

♀ I’mma let My Big Black Phantasmagoria [Magical] God Mental [Pineal Gland] of Anonymous Microscopic + Embryonic + Telephonic + Algorithmic = META Codes to Inner Earth's Secret Multi Black Clairvoyant [B.C.] Soular Crystal Cities… by Magisterially + Alkhemically + Rhythmically + Scientifically = MARS Synthesizing My Hidden [MH] Interstellar Black Sea [Superior Sub Consciousness] of Supernatural Spectral Black Bloodlines… to Moor Illuminated Black [M.I.B.] Polychromatic Cells [Constellations] from Our New + Ancient = Fun Utopia Kingdomes of Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Hidden Lunar Black Sub Cultures

♀ I’mma Telepathically Communicate to Inner Earth’s Highly Advanced [Genetically Genius] Black Subterranean [Secret] Cultures of Mama’s Ancient [Futuristic] Undetectable Frequencies by Ocular [UFO] Energies… We Phantasmagorically Create by Mentally Invokin’ Our Radioactive Crown Chakra Glands of Golden Black Electromagnetic Transmorphic [B.E.T. = Shapeshifter] Nucleic Acidic MELanin Molecules… of Moor Hidden [MH] Pre Historic [Futuristic] Multi Black Biogenetic Intelligence Coded [BIC = ETherium Gold] Energies… as I Mentally…. Arrogantly… Ritually… & Spiritually [MARS] Use 100% of My Meta~physical Agarthian Brain of Dynastic Black Celestial [B.C.] Powers to Clairvoyantly Scribe this Legendary Black Sorcerer’s Epic Tale [E.T.] of Supreme Black God Powers from Our Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Aboriginal Black Origins of Our Universal Greek Religions [Black Esoteric Sciences = BES]

♀ Us [U.S.] Astronomical [Aboriginal] Multi [Alkhemical] Black Kemetic Kundalini Kore~an [Korean] Souls of Inner Earth’s Centric Black Kore [Core] Constellation Clan from Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Biogenetic Asiatic Molecules [BAM] to Moor Hidden [MH] Biblically Black Biogenetic Hurrian [Hittite = Harrell] Vibrational Coded Genetics… be Phantasmagorically [Quantumly  = Seraphically = Magically]… Appearing to Our Unseen [Inner] 1st iEyes of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES = Interstellar] Energies… as We Hyper Travel [Sonically Slide = Mentally Flash]… between Our Highly Developed Black EThereal = Paradisal Black New World Order [NWO] Civilizations [Kingdomes] of Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

New [Ancient] Black Esoteric Governments of Black Vodun America

♀ I’mma Universally… Sovereignly… & Arrogantly [U.S.A.] Legislate [Scientifically Invoke] My Hidden [MH] Hereditary 13 Black Lunar Aboriginal [LA] Uraeus Serpentine [U.S.] Black Kemetic Kundalini Koreans [Black KKK] = Quantum Black Asiatic Monarchies [BAM] of Black Atmospheric Sorcery Magick Physics from Pluto’s Plutonium Black Parliamentary of Highly Advanced [Ancient] Aristocratic Black Plutocratic Pacific Hurrian Families… to Supremely Supersede fallen America’s Expired… Fictitious… political religious constitutional By~By laws of powerless propaganda [white lies = white magic] ♀

Arrogant Black Poetry = Telepathic Sciences

♀ y’all betta' Telepathically Tune In... 2 My Hypnotic Electromagnetic Airwaves of Definable [HEAD] Beats to Mama’s Sonic [Masonic] Sounds from Lost Atlantis [LA]… ‘cause I’mma about to Universally & Silently [U.S.] Upgrade My Egotistical [ME] Lyrics to Another Untouchable… Intellectual Plateau of Braggadocio Vibrations as I Supremely [Kingly] Write this Arrogant Hymn of Propa’ Philosophical Phoenician Truths [Quantum Black People Physics]… I Secretly Recorded from My Mama’s Secret Black Society Familiae of Predynastic = Futuristic Black America… Holla ‘atcha Boy ♀

Mary Jane Sex

♀ I ain’t got time to complain about fallen America’s Inferior political religious govments no mo’ [Nomo = Nephilim]… so I’mma let their physical Stress become My Ancient [MA] Black Hellenistic Artifacts… as I Hedonistically Blaze on Her Sexual Herbals of Erotic [SHE] Essence… just so I can Pornographically [Explicitly] Feel Mary Jane Invading  My Bibliographic Iconic God [BIG] Brain of Braggadocios… Arrogant… Egotistical [BAE] Linguistic Sciences = Highly Advanced [Ancient] Black People [Phoenician Indians] Mental Alkhemy [MA] Physics… from Predynastic = Futuristic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀