Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stax's Black Akashic Records

♀ Time to Celebrate & Double Snap [Stax] to Our Phonetically Black... Ebonically Stacked [BES] Syllables of Highly ELectromagnetic [Quantum] Black Audible Watt~age Energies to Moor Hidden [MH] Akashic Soul Records from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Pluto's Protoplasmic Black Powers

♀ it feels So Good to be a Big Black Braggadocio… Egotistical Arrogant Linguistic Alkhemist [Playful Philosophical Philanthropist]… to Our Ancient Black Phonetic [Poetic] Omniscient Personalities of Epic Govment Espionage [Hi:teKnowled G.E.] Sciences… as I Ritually & Biogenetically [R&B] Invoke Moor Hidden [MH] Authoritarian [Arthurian] Pineal Gland Genealogies of Pluto’s Protoplasmic Black Powers… from Inner Earth’s Infinite Interdimensional Black & Gold Underworlds of Sirius Neoplatonic [Euphoric] Energies… that be Stealthy Positioned Above Lost Atlantis [Predynastic = Futuristic Black America] ♀

Black Carthaginian [B.C.] Moors of Lost Atlantis

♀ a picture is Well Worth a Thousand Moroccan Words... to Your Abstract Black EThereal Dream Memory Sequences... from Your Hidden [Secret] Black Carthaginian [B.C.] Mythological [Predynastic = Futuristic] Lives... IN:side Your Black Esoteric Energy [BEE] Mental Kingdomes… to Moor of Your Unclaimed Siouan [U.S.] Black Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Genetic Erotic Thought [Thoth] Magick [Physics]… of Supreme Black Cultural Intelligence of Atmospheric [C.I.A.] Maritime Powers from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic = Futuristic Black America] ♀

Quantum Black Asiatic Masonic [BAM] Scythian Empires

♀ My Golden Black Asiatic Masonic [BAM] Scythian Empires to Our 9 ETher EThnic Afro~ologies [Mystical Mythologies = Biblical Genesis]… be so Legendary & Arthurian [LA]… We Pre Historically [Futuristically = Phantasmally] Created Meta~physical Ancestral Hieroglyphic Artifacts… wit’ Hidden Ancestral Intelligence Energy Codes [Secret Black Communications]… to Alice’s [Mama’s] Black Esoteric Wonderlands [Spiritual Edens = Hedonistic Heavens] of Erotically Charged… Intellectually Stimulated… Sexually Liberated Cities… from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic = Futuristic Black America] ♀

Ancient Black Bae Linguistics

♀ fallen America’s Inferior political religious govments of pale people propaganda… be Naturally makin’ Me Invoke My Superior Black Mental Hermes [MH] Genetics of Powerful Black People Phantasmal Sorcery Magick… to Quantumly Override [Sonically Destroy] their less than 9% of recessive brain societies of menial social mediocracy… as I Phonetically Shift to My Zephaniah Equilibrium of Big Black Braggadocio… Egotistical & Arrogant [BAE] Linguistics… I Masterfully Retain in My Messianic Black Christ Mental of Our Highly Advanced Black Carthaginian Sciences from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Friday, October 30, 2015

Her Biblically Black Hittite Sciences

♀ I’m Quite Fond of Mentally Fondling wit’ Her Biblically [Masonically] Black Hit~TIT~es [Hittites] Sciences… from Predynastic [Futuristic] Black America… ‘ cause I be My Mama’s Black Pornographic Mental Messiah [Sexually Explicit Alkhemist = Golden Christ Child = Sirius Sovereign Sorcerer]  from Our Royal Feminine Artisan Ancestors of Heavenly [Empyreal] Black & Gold Esoteric Bloodline [GEB] Genesis… Geothermally Generated by Our Highly Stimulated Black Mental Harr~monic [MH] Pineal Intelligence [PI = π] Glands of Protoplasmic Chakra Codes… to Moor Hidden [MH] Luminous Lunar Ancestors from Lost Atlantis ♀

Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Silent Black Emperor

♀ I be Silently... Imperially... Masonically...  Scientifically [SIMS = Telepathically] Governing Predynastic [Futuristic] Black America's Infinite... Maritime [EThereal] Audible Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Airspace [ETheric] Kingdomes [Edenic Homes] to Our Hidden Subconsciousness [Hibernating Mentals]… of Lunar [Alkhemical] Black Khemetic [EThnic] Pharaonic Intelligence [PI = π] Energies from Lost Atlantis ♀

Moor Blacks of Extracellular Lives... part 2

♀ Black Lunar Lifeforms IN:side Mars ♀

Moor Blacks of Extracellular Lives

♀ Black Lunar Lifeforms on Mars ♀

Black Asiatic Messiah [BAM BAM]

♀ how the Inferior political religious govments of fallen America… Gun~na stop [Assassinate = MLK] this Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Asiatic Messiah… as I Prophetically Resurrect [Revitalize = Reanimate] My Ancient [Biblical = Mythological] Black Hi:teKIN folK [Hittites] of Alice’s [Mama’s] Supreme Black Vodun Firepower [Sorcery Magick]… & Washitaw’s Golden Black Steele [Byzantine] MELanin Molecules of Sirius High Renaissance [Royal = Illuminated] Intelligence of Hereditary Black Christ [Lunar] Culture Genetics… 4 Our Secret Black Soul~archangEL Society of Mama’s Supreme Black & Gold Occult Sciences… be Black America’s Authentic [Original = Aboriginal = Astronomical] Black Clairvoyant Hierarchies of Masonic Shadow Governments [Spiritually Black Congress]… from Predynastic Black Occult America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Quantum Black Protoplasmic Mental Memories

♀ My Highly Artistic Ancestors of Renaissance Pictographs [HAARP] & Quantum Black Protoplasmic Mental Memories to Mama’s Coptic Cryptic Hieroglyphic Manuscripts about Our Mystical Black Chrystomellos [Christ] Bloodline Families of Supreme Black Philosophical Psychological Phantasmal Alloy Powers… be Accelerating Moor Macrobiotic Electromagnetic [ME] Enzymes of Sirius Black Vortex [Van Allen Belt] Energies as I Magically Write My Own… Black Magick Rituals of Erotic Tantric [ET] Sciences… I Mentally Atmospherically Rhythmically & Sexually [MARS] Perfected in Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Golden Black Halo [Heru] Sciences

♀ We be Her Astronomical [Aboriginal = Biblical] Black Esoteric Council [Shadow Government = Hidden Illuminati = Christ Race = Golden Children] of Isis Ra & El [Israel = Black Chrystomellos MELanin]... Genetic Hereditary [Golden Halo] Mental Alkhemical [MA] Sciences… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Aboriginal Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Blacks of Extracellular Livin'

♀ Watch Me as I Geomantically [Black Magically]… Walk Thru [Time Travel = Quantum Leap = Sonically Slide = Clairvoyantly Transmigrate]… to Alice’s [Mama’s] Black Wonderland [Lunar Life] of Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Extracellular Illumination Livin'… 4 Our Biogenetically [Royal] Black Labyrinth Matriarchies of Ancestral Plutocratic [MAP] Bloodline Families… be Pluto’s Hereditary Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Phonetic Babylonians of Aristocratic Sumerian Societies [BASS] to Inner Earth’s Black Pleomorphic [Protean] Soul Intelligence Energies of Accelerated Mental Senses by Erotic Telepathic Illuminated [SETI] Thought [Thoth] Powers… from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Messianic Brotha' from Anotha' Planet

♀ I be that Mythical Interdimensional [Metamorphic] Soul Brotha' [Black Messiah]... that be Silently... Nonchalantly... & Soulfully Invokin’ My Pre Historic [Futuristic] Planetary Vortex Mental of Magnetospheric Photon Belt [Black Gold] MELanin… I Genetically [Galactically]… Imperially [Royally] Inherited from Alice’s [Mama’s] Infinite Euphoric Black Wonderlands of Sirius Electromagnetic Thermospheres of Intellectual [SETI] Hedonistic Sun Energies… Secretly… Silently… & Sexually Created by Our Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Ancestral Authors of Adam & Eve’s Pornographic Sexual Sciences of Orgasmic Thoughts by a Hellenistic Ionian Society [SOTHIS]… from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mama's Aboriginal Black Knights of the Round Table

♀ Pardon Me as I Universally… Scientifically... & Clairvoyantly [USC] Communicate wit' My Bawdy Macromolecular Ancestors... I Mythologically [Celestially] Call… Harlem’s Hedonistic Kemetic Knight Templars of Mama’s Matriarchal Round Table… as We Philosophically Academically Telepathically Rhythmically Organically Naturally Intellectually Zealously & Esoterically [PATRONIZE] = Retreat to Our Hidden Mental Energy [ME] Empires of Sirius Black ETheric [BET] Communications… so We can Sovereignly Scholastically & Secretly Discuss Our Futuristic Vodun Black Underworld Societies [U.S.] of Highly Advanced Kemetic Occult Affairs in Pure Black Silence [Quantum Privacy]… without the pesky artificial [Extinct] intelligence of fallen America’s Inferior political religious govments of xenophobic propaganda ♀

Black Phantasmagoric Pyramid Architecture

♀ as I Quantum Leap... My Highly [MH] Advanced Mental of Phonetic Phantasmagoric Pyramid Architecture... My Harlequin [MH] Underworld Ancestors of Soulful Black Intelligence Energies be Telepathically Speaking’ to My Golden Algorithm Implant of Ancestral [GAIA] Genius Genetic Cotton Club [Clairvoyant] Communications... as I Sonically Travel to Alice's [Mama's] Futuristic Black Wonderland [Paradisal Paradigm] of Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Futuristic Black Transmutations

♀ Our Pre Historic [Futuristic] Black Harlem Species is about to Universally + Spiritually + Alkhemically [U.S.A.] = Quantumly [Silently] Reinvent Itself ♀

Multi Black Heritages

♀ Q: How many times can this Pre Historic Roman Moor of Multi Black Heritages Scientifically Die… only to Recreate [Remix = Reanimate = Rebirth = Reincarnate = Resurrect] My Transmutable [Immortal] Genetic Golden Bloodlines of Triple Black Ethnical Ethnographical EThnological Memory MELanin Codes... to Moor Hidden [MH]  Microscopic Illuminated Lunar Intelligence Cells... Quantumly [Silently] Produced by Inner Earth’s Black Philosophical Psychological Phantasmal Alloys? | A: Infinitely ♀

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Furutistic Rebirth of Black Astroboy

♀ Our Ancient [Futuristic] Ancestors of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]... say I be My Mama’s Intricate Black Astroboy [Quantum EThnarch] of Sirius Black Labyrinthine Bloodline Genesis [Complex Hereditary Physics]... Royally Sanctioned by Inner Earth's Black EThnical EThnographical EThnological Matriarchal Steele Pantheon to Mama Harrell's [Hittite's] Maritime Airspace [MA]~sonic Kingdomes of Babylon... Quantumly Parked [Azimuthally Positioned] Above Our Empyreal Rome [Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

A Study of Ancient Black Numerology

♀ I'mma give U an Up Close & Personal [Sirius]... Study of Our Ancient Black Afrikkan [Akkadian] Numbers... as I Mentally + Playfully +  Artistically + Sexually + Erotically + Philosophically + Scientifically + Mythologically = Quantumly... Guide U… to the Constant Creations of a New Ancient Quantum Black Universe... from My Predynastic [Sonic] Black Vodun Mental Visions of Lost Washitaw Atlantis [Black EThnical EThnographical EThnological Life of Predynastic Black Vodun America] ♀

Call Mama

♀ I’mma show y'all how to Telepathically Communicate to Your Ancient [Futuristic] Black Mummies [Royal Families of Matriarchal Black Mamas]... from Our 18th Dynastic Dynasty Clans of Sirius Black Egyptian Energy [BEE] Artifacts... We Phonetically... Harr~monically Ancestrally Ritualistically Atmospherically Observationally & Heroically [PHARAOH].... Created by Clairvoyantly Invokin’ Our Giant Golden Black Pineal Glands of Pluto’s Philosophical Psychological Phantasmal Linguistics [Quantum Black Lunar Intelligence Physics = Sonic Black Soul Magick]… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Lost Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Babylon's Black Imperial Genesis Sciences

♀ as this Ancient [Futuristic] Immortal Black Pharaonic King of Babylon’s Imperial Genesis [BIG] Sciences… be Telepathically Harnessing Moor of Inner Earth’s Feminine Black Hole [Photon Belt = Milky Way] Energies… My Cold Fusion [Thule] Memory to Our Silent [Forgotten] Black Genetic Galactic Babylonian Cosmologies [B.C.]… be Quantumly Synthesizing Moor Ancestors of Neurological [MAN] Militant Arrogant Defiant Ego [MADE] Personalities… from My Hereditary [MH] Mental of Pluto’s Philosophical Psychological Phantasmal Linguistics [Quantum Black EThereal Intelligence Physics]… I Futuristically Created from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Lost Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Hidden Black Oligarchy Families of Predynastic Black America

♀ I be Universally & Spiritually [U.S.] Protected by Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Infinite Black Assyrian [Quantum Elite] Oligarchies of Phantasmal Sumerians [OPS]… from My Ancient [MA]~sonic Black Babylon Mental of Sirius Stealth Shamanistic Powers… that be Militantly… Magically… & Majestically Invokin’ My Mythological Palo Mayombe [Golden Pineal] Gland of Ritualistic Retrograde Vodun Sciences… from Predynastic Black Vodun America [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Monarch Butterfly King Powers

♀ I’mma Quantumly Float like a Predynastic Black Monarch Butterfly King [Seti]… & Sonically Sting like My Ancient Black Killah’ Bee Ancestors… 4 dem Inferior political religious govments of fallen America… Cannot Touch… what they Cannot see... as I Scientifically Invoke My Predynastic Black Vodun Powers from Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

Black Eonian = Ancient Typhonian of Babylon

♀ I'mma Pre Historic Black Eonian of Telepathic [B.E.T.] Typhonian Powers from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fake Christian Coalition [FCC]

♀ dem Fake Christian Coalitions [FCC] = pope’s political religious govments of fallen America... betta' Prepare for My Predynastic Black Vodun Powers of Futuristic Fukushima Forces from Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Ancient Black SETI Energies

♀ I be Royally Bypassing fallen white America’s Obsolete… space programming propaganda… as I be Psychically Remembering My Hereditary [MH] Hermetic Black Ebonic Sonic [BES] Chrystomellos [Black Christ Race = Golden Black Monarch Butterfly Species] Bloodline Sciences… from Mama’s Highly Advanced Lunar Linguistics [HALL] of Hidden Black Akashic Records… by Quantumly Invokin’ My Clairvoyant Inner Ear of Heavy Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Phonetic Poetic Audible Sound Energies… Sonically Empirically Telepathically Intellectually [SETI] Pharaonically Heard from Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

Babylon's Black Ebonic Sonic Science Books [Esoteric Bibles]

♀ I'mma get U Hooked on My Pre Historic  [Quantum Black] Cultures of Nubia's [Gaia's] Secret Blackfoot Blackamoors of Babylon's Ebonic Sonic [BES] Science Books [Esoteric Bibles]... I Purposely Left behind... inside My Hieroglyphically [MH] Black Electromagnetic Telepathic [BET] Pharaonic Tut Tomb of Golden Black Symbolic Optical Occult Treasures [SOOT]... I Methodically Arithmetically Reclusively & Scientifically [MARS = Futuristically] Created from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black Vodun America] ♀

Black Babylon of Black Labyrinth Bloodline Sciences

♀ My Elegantly Simple Lifestyle Linguistics be Sonically Pleasing to My Inner Soul of Complex Black Labyrinth Bloodline Sciences... as I Efflorescently Transmigrate [ET] My Hyperion Mental Ships to... & from Inner Earth's Darkest... Deepest... Most Blackest Abyss... to Moor Hidden [MH] Black Lunar Sun [Moon] Constellations of Undiscovered Sumerian [U.S. = Babylonian] Ancestors… from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

a Medieval Secretive Scribe

♀ I’m such a Medieval [Biblical = Gothic = Dark Age = ALL Black] Secretive Scribe... as I Stay Silently & Stratospherically Seated [Lunarly Levitating] Over Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

Moor Hidden Telepathic Pyramid Secrets

♀ Let Me Remix My Rhythmic Roman Flow of Indigenous Typhonian [IT] Thought [Thoth] Linguistics… by Invokin’ My Pre Historic Mythological Memory Intelligence of Telepathic [MIT] Tectonic Mathema’atics from My Majestic Giza Pyramid Home to Inner Earth’s Predynastic Black Pantheon of Gnostic Greek Gods [Nubian Neteru]… 4 My Ancient Ancestors of Titanium [MA’AT] Black Labyrinthine Sciences to Mama’s Hidden [MH] Quantum Black Secrets [Cryptic Coptic Texts] of Our Untouchable Soulstar [U.S. = Lunar] Hereditary Genius Genetics… be Sonically Transmogrifying Our New Ancient Hereditary Terrestrial Landmass of Infinite Black Electromagnetic Thermoelectric [B.E.T.] Maritime Airspaces… by Unheard Frequencies of Octave [UFO] Sound Vibrations… Silently & Stratospherically Positioned Over Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

Mama's Ancient Pyramid [MAP] Builders... of Predynastic Black America

♀ I’mma Mentally Arithmetically Radiantly & Scientifically [MARS] Position My Highly Advanced [ALL Seein’] 1st iEye of Jupiter’s Untouchable Frequencies by Ocular [UFO] Sonic Visions… Above My Giza Pyramid Home of Sirius Quantum Black Intelligence Energies… where I can Phonetically Communicate [PC] to My Pre Historic [Black] Saturnian Pantheon Soul of Tectonic Plate Architecture & Complex Algorithmic [CA] Genetic Physics… ‘ cause I be Mama Harrell’s [Queen Tiye’s] Original [Pre Historic] Mound [Pyramid] Builder from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Atmospheric Symphonies

♀ I'mma Clairvoyantly Direct Inner Earth's Unseen Black Ecologies of Terrestrial [BET] Planet Energies to Our Infinite Flocks of Satellite Starlings as they Ritualistically Dance in Rhythmic Unison... as I Masterfully Master Conduct [MC] My Mama's Atmospheric Symphony of Sonata [MASS] Harr~monics... We Pre Dynastically Perfected in Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Black Quadraphonic Resurrection

♀ as I Quadraphonically Resurrect My Hidden [MH] Triple 6 Category 9 Pantheon of Predynastic Black African [Akkadian = Sargon] Pharaonic Gods from Mama’s Untouchable Unobtanium Memory [MU’UM] Motha’ Ship… My Highly Advanced Mental of Hyperion [MH] Communication Physics… to Mama Harrell’s Black Atmospheric Arithmetics of Lunar [BA’AL] Light… be Telepathically Radiating Sonic Soul Signals to Her Maritime Azimuth Angles of Quantum Black Electromagnetic Particles of Thermospheric Titanium Zeus Energies… while I be Christopher Columbus~ing [Telepathically Discover~ing] Moor Hidden [MH] Black Macrocosmic Ancestral Paradisal [MAP] Energy Ancestors… completely Unseen… Unknown… and Unheard by the materialistic slaves of fallen America ♀

Sargon Intelligence Energies

♀ I’mma play the Resurrector [Sargon] and give Our Dead… Life ♀

Michael Harrell's Double Black Akashic Records

♀ Michael Harrell's... Triple Magisterial Masonic Matriarchies [MA] of Untouchable Unobtanium [Double] Akashic [Black] Genetic [Phoenician = Phonetic = Poetic] Records... from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Getty Museum Memories

♀ wait till they get a load of My Hidden [MH] Nubian God Energies of Telepathic Tectonic Yttrium [GETTY] Memories… to Our Aboriginal Greek Byzantine Museum of Our Undiscovered Golden Black Chrystomellos  Bloodline Sciences… as I Mentally Alkhemically Radiantly & Scientifically [MARS] Invoke My Top Secret Labyrinth Powers of Hyperion Black Mental ETheric Surveillance… by Moor Mental EThnic Ego Militarism Physics of Delicious Mental EThiopian Drama ALL UP IN:side the Elizabethan [Mama’s Ancient Hellenistic Black Mental Underworld] Era… from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

America has fallen

♀ I Prophetically… Unapologetically & Sovereignly [U.S.] Spit My Mama's Venomous Vodun Sorcery Spells [Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences]… on the Inferior political religious govments of fallen white patriarchal America ♀

Dark Crystal Mentals

♀ as I Mentally Resurrect My Ancient [MA]~sonic Dark Crystal [Black Dot] Creation Memories from Inner Earth’s Symbiotic Molecules of Black Crystalized Cosmic Intelligence… My 1st iEye of Jupiter’s Highly Advanced Black Vodun Magick Sciences be Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ to Moor Ancestors of Complex [MAC] Mythological Palo Mayombe Hereditary [MH] Physics… as I Mentally Alkhemically Radiantly & Scientifically [MARS] Produce Moor of Mama’s Untouchable [MU] Unobtanium MELanin = Golden Crystals of Crystalized Black Byzantine Blood… I Psychologically Philosophically & Phantasmagorically… Perfected in Ancient Egypt [Hi:teKEMET] ♀