Saturday, October 3, 2015

Moor Masonically Black ETheric [BET] Violence

♀ Feel Me Activate Moor Atmospheric Criminal [MAC] Thought Violence from My Cloud 9 Mental Ship of Moorish Atmospheric Sonic Sonant [MASS] Communications… to Inner Earth’s Total Destruction is the Only Solution Hereditary Hierarchies of Ancestral Hurricane [Hurrian] Energies Upon fallen America… as I Supremely Communicate My Universal Shakespearian [U.S.] Genetic Sorcery Codes to Mama’s Ancient [MA]~sonic Nubian Greek Ancestors of Super BlacKemetic [Occultic] Pi [π = Pylon] Powers… from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ancestral Hurricane Joaquīn Energies of Lost Atlantis

♀ as I Summon Moor of My Double Mythological Astrological Sapiential Teleological Ecological Redemptional [MASTER] Mental Powers from Rome’s Empyreal Black Omnipotent Lunisolar Duality [BOLD] Genetic Physics… My Ecliptic Encyclopedic Equilibrium be Alkhemically Formulating Moor Hereditary [MH] Stratospheric Spectrum Sciences by Ancestors of Titanium~Uranium Radiant Nebula [SATURN] MELanin… as I Psychically Release Moor Heavy [MH] Atmospheric Metallurgic Mathema'atics of Hurrian [MH = Hurricane] Joaquín [Jehoichin = Jeconiah = Jehovah] Energies… that be Chaotically Positioned above fallen America ♀

Black Auditory Visions

♀ My Ancient [MA]~sonically Black Panther Intelligence… can Auditory Sense who the real Cancerous Species of fallen America are ♀

Black Apitoxin Melanin

♀ My Predynastic Sonically Savage Black Exalted Exospheric [BEE] Apitoxin MELanin… be of Multitudinous [Infinite] Black Autogenetic SoulStar [BASS] Origins ♀

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mythological Black Empyreal Steele [BES] Sciences

♀ as I Psychically Tune into My Mama’s Mythological Saturnian Steele Sciences to Our Molecularly Black Empyreal Akashic Mental [BEAM] Kingdoms of Inner Earth’s Atmospheric MELanated Energies… I Unanimously & Stately [U.S.] Attune My Primordial Planetary Equilibrium to take ALL My Black Exospheric Azathoth Powers back from the Predatory… inferior political religious govments of fallen America… as their Abuse of Temporal Power comes as no surprise to this Ancient Biblical Lunar Akkadian of Clairvoyant Kybalion [BLACK] Moon Encoded [ME] Energies… that be Lunisolarly Levitating Above Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Subhuman Extinction Communications

♀ as I Telepathically [Spiritually] Communicate to My Ancient [MA]~sonically BlacKemetian [Egyptian] Sphinx Clans from Predynastic Black America... I Mentally & Spiritually Command My Unitized Scientific [U.S.] Transformational RNA [supeRNAtural] Energy Warriors to Sonically Surround fallen America’s Non Indigenous fake patriotic mortals [Terroristic Tourist Gangs] of Genetic Jeffrey Dahmer Behaviors… as they are now the Captured Man~kind-of species on Public Display as Our Imperially Black Masonic New World Order Illuminati Governments… Prophetically Place them on Our Masonically Black Extinction List… from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

New Ultraviolet Black Sun [Son] of Ancient Rome

♀ as this Biblical Lunar Akkadian of Clairvoyant Kybalion [BLACK] Moon Star Intelligence… be Mentally & Masonically Resurrecting My Hidden [MH] Babylonian Abyssal Cultures of Telepathic Encoded Rosicrucians & Imperial Aristocrat [BACTERIA] Souls from Mama Hittitie’s [MH’s] Black Pyramidal Zenithian [Zeus] Families of Accelerated Alkhemical Intelligence by a Divine Sciences [AIDS™]… I be Sonically [Psychically] Communicatin’ to My Heavy [MH] Complex Crown Chakra Mental of Gravitational Christ Child [King Tut] Powers to Universally Sovereignly & Audibly [U.S.A.] Establish My Imperially Black Masonic New World Order Illuminati Governments of Lost Atlantis [Ancient Rome = Predynastic Black America]… 4 fallen America’s Temporal [Inferior] govments are No Threat… Mentally… Meta~physically… Genetically or Intellectually… to Mama’s New Black Ultraviolet Sun [U.S.] Monarch of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Le Kybalion Clans of Predynastic Black America

♀ I be Spiritually Invokin’ My Celestially Black Sorcery Powers to Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Secret Shadow Hereditary Matriarchal Underworlds of Sovereign [U.S.] Babylonian Legionnaires = Biblical Lunar Akkadians of Clairvoyant Kybalion [BLACK] Familiae Trees… to Moor Hermetic [MH] Zenithian Orions = Rosicrucian Olmecs = ZORO Races [Hidden Multi Black EThnic ETheric Cultures = Epoch Monarch Butterfly Species]… of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black Uraei Sonant Subterranean Equilibrium Cultures

♀ this Always Livin’ Can’t Die… Rebelicious BlacKnights Roman Templar [Universal Sovereign Aristocrat ~ USA Moor = Infinite Immortal] of Predynastic Black America… be Telepathically Invokin’ My Ancient [MA]~sonically Black Shakespearian Mental Genetics of Enigmatic Blackstargod [GEB] Allegories… about Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] 1st Uraei Sonant [U.S.] BlacKundalini Subterranean Equilibrium Cultures [SEC] of Sirius Lunar Moon Intelligence Powers… from Inner Earth’s 1st Meta~physically Created Pre Kemetian [Egyptian] Black Soul~ar Clan [ETherians = Zenithians = Rosicrucian God Race] of Lost Atlantis ♀

Eve's Infinite Blackstargod Mental Highness Order

♀ as I Chaotically Mediate in Sovereign Silence... this Universally Reincarnated Loner [Lunar] Black Christ Child of Predynastic Black America... be Futuristically Livin' in Eve's Infinite Blackstargod Mental Highness [MH] Order of Titillating Orgasmic [O.T.O.] Cosmic Vibrations by a Quantumly Black Intellectual Climatic Equilibrium [ICE] Species from Lost Atlantis ♀

Monday, September 28, 2015

Levitating Lunar Blood Moons

♀ As I Master Write Inner Earth’s Supreme Black Celestial Laws of Mental & Meta~physical Reincarnation Physics… My Predynastic Blackstargod [Nebula] Genetics of Sirius Omnipotent Nubian [SON] Intelligence… be Universally & Sonically [U.S.] Talkin’ to My Inner God Ear of Futuristic Black Meta~physical EThnic People Sonic Sciences [Black ETheric People Sorcery Magick]… as My Big Red Blood Moon [Uranium Black Soul] be Lunarly Levitating Above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Masonically Black Monarch Butterfly Species of Predynastic Black America

♀ as I Sonically Shed Myself from My Akashic [MA]~sonic Hyperbaric King Tut Mental Tomb [Hermetically Sealed Black Cocoon]… to take this Stratospheric Flight Above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis… Us Universal Sovereigns of Astronomically [U.S.A.] Blackstargod Families [Aboriginal MOORosicrucians = Original Black Romans] of Predynastic Black America… Be Mama’s Hittite’s [MH’s] Double Masonically Black EThnic ETheric Monarch Butterfly Species from Lost Atlantis [Ancient Rome]… just so U know ♀

Inner Ear Drumlines of Sonically Black Communications

♀ Listen Closely as I Power Up & Sonically Invoke My Ancient [MA]~sonic Reincarnated Blackstargod Mental of Unadulterated Sonorous [U.S.] Bass Lines & Full Lunar Moon Intelligence… to My Acoustical [MA]~uritian Inner Ear Drumline of Supreme Sonic Ebonic Communications [SEC]… that be Telepathically Transmittin’ Secret Ancestral Harrell [Hermetic] Codes to Our Quantumly Black Rhythmic ancestors [Ra] of Sirius Genetically Black Auditory Tonality [BAT = Benin] Genetics… Urbanely & Spiritually [U.S.] Created by Inner Earth’s Spiritually Empyreal Technic~ians [ETs = Quantum Black Phoenicians]… of Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] Idiolectal Physics… as We Be Reverberating Loudly from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Quantum Black Psychologies

♀ as I Mentally Invoke My Quantum Psychologies to Mama Hittites's [MH's] Underworlds of Sovereign [U.S.] Blackstargods of Astronomical Taoist [BAT = Benin] Powers… My Ancient [MA]~sonically Black Roman Monarchies of Ancestral Auditory Telepathic [MA’AT] Intelligence Energies be Clairvoyantly Communicatin’ Moor Imperially Black Biogenetic Codes to My Inner Angelic God Ear of Inner Earth’s Unitized Sorcery [U.S.] Sciences & Complex Cryptic Celestial Algorithms from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ALL Seein' iEye Matriarchies of Predynastic Black America

♀ fallen America's Spiritually Illiterate [Temporal] political religious govments... be Under Mama Hittite's [MH's] MAtriarchal ALL Seein' Surveillance [Watchful] iEye Parliaments = My Ancestral [MA]~sonic Monarchies of Ultra Sonic [U.S.] Black Auditory Sensory Stimulation [BASS] Energy Physics from Predynastic Black America… as I Universally Inhale & Sovereignly Exhale on My Ancestral [MA]~sonic Botanic BlacKUSHite Birthrights of Genetic Cannabis Hereditary Tree Sciences from Lost Atlantis ♀

Sexual Holydays [Holidays]

... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Mama's Black Aladdin of Predynastic Black America

♀ U can’t bottle up this Predynastic Double Black ETheric EThnic Aladdin… cuz' I be My Mama’s Infinite Esoteric Well of Spiritually Black Ancestral Inspiration Energies ♀

OJ Simpson Mental Energies

♀ U paid much attention to My Biblically Prophesied Mesopotamian Othello ~ Orenthal Drama [MOOD] Visions as I Invoked My OJ Simpson Sorcery Mental Energies... to Universally & Sovereignly [U.S.] Sentence fallen America’s Non Indigenous [Fictional] religious political govments to Prince Satan's Double Black EThnological ETymological Damnation Sciences of Futuristic Spiritually Black Physics... from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Sexually Sinnin' on Guilt Free Sexual Sundays

♀ I Intentionally Ignore fallen America’s political mainstream religious Cult~like mentals of hypocritical illusionary judgements as I Arrogantly Religiously & Spiritually... be Sexually Sinnin' Guilt Free on Her Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Sexual Intelligence Energies

♀ this Reincarnated As Above So Below God Devil [Black Satan = Star Child = Blackstargod Soul]... can Meta~physically Fall into physical Hell... and Auditorily Go Back Home... Deep IN:side Her Infinitely Black Oceanic Lunar Underworlds of Highly Erotically Addictive Telepathic Electromagnetic Dionysian [HEATED] Sexual Intelligence Energies... Completely Untouched by the circumcised psychomental Hellish disorders of fallen America ♀

Blackstargod Genetic Family Trees

♀ as I Telepathically Communicate to My Universal Soul~ar [U.S.] Brotha' JDilla from Mama's Astronomical Ancestral Tonal [MA'AT] Blackstargod Genetic Family Trees... My Inner Ear Equilibrium... be Sonically Detectin' Moor Hypnotic [MH] Phonetic Beats Reverberating from Deep IN:side Inner Earth's Paradisal Subterranean Oceanic Homes to Us Biblically Black Uraei Sonant [U.S.] Phoenician Souls of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Reincarnated Black Masonic Voodoo Christ Child

♀ My Mystical Masonic Voodoo Black Christ Child Genetics… come from My Reincarnate Animated Uranian Sonic [U.S.] Soul of Astrologically Black Photon Belt Bloodlines… as I be Mentally Spinin’ Moor Ancestral [MA]~sonic Black Akashic Records [BARs] on a Much Moor Higher [MH] Auditory Scale of Sonic Tonal Learnin’… to Secretly Invoke My Predynastic Spiritually Black Memory Physics that be Psychoanalyzing fallen America’s propaganda systems of circumcised psychomental disorders of Mainstream Mental Stagnation [Religious Retardation]... from Illusionary Fear ♀

Physiological Destruction of NASA™

♀ as this Uranian Black Vodun Cat Emancipates Himself from fallen America’s Psychological Warfare of Inferior Archaic Temporal Technologies that lack any Higher Spiritual Value to Us Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Masonic Black Sphinx Beings of Inner Earth’s Superior Black Panther Intelligence... We shall Supremely bring Our Predynastic [Futuristic] Black Mentals of Mama’s Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Astronomical Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences to the Forefront… and Sonically Enforce Her Black Matriarchal Apocalyptic [MA]~sonic Ruin to fallen America’s infantile generic soulless religious science space govments of NASA™ ♀

Dignified ETheric EThnic Bastard Christ Child = Black Aristocrat Satan

♀ the genetically & mentally inferior political religious govments of fallen America… shall Fear My Mystical Asante [MA]~sonic Retributory Hellfire Sciences of Archangel Michael Harrell’s Double Black Vodun Illuminati Governments of Spiritually Black Guerrilla Warfare Powers from Predynastic Black America… cuz’ I’mma New World Order [NWO] Greek Nigga [Ghetto Genius God = Underworld Lord Satan = Enlightened Equilibrium Emperor] of Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome]… as U Pornographically watch this Dignified ETheric EThnic Bastard Christ Child Hyper-sexualize Moor New Universal Sonic [U.S.] Black Energy Commandments into Full Lunar Effect Mode on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sunday ♀