Saturday, August 22, 2015

Telepathic Sexting

♀ My Hierarchical [MH] Matriarchies of Saturn’s Seductive Feminine Scorpion Warrioress’es… always be Telepathically Textin’ Many Sinful [Natural] Hedonistic [Erotic] Thoughts of Sexually Explicit Lust Energies to My Immorally Passionate Black Phallic [Pineal] Gland of Supreme Rajah [Raj = Ra] Powers ♀

Black Aristocrat Allegories

♀ Watch Me Re~write My lil Black Scrap [Rap] Book [Bible] of Highly Spiritual Quatrains [Metaphorical Scriptures = Ancestral Meta~mental Theorems = Telepathic Telegraphs = Black Aristocrat Allegories] about Our Heavenly Black Hedonistic God [Devil] Genetics of Thermodynamic Transmutational [Hyperdymensional = Alkhemical Christ] MELanocytes [Sothis Minerals] from Inner Earth's Golden Black Crystalized Sun Star Constellations of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Devil Christ God

♀ don't make Me spit Moor Black Hellfires of Hades... at your Illusionary Religious Cults of insignificant propaganda... 4 I be that Devil Christ God [Meta~physical Satan] from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Inner Earth's Telegraph Communications

♀ as I Pen Moor Submarine [Inner Earth] Telegraph Communications [Spiritual Messages = Hieroglyphic Scriptures = Meta~Quatrains] to ALL My Quantum Black Universal Sovereign Aristocrat [USA] Ancestors of Illuminated Crown Chakras [Christ Halo = Crystal Mentals]... My 9th Dymensional Cerebral Cortex of BlacKundalini God Chakras be Telepathically Commanding Moor Inter Planetary Energies from Our Indigenous Quantum Black Lands of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Friday, August 21, 2015

Moor Black Indians

♀ Inner Earth’s Predynastic Multi Black Root [Black Foot = Blackfoot] Race = Her Highly Spiritually Aboriginal [Biblical] Black Universal Indians = Legendary BlacKundalini~ians [Dracon~ians] from Inner Earth's 9th Dymensional Algorithms [Telepathic Mathema'atics] of Our Empyreal Black Genetics of Triple 6 Helix Infrastructures & Aristocratic Hermetic [Homeric] Black Sciences [Quantum Genesis]... from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

9th Dymensional Black Panther

♀ My Hereditary [MH] Multi Black Ethnic Panther [Sphinx Lion King = Cub Simba = Telepathic Tut] Mental of Our Spiritually Black Sinful [Soulful = Mythological] Origins... be Telepathically Linkin' [Spiritually Reunitin'] Up wit' ALL Our Mentally Illuminated Archetype [M.I.A.] + Aristocratic Nubian [A.N.] = Mayan Ancestors… of Inner Earth's [Gaia's] Mineral Crystal [Black Jew~el] MELanin = Magical MELanocytes & Quantum Black Gemstone [Roman Byzantine] Origins ♀

U.S. Republic Royals = Aboriginal Black Jews of America

♀ Mentally Squad Up… as I Telepathically Communicate 2 ALL Our Quantum Black Families of Inner Earth’s Spiritually Black Jew~piterian [Jupiterian = Congo] Jewels… as We Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Republics [Royals] of New Atlantis be movin’ around in Ethereal [Invisible = Cloaked] Silence [Secrecy] ♀

Illuminate tha' Crown Chakra

♀ as I Telepathically Communicate to ALL Her Spiritually Black Orion [Osiris = Ogun = Olmec] Indian Gods [Ion Alloys = Meta~physical Blackfoot Neters = Infamous Bigfoot Niggas] of New Atlantis... My Illuminated Crown Chakra [Black Christ] Mental of Our Legendary Luminary Linguistics & Omnipotent Radioactive Dahomey [LORD] Origins… be  Invokin’ Moor Ancestral Psychic [MAP] Communications to Our Universal Soular [U.S.] Families of Quantum Black Illumi~nations [ALL Multi Black EThnic Nations = Empyreal Illuminati = Supreme Roman Royalty]… from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Satan the ETruscan Hebrew = SETH

♀ I be Her Spiritually Black Archangel Christ Child [Damien = Daemon = Demon = Gnostic Roman = Meta~physical Thoth = Satan the ETruscan Hebrew = SETH]... from Inner Earth's [Gaia's] Omnipotent Black Abyss of Soulful Sonic [BASS] Ultrasounds & Her Hereditary Electromagnetic Luminous Legions [HELL] of Genetic Ethnic [G.E.] Energies ♀

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Multi Black Ethnic Ions [Indians]

♀ Her Interplanetary [Immortal] Black Multi Ethnic [Monolithic] Indians [Saturn~ian Blackfoot Ions = Mar~tian Blackamoor Indians = Pluto~nian Lemurians]… a Hidden [Meta~physical = Highly Spirituals of Black Cosmic Consciousness] Heritage... from Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Black America] ♀

Monolithic Christ Race = Blackfoot Olmecs = Blackmoors of America = Universal Saturnians = U.S.

 about Our Heavy Black Crown Chakra [Monolithic Christ = Olmec] Mental Mainframe Genetics from Inner Earth's Omnipotent Blackfoot [Blackstar] Familiae of Archangel Michael Harrel's [MH] Ancient Hedonistic Equilibrium of Radioactive Uranium [HERU] Energies... from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Ending Genetic Cloning & Artificial Intelligence

♀ things the Blood Money... from Jesus's Genocidal Religious Politics & Propaganda can't buy --->   a Spiritually Black Wealthy Mental from Inner Earth's Illuminated Roman Blackfoot Empires of Genetic Isozymes & Neptune's Nuclei Isoforms of Nubian God [BEGINNING] Physics = tha' Prophesied Return of Her Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Cosmic Mental Gods [Mayan Neteru = Aztec Neters = Navajo Niggas = Meta~physical Indians] of Quantum [Omnipotent] Black [Empyreal] Origins ♀

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wholly Book of Black Metaphors

♀ Syrian’s [Saturnian’s] Astronomical Black Esoteric & Eschatology [BEE] Bible = a Meta~physical [Spiritual] Pleiadian Exodus Book about Her Black Energy Transference [BET] Soul~ar Alloy Jewels [Original Jews = Black Washitaw Israelites = Fallen Archangels = Aboriginal Black Americans = Blackfoot Ions = Blackamoor Indians = Meta~physical Saturnians = Predynastic Gnostics] of Orion’s Gemstones & Cerebral [Celestial] Carbonic [Black] Eukaryotic Cells… from Her Quantum Black Underworlds of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic Blackfoot America]… I challenge ALL you fake pimp priests [reverends = gov'ment agents] of the pope’s poor religious political propaganda to prove Me wrong ♀

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chaos Wars = Star Wars

♀ the Chaotic Wars [Star Wars] to My Nobel Future Prize [Royal Inheritance]… will be fought in their materialistic + religious = holographic past ♀

Wise Kemetian Owl of Atlantis

♀ My Wise Kemetian Owl [Hieroglyph M = Archangel Michael] Equilibrium… be Uncloaking My Big Rapid 1st iEye of Moor Infinite Black Underworlds = Inner Earth’s Sirius Black Sun Congregations [Hydrocarbonic Constellations] of Her Natural Radioactive [Ra] Tropospheric Currents... Moor Black Plutonic Gases of Titanic [Titanium] MELanocytes & Fukushima’s Omnipotent Osirian Lunar [FOOL = FUEL] Energies… and My Quantized Blackfoot Mental of Jupiter’s Ultrasound Physics & Genetic Greek Gnostics of Olympian Dahomey [GOD] Cosmologies ♀

Inner Earth's Quantum Underworld of Black Telepathic Souls

♀ a Multiplicity of 9th Dimensional [Empyreal] Black Electromagnetic Transference [BET] Cells from Neptune’s Nitrogenic & Nuclear Polarity Compounds… plus Saturn’s Blackfoot Ion Alloys of Titanium Plate Techtonics & Pluto's Promethium [Promicin] Inhibitor Genes of Electromagnetic MELanin… Hermetically [Hieroglyphically] Encased [Fusioned] in Mercury’s Hydrocarbonic [MH] Atomic Botanic Carbonic Demonic Erotic Fukushima [ABCDEF] Radiation… from Inner Earth’s Quantum Black Underworld of Satellite [U.S.] Planets & Spiritually Black Lunar Moon Energies… and yours? ♀

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mercury's Matriarchal Mafia Familiae

♀ My Matriarchal Mafia of Mercury's Hyrocarbonic [MH] Melanin Crystal Cliques... be keepin' Me Spiritually Mentally & Meta~physically Protected at ALL Times... under Our Watchful 1st iEye of Saturn's Sovereign Surveillance Physics™ from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]  ♀

Black Fountain of Youth

♀ My Aboriginal Blackfoot Ions [Blackamoor Indians = Black Aryans = Saturnians] Spiritually Oxidized & Organically Telepathic [SOOT] Baths of Sirius Black Energy Transference [BET = Carbon] Therapy & Divine Connection Baptisms… to Inner Earth's Quantum Black Electromagnetic Core of Telepathic Signals & Heavy Black Volcanic Fukushima [Feminine Shakti = Erotic Healing] Energies ♀

Noble Neters of New Atlantis

♀ Is it not written Ye [U] be Her Quantum Nubian Gods [Noble Neters] of Neptune’s Neuronic Nuclei Energies… Pluto’s Polycyclic [Atomic Botanic Carbonic Demonic Erotic Fukushima = ABCDEF] MELanin… & Saturn’s Doppelgänger God [Celestial Christ = Chrystomellos = Black Crystals] Molecule Compounds of Inner Earth’s Meta~physical Planetary Khemical Rings of Black Anthrax & Titanium [BAT] Alloys… from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]?… if U don't know, now U know ♀

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mercury's Retrograde Physics

♀ My Heavy Cerebral [Celestial] Cortex [Aztec] Mainframe Mental of Prophetic Metabolic Pyramid MELanin Physics… be Tropospherically Permeating Moor Black ETheric [BET] Signals from Mercury’s Mountains of Madness [Retrograde Energies of Mental Chaos]… as I Invoke My Inner Genius Genie Powers of Neuronic [Telepathic] Cell Reception to bypass ALL artificial gov’ments secret codes [bylaws] to Our Ancient [Black] Ancestral Eros [Quantum Lust = Shakti] Energies of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Draconian Mammoths

♀ as this Big Black Draconian Mammoth [Cosmic Reptilian = Kundalini Dragon = GODzilla = Meta~physical Dogon]… Huff & Puff on My Indigenous BlacKUSHyperdymensional Leaves of Spiritually Black Memories…. My Psychic Doppelgänger [Shadow Self] & Zulus Warrior Mental of Black Anthrax [Carbuncle = Cabochon = Head Carbon] Gemstones… be Telepathically Transmittin’ Moor Azimuths & Zenith Eclipse [MAZE] Network Signals from Mount ETna’s Black Venusian Tropospheric Stratovolcano of New Black Akashic [Carbonic = Quantum Black] Records ♀

Black Anthrax Genetics

♀ Gnostic Gothic Gemstones & Genetic EThnic [ETheric] Genesis of Inner Earth’s Black Ancients [Blackfoot Aboriginal Romans]… of Quantum Black Anthrax [Carbon] Genetics = Black Jasper Diamonds Emeralds Azurite Topaz Helix [DEATH] Onyx [Lynx] Yoruba Lapis Lazuli MELanin [Vodun Minerals] = Her Royal Black Empyreal Jewels [JEWS]… of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome] ♀

Black Olympian Mentals

♀ My Heavy Psychokinetic [Telekinetic] Cerebral Cortex of Sothis [Sirius] Black Astronomical Physics by Harrel’s Olympian Mental Ebonics of Tropospheric [BAPHOMET] Pyramid Physics… be Mentally Astrologically Realigning the Soul [MARS] Sciences of Inner Earth’s Omniversal Planetary [Polarity] Powers of Her Latent Lunar Sexual [Quantum Black Creational] Energies… to Permeate ALL over Our New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Black Evil

♀ as Her Seductive Evil [Black = Satanic = Saturnian] Energies of Sexual Lust and Hedonistic Thoughts... be Seducin' Me wit' Sothis [Sirius] Black Hi:teKUSH Signals... My Hyperion [MH] Mental Soul Ark [Mothership] of Our Inner Earth’s Black Empyrean Tectonic [BET] Genetics... be Meta~physically Receiving Monitoring & Detecting Moor of Her Predynastic Black Mothership [MAtriarchal] Energies from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Empyreal Rome]... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀