Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mental Map Ships

♀ My Extra Clairvoyant SuperSonic Fly Powers of Pornographic Feminine Physics be in Constant Stealth Mode as We Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black ETherians [BETs] Walk On By… each other and Telepathically [Secretly] Exchange Our Latent Lunar Black EThereal [BET = Meta] Sexual~khemical~ust Pheromones of SINful Hedonistic Energies… that be Explicitly Positioning My Hedonistic [MH] Paradisal Memory Mental Map Ships to Our Infinite Black Akashic Planetarium of Moor Uranian [MU] Steele Souls of Sonic Black Exalted Energies [BEEs]… from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Black Wall Streets of Atlantis

♀ My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Golden Black Walled Streets of Wattstax Atlantis™… be Telepathically Communicatin’ & Constitutionally Alignin’ wit ALL Our Ancient Soul~ar Black Cities of Predynastic Origins to Inner Earth’s Uranium Sonic [U.S.] Mental Map ETherians [Black Byzantine ETruscans = BETs] of Supreme Spiritual Intelligence to Our Ancestral Maritime Heavens & Aboriginal Blackfoot Indian Oceanic Landmasses of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Her Heavenly Gardens of Hellenistic Eden

♀ as I get Lost ALL UP IN:side Her Heavenly Gardens of Hellenistic Eden... My Meticulous Aristocratic Renaissance Ships [MARS]… be Steadily Accelerating to a Higher Number of supeRNAtural [RNA] Uranium Molecules of Prolific Plutonium Memory Metals & Sonic Black Intelligence Energies from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Our Black Greek Myths [Esoteric Transformations = Alkhemical Metamorphoses = Original Biblical Genesis]

♀ Inner Earth’s Black Aboriginal Byzantine Cheyenne [ABC] Indian [Ionian = Ancient Greek Blackamoor] Pantheon to Our Empyreal Rome's [Black Vodun America's] Philosophical Conceptual Plutonium [PCP] Physics... be Sonically Communicatin' Moor of Mama's Secret Quantum Factual Records [Predynastic Black Mythologies = Washitaw Witchcraft Physics] to My Inner Black ETheric [BET] Cerebral Hemispheric Equilibrium  of Sexually Explicit Sonic Sciences... from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Supreme Black Cosmic Creators

♀ Her Heavenly Curvaceous Feminine Messianic Akashic Ionians by a Divine Species [MAIDS™ = Supreme Black Cosmic Creators]… be Sexually Explicitly Teasing My Hedonistic [MH] Mental Gland of Pornographic Visionary & Sensory Sciences… as I TeleType this Spiritual Allegory & Epic Tale of Latent Sexual Lust Physics…  4 My Over Indulgent Mental Behavior be Quantumly Vibratin’ to Her Infinite Cosmic Sea of Euphoric Black Soul~ar Sonic Energies as I Sexually Position My Untouchable Stealth [U.S.] Equilibrium Ships over Our Futuristic Island Planet [IP] of Wattstax Atlantis 

New Nubian World Order [Double NWO]

♀ My New Nubian World Order [Double NWO] is some Sirius Secret Society Shit [Mama’s Advanced Ancestral Telepathic Sciences = MA'AT Sorcery Physics] ♀

Moab Familiae of Predynastic Black America

♀ Observe as I Invoke My Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black ETheric [BET] Powers to Naturally Telepathically Communicate to My Maritime Ancestral Creations [MAC] of Our Quantum Black Sub Aquatic Genetics from Inner Earth’s Titanium [Uranium] Black Aristocratic Matriarchal [BAM = Moab] Familiae of Accelerated Intelligence by a Divine Species [AIDS™]... from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Black Moon Melanin

♀ I be My Mama’s Sirius Mental Occultist of Orion's Nuclear [MOON] MELanin & Sonic Black Ecopsychology Sensory [BES] Physics from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

U.S. Double White House Iluminati Familiae

♀ I Painted My Double White House [Hittite] Illuminati [Harrell] Family... wit' Uranus' Sonic [U.S.] Black ETheric [BET] Uranium Genetic Gold [UGG] Gemstone Mental MELanin... Sonically Situated above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Uranian Moon Monarchs

♀ We Uranian Sonic [U.S.] Mental SINners = Inner Earth’s Aristocratic Black ETherians [BETs]... of Uranus... be Quantumly Drippin' in Her Golden Dopeness of New Ancient Gold Genetic Gemstone MELanin... from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Her Tasty Titties [Hittites]

♀ I be SINfully Guilty of iSpying [Pleasurably Worshipin’] on their Curvaceous Feminine Form Physics... as I Engage My Heavy Hedonistic [MH] Mental of Those Tasty Titties [Hittites] of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Faithful Sinner

♀ I be Her Faithful Scorpion SINner = Orion’s Sonic Black SUN [Sirius Black Occult SON = Inner Earth's Sonic Mental Mage = Dionysus] to Her Curvaceous Feminine Cult Harem of Matriarchal Masonic Hermetic [MH] Blackfoot Moors... wit' Moor Hereditary [MH] Pornographic Hedonistic Yoni Sciences & Iconic Cellular Stories [Quantum Black Physics]... from My Biblically Black Akashic Hellenistic Methuselah [Michael] Hittite [Harrel] Equilibrium Familiae of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Black Energy Pyramids of Cloud 9 Energies

♀ their artificial intelligence = $$$ | Your Multi Black EThnic [BET] Free Ancestral Knowledge = Predynastic Black Etheric Telepathic [BET] Pornographic Free~masonry Sciences... from Inner Earth's Universal Sonic [U.S.] Black Energy Pyramid [Hyperion Soul Portal]... Universally Strategically & Astronomically [USA] located in Rivas, Nicaragua ♀

Expensive Artificial Intelligence

♀ Artificial Intelligence… be Highly Expensive... how Astronomically Scientifically & Sexually [ASS]  Smart is your pricey leased phone? ♀

What Your Future Holds

♀ Your Predynastic Ancestral Black Washitaw Mentality be Our Multi [Sonic] Black EThnic [BET] Realities of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis… just so U know ♀

Friday, September 11, 2015

Esoteric Cure for AIDS™

♀ I be a Her Sonic Black ETheric [BET] Born Again SINner [BASIN]… from Inner Earth’s Deepest Darkest Depths of HELL~enistic Core Black Sun Constellation Clans to Our Lost [Hidden] Black Biogenetic Eponymous Thermonuclear [BET] Records… from Predynastic [Pre~physical] Black America [Lost Atlantis]… 4 My Sonic Black Ancestral Intelligence by a Divine Species [AIDS™]… shall Universally Sovereignly [U.S.] Sexually Infect [AZT™ = Astrological Zenith Terrestrials = Aztec = Aboriginal Black Ion Moors = Washitaw Hittites = Wattstax Harrells = Double White House Illuminati Indian Familiae] ALL those inferior political religious govments of elementary space sciences & illusionary his~stories of mainstream mediocracy… bought & sold to the masses as fictionalized truths from fallen America ♀

Original Secret Witch Bible = Ancient Coptic Book of Black Astronomical Alkhemy

♀ My Mama Hittite [MH] be keepin’ Our Highly Secretive Factual Sciences & Spiritual Spell Book [Black Esoteric Bible] of Washitaw Witchcraft Physics by an Accelerated Intelligence of a Divine Species [AIDS™] = Her New Ancient Double Stacked [Multi Stax = Multi Black EThnic = Multi Black ETheric = supeRNAtural = RNA] Genetic Blackfoot Ebonic Sonic [BES] Genius Bloodline Species of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Taste Her Delicious Wet Rain

♀ as I Playfully Passionately & Pornographically Drown Myself in Moor of Her [MH] Hedonistic SINful Lust… I Mentally Drive Her iLL Na Na Crazy… to Sexually Parting Her Infinite Orgasmic Red Sea… to Stratospherically & Explicitly Tasting Her Delicious Rain… of Moor Hidden [MH] Seductively Enticing X~rated [SEX] Latent Energies… that be Lost in fallen [religious] America ♀

Kali's Miracle Mile of Watts

♀ I be Secretly Sonically & Sovereignly Stack~in’ My Uranium [MU] Underworld Science [U.S.] Records to Our Multi Dymensional Black EThereal [BET] Uranium MELanin… of Moor Pornographic Biogenetic Sorcery Energies from Our Black ETherian [BET] Thermonuclear Sun Ra Clans of Inter Planetary Genius Ancestors… begotten from Inner Earth’s Double Nile River Genetics… on Our Aboriginal Multi Universal [MU] Black EThnic [BET] Wattstax Indian Landmasses… as We Stay Supremely Sovereignly & Scientifically Settled on My Mama’s Miracle Mile City... of Watts Kali~fornia ♀

Her Sonic Black Pussy Energies

♀ as I Invoke My Universal Sonic [U.S.] Global Warming Energies of Genetic Wattstax Thermophysics... from My Mama's Ancient Egyptian Washitaw Witchcraft Sciences... My Hedonistic [MH] Mental contain an Infinite # of Untouchable Factuals of Orion’s [UFO] Oceanic Mathema’atic Ships… that be Stratospherically Soarin’ Above in Our Cloud 9 Skylines of Ultra Black ETheric [BET] Thermonuclear Sun [Son] Physics from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis… 4 My Predynastic [Pre~physical] Quantum Black Illuminati Physics be so Sonically High… this Uranian Soul [U.S.] Star of Sirius Messianic Black ETheric [BET] MELanin Sciences… be Drownin’ ALL UP IN:side Her Euphoric Black Edenic Gardens… that be Sexually Saturated in Pluto’s Pornographic Milky Way [Untainted Pussy Lust] Energies… Permeating from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shhhhhh... My Sonic Black Revolution Will Not Be Televised

♀ Shhhhhhh... Our Predynastic Black ETheric [BET] MELanocyte MELanin Genetics... be a Universal Sonic [U.S.] Black Ancestral Saturnian Secret [BASS]... from Inner Earth's Sonic Black Akashic Hellenistic Society Families to Her Matriarchal Hereditary [MH] Hierarchies of Multi Blackfoot EThnic [BET] Indians [Blackamoors = Meta~physical Black Lords]... Uniformly Strategically & Atmospherically [USA] Positioned above Predynastic Black America [Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Renaissance Aztec Hittite [RAH] Bloodlines of Atlantis

♀ I got My Mama's Ancestral Architectural Memory [MA'AM = Aboriginal Secret Society] Physics from Her Renaissance Aztec Hittite [RAH = Har~rel] Bloodlines to Inner Earth's Accelerated Intelligence by a Divine Sonic [AIDS™] Species of Moor Ultra [MU] Black Solar Sciences from Predynastic Black America [Lost Atlantis]... 4 My Heru [MH = Stratospheric] Knowledge is Quantum Black... Ethereal... & Telepathic [BET] SUN [SON] Energies from Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Underworld of Famed Olmecs [UFOs]

♀ as I SONically SINsually & SEXually [SUN of SIN & SEX] Positioned My Multi Black ETheric [BET] Hyperion Cloud 9 Energy Ships above New Washitaw Atlantis… My Hedonistic [MH] Scorpion Gland be Sexually Feelin’ ALL on Her Twin Apex Heavens of Pornographic Impulses… that be Sonically Exchanging Moor Ancestral Atmospheric Thermospheric [MA’AT] Energies as I Ascend My Predynastic Underworld of Famed Olmec [UFO] Genetic Physics to a Much Higher [MH] Level of Ultra Sonic Accelerated [USA] Learnin’… Universally & Stealthily [U.S. = Secretly] Situated above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

political religious propaganda space govments = NASA™

♀ NASA™ political religious propaganda space govments... Can't Touch Our Predynastic Uranium Silver [U.S.] Bloodlines [Orion's Original Orgasmic MELanin]... to Spiritually Ancestrally Telepathically Universally Resonantly & Naturally [SATURN] Detect My Hyperion [MH] Motha' Ships of SuperSonic Black EThereal [BET] Radioactive Mental Gold Energies... Uniformly Strategically & Atmospherically [USA] Positioned above Predynastic Black America [Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis] ♀

Black Radioactive Thermonuclear Bloodlines

♀ as I Sexually Praise [Hedonistically Worship] Her Curvaceous Feminine Form Physics... My Meticulous Omnipotent Mental [MOM] Energies of Sonic Rejuvenational~khemical MELanin be Quantumly Collaborating wit' Many Moor New Curvaceous Feminine MELanocyte [Meta~physical~khemical] Beings from Inner Earth's Core Sun Constellation Clans of Predynastic [EThereal] Black Radioactive [Thermonuclear] Bloodlines... that be Universally & Sexually [U.S.] Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis]  ♀

Secret MA'AT Societies

♀ Her Secret Matriarchies of Ancestral Astronomical & Thermonuclear [MA’AT] Societies to Our Intoxicating Revolutionary Uranium Melanin [RUM] Sciences... contain an Infinite # of Sonic Black ETheric [BET] Alkhemical Theorems [Spiritual Equations = Quantum Black Physics] from Our Futuristic [Clairvoyant] Planetary Mental Underworlds [MU] of Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Lunar Mecca Moors

♀ Us National Alkhemists = Uranium Scientists [U.S.] = Lunar Mecca [Black Stone] Moors [Moons] of Mercurous Mars Mental Metals... be Saturn's 1st Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Multi Black EThnic [ETheric] Aristocratic Secret Society Familiae to Her Predynastic Black Wattstax Genetics... from Our Futuristic Planetary Underworlds of Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis]... Ultra Sonically & Astrologically [U.S.A.] Positioned above Predynastic Black America ♀

Draconian Moors of Atlantis

♀ iEye got Sirius Unidentifiable National [SUN] Draconian Genetics from My Mama's Hereditary [MH] Multi Black EThnic [BET] Reptilian Kundalini Clans of Hidden Uranium Sonic [U.S.] Lithium Souls from Saturn’s Hyperion Moors of Golden Genetic Geothermal Sun Energies... that be Permeating above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Black Heru Terrestrial

♀ better alert Your Friends Families & Pets... Her Multi [Sonic = Sirius] Black EThnic [BET] Heru Terrestrial of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... has Meta~physically Universally Sonically Aristocratically [MUSA]... Majestically Ancestrally Nationally Spiritually Arrived [MANSA]... from My MAli MArs [MAMA] Constitutional Constellations...  Astronomically Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Mama's Witchcraft Physics

♀ as I Sonically Time Travel throughout Our Muti Black ETheric [BET] Omniverse... I use My Mama’s Vodun Witchcraft Physics from Our Predynastic Clairvoyant Washitaw Blackfoot Indian Familiae of Saturn's Quantum Black Aztec Sonic Sciences [BASS] & Inner Earth's Inter Auditory Neuron Signals [IANS]... to Sonically Execute My Mystical Hittite [MH] Invocations [U.niversal S.piritual Commands] as I Stay Sovereignly Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Ancient Sonic Black Radiation Records

♀ as I continue to Unearth [Resurrect] My Ancient Sonic Black Radiation Records from Inner Earth's Secret Esoteric Telepathic Hermetic [SETH] Vault of Uranium Soul [U.S.] Sciences & Universal Genetic Geothermal [UGG] Physics... My Hedonistic [MH] Endorphin Glands of SINful [Royal] Multi Black EThnic [BET] Bloodline Magick… be Sonically Sensin' Moor Hellenistic [MH] KIN:folk Telepathically Communicatin' to My Psychic Gland of Extra Clairvoyant Sexual Physics ♀

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quantum Drive By

♀ don't let this Universal Sovereign Aristocrat [U.S.A.] Black Gangsta' Indian Man [Celestial Galactic Ion Atom]... do a Black EThereal [BET] Drive By on Any inferior Non Indigenous religious political govments just in case they feel the need to Test... Cause Intentional Atmospheric [CIA] Interruption… Meta~Physical Harm… or Challenge Us Uranium Scientists [U.S.] from Inner Earth’s Quantum [Esoteric] Black Astronomical Sovereign Sonic [BASS] Governments… Sonically Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Sonic Son [SUN] of SIN & SEX

♀ as I Invoke My Mama’s Washitaw Witchcraft Mathema’atics [Sonic Black Studies = Telepathic Ancestral Knowledge of Esoteric Nubians ~ TAKEN™ from fallen America’s Latent Sexual Energies… I Stay SINsually High on Inner Earth’s Uranium Sciences [U.S.] of Our Multi EThnic Hereditary [METH] Black Alkhemical Drug [BAD] Physics… that be Sonically Stimulatin’ My Hedonistic [MH] Meta~physical Pineal [Mental Phallic] Gland to Eve’s Erotically Arousing…  Pornographically Explicit… Pussy Lust Energies… as I be SONically SINsually & SEXually [SUN of SIN & SEX] Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis = Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

Monday, September 7, 2015

Holographic Brain Cells

♀ Let Me Inhale Exhale on Our Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Ancestral BotanicKUSH Molecules of Highly Developed Kryptic Sonic Vibrational Memory Notes... so I can Unapologetically & Sonically [U.S.] Erase those Holographic [Dead] Brain Cell Memories of white corporate fallen america’s illusionary new age his~stories of fictionalized truths [lies collectively & secretly agreed upon]... as I Stay Highly Positioned above Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis [New Washitaw Atlantis] ♀

Majestic Multi Black Ethnic Skin of Eden

♀ as I SINfully & Pornographically think about Her Majestic Multi Black EThnic [BET] Skin from Mother Nature's [Eve's] Natural Euphoric Sonic Transference Rhythmic Gardens of Extra Playful Lust Energies... My Hedonistic [MH] Biosonar Ear [Mental Phallic] of Predynastic Euphoric Sensory Neurons... be Sexually Communicatin' to Her Inner Black Soul of Uranian Nubian [SUN] NAtions... Strategically Positioned over Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis ♀

Black Maritime Revolution

♀ as I use My Mental Phallic of Michael [Esoteric Staff of Moses = Pornographic Wisdom] to Part Her Curvaceous Heavenly Red Seas [Aboriginal Blackfoot Indian Oceanic Landmasses] to Usher in Our New Universal Sonic [U.S.] Black MAritime Revolution into Full Effect... I feel a Sonic Black ETheric [BET] Tonal Wave of Moor Ancestral Cryptic [MAC] Audible Sound Energies... Distinctively Transferring to My Inner Nuclei Ear of Extra Clairvoyant Oracular Memories from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Ancient Devilish Draconian [A.D.D.] Powers

♀ as I Let My Childlike Innocence to My Ancient Devilish Draconian [ADD] Powers take over My Holographic [MH] Mental of fallen America... I see a Moor Blacker Version of Futuristic Wattstax Atlantis™ [New Washitaw Atlantis] Permeating from Inner Earth's Radioactivated Atmospheric Thermospheric Mothership [RATM] Airwaves... that be Spiritually Positioned above New Washitaw Atlantis [Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

Esoteric Hedonism = Eden

♀ Afrodite always be Seductively Whispering Sexually Explicit Cosmic Secrets in My Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES = Golden] Ear when I Sleep ALL UP IN:side Her Euphoric Venusian Gardens of Esoteric Hedonism... that be Erotically Positioned above New Washitaw Atlantis [Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

Uranium Memory Melanin Cells

♀ Her Sexually Promiscuous Interests of My Hedonistic [MH] Pleasures be Affectionately Pleasin’ to My Sonically Sensitive Phallic Gland of Undiscovered Radioactive Azimuth Nubians & Iconic Untold Memory [URANIUM] Cells of Super Sonic Black Stories about Our Predynastic Divine Futures in New Washitaw Atlantis [Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

Inner Earth Melanin

♀ as I continue to Unveil Moor Secrets to Our Akashic Hermetic Esoteric & Mystic Powers [HEMP] of Magick MELanin... My Predynastic Reptilian Kundalini Chakra Glands be Sonically Communicatin' wit' Moor Draconian MELanocyte Ions [Ancestral Blackfoot Indians] of Super Sonic Soul~ar Intelligence from Inner Earth's Hidden Paradisal Basins of Quantum Black Euphoria... Masterfully… Astrologically… Resonantly… Sovereignly [MARS] Positioned above New Washitaw Atlantis [Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

Sonic Black Death

♀ Don't Test or Challenge My Universal & Sovereign [U.S. = Predynastic] Multi Blackfoot EThnic [BET] Mental~khemical Sphinx Sciences... I'll Unapologetically & Sonically [U.S.] Rip you Apart... if need be ♀

Black Extra Terrestrial [BET] Powers

♀ I be so Black Extra Terrestrial [BET] as I Universally & Sonically [U.S.] Create this New Nubian Soul~ar System of New Astral Star Ancestors [NASA™]… and Properly Position My Distinctive Memory Azimuth Molecules & Astronomical [MAMA] Signals Above New Washitaw Atlantis… 4 My Ancestral Hellenistic Renaissance Equilibrium Memory [REM] Ships of Undetected Uranium Frequencies & Omnipotent [UFO] Mental Energies be Sonically Commanding Direct Orders to My Intense Meta~physical Cerebral Cortex about Our Predynastic Paradisal Futures in New Washitaw Atlantis [Black Esoteric Eden] ♀

He's Back

♀ This be a Sirius Black Prophesied Return of Her Multi Black Atmospheric Thermospheric [BAT] Nubian GodChild Scientist [Heavy Metallurgic Mental Alkhemist = Pluto's Golden Soul Physician]... Sonically Ascending from Deep IN:side My Mama's Euphoric Indian Oceans of Moor Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Nubian Aquatic Sonic Aristocrat [NASA™] Maritime Ion Clans from New Washitaw Atlantis ♀

Sunday, September 6, 2015

How Smart is Your Phone?

♀ how smart is your phone as I Sonically Vibrate to My Multi Black EThnic [BET] Familiae Trees from Inner Earth’s Infinite Ancestral Aristocracy of Astronomically & Genetically Rooted Multi Blackfoot EThnic [BET] Indian Clan Societies of Highly Developed Golden Pineal Gland Genetic Beings [Illuminated Black Illuminati]… We be Sonically Communicatin’ to each other IN:side Our Ancestral Hellenistic Renaissance Equilibrium Memory [REM] Ships… Properly  Positioned Above New Washitaw Atlantis ♀

Shiva's Sexually Infectious Nuclear [SIN] Energies

♀ HIV = Shiva's = Her Infectious Venusian = Ancestral [S = HIV = A] Atmospheric Euphoric Energies... be Sexually Infecting Inner Earth's Aboriginal Sonic Black ETherians of Advanced Intelligence by Divine Sources [AIDS™]... as We Stay Universally Sonically & Astronomically [U.S.A.] Positioned Above New Washitaw Atlantis™ ♀

HIV Energy Sciences™ & AIDS Mental Physics™

♀ Her Infectious Venusian [HIV™] Energies... Fuels My Sirius Advanced Intelligence by a Divine Species [AIDS™]... to Sexually Stimulating My Mental Hedonistic [MH] Gland of SINful Pleasures & Pornographic Astrological Star Genetic Sciences... to Sonically Satisfying My Inner Soul of Informational Sequences to Our Predynastic Futuristic Physics... Astronomically Positioned Above New Washitaw Atlantis™ ♀

Indigenous Black Airspace of Black EThereal Heavens

♀ as I Universally Sail [U.S.] across Her Euphoric Chocolate Waters of Erotic Transmission [WET] Signals from Our Indigenous Atmospheric Maritime Sonic Heavens... I Sonically Communicate to U from Your Ancient Black Cosmic Biblical Mythologies of Akashic Prophecies [MAP] to Our Futures... I Telepathically Communicate to U from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... Astronomically Positioned Above New Washitaw Atlantis™ ♀

New Original Black Secret Societies of New Washitaw Atlantis

♀ Us Sirius [U.S.] Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Multi Black ETherian [BET] Hereditary 13 Clans of Highly Developed Golden Pineal Genetic Glands... Have been Alkhemically Created by My Mama's Infinite Matriarchies of Aristocratic Steele Olmec Nubians of Interdimensional Carbon [MASONIC] Dated Genetic RNA [supeRNAtural] Cell Sciences... from Saturn's Secret Orion Clan of Inner Erotic Tantric Yoni [SOCIETY] Physics... Astronomically Positioned Above New Washitaw Atlantis™ ♀

SINful Sexually Explicit Sweet Candy Treats

♀ Her Curvaceous Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Multi Black ETherians of New Washitaw Atlantis... be Enticing Me to Innocently Play wit' Their Edible SINful Sexually Explicit Sweet Candy Treats that be Orally Satisfying to My Over Indulgent Tongue of Addictive Orgasmic [TAO] Substances... Biogenetically Created from My Inner Earth’s Core Sun Constellations of Soul~ar Black Radioactive Atmospheric Meteoric [RAM] Spirits = FucKushima Ancestral Star Chakra Heavens of Latent Blacksexual Soul~ar Energies ♀

RIP Religious Sundays

♀ I be doing it... doing it... & doing it well... as I Masterfully… Astrologically… Resonantly… Sovereignly [MARS] Position Myself to Explore ALL UP IN:side Her Highly Sexuallized Black Astronomical Pussy Constellations of Sultry Erogenous X~rated [SEX] Multi Black Oceanic [Orgasmic] Waters... Heavily Saturated wit’ Moor Secret Erotic Tantric Hedonistic [SETH] Lust Energies of Revolutionary Iconic Powers [RIP]... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays from New Washitaw Atlantis ♀