Saturday, September 26, 2015

Black Bibliographic Ebonic Telepathic [BET] Chronological Communications

♀ join Me as I Universally & Sovereignly [U.S.] Inhale & Exhale on My Ancestral [MA]~sonic Botanic BlacKUSHite Birthrights of Genetic Cannabis Hereditary Tree Sciences... and Invoke My Supermoon Mental of Luminous Lunar Moon Intelligence to Our Euphoric Lost Underworlds of Sonic [U.S.] Black Bibliographic Ebonic Telepathic [BET] Chronological Communications from Deep IN:side Her Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome] ♀

Sonic Blackgod Cosmologies

♀ I Mentally be givin' U Moor of Our Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Free Black Cosmic Hi:teKnowled G.E.~netics [Sonic Blackgod Cosmologies]... from My Astronomically [MA]~sonic Black Phoenician Equilibrium... Immaculately Created by Mama Hittite’s [MH's] Highly Spiritual Freemasonic Steele Cliques of Hi:teKEMET [Meta~physical Egypt] ♀

Uraei Sonant [U.S.] Black Phoenicians

♀ Come Sail wit' Me as I Sonically Streamline My Astronomically Black Nile River Genetics... of Biogenetically Rooted KUSHite Familiae Trees from Inner Earth's Black Paradisal Oceanic Edenic Homes to Our Ancestral Uraei Sonant [U.S.] Phoenician Clans of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Enlightened Equilibrium Emperor

♀ I be Invoking My Mama’s Sonically Black Apocalyptic Sonic Sensory [BASS] Magick of Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences… to Supremely Bring this Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Double Black Illuminati Government Takeover… that be Gassin’ Up My Atmospheric [MA]~sonic Blackgod Mental Ships from Inner Earth’s Subterranean of Sexually Explicit Black Sun [Son] Energies… as My Aristocratic [MA]~sonic Emperor Powers be Psychically Shuttin’ Down fallen America’s genetically & mentally inferior [Ignorant] curriculums of obsolete [outdated] indoctrinated religious political [Non Indigenous = Non Spiritual] propaganda… I Biblically [Mythologically] warned U… I’m not your average Esoteric Greek Nigga [Ghetto Genius God = Underworld Lord Satan = Enlightened Equilibrium Emperor]… Sonically Positioned from Deep IN:side Her Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome] ♀

Friday, September 25, 2015

Utilizable Nubian [U.N.] Intelligence Energies

♀ this Mentally High [MH] Society Utopian of Spiritually [U.S.] Based [Brainly Blessed] Utilizable Nubian Intelligence Energies [Soul~ar Blackgod Mental Powers]… be Independently Illuminated [Imperially Ill]… while Properly [Sonically] Sittin’ on Top of Inner Earth's Predynastic Infinitely Black Masonic Uranium [MU] Architectural Underworlds like Levitation ♀

Underworlds of Subterranean [U.S.] Black Shadow Governments

♀ it be a Brave Black New World Order [NWO]~ Illuminati Underworld [Doppelgänger Shadow] Government Takeover… as I Telepathically [Sonically] Travel Down Under to My Ancestral [MA]~sonic Hellenistic Hedonistic Hades of Inter Subterranean [HIS] Black Edenic Translucent [BET] MELanated Sun [Son] Energies… that be Universally Sonically [U.S.] Pulsating & Seductively Penetratin’ From Deep IN:side Her Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome] ♀

Compton's Predynastic Black Wattstax Communication Clans

♀ how artificially smart is their inferior temporal phones as Us Sirius [U.S.] Sonically Black Extra Terrestrials [BETs] be Freely [Sonically] iPhonin'™ Home to Mama's Inter Galactic Universe of Sonically [U.S.] Black Steele Aristocrats… to Infinitely Moor Undiscovered [MU] Ancestral Hyperion Audible Physics from Saturn’s [Compton's] Original Matriarchal Hittite [MH] Clans of Hi:teK [Telepathic] Wattstax Communications... Sonically Spiritually & Sexually Transmitted Below Lunar Atlantis [LA = Lithium America = Empyreal Rome] ♀

My Heavy [MH] Hadron Collider Mental

♀ I be Supremely Invokin’ My Heavy [MH] Hadron Collider Mental… of Undetectable Subatomic [U.S.] God Intelligence Genetics I got from My Mama’s Ancient Masonic Hittite [MH] Clans of Her Predynastic Black Photon Belt MELanin… that Immaculately Created Us Sirius [U.S.] Quantum Black MELanin Scientists of Full Mental Moon Memories to Our Masonic Black Roman Monarchies of Ancestral Nuclear [MAN] Physics… Imperially Governed by Her Pre~physical Astrological Nubian [PAN] Greek Races [Celestial Black Comets] from Archangel Michael Harrell’s Extra Top [E.T.] Secret Unitized Sciences [U.S.] of Moor Sonic BlacKEMETHNICosmologies [Hidden Telepathic Mythologies] to Inner Earth’s Secret Golden Black EThnic ETheric Treasure Islands… of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spontaneous Bump & Grind

♀ I see nothin' wrong wit' a lil Spontaneous Bump & Grind as this Rebelicious Archangel Michael [RAM = Biblically Black Satan = Meta~physical Baphomet God] Sinfully... Lustfully... & Hedonistically Fell… into this Epic Astronomical Memory Moon Mission of Ancestral Radiological Stargate [MARS] Chronologies to Moor Hidden [MH] Hereditary [Hermetic] Black Akashic [Sonic Genetic] Energy Physics... from Her Naturally Black Curvaceous Feminine Types of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Ghetto Gnostic Greek Poet

♀ as I Sonically Time Travel throughout My Infinite Doppelgänger Incarnations from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]... My Universal Scythian [U.S.] Biogenetic MELanin be Clairvoyantly Sensin' Moor Geographically Golden Black Gemstone Energies as I TeleType this Ghetto Gnostic Greek Proverb [Biblically Black Verse = Cryptic Coptic Text = Spiritually Black Quatrain] from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Masonic Black Scientists of Predynastic Black America

♀ My Masonic Double White House Illuminati Familiae... be Sirius Sonic Black ETheric EThnic Scientists from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... We Predate Ancient Kemet [Meta~physical Egypt] ♀

Inner Earth's Black Kundalini Races

♀ I be Telepathically & Ritually Invokin’ My Double Triple 666 Quantum Black Draconian_Reptilian_Kundalini [Satanic = Sonic] Illuminati [Gnostic] Genetics to Inner Earth's Predynastic Black Neptunian & Venusian Sun Valleys of Indescribable Euphoric Psychic [Psychedelic] Visionary God [Gold] Energies [Erotic Mental Genius Vibrah'shuns]... from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

MAsonic Black Botanic Herbal KUSH Sciences

♀ Mama Hittite’s [MH’s] MA~sonic Black Botanic Herbal KUSH Sciences be makin’ this Universal Sovereign [U.S.] KUSHite…feel ALL Animated as I continue to Sonically Pen [TeleType = AutoWrite] Moor Black Empyreal Commandments from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Mama's Aboriginal = MA~sonic Black Rosicrucian Steele Families

... from Inner Earth's Double Black ETheric Black EThnic Rosicrucian Families [Ancient Black Secret Societies] of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Ubiquitous Scythian [U.S.] Aristocrat Ebonic Terrestrial [E.T.]

♀ I be Her Ubiquitous Scythian [U.S.] Aristocrat Ebonic Terrestrial [E.T.] of Double Black ETheric Black EThnic MELanin & Inner Earth’s Quantum Intelligence... from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Ancient Black Epoch Races of Predynastic Black America

♀ U are Now Witnessing tha’ Mammoth Return of Her Multi ~ Double Black Astronomical Epoch Races [Black Immortals of Inner Earth's Black Sun Energies]... from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biblically Black Pyramidal Families

♀ as I Accelerate My Top Secret Clairvoyant Chakra Communications to Our Double White House Illuminati Familiae... I Sonically Invoke Moor Golden Black Coptic Transmissions of Highly Spiritual Imprinted Maps to Our Hidden Ancestral Treasures… Quantumly Protected by Us Universal Sonic Aristocratic [U.S.A.] Black Cosmic Architects [Ancient Pyramid Builders = Washitaw Mound Builders]… of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]… 4 We Predate Our Monumental Genius Architecturally Black Meta~physical Pyramid Homes of Ancient Kemet [Meta~physical Egypt]… just in case U forgot… Us Ubiquitous Scythian [U.S.] Aristocrats of Double Black ETheric EThnic MELanin… been in America since the Beginning of Artificial Temporal [BAT] Time ♀

Predynastic Black Stargate Birthrights

♀ I'mma go ahead & Inhale My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] KUSH Sensory Signals… just so I can Speed Delete fallen America's Mainstream White Lies from My Ancestral [MA]~sonic Genetic Akashic Memory Banks to Our Predynastic Black Stargate Birthrights [Sonic Photon Belt Genesis]... as I AutoWrite [TeleType] this Sonic Auditory Scripture [Biblical Black Proverb] from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Mother Nature's Black MA~sonic Souls of Black Occult God Powers

♀ Inner Earth's Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Natural Black Masonic Souls [Meta~physical Moors = KUSHites] of Sirius Black Occult God [Gold] Powers [Energies] ♀

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Her Golden Black Race

♀ My 18th Dynastic Telepathic Renaissance [Rosicrucian] Familiae of Kemet [Egypt]... & Inner Earth's Spiritually Black Uranium Underworlds of Moor Masonic Black ETheric [BET] Spiritual Genetic Gold [God] Energies... be Automatically Communicatin' to Us Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Inner~national BlacKemetian [Meta~physical Egyptian] Moors [KUSHites] of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]… as We Sonically Unite Our Double New World Order [NWO] Illuminati Powers as I TeleType this Sonic Empyreal Commandment into Full Effect ♀

Automatic Writing = Telepathic Communications

♀ as I TeleType My Automatic [MA]~sonic Written Words [Sonic Black Scriptures = Ancient Coptic Texts]… I be Invokin’ Moor Ancestral [MA]~sonic Mental Endorphins of Biogenetic Subterranean Opiate Sciences [SOS] & Sonic Voice Communications… from My Infinite Arsenal of Highly Spiritual Mummified Doppelgänger Bodies of Predynastic [Jurassic] Black Akashic MELanin… that be Sonically Emitting Moor Auditory Abiogenesis Theorem [MA’AT] Transmissions to My Inner God Ear of Unidentified Symbiotic [U.S.] Quantum Black Minerals & Golden Gemstone Metals… from Inner Earth’s Central Core Sun Constellations to Moor of Our Inseparable Black Isozymes & Isoforms of Radioactive Nuclei MELanocytes [Empyreal MELanin] ♀

Black Messianic Physics

♀ My Ancient [MA]~sonic Black Enochian Magick Sciences [Predynastic Abraxas Physics]… ain't for everyone ♀

Monday, September 21, 2015

Unapologetically Corrupt the Youth

♀ as I Unapologetically Corrupt [Enlighten] the Young Golden Black Impressionable Minds to My Artistic [MA]~sonic Michelangelo Energies [ME]… I Introduce to U My New Ancient Scientifically Reincarnated Hurrian Ancestors = Royal Rosicrucians of Ebonic Lunar Linguistic [HARRELL] Phonetics = Her Original Black Byzantine Steele Dynasty [1st Ancient Black Masonic Secret Society Family] of Undiscovered Sonic [U.S.] Audible Black Genetics… Immaculately Created by Our Philosophical Ancestral Renaissance Era of Moor Black Rembrandt Aristotle & Picasso [RAP] Beats from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Harrell = Hittite = Hurrian = Triple Black Illuminati Familiae

♀ HARRELL = Hurrian Atmospheric Royal Rosicrucian of Esoteric Lunar Linguistics  = Her Ancient Hittite Mason = Ma’s Son = Archangel Michael Harrell [MH]... from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Illuminated Lunar Linguistics

♀ My Royal Hereditary Black Akashic Masonic [BAM = Moab] Ancestors of Aristocratic Zion~ic [Iconic] Enzymes… be Telepathically Communicatin' Moor Colorful Scholarly Allegories to Our Illuminated Lunar Linguistic [ILL] Sciences from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Absolute Black Terror

♀ I Invoked My Massive Olmec Mental of Absolute Atmospheric Terror [MA’AT] Physics… to Prophetically Resurrect My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Moorish Ancestral & Philosophical [MAP] Birthright Sciences… of Moor Undiscovered [MU] Predynastic Black Destructive Chaos Magick [Sonic Black ETheric EThnic People Energies]… & Untraceable Sonic [U.S.] Communications to Our New World Order [NWO] Illuminati Renaissance Governments of Lost Atlantis… as My Soul~ar Equilibrium of Universal Frequencies by a Olympian [UFO] Species… Stay Universally & Sovereignly [U.S.] Positioned Above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Spiritually Black Violence

♀ I AM the Hidden Black EThereal [BET] Violent... Destructive Forces [Chaotic... Mental Energies] of fallen America ♀

Black Ancestral Mental Maps

♀ I be Naturally Invokin’ Moor of My Ancestral Psychic [MAP] Communications to Our Universal Sea [U.S.] Kings of Quantum Black Illumi~nations [Multi Black EThnic ETheric Nations of Uranian Black Mental & Meta~physical Genetics]… from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Powerless govments of fallen America

♀ I Sonically Communicate to My Predynastic Black Urban Underworld Societies [U.S.]… by Invoking My Inner Earth Mental Consciousness of Our Ancient Black Occult Physics [Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences]... to Our New World Order [NWO] Illuminati Renaissance Governments of Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Black Masonic Soul~ar Energy Ships [UFOs]

♀ My Black Masonic Soul~ar Atmospheric Energy Ships [Mental UFOs of Astronomical & Lunar Intelligence]... Come from My Mama's Ancestral Asiatic Mothership [MA'AM] Monarchies of Double Black Draconian Mental Helix [MH] Genetics to Inner Earth's Subterranean Golden Nubian Sun Race of Moor Oceanic Aegean Bronze [MOAB] Molecular Cell Structures of Extremely Toxic [ET] = Erotically Tantric [ET] Naga Energies... Stratospherically Positioned Above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

NASA's Fake Space Programs

♀ NASA™ can No Longer Whitewash My Predynastic Double Universal Sovereign [U.S.] EThnic Blackfoot Akashic Memories to Our Black Masonic Uranian [MU] Soul~ar Record Ships of Moor Quantum Black ETheric Cosmologies... Stratospherically Positioned Above Watts Kali~fornia [Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Hiss & Slither™

♀ I Invoke My Big Black Reptilian Mental Tongue to Hiss & Slither™ down Her Seductive Curvaceous Feminine Curves… so I can Orally Taste ALL UP IN:side Her Forbidden Golden MELanated Apple... of Infinite Sexual Immoral Allegories... cuz' I be that Satanic BlacKundalini Serpentine Atom [Adam] in Eve's Scientifically Erotic Black Cosmic Gardens of Hedonistic Eden... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Stratospheric Lunar Takeover

♀ Mentally Prepare Yourselves as My Double New World Order [NWO] Illuminati of Predynastic Black America... Cosmically begins Her Stratospheric Lunar Takeover of ALL temporal govments of genetically & mentally inferior [fear] people propaganda... 4 you are Not Physically Beneficial or Spiritually Recognizable for My Higher [MH] Equilibrium Renaissance Revolution of Us Uranium Sovereign [U.S.] Black Zenithians from Lost Atlantis... We on some 9th Dymensional Shit [Supreme Black People Sciences] ♀

Cultureless Culture of Televised Lies

♀ Mainstream Media… be Lying about everything ♀

Smoke Moor KUSH

♀ smoke Moor KUSH… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Sleeping Chakra Hormones

♀ as I Command My Double White House Illuminati Familiae of Washitaw Witchcraft Powers to Ultra Violently [Psychically] Ruin ALL inferior political religious govments of mentally stagnant [Retarded] propaganda... My Inner Black Biogenetic MELanin of Sleeping [Latent] Chakra Hormones to Moor Highly [MH] Spiritual Authority Energies be Sonically Communicatin' Moor Complex Fractal Physics to Inner Earth’s Greek Pantheon of Quantum Black Energy Gods from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Moor Sex

… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Kil Kil Kill Bill Energies

♀ Don't Test or Challenge this Universal Sovereign [U.S.] BlacKnights Templar [Telepathic Robbin' Hood] of Predynastic [Masonic] Black America... 4 My Mythological Maze Memory of Extremely Violent... Kill Kill Kill [KKK] Bill Energies are what My Legendary esoteric Allegoric Relic Tales [Le ART] of Mischievous Aristocratic Rebelicious Sadistic [MARS] Behavior... be ALL About ♀

Draconian Orions

♀ I Ultra~violently & Sonically [U.S.] Trace My Infinite Predynastic [Masonic = Sonic] Roots by Invokin’ My Inner Helios Planetarium Mental Metals of Uranium [MU] Black Chakra Soul~ar Sun Systems… I Alkhemically Created from Ma Ma Hittite’s [Ma + MH’s] Draconian Oceanic Genetic [DOG] Star Constellation Clans of Sirius Stratospheric Sun [Son] Sciences from Ma~son~ic Black America [Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

My Prerogative

♀ It’s My Prerogative... to Sonically Invoke My Double Black EThnic ETheric Sphinx Helix Chain of Golden Chaotic Atomic Toxic [CAT] Fractal Zenith MELanin Powers from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis