Saturday, August 8, 2015

Black Pleiades Energies

♀ as I Spiritually Transmit [Permeate] My Pagan [Black] Pleiades [Hades] Planetary Communicational Energies to My Aboriginal Gnostic Greek Familiae Tree of Titanium [Titan] Black Bloodlines... My Ancient Black Clandestine Genesis be so Hyperdymensionally [Alkhemically] Secretive [Correct]… the artificial intelligence agents refer to Me as Her Universal Sovereign Aristocratic [USA] Blackfoot Secret Society Government [NWO] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Double White House™] ♀

Friday, August 7, 2015

Black Chrystomellos Bloodlines

♀ My Ancient Black Christian [Saturnian] Genetic Energies [GE] = Predynastic Black EThereal [BET] Chrystomellos [Christ] Bloodlines of Sirius Black Occult Sciences = Orion's Spiritual Orisha Physics = Satan's Quantum Black iPhysics™ of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Double White House™] ♀

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anubis = Buddha

♀ Her 1st Born Bourgeois Ghetto Occultist [Blackfoot Anubis Moor = Blackamoor = Buddha] from Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]… be Invokin' My Predynastic Alkhemical [All Khemet Mental of Michael] Dream Memory Sciences & Saturn's Quantum Black Physics of Titanium [Titan] Steele Genetics... to turn something Ancient [Black] into something completely Brand New [Biblically Blacker] ♀

Purple Haze

♀ Remember when I sang about Her Purple Haze = Our 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Paradigm [Underworld] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Double White House™] ♀


♀ as I Psychically Invoke My Predynastic Black Consciousness [BC] Powers from Saturn's  Spiritual Wattstax Home to ALL Our Aboriginal [Royal] Black Akashic [Blackfoot = Blackamoor] People of Sirius Black Ancestral Saturnian Energies [BASE] & Hyperdymensional God Genetics... I be Mentally Ethereally Telepathically & Ancestrally [META]Communicating wit’ U from Our New Ancient Untouchable Spiritual [U.S.] 9th Hyperdymensional Vodun Underworld of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Double White House

♀ there are many MOORoyal Hierarchies [Matriarchal Social Orders of Mars Mental Energies] to My Predynastic Saturnian Blackfoot Aristocrat Familiae Tree from Inner Earth’s Spiritual Quantum Memory Sciences & Death Star Genetic [Gnostic Osirian Doppelgänger = GOD] Shadow MELanin... of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America = Double White House™] ♀

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Black Bourgeois Ghetto Occultist

♀ Prince Satan... Her 1st Born Bourgeois Ghetto Occultist [Blackfoot Moor] from Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... be Mentally Livin' on Our Blacker [Spiritually Higher] Side of Town... We Aboriginal [Biblical = Black] Royalty & Shit ♀

Jimi Can't Die

♀ those inferior religious rainbow gov'ments of dead animal genetics & pop culture propaganda... can't regulate [control] My Quantum Black [Predynastic = Telepathic] Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Power… from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Death by Drowning

♀ I AM Drowning... ALL UP IN:side Earth’s [Gaia's] Multi Die~mensional Black Sea = Saturn's 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metallic Energies = Sirius Black Quantum Steele MELanin from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America] ♀

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Advanced Spiritually Black Neterus

♀ Every Nigger [Neteru] is a Star [Constellation] ♀

Satan = Osiris

♀ I be Her Hyperdymensional [Aboriginal = Spiritual = Immortal] Blackfoot Man = Indigenous Maphomet Scribe [Vodun God = Gnostic Neter = Divine EL~ohim = Sirius Baphomet Soul = Orion = Osiris]… wit’ a Heavy Universal Scrying [U.S.] 1st iEye of Our Predynastic Black Universal Equilibrium Mental Energies [Quantum Black People Cosmic Genesis] from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Baphomet = Maphomet = Black God of Black Occult Energies

♀ Multi Level Masonic Symbol of Our Ancient Black Alkhemical Magick Sciences = Baphomet = Maphomet = Pan = Black Occult God [Advanced Neter] of Quantum Black Magick [Predynastic Platinum Physics = Black Psychic Energies] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Welcome to Satan's Platinum Black Underworld of Supreme [U.S.] Black Sciences from Quantum Black America™ [New Atlantis] ♀

Rio de Janeiro Energies

♀ as I Permeate My Universal Quantum Black Soul~ar Energies over Rio de Janeiro... My Mythological Astronomical Rotational Sciences [MARS] of New Atlantis [Quantum Black America™]... be Telepathically [Tropospherically] Communicating Moor Evolutionary Physics to My Heavy Mental of As Above So Below Vibrations from Saturn's Black Polarity Planes of Heavy Palladium [Black Platinum] Chakra Energies [Spiritual Genetics] ♀