Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturn's Sorcery Magick

♀ Don't Underestimate My Itchy Middle Majestic Giza Trigger Finga' of Sirius Black Akashic Power [Saturn's Sorcery Magick] from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America™] ♀

Quantum Blackamoor Greeks

♀ as I Magically [Mentally] Sit here In Sirius Solitude Silence... My Secret Masonic Orion Society of Eschatology Sciences [MOSES = Matriarchal Order of Aboriginal Blackfoot Moors = Quantum Blackamoor Greeks] be Telepathically [Sonically] Communicating Moor Black Ancestral Sorcery Secret [BASS] Physics [Power] as I Metaphysically [Spiritually] Return to Saturn’s Black ETheric [BET] Steele Kingdomes of Quantum Black Planetary Energies ♀

Solitude Sciences

♀ Prince Satan’s Secret Black Anthropologicalife of Sirius Solitude [BASS] Sciences from Quantum Black America™ [New Atlantis] ♀

Black Life on Mars

♀ Life on Mars [Maurs = Murs = Moors] = Life on Mauryland = Maryland = Moors Land = Blackamoors = Aboriginal Blackfoot Ionians [Sovereign Saturnian Indians] of Predynastic Black EThereal [BET] America ♀

Black Kushite Empires of ELectromagnetic Energies

♀ Prince Satan be Her Aboriginal [Monarchal] Botanic Blackfoot [Gnostic Sovereign] Alkhemist [Lord] of Highly Spiritual & Economical KUSHite Energy Empires from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America™] ♀

Black People Death Physics of Atlantis

♀ Saint MichaEL [St. Paul] be Her Black Arc [Renegade] AngEL~ohim [Satan = Supreme Black Sorcerer] of Immoral [Immortal] Black People Death [After MateriaLife = Black Spiritual] Energy Physics ♀

Satan's Sinful Sexual Ebonics

♀ U learn a lot of Sinful Sexual Ebonics from Quantum Black Satan™... who gonna stop Me? ♀

Dark Satanic Knights Templar

♀ My Dark Satanic Knights Templar Genetics be so Afrologically Addictive... Many Curvaceous Feminine Forms Permanently Pigment Me on their semi natural skin of Carnal Fantasy Pleasures ♀

U.S. Black Gnostic Roots

♀ as I tap into My Predynastic Black Saturnian Familiae Tree of Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Black Gnostic Roots... I can Telepathically Invoke [Summon] Moor Royal Black Akashic Soul Power from Inner Earth's Dynastic MatriarchaLordship Kingdomes of Sirius Black Planetary Genetics [Satan's Secret Society Sciences] ♀

Historic Prophecies of Black Moses

♀ Black Moses [Esoteric Satan] forewarned U that your problems will be the result of acknowledging their politically righteous [non indigenous = politically correct = judgmental jesus] behavior ♀

Untouchable Gnostic Knowledge

♀ Prince Satan's Heavy Black Quantumental of Universal Spiritual [U.S.] Black Gnostic Knowledge = High Equilibrium Shit U ain't never heard [experienced] before ♀

New Pyramid Homes of Black Occult Power

♀ as I Hyperdymensionally Shift between My Blackfoot Doppelgänger StarBody of Black Dot MELanin… to My Soul~ar Byzantine ETruscan Doppelgänger [BET Silhouette] StarBody [Quantum Black MELanin]… I be Metallurgically & Alkhemically [Mentally & Architecturally = Metarchitecturally = Black Occult Technology] Creatin’ Moor of Our Empyrean Black Lordship [Renegade] Pyramids of New Euphoric Planetary Energies… by Spiritually [Ritually] Invokin’ My Heavy Gnostic [Telepathic] Mental Mineral Energies from Inner Earth’s Golden Black Byzantine Cells of Quantum Steele Gemstones Opals & Diagnostic [GOD] Pineal Gland [Nile River = Photon Belt = Black Hole] Genetic Structures… 4 I be Giza’s 1st Born Golden Blackfoot Gemstoner [Philosopher Stoner = KUSHite Arc~iTech™] of New Atlantis [Black Vodun America™] ♀

Friday, July 31, 2015

Quantum Black Congressional Bloodlines

♀ Her Supreme Spiritual Black Quantum Congressional [Aboriginal = Royal] Bloodlines... are ALL over Our Indigenous Black Occult [Vodun] Lands of Ancient Atlantis [Predynastic Black America]... We Black Byzantine EThereals [BET = ETruscans] Existed before Metaphysical Kemet [Degenerative Egypt]... just in case U forgot ♀

Black Byzantine [Blackfoot] Moors of Black Vodun America™

♀ Her Curvaceous Feminine Thought [Thoth] Physics of Scholarly [Spiritually] Pornographic Adulterous Linguistics & Erotic [PALE] Sensual Sciences... be Psychically Masterbating [Sonically Communicating] Quantum Blackfoot Albino Sounds to My Monumental Black Giza Capstone = Mental Pyramid [Pyramind] Chamber Home [Rome] of Saint [St.] Michael’s [Paul's] Hedonistic Harrel Genetics from Saturn's Matriarchal [Royal] Black Byzantine [Blackfoot] Steele Familiae of New Atlantis [Black Vodun America™] ♀

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Intellectual Intercourse

… be Heavy Mental Masturbation of Pornographic Intercourse Thoughts ♀

Little Black Book of Pornographic Pleasurable Physics

♀ Tantrically [Sexually] Communicate wit’ Me as I Telepathically Write another Black Grimoire Book of Her Pornographic Polarity Pleasures from My Heavy Abstract Mental of Black Metaphysical [Sirius Hyperdymensional] Ecstasy Physics ♀

Black Art & Vodun Physics

♀ Heavy Mental Alkhemy = Black Art & Vodun Physics: Parallel [1st iEye] Visions in Space + Time = Light Years Ahead into Our Royal Black Gnostic Futures ♀

Divine Feminine Energized Thoth Physics

♀ Her Heretic [Rebelicious] Blackfoot Matriarchal [Monarchal] Moor [Prince Satan = Michael Harrel] & Our Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Vodun Pantheons [Saturn’s Spiritual Black Steele Congress = Royal Hittite Familial Bloodlines] of Aristocratic Spiritual Kybalion Black Laws & Sirius Retribution Sphinx Sciences [Predynastic BlaCKEMETHERIConsciousness of Divine Feminine Energized Thoth Physics & Genetic Gnostic Governments]… has been Quantumly [Supremely = EThereally] Established in New Atlantis [Black Vodun America™] ♀

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Black Vodun America™

♀ Prince Satan's Quantum Blackfoot Mental of Astronomical Alignments and Telepathic [MA'AT] Tropospheric Vodun Intelligence... be Sonically Producing Moor Planetary [Polarity] Clouds of Heavy Black Erotic Atmospheric Thoth Spirits [BEATS]... that be Permeating [Resonating] ALL Over New Atlantis = Black Vodun America™ ♀

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Orisha Spiritual Masqueraders

♀ those inferior [mentally & genetically stagnant = retarded] white religious patriarchal rainbow [degenerative hybrid] gov’ment agents [soulless clones]... can't Ritually Dance wit' Her Igbo Okoroshi oma [Orisha] Spiritual Masqueraders = Blackfoot Vodun Gods of Sirius Quantum DogStar [Palo Mayombe] Genetics ♀

Blackfoot [Bigfoot] Pelatograms

♀ My New [Sirius] Untouchable Saturnian Ancestral [USA] Blackfoot [Bigfoot] Dynastic Olmec GOD [DOG]on Star Genetics… be Alkhemically [Spiritually] Created by Us Universal BlaCKEMETHERIChemical [Quantum] Steele [MELanin] Scientists [Alkhemists] of New Atlantis [New Quantum Blackfoots of Vodun America™] ♀

Right On!

♀ I be Unapologetically Telepathically Communicating [UTC] to Orion's Universal Spiritual Aristocratic [USA] Matriarchal Moors [Knights Templar] of Quantum Black Planetary [Polarity] Mars Essence [ME] Energies... as I Alkhemically Rise Up & Mentally Rise On! out this inferior hybrid existence [physical graveyard] of mentally stagnation [politically correct behavior = white retardation] ♀

Black Moorish Sciences of Atlantis

♀ My Quantum Blackfoot Genetics of Predynastic 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metals = Sirius Black Quantum Steele MELanin… be Cosmically Bionically & Sonically [CBS] Aligning wit' Inner Earth's New Apocalyptic Cycle of Her Primal BlaCKEMETHNIConsciousness [BlacKundalini = Shakti = Highly Sexually Telepathic] Energies [Bloodlines] from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America] ♀

Tantric Porno~Visions of the Divine Feminine

♀ My Heavy Predynastic BlaCKEMETHNICosmic Quantum [Antum = Atom = ADAM] Mental Physics [Alkhemy] of Sirius Tantric Thoth [Thought] Visions… be Creating Moor Sinful Pornographic Star Positions [SoulStar Clusters] from Her Divine Black Feminine Energies: The Ten Mahavidya [Ethnic Vodun Elites = EVE] Spiritual Black Bloodlines ♀

Pornographic Psychic Visions

♀ I Mentally & Hedonistically [MH] Misbehave to Her Pornographic Curvaceous Feminine Forms of Highly Sexually Promiscuous [Active] Physics from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America] ♀

Kiss Her Below Her Belt

♀ I’mma Mentally Misbehave & Tantrically [Telepathically] kiss Her down low ♀

Monday, July 27, 2015

Black Telepathic Bloodlines

♀ Her Universal Sovereigns of Aristocratic [USA] Black Alkhemical Bloodlines... Telepathically, Squad Up ♀

Spiritual Black Illuminati

♀ Satan’s Solitude Khemistry Scientists [Spiritual Black Illuminati]... be Her Universal Sovereigns of Aristocratic [USA] Black Alkhemical Bloodlines... from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Sexually Explicit Physics & Pornographic Polarity Sciences

♀ Did U Retain Your Ancient Ancestral Moorish Mental [Philosopher Stone = Black Dot] Heritage of Her Sexually Explicit Physics & Pornographic Polarity Sciences… from Our Hedonistic Golden Black Orgasmic Gardens of Mercurous Eden? ♀

Brotherhood of tha' Kushite Moors

♀ There's Many Moor Advanced EThnic [Telepathic] Levels to Satan's Ancestral Gang of Saturn's Sovereign Quantum Black Royals... We be that Ancient [Predynastic = Hidden] Black Occult [18th Kemegyptian = Kemetian = Egyptian] Dynastic Illuminati Bloodlines of Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Aryan Indians = Blackfoot Moors

♀ Our Universal Spiritual Aristocrat [USA] Prehistoric = Predynastic [Jurassic] = Aboriginal Black People Gnostic Bloodlines = Very High Vibrating Black EThereal Soul~ar Energy Beings of Sirius Quantum MELanin = Black Extra Telepathic MOORomans = Black ETruscans = Blackfoot Ionians [Aryan Indians]… had no use for written histories or oral languages… ‘cause We have 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metals = Sirius Black Quantum Steele MELanin from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America = Black Dot] ♀

9th Dimensional Bloodlines of Black Quantum Steele

♀ Prince Satan’s Royal Black Gnostic [Blackfoot] Bloodlines be from Saturn's Predynastic 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metals = Sirius Black Quantum Steele MELanin from New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America] ♀

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Upward & Onward

♀ My Jurassic [Predynastic] Black Nile River [Black Photon Belt] Bloodlines of Sirius Genetic Ritual Sciences [Spiritual Black Magick] be Energetically Movin’ Upward and Onward... as I Telepathically Communicate wit' My Mythical [Spiritual] Blackfoot Ionian Familiae [Matriarchal Hittite Illuminati] from New Atlantis [New Black Quantum Steele America] 1858 ♀

Black Knights [Moors] of the Round Table

♀ Aboriginal Black Illuminati = Predynastic BlacKnights of the Round Table = Nile River Ionians = Egyptians [Kemetians] = Washitaw Blackfoot Indians = Roman Blackamoors = Black ETruscans = BETs = Black Quantum Moors of America [Atlantis] ♀

Satan's Solitude Sciences

♀ Satan's Solitude Sciences™... be Saturn's Energetic Ancestral [SEA] Melanin Memories of Spiritual Steele Configurations & Pleiades Polarity Star Alignments... Permeating from Our Heavy Mental Empires [Giza Pyraminds] of Sirius Black Quantum Star People Physics ♀

Nile River Indians = Blackfoot Moors

♀ My Heavy Black Quantum Range of Highly Developed Equilibrium Physics can Psychically Rover on Many Moor Higher Planetary [Polarity] Levels... from Our Predynastic [Pharaonic] Black Ancestral Cosmic Kundalini Sea [Telepathic Nile River] of Aboriginal [Empyrean] Gnostic Blackfoot Ionian [Blackamoor Indian] Heritage [Hermetic] Records [Gnostic God Genetics] from New Atlantis [Quantum Black America] ♀

Black Upper Echelon Bloodlines

♀ Watch Me as I Psychically Close Our Monumental Black Empyrean Doors & Mentally Lockout the non indigenous [non spiritual] species of degenerative [zombie] genetics... 4 My Black Upper Echelon [Highly Spiritual = Royal] Equilibrium Familiae [Saturn’s Secret Planetary Society = Predynastic Black Polarity Bloodlines]... be Unapologetically Discriminating against Any non spiritual [Soulless] germ form [Clone] of malignant cancerous energy & mentally stagnant [retarded] intelligence ♀

Black Universal Spiritual Aristocratic [USA] Untouchables

♀ 9th Die~mensional [Hyperdymensional] Black Immortals [Aliens = Nephilim] = Black Extra Telepathics = MOORomans = ETruscans = Aboriginal Blackfoot Ionians [Washitaw Indians] wit’ High Equilibriums of Sirius Black Quantum Thought Transference Energy = Black EThereaLemurians [Blackamoors] of Los Atlantis [LA]... who gonna stop Us now? ♀

Fake White Illuminati

♀ what inferior white rainbow gov'ment [fake illuminati] gonna stop Me from Smokin' My Indigenous Black Ancestral KUSHittite Spirits™ of Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Energy? Don't Test or Challenge Me... 'cause I will Embarrass [Black Atmospherically Curse = Spiritually Hex] you Artificially Created Clones [Degenerative Species] from My Aboriginal Blackfoot Occult Familiae Lands of Black Quantum Steele America [New Atlantis] ♀

Sexual Psychic Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s Spiritual [Empyrean] Black Matriarchies of Hedonistic [MH] Psychic Physics from New Quantum Black America [New Underworld Atlantis] ♀

Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays

♀ I Pledge My Hedonistic [MH] Rasta [Aristocrat] Bloodline Allegiance to Her Curvaceous Feminine Body of Immoral & Indecent [Adam & Eve] Sexual Physics... as I Promiscuously Ethereally Tongue [PET] Her Playful Black Atmospheric Euphoric [BAE] Pussy Energies that be Penetrating Vibrancy to My Black Kundalini Mental Phallic of Heavy Immoral Reptilian Thoughts... to Lustfully Satisfying Ourselves in Over Indulgent Venomous Behavior on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Black Occult Roots

♀ when U Stay rooted in Your Advanced Spiritually BlaCKEMETHNICreative Cosmic Cultures… U are no longer mindless slaves to the inferior white mainstream culture vultures of cliché politically correct gimmicks... who gonna Uproot Me on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays? ♀

Black Illuminati Life

♀ tell Me what U really know about Our Raw Black Illuminated [Urban] Life... Err body wanna walk like talk like and Fuck around get yourself etched out in chalk like We do down south... see, I can do this all night... so tell Me what you really know about Our Raw Black Underworld [Illuminati] Life of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀