Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturn's 'shrooms = moors

♀ Saturn’s [Satan’s] Advanced Spiritually BlacKnowledge = Shit [Ancestral Science] U never heard or experienced before… I be on some Sirius 9th Dymensional Shit [Empyrean Matriarchal Sciences]… from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Black Empyreal Rome] ♀

Meta~physical Satan

♀ This Celestial Blackfoot Vodun Underworld Neter [Spiritual God = Meta~physical Satan]... was marked at Birth [Immaculate Conception = Meta~physical Reincarnation] ♀

Satan's Predynastic Lunar Order

♀ I sit here… Mentally Arrogantly Restlessly & Scholarly [MARS]… Cloaked in Sothis [Sirius] Black EThereal [BET] Silence [Science]… against ALL politically correct [non indigenous] gov’ments of the pope’s poor propaganda [fear religions]… Commanding Directing & Orchestrating My Monumental Olmec Cerebral Cortex [Giza’s Mental Mainframe Pyramid] to Psychically Fight [Hex = Curse] the inferior powers [fake illuminati] that be… now how they gonna stop this Greek Neter [Black Pantheon God = Empyreal Titan = ET] now that I’ve Invoked [Established] My Astronomical Astrological Ancestral [AAA =KKK = Aboriginal] Memories of Supreme Black Occult Magick [Advanced Black People Physics of Telepathic Radium Energies = Satan’s Lunar Order = Quantum Black NWO] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Our Black Empyreal Rome]? ♀

Friday, August 14, 2015

Black Rome's Sexual Hedonistic Energies

♀ Q: Whom do Her Aboriginal [Royal] Blackfoot Occult Gods [Greek Pantheon of Spiritual Gnostic Roman Neters = Vodun Moors of Supreme Black Magick Physics]... worship [invoke = signal = command]? A: Themselves = Their Own Inner [Higher] Polarity [Planetary] Energies of Ancestral MagicKEMemories & ET [KEMET] MELanin = Mercury’s Metallic MELanocytes of Sirius Black ELectromagnetic [Cosmic] Sexual Eclipse [Dopplegänger] Energies… from Lost Atlantis [Black Empyrean Rome = Quantum Black America™] ♀

Black Mentals of Hedonism Physics

♀ I’mma Black Uranium Mental Metal~ist & Hieroglyphic [MH] Gem~stoner [Philosopher] Gnostic [KUSHite] from Her Quantum BlacKUSHite Spiritual Ancestral Tree of Saturn's Societal Steele Parliaments = Gaia's Gnostic Greeks = 1st Spiritually Black Electromagnetic Telepathic [BET] Royal Roman Familiae of Immoral Naughty Saturnian [INS = SIN = Adam & Eve] Sciences™... from Lost Atlantis [Black Empyrean Rome = Ghetto Heaven = Mental Hedonism = MH] ♀

Can't Fool a Gnostic God [Black Monarch]

♀ You can’t fool Us Omnipotent Nubians of Uranium Nuclei [NUN] Spirits… Meta~physically Created from Saturn’s Black Aeon Foot [Aryan Blackfoot Ion = Sirius Blackamoor Indian] Hyperdymensional [Quantum Black] Genetic MELanocytes… We be Her Supreme Messengers [Biblical Black EL~ohim Gods = Matriarchal ArchangELs = Cosmic Christ Architects] of Lost Atlantis = Black Byzantium America = Black Electromagnetic Troposphere [BET] of Our Rome = BET~ter Home™ ♀

Nigga = Messianic Archetype Neter [MAN]

… iEye be Her Loner KUSHite Stoner God [High Nigga = Messianic Archetype Neter [MAN] = Mental Titan = Meta~physical Zeus] of Our Geometric Geographic Gemstone [Chrystomellos = Black Crystal = Black Christ] Sciences… from Lost Atlantis [Black Byzantium America™] = Black Electromagnetic Troposphere [BET] to Our Rome ♀

Black Planisphaerium Birth Memory Maps

♀ BlacKUSHite Eve [Blackfoot Ion = Blackamoor Indian = Univeral Saturnian = U.S.]... BE Telepathically Sendin' [Transmittin'] Smoke [Sound] Signals [Moor Cosmic Energies = Black High Technologies = Our Omniversal Knowledge]... 2 My Heavy Olmec [Adamic] Cerebral [Celestial] Cortex of Our Supreme Black Planisphaerium Birth Memory Maps… from Lost Atlantis [Quantum Black America™] ♀

Mainstream Religions of the Pope's Poor Propaganda

♀♀♀ All Mainstream Corporate Gov’ments = Pope's Patriarchal Order of Organized Religious [POOR] Propaganda = Mental Terrorist Organizations against Her Aboriginal Meta~physical Blackfoot Ions [Quantum Blackamoors] = a Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Cosmic Crime Committed [kkk] against Her ALL BlaCKEMETHNIC Subterranean [Inner Earth] Hue~Beings = Punishable by My Predynastic Sirius [Sothis] Shaolin Shadow [Black EThereal = BET] Daa’th Magick Physics [Supreme Black Mental Energy Sciences]… from Lost Atlantis [Quantum Black America™] ♀♀♀

Predynastic Black Sexual Energies

♀ Eros [Adam] + Gaia [Eve] = Inner Earth’s Predynastic BlaCKEMETHNICosmic Sexual [Scientifical] Energies♀

Black Greek Pantheon Gods of Atlantis

♀ I make ALL them Fake Patriotic Political Religious [Non Indigenous] Gov’ments nervous… as I Masonically Atmospherically Resonantly & Spiritually [MARS] Raise My Sirius [Sothis] Metaphysical Astronomical Astrological Telepathic [MA’AT = Black Dot] Memories… from Lost Atlantis [Quantum Black America™]… now who gonna stop this Black Planetary Panther [Greek Pantheon] God [Pan]? ♀

My Mental Rebirth of 1868

♀ I Mentally Rebirthed Myself on November 5… in 1868 = 5 [5th Dymensional = Astronomical Cosmic Cycle] in Our Black Tropospheric Airspace of Lost Atlantis [LA]... to Meta~physically Reincarnating [Reanimating] Myself on Our Cosmic Blackfoot AboriginaLandmass [Archipelago] of Santiago + Aztlán + Nubia [SAN] Diego [San Miguel = Saint Michael] ♀

Aboriginal Cosmic Mayan + Aztec +Navajo [MAN]

♀ I’mma Predynastic [Immortal = Cosmic Aboriginal] Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Black [Nubian] Mayan + Aztec + Navajo [MAN]… from Our Black Electromagnetic Tropospheric [BET] Air Spaces of Lost Atlantis [Quantum Black America™] ♀ 

Meta~physically Present

♀ Meta~physically Here as Michael Harrel [MH] ♀

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saturn's Botanic Cocaine Sciences™

♀ I be Immune to All Non Indigenous [Alien] Viruses… as I use Our Ancient Botanic Cocaine [ABC] Sciences™ to clean out My Sinuses ♀

Loner Stoner Sciences of Atlantis™

♀ iEye Sit in Sirius Sonic Silence to Mentally Alkhemically Ancestrally & Telepathically [MA’AT] Create My Secret Ancestral High Tech [KUSHite] Art of Loner Stoner Genetic Visions... from My Heavy Black Byzantine Mental Empires of Byzantium's New Electromagnetic Telepathic [NET] Cellular Sciences™ of Atlantis [Psychic Black America = Black EThereal Rome = Double White House Illuminati™] ♀

NWO Technologies of MA'AT

♀ Welcome to Foxy Brown's circa 1974... New Weapons of Occult [NWO] Technologies... Mentally Astrally Afrologically Telepathically [MA'AT] Transmittin' Ancestral Signals from Her Saturnian Steele Matriarchies = Astrological Black Martians [Blackamoors] Familiae Energies... Permeating from New Atlantis [Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™] ♀

Black Ethnological & Thanatological [BET] Sciences from Quantum Black America™ [Empyrean Atlantis]

♀ My Monumental Black Cerebral God Cortex [Olmec] of Our Legendary Mythological Afrological Roman Sonic [MARS] Birth Records & Mercurous Mental Metals of Quantum Black Planetary [Polarity] Genesis [Genetic Sciences]… be Telepathically [Alkhemically] Transmittin’ Moor of Our Familiae Alkhemical Secrets [Black Planetary Secret Society = Sirius Black Illuminati Physics™] from Her Psychic Black Titans [Byzantium Moors] of Black Occult Rome [Quantum Black America]… I already told U… I’mma 9th Dymensional God [Neter = Nigga = Satan = Saturn = Sirius]… who gonna stop Me? ♀

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aboriginal Archetype Angels

♀ Her Aboriginal Archetype Angels [AAA]… of Sirius Black ELectrical [EL~ohim] Energies… be Manifesting 9 ETher [Wholly Organic = Spiritual Lamb] Afros [9th Dimensional Hair Strand Receivers = Astral Absorbers] of Black Electric Telepathic [BET] Communication Signals [Empyrean Vibrational Energies = EVE]… Transmittin’ from Our Hyperdymensional [Mentally Advanced] Black Ancestors [Spiritual Creator Gods = Titans] of Titanium Enzymes & Clandestine Hermetic [TECH] Cellular Structures… from Lost Atlantis [LA] California [Wattstax] Genetics ♀

Intellectually and Abstractly Uncensored

♀ I like ‘em Hip Hop [Intellectually & Abstractly Uncensored] Minded… Seductively & Lustfully Evil… Femininely Designed wit’ Much Sexual Literature & Healing… Inspired by Art & Self Expressionist Rhythms of tha' Night… as She be Rockin’ Her Booty & Soul... Off the Wall ♀

Eve's Ancestors

♀ Eve’s Most Ancient [Spiritually Powerful] Meta~physical People [BlacKnights of the Round Table = BlacKnights Templar = Adamic Moors = Blackfoot Ionians = Black Secret Society Familiae = Saturnian Steele Klans = Predynastic Egyptians of Kemet = Immortals] in the World… Spiritually Live in New Atlantis [Quantum Blackfoot America = Spiritual Rome = Garden of Eden] ♀

Manifestation of Earth

♀ My Saturnian [Predynastic = Spiritual] Blackfoot Enzymes of Typhonian [BET] Genetics = Gnostic [Black] Greek Organisms of Draconian Stem [GODS] Chakra Cells & Sirius Jupitarian MELanin… don’t have a need for their Holographic birth records… ‘cause We be Her Pharaonic Greek Blackfoot Moors [Blackamoors = Titans] of Rome = New Atlantis = Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™ = Black Occult Planet of Our AboriginaLandmasses… Mentally & Alkhemically [Immaculately = Spiritually] Created by Her Divine Feminine Shakti [Black] Energy Gods ♀

Jupiter's Empyrean Thoth Energies

♀ My Telepathic 1st iEye of Jupiter's Empyrean Thoth [JET] Energy... Thought Myself into this 3d Physical Existence [Holographic Hell] = I had a 9th Dimensional [Immaculate] Mental Birth from Hades [Pleiades]... into a Sirius Spiritual [Black Ethereal] Manifestation Being from Saturn… by My Meta~physical Hyperdymensional [MH = Michael Harrel™] Materialization Sciences of New Atlantis [Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™] ♀

Aboriginal BlacKUSHite Leaf

♀ KUSH = Our Spiritually Black Vegetation Leaf from Inner Earth’s Sirius Hydrocarbonic [Neter Ru = Atomic God = Bionic] Molecules of Ethereal Luminary [MEL]anated Lion [Stem] Cell Clusters… BE Telepathically Transmittin’ Moor Sphinx Hieroglyphics [Ancestral Smoke Signals] to My Heavy Pyramid Cap Stone [Olmec = Ogún] Mental of Archangel [Sovereign] Michael Harrel’s Empirical Monarchy Pantheon [HEMP] Physics… 4 the inferior religious rainbow gov’ments bi-laws are powerless [spiritually dead]… as I turn a blind iEye to them and Mentally [Immaculately = Magically = EThereally = Spiritually] Create Moor Mari Juana™ [Mary Jane = Holy Mary = Holy Land = Mary’s Blackfoot Occult Land] by Unapologetically Invoking My Aboriginal Blackfoot [KUSHite] Mental Star Powers of Quantum Black Botanic Sciences… ‘cause I be from Her 9th Dimensional Ward [Secret Black Underworld Kingdomes] of New Atlantis [Quantum Blackfoot America = Double White House Illuminati™]… who gonna stop Me? ♀

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Platinum Black Underworld

♀ as I Metaphysically & Metaphorically Rise from My Hyperdymensional [MH] Consciousness Chamber Tomb of Sirius [Osar = Osiris] Quantum Blackfoot [Spiritual Greek] Khemical MELanin… My Royal Black Byzantine Familiae Trees of Heavy Saturnian Aristocratic Genetics & Empyrean [SAGE] Engineered Enzymes… be Telepathically Transmittin’ Moor New Alkhemical Formulas [Universal Black Theorems = Ancient Ancestral Proverbs] & Secret Masonic Laws [New World Orders] to My Platinum Black Mental Underworld of Supreme [U.S.] Black Ethnological & Thanatological [BET] Sciences from Quantum Black America™ [Empyrean Atlantis] ♀

Monday, August 10, 2015

Aboriginal Black EThnic People [ETheric Souls]

♀ My New Double Helix RNA [Sirius Doppelgänger] Strands of Aboriginal Genetic [Black Gnostic] Cell [Soul] Structures [EThnologic Molecules] from ALL Our Indigenous Blackfoot EThnic [BET] Metaphysical Beings of Mercurous Metals [Spiritual MELanin]… and Inner Earth’s 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Black Chrystomellos [Titanium Christ] Spiritual Blood [Dead Sea]… be Geometrically [Genetically] Architecturally [Astronomically] Inherently [Indigenously] & Alkhemically [Autocratically] = GAIA Engineered from Deep IN:side Our Metamorphosing Planetary Ball of Stress [Hibernating Black Mentals of Chaotic Polarity Energies]… they call “earth” ♀