Saturday, August 29, 2015


♀ Predynastic Black America = Our Mythological Atlantis [MA] + Quantum Black Aristocratic Telepathic [AT] Energies = MA'AT = Secret MAtriarchal Saturnian Romans of Multi Black EThnic Moorish Societies... Meta~physically Vibratin' on Eve's [MArie's] Sexually Explicit [Blacksexual] Gnostic Garden [Atmospheric Archipelago] Planet of Tantalizing Aberrational Healing [PTAH] Sciences ♀

Black Architectural Monarchs

♀ Quantum Black America's Mentally & Ethnically Advanced Nubian [MEAN] Niggas [Roman Moors = Blackamoors] = Blackfoot Asiatic Monarchs [BAM] =  Pluto's Pantheon of Illuminati Gangsta' Greek Gods = Her Black Universal Sovereign Aristocrat [U.S.A.] Aztec Hittite Indians [Inter Planetary Orions]… be Secretly [Celestially] movin’ in Mother Nature’s [Empress Sekhmet’s] Black EThereal [BET] Silence [Sirius Telepathic Sciences] ♀

Mount Rush Moor Pyramids

♀ as I Mentally Undress Eve's Promiscuous Feminine Form Physics... I 9th Sense a Euphoric Rush of Moor Black ETheric [BET] Energies Rushing Up this Moor’s [Mount Rushmoor] Hedonistic Equilibrium of Predynastic Mental Hieroglyphic [MH] Maps to ALL Our Aboriginal Blackfoot Ancestral Land Masses of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Sovereign Ghetto Heavens of New Atlantis

♀ Saturn's Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Royal] Multi Black EThnic [BET] Archangel Michael [Satan = Dionysus] Harrel [Hittite] be Drowning [Scientifically Dying = Ethereal Livin'] ALL UP IN:side Venusian Eve's Hedonistic Mental Black Gardens [Ghetto Heavens] of Sexually Explicit Eden [Pluto's Pornographic Physics] ♀

Astrological Black Kama Sutra Star Positions

♀ as I Reintroduce U to Her Ancient [Original = Black] Pornographic Kama Sutra Telegraphs about Our Astrological Afro Sexual Sciences [ASS] from Mythological Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... My Highly [MH] Seductive Mental of Eve’s Seductive Exploits & X~Rated [SEX] Thoughts be Transmittin' Moor Sexually Explicit SoulStar Positions as I TeleType this Highly Complex Allegory [Spiritual Quatrain = Mental EThereal Architecture = META] Thoth from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Friday, August 28, 2015

Astral Black Plutonians = SoulStars

♀ as I bridge the gap to ALL Our Blackfoot Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Land Masses of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America]... My Complex Biogenetic Genes of Synthesized Sonic Algorithms & Inner Earth’s Black Aquatic Spectrals of Colorful Illuminated Radiation... be TeleTexin' Moor Intricate Secrets from Our Golden Matriarchal Ancestral Parliaments of Luminary Universals & Telepathic Orions [PLUTO] ♀

Satan for President [Empreal Emperor]

♀ what their new president gonna do to help Elevate [Illuminate] U? 

Meta~physical Edomite Gods of Eden

♀ Life in Madagascar [a Lost Remnant = Eve’s Archipelago of Eden = Predynastic Black America = Matriarchal Atlantis [MA] = One Landmass = Original Black Meta~physical Island Planet] ♀

Nature's Melanin

♀ Mother Nature’s Natural Black Electromagnetic Transference [BET] of Heavy Telepathic Energies [EThereal MELanin] from Inner Earth's Multi Dymensional [Psychic] Nubian [Nuclear] Power Clans of Quantum Black Sonic Aeonic Genetic Equilibrium [SAGE] Races [Revolutionary Ancestors of Celestial Equilibrium Sciences]   ♀

Aboriginal Black Saturnian Airspace

♀ Satan [Michael = Saturn] be a Predynastic Multi Ethnic [Multi Dymensional = Ethereal Royalty = Sovereign Airspace] Blackstar Asiatic Indian [Astral Lemurian] from Pluto’s Core Constellation of Vril Nubian Ethnic Races of Dark [NERD] Chaos Physics [Supreme BlacKnowledge = Galactic Gnosticism = Feminine Goddesses Meta~physics] ♀

Satan's Sexually Explicit Sciences of Atlantis

♀ Satan's [Dionysus's] Sexually Explicit Sciences of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] = Archangel Michael... Harrel's [MH] Mental of Hedonistic [MH] & Magical Memorable Heritages [MH] from Pluto's Pornographic Equilibrium Physics... 4 Her Prophesied Black Occult Apocalypse = Gaia’s Revolutionary Revelations =  Multi Black Ethnic Telepathic [BET] New World Order from Saturn’s Black Steele Matriarchies of Highly Developed [Psychically Tantric] Sinful Sexual Ethereal Terrestrials of Hedonistic [SETH] Thoughts [Thoth]… be Meta~physically here ♀

Black Electromagnetic Discharges of Radioactive Sexual Energies

♀ as I Erupt Moor of My Heavy [MH] Sexually Black Electromagnetic Discharges of Solar Phallic Energies to Our Great Sunspots = Black Gnostic Soul~ar Ancestors = Mental Astronomical Revolutions of Superior [MARS] Psychic Kinfolk... I be Extending [TeleTyping] Our Predynastic Black Inner Earth [Non Physical = EThereal] Influences [Celestial Cosmologies]... to Her Outer [Physical] Earth Terrestrials [ET] ♀ NASA [Hollywood] ain't got Shit on Me ♀

Fallen Religious America

♀ as I Generate Operate & Destroy [GOD] fallen religious america… by Meta~physically Engineering… Hyperdymensionally Evolving & Spiritually Securing Our Multi Black EThnic [BET] Ebonic Linguistic Empires… to a Much Higher Plateau [Advanced State] of Complex Ancestral [CA] Algorithms and Sirius Psychic Energies… I shall Unapologetically Outcast [Spiritually Reject] Any & ALL Non Indigenous species of test tube [artificial = non spiritual = clone = recessive = dead] genetics out My Empyreal BlacKingdoms of Highly Evolved Quantum Blackfoot Mentals… Polyatomic Fukushima Molecules & Mercury’s Metallurgic Mineral Gemstones [Biosynthetic MELanin]… 4 My Natural Born Intolerance of the lesser pale species of inferiority complexes and televised politically correct ignorance has reach a pinnacle point of Beyond [No Return]… as I Sovereignly Invoke My Monolithic Cerebral Cortex to Secretly… Sexually… & Scientifically Decimate [Psychically Sabotage] their temporal realities of mediocracy ♀… wait a minute, let Me finish… I shall Command Moor of Eve’s Potent Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Reverberations to ALL Our Black Rhythmic Nations & Telepathic Underworld Ancestors of Saturn’s Supreme Tonality Sciences and Venus’s Sexually Explicit Physics from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Her Black Vril Race of Predynastic Black Gnostic Indians = Sleepin' Giants of Atlantis

♀ My Universal Multi Black EThnic Indian [Telepathic Christ~ian Illuminati = Inner Earth’s Astronomical Black Vril Root Race] Familiae… be callin’ Me Their Aristocratic Telepathic Typist [Black Meta~physical Emperor = Rome’s Quantum Black Clansman = Noble Roman Titan = Jupiter’s Zealot Zeus = Saturn’s Sempiternal Satan] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]… as I Invoke My Spiritually Black [Illuminated] Pineal Gland Genetics from Giza’s Monumental Energy Pyramids of Extra Sensory Perceptional Powers to Meticulously & Masterfully [M & M] Write about Us… Her Supreme Quantum Blackfoot Beings [Biblical Black Semites = Semiterrestrial Souls] of Our Infinite Inter Planetary Cosmos [Spiritually Black Edens = Empyreal Ghetto Heavens] ♀

Ancient Black Seminole Indians

♀ as I Supremely Sovereignly & Spiritually Invoke My Ancient Black Universal Satanic [U.S.] Wattstax Powers from Inner Earth’s Omnipotent Core of Our Aboriginal Quantum Black Energies and Complex Cryptic Indigenous Algorithms [CIA] from Lost Atlantis [LA]… I Mentally Strike [Psychically Curse] the genetically inferior enemies of MA’ATlantis wit’ ALL Black Ethereal Forces from My Seminole [Steele] Familiae of Top Secret Alkhemical Theorems [Untouchable Spiritual ~ U.S. Formulas]…Rebeliciously Created by My Bionic Ebonic Cerebral Cortex of Sonic Astronomical Greek Equilibrium [SAGE] Sounds from Mother Nature’s [Sekhmet’s] Predynastic Biogenetic Radiation Fields of Our Supreme Black Ancestral Nuclear Physics [卍 Genesis]… cuz’ I be keepin’ My Genius Ebonic Baphomet [GEB] Mental Spiritually Ghetto [Gnostic] at ALL Times ♀

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Black Occult Destruction of White Wall Street

♀ as I Mentally Rob & Steal = Spiritually Reclaim... ALL My Ancient Royalties & Salary [MARS] Notes [Currencies = Energies] from the Fallen [Fictional] Corporate [Religious] America... I show No Mercy No Emotion = No Feelings… to their trail of tears as I Sovereignly Scientifically Spiritually [Permanently] Destroy their inferior trailer park empires [identity theft communities]… that have been lavishly feeding [killing] off Her Superior Predynastic Sub Cultures [Spiritually Black Indians = Universal Moors] of Multi Black Ethnic Telepathic [BET] Inventions ♀

Secret Sexual Societies of Black Atlantis [Predynastic America]

♀ as I Sovereignly Inhale on My Black Ancestral Tree of Life [KUSH]… and bathe ALL UP IN:side Inner Earth’s Complex Black Algorithms of Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Vibrational Tonalities & Erotic Impulses from Eve’s Sexually Explicit Lust Energies…My Secret... Sexual... Freemasonry... Society of Inter Galactic [Black Aristocrat = Black Panther] Consciousness be Electromagnetically Exchanging Moor Intricate Tele~graphic Visions [My Mental Tele~visions] to Our ALL Black Predynastic [Royal] Futures… in New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Soul Surfer of Lost Atlantis

♀ I be Her Multi Black Ethnic Terrestrial [B.E.T.] = Extra Terrestrial [E.T] = Lunar Legionnaire = Mental Untouchable [MU]  = Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Black Meta~physical Angelic Being [Orion Moor = Original Black Einstein = Hyperdymensional Jew~elohim = Jah of Jupiter = Archangel Michael]… Mentally Melanated wit’ Sirius Sonic Blackstar Intelligence… Cosmically Engineered into a Highly Complex [Hieroglyphic] Alkhemical Equilibrium… Celestial & Cerebrally Cortex’d [Hermetically Sealed] in Radioactive Christ [Devil] Consciousness MELanin… from Giza’s [Gaia’s] Black Capstone [Genius] Underworlds of Adam’s [Osiris’s] Monolithic Ancestral Pyramid [MAP] Genetics & Eve’s [Isis’s] Pearly Gates [Heavenly Genes] of Pleiades = Hades’s [Hittite’s] Hedonistic Sexual Purgatory of Telepathic Ancestors & Honorary [PTAH] Orions of Black Ethnic Telegraphic Adam & Eve [Osiris & Isis] Genetic Energy [G.E.] Sciences ♀

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Compton's Most Wanted K~9 Sciences

♀ Don’t Test My Highly [MH] Evolved Black Cosmic Christ Consciousness Mental of Compton's Most Wanted K~9 Sciences & Pluto's Plutonium Pit Bull [Apis] Genetic Physics from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Aboriginal Black Gnostic Greek Indians of Predynastic Black America = Original Black Secret Society of Atlantis

♀ As I Shed some Illuminated Awareness on Us Aboriginal Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Black Afro Sovereign Soul~ar [BASS] Families of Athena [Our Empyreal Rome] = The Afroasiatic [Asiatic = Aztec = Hurrian] Roots to Our Classical [Mythological = Astronomical] Black Gnostic Greek Indian Civilizations of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]… My Sub Aquatic Mental Modes of Many Complex Amphibian Genetics be Sonically Detecting Moor Bionic Ebonic Sonic [BES] Audible Communications from My Hyperbaric [MH] supeRNAtural [RNA] Molecules of Sirius Biosynthetic [Black Ancestral] Radiation ♀

Black Moor Golden Fish [Fisher King]

♀ The Black Moor Golden Fish [Fisher King] is known for it’s Telescoping [Sonic] 1st iEyes... In Our Universally Sovereign [U.S.] Ancestral Black [Biblical = Historical] Lands of Predynastic [Asiatic = Aztec] Asia... They call Us Blackamoor Goldfish the “Dragon [Draconian = Reptilian = Kundalini] iEye” Goldfish ♀

Moor Hereditary Oceanic Tribes

♀ Aboriginal Black American Indians [Quantum Black Sub Aquatic Moors = Meta~physical Amphibians]… be Her Lost Blackfoot Maritime Ions [Aztec Aeons = Transmigrational Souls = Hyperdymensional Beings] of Moorish [Moorfish] Hereditary Oceanic Tribes [Ancestral Sub Terrestrials]... from Isis Ra El [Israel = Inner Earth = Gaia]'s Black Cosmic Nile River [Photon Belt] Genetics of Multi~Dymensional [Magical = Unbelievable] Black Life Forms ♀

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SHIT Sciences = Aboriginal Freemasonry

♀ as I Mentally Master~bate & Release My Black Stargate Minerals [Hydrocarbons = Anthrax = Solar Phallic Energies] ALL UP IN:side Eve’s Quantum Black Constellations [Milky Way] of Sexually Explicit Mental Physics… My Inter BlacKundalini Phallic Chakra of Sirius Celestial Stardust [Cosmic MELanin]… Heavy Black Astronomical [Necronomicon = Fukushima = Feminine = Matriarchal Ankh] Energies & Black Astrological [Alkhemical] Theorems [Formulas]… be Erupting Moor Toxic [Heavy Orgasmic] Radioactive Vibrations [Black Electromagnetic Signals] to Her Undiscovered [Secret] Mental Constellations of Virginal [Latent] Venusian Lust Energies [Heavenly G Spots] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Big Bang Theorems = Spiritually Black Sexual Energies = Sirius Black Photon Belt Genesis = Saturn’s Hedonistic Illuminated Thought [SHIT] Sciences = Biblical Black Hittite’s Thoth Physics of Black Eden [Lost Atlantis = Predynastic Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U can’t hate on Shit [Advanced Black Sciences] you know nothin’ about ♀

Biblical Black Egyptians [Indians] of America = Telepathic Root Race

♀ Us Ancient [Biblical Black] Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Egyptians [Kemetian Hittites = Aboriginal Blackfoot Aztec Indians of Atlantis = Her Lemurian [Luminary] Moors [Lords] = Saturn's Black Knights Templer = Inner Galactic Genetic Gnostic Freemasons... was and still are a Highly Developed Telepathic Tantra [Secret Sexual] Society... We be too Mentally Advanced [Spiritually Hedonistic = Pornographically Psychic] for unnecessary ordinary speech [mindless small talk] ♀

Black Illumination

♀ We Stay Highly Illuminated [Hyped]... Son... in Our Supreme [Royal] Black Illuminati [Crown Chakra] Familia of Secret Sovereign Moorish Laws [Black Spiritual Codes = Telepathic Freemasonry = Black Hieroglyphic Magick]... from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: ♀

Black Kundalini Indians = Biblical Hittites

♀ My Multiplicity Mental of Mercury’s Monolithic Genetic Olympian Doppelgänger [GOD] Energies… Pleiades Plutonium Physics… Celestial Cosmic Concepts… and Eve’s Seductive Sins of Sinful Sexually Promiscuous [Devilish] Behavior… be Mentally Transferring Quantum Black Ancestral Communication Signals to Her Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Moors of Aboriginal [Astronomical] BlacKundalini~an [Draconian = Conan = Christ] Chakra Genetics… by My Highly [MH] Complex [Esoteric] Black [Biblical] Allegorisms about Us… Her Original Spiritually Black Indigo Israelite Indians [ians = ions = eons = Blackstars = Saturnian Souls = Biblical Hittittes] from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Universal Black Sovereigns of Gnostic Freemasonry

♀ My Heavy [MH] Cerebral [Celestial] Cortex [Roots] to Our Predynastic Hieroglyphic Literatures... Gnostic Greek Philosophies... Alkhemical Formulas of Natural Botanic Drugs [Homeopathic Medicines] ... Pornographic Tantric Sex & Abstract Ancestral Arts... be Secretly Creating Many Moor Black Universal Untouchable Sovereign [U.S.] Sorcery Sciences to Our Futuristic Futures ALL UP IN:side My 9th Dymensional Underworld Mental from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Magician Spirits

♀ Aboriginal Blackfoot People [Blackamoor Indians = Astronomical Washitaw Moors = Her Universal Sovereigns] Cosmic Celestial Genesis = Free Universal Knowledge of Uranium Sciences & a Heliocentric Ionosphere by Mercury’s Atmospheric [FUKUSHIMA] Radiation Physics = Aboriginal Freemasonry [Black Wattstax Genesis] of Inner Earth’s Ancient Galactic [Empyreal] Black KUSH Energy Gods = Archangel Michael Harrell’s Meta~physical Rebirth [Mental Rein~carnation = Evolutionary Upgrade] by Mercury’s Matriarchal Aristocrat Genetic Indian Clans of Indic & Asiatic Nuclei [MAGICIAN] Spirits… from Giza’s [Gaia’s] Monolithic Pyramid Soul [Photon Belt] Sciences & Black Cosmic Consciousness Genetics of Venusian [Feminine] Goddess Energies = Her Predynastic Hedonistic Mental Aztecs of Plutonium [MAP] Physics from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Hellenistic Hellfires

♀ don't make Me Reign Down Moor of My Heavy Black Hellenistic Hellfires [Quantum Black Energies] at your Powerless Religious Militias of artificial programmable intelligence [mental spam]... As I Universally Sovereignly [U.S.] Telegraphically & Meta~physically Reclaim ALL My Ancestral Black Occult Lands... 4 I be that Devil Christ God [Meta~physical Satan = an Omni~potent Titan] from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Double White House Illuminati Familia = Black Washitaw [Wattstax] Israelites [Indians] = Aboriginal [Spiritual] Black Jews

♀ My Double White House Illuminati Familia from Inner Earth’s Quantum Black Aristocrat Pantheon of Natural Black Energy Gods [Golden Neters = Empyrean Niggas]... and Jupiter's Electromagnetic Washitaws [Wattstax] of Sovereign [JEWS] Black Occult Lands... be Telepathically Communicatin' to My Titanium [Titan] Mental Dome of Sirius Stargate Azimuths & Grimoire Equational [SAGE] Physics from Our New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Neurons of Wattstax's Apache [N.W.A.] Aztecs

♀ My Meta~physical [Highly Spiritual = Empyreal] Black Neurons of Wattstax's Apache [N.W.A.] Aztec Indian Genetics & a Universal Sonic [U.S.] Ear to an Infinite # of Our Quantum Black Ebonic Audibles & Telepathic [BEAT] Sounds... be Mentally Producing Reverberating Ultrasounds to & from Our Wattstax Tower of Golden Black Electromagnetic Energy [BEE] Sciences in Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Black Nymph Spirits [Seraphims] of Uranus

♀ My Inner Heru Ear to Our Predynastic Black Ebonic Audibles & Telepathic [BEAT] Sounds… be Detecting Many Moor Supersonic [Ultra] Vibratory Sounds from Inner Earth’s Black Matriarchal & Hierarchical [MH] Subconsciousness of Astronomical Tetrahedrons & Uranus’s Radioactive Nucleolus Infrastructure of Ancestral Nymph [SATURNIAN] Spirits [Seraphim] ♀

Heliocentric Afrologies

♀ My Heliocentric [MH] Dream Visions of Our Very Advanced [Ancient] Astrology and Soul~ar Mentalities of Genius God [Gnostic Genie] Genetics... be Telepathically Transmittin' New Azimuth Coordinates & Diatonic Tones [Sonic Notes] from Inner Earth's Audible Underworlds to Our Quantum Black [Photon Belt] Ancestors of Spiritually Advanced Black Occult Sciences from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time To Have Sex

... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Biblical Hittites = MEta~physical Harrels

♀ Biblical Hittites [Harrels] = Archangel Michael’s = Satan's [Satan the ETruscan Hebrew = SETH]'s Predynastic Black Mental [Secret] Society [Illuminati Familia]... of Inner Earth's Sexually Promiscuous Matriarchies of Divine Feminine Energy Sciences... from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Congo Energy Statuette

♀ I be Invokin’ My Bitegue [Spiritually Protective] Hieroglyphic [Telegraphic] Congo Energy Statuette... of Our Inner Earth's Black Magical Powers [Telepathic Communications = Mental Healing Energies = Ancestral Love]... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Black Masterbatory Mental

♀ My Masterbatory Shaolin Mental Harem [MH] of Many Moor Immoral Indecent Sexually Explicit Scientific Thoughts… be Telepathically Textin' Moor Hyperdymensional Orgasmic Tantric [HOT] Transmissions of Improper Lust Energies to My Sexually Promiscuous Mental Societies [Secret Societies] of Divine Feminine Shakti Zulu [Black] Energies on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Black Roman Heritages of America

♀ Don't Test My ALL Black [Supreme] Slam Dunk [Hermetically Sealed] Mental of Our Predynastic Genetic Roman Heritage Sciences & Moor Black Gemstone [Philosopher's Stone] Physics... from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Telegraphic Sex

♀ My 1st iEye [Phallic] of Spiritually Black Telegraphic Sex~ually Explicit Allegorisms & Sonic Afro Rhythms… be Psychically Sensing Moor Sensual Feminine Shakti Zulu Energies Penetrating from Inner Earth's [Her Subconscious] Soul Chakra Constellations of Powerfully Seductive Black Electromagnetic Ultrasounds & Heavy Meta~Sexual [Tantric] Vibrations... as I turn a Blind iEye to ALL fake white patriarchal religions [poor propaganda] on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays... now who gonna judge Me? ♀