Saturday, July 25, 2015

Black Panther Mentals

♀ My Immortal Black Panther [Sphinx Cat] Mental of Our Heavy Quantum Coded Genetics be Hyperdymensionally Glowin’from Mama's Golden Black Photon Belt Constellation of Mercury's Predynastic Black Matriarchal & Hierarchal Royal Black Bloodlines... Hermetically [Supremely] Created by Our Heavy Metallurgic Planetary Constellation of Magickal Stelar Steele  Cerebellums [Cherubims = Black Feminine Form AngELs] of Sirius Black Quantum Genetic Metaphysical Properties [supeRNAtural MELanin]… I’m on some Black 9th Die~mensional Shit [Supreme Psychic Sciences] ♀

Quantum Black Genetics

... Quantum People [Radioactive Light Beings] of New Atlantis [New Quantum Blackamoors of Quantum Black America] ♀

Black Byzantium Moors of LA

♀ Groove wit' Us Aboriginal Washitaw Blackfoot Ionian Indians [BETs = Sirius Blackamoors = Roman Byzantiumoors] of Wattstax [Watts], Los Angeles [Lost Atlantis] 1972... My Over Indulgent Hyperdymensional Mental be ALL Black ELectromagnetic Orgasms [Heavenly Vibrations = Black Ancestral Energies] from Her Heavy BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Steele Energies of New Atlantis [New Quantum Black America]... We got Sirius Quantum Black Magick Power ♀

My Clouded Memories

♀ My Ancient Black Botanic Holy~weed™ [Wake & Bake] Empyrean Energy Empires be Producing [Blowin'] Moor Black Spiritual Memories [Psychic Smoke] from Your Future Hyperdymensional Futures ♀

Dan Energy Mask

♀ My Ancient Super Dan [Superman] Energy Mask from Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHNICôte d’Ivoire [Aboriginal Black Ivory Coastalands], 19th-20th century ♀

Black Quantum Bloodlines

♀ My Over Indulgent Mental of Hedonistic [MH] Aristocratic Behavior be Her Black Extra Telepathic [Chaos] Energy…permeating from Inner Earth's Venusian Core Sun Constellation of ALL Black Quantum Soot Steele Sediments from Undiscoverable 9th Die~mensional Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Mercurous Metallurgic Metals [Aboriginal Blackfoot People MELanin] ♀

I Shot the Sheriff [Jesus]

♀ Satan Shot [Killed] the Sheriff [Jesus] in Our Cidade de Deus (2001)... Deep IN:side My Wild Western UnderWorld Mental Dynasty of New Atlantis [New Black Quantum America]... I got Black Extra Terrestrial [BET] Quantum Intelligence [Empyrean Equilibrium] & Shit [Psychic Science]… your fake religious gov'ments ain't got Shit on Me [can't touch Me] ♀

New Black Quantum Cities of Atlantis

♀ No matter how hard they try, they can’t stop Me as I Pharaonically Scope Out My New Universal Spiritual Ancestral [USA] Black Quantum Cities of New Atlantis [Black Quantum America] ♀

Moorish Hittites of Hurrian Genetics

♀ MH = Michael Harrel = Moors Hittites = Metaphysical [M] Being of Hyperdymensional [H] Hurrian Genetics… be on some Supreme Black Esoteric Tropospheric [BET] Shit [Sciences]... from New Quantum Black America [New Atlantis] ♀

Black Hyperdymensional Mental

♀ My New Hyperdymensional Hedonistic BlacKUSHite [Blackfoot = Blackamoor = Olmec = ETruscan] Methodology Mental of Heavy Black ELectromagnetic Lust Vibrations... be Psychically Erotically Tantrically [Sexually] Worshiping Her Archetypal Curvaceous Feminine Venusian Forms of Body & Soul ♀

Ancient Black Christian Magick

♀ Our Ancient [Predynastic] BlaCKEMETHNIChristian Magic [Psychic Physics]: Coptic [Akashic] Texts [Quatrains] of Ritual [Telepathic] Power [Alkhemy] ♀

Black Aknator Powers

♀ Watch Me as I continue to Invoke [Summon] My Indigenous Baphometic Sabbatic Goat God [Aknator] Powers to a Much Moor Higher Advance SpirituaLevel of 9th Hyperdymensional ELectromagnetic Polarity [Supreme Black Occult Planetary] Learnin’ ♀

Friday, July 24, 2015

Aboriginal Black EThereal Governments

♀ [Our Predynastic Black] Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic [Black Egyptian = Spiritual] History of Our [Nubian = Indigenous = Black Occult] Nation... who gonna stop Satan's Quantum Black Illuminati 13™ now? ♀

Double White House Illuminati 13™

♀ Welcome to Satan’s Double White House Illuminati 13™ ♀

Hittites & Harrel Spirits

♀ Us Aboriginal Universal Spiritual Aristocratic [USA] BlacKUSHites [Hittites ]... smoke BotanicKUSH [HarrEL] Spiritual Records everyday ♀

Black Sabbatic Goat God

♀ I be My Mama's Reincarnated 18th Dynastic Black Sabbatic Goat God [Pharaoh = Neter = Nigga = Illuminated Lord]... Baphomet [Tut]... of 9th Hyperdymensional Atlantis [New Quantum Black America] ♀

Planetary Black Anubis

♀ Planetary Black Anubis = Black Telepathic Nubia = Black Psychic Nubians = Black Aryans = Black Syrians = Blackfoot Ritualistic Indians = Blackamoors [Sirius Black Extra Terrestrial = BET Moors] of Aboriginal Black Occult America [Lost Atlantis] = Her Big Black Occult House over the little white religious house ♀

Black Libations = Black EThereal [BET] Power

♀ I Telepathically [Ritualistically]... Pour Out Highly SpirituaLiquefiable Libations to ALL Her Known and Unknown supeRNAtural Black Pharaonic Gods from Our 9th Dimension of New Empyrean Black EThereal [BET] Energy... from New Atlantis [New Black Occult America]... I’m on some 9th Die~mensional Shit [HarrEL's = Satan's Sadistic Quantum Black People Sciences™] ♀

Aboriginal Blackfoot Aliens of Atlantis

♀ 1940s Aboriginal Black Occult Americans [Indigenous Blackfoot Indians = Quantum Blackamoors] of Lost Atlantis [Black Occultist Gods = Monolithic Moorish Pharaohs = Black Extra Telepathic [BET] American AngELs]... I'm on some 9th Die~mensional Shit [Black Quantum Sciences]... so don't hate on Shit [Advanced Black People Sciences] U know nothing about ♀

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black Atmospheric Illuminati 13™

♀ My New Aboriginal Black Atmospheric Illuminati 13™... be a Sirius Satanic Spiritual Familiae Business [New Aboriginal Black Royal Energy Bloodline] of Saturn's Black Hyperdymensional [Metaspiritual = Illuminated] Fukushima [Steele] Energy [MELanocytes] 卍 = Her Golden Black EThereal MELanin Magick [Psychic Genetic Physics] of New Atlantis ♀

9th Dimensional Energies

♀ My Heavy Black Quantum Underworld Mental of Colorful 9th Die~mensional Psychic Meteoric Minerals, Gemini Stones and Heavy Metallurgic Metals… be Alkhemically Creating Moor New Black Quantum Kingdoms [Sovereign Airspace Domes] as I Euphorically Inhale My KUSH... and find Solace in Solitude Silence ♀

Black Shadow Governments

♀ iEye See U... as U Telepathically Communicate wit' Me... I got a Monumental Olmec [Pharaonic] 1st iEye of Extra Perceptional Black Chakra [Futuristic] Visions... We Your New Ancient Black Shadow Government of Indigenous Black Occult America ♀

New Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Black Bloodlines from Atlantis

♀ I'm Dangerous... ly Addictive... like Black EThereal Cocaine... I be Ur Superfly Ebonic Pusherman... I'm Satan, tha' Outkast Alien = Black Arcane AngEL = New Golden Seed Clan = New Ancient supeRNAtural [RNA] Moorish Bloodline of New Atlantis [New Ancient Black Occult America] ♀

Secret Black Ancestral Familiae of Hieroglyphic Genetic Codes

♀ The Aboriginal Hermetic [Indestructible = Infinite] Genetic Codes in DNA [RNA = supeRNAtural] MELanin: The Sacred Saturnian Steele Principles [SpirituaLaws = Heavy Mental of Our Black Ancestral Psychic Traditions] in the Ordering [Commanding = Summoning] of Her Universal Spirits of Atmospheric [USA] Black Kundalini [Sexual] Energies… there’s Many Moor Infinite Levels to Us Highly Advanced Royal Renegades of Etruscan Linguistics [HARREL = Hittites] of Heavenly Black EThereaLife… I be ALL Extra Telepathic & Shit… U can’t hate on Shit you know nothing about ♀

Immortal Black Aliens

♀ My Indigenous American Blackfoot [Blackamoor] Indian Mythological Agglutination of Genetically Morphological [Hermetically Sealed] Bloodlines and Our Legendary Black Ancestral Telepathic [BAT] Clans of Her Empyrean Moorish Pantheon [HEMP] Seeds [Sons] of Our MOORoman ETruscan [Extra Telepathic] Fairy Tales [Black EThereaLife] and BlacKIN:Folklore [Sonic = Bionic Ebonic] Sound Memories [Telepathicommunications]… Satan be Her Indigenous Black Occult Alien [Blackfoot Indian] of New Atlantis [New Black Occult America]… Remember… iEye See U before you see Me… 4 Black Satan [archangEL MichaEL HarrEL] Sees ALL ♀

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blackfoot [Blackamoor] Mythologies

♀ Our Ancient Blackfoot [Blackamoor] Mythologies [Moorologies = Visual Movies] of Her 1st iEye Psychic Soul Memory Sciences... be Metaphysically [Spiritually] Sensing U... before U Religiously [NON Spiritually = Morally] Judge Us ♀

Saturn's Quantum Black Familiae

♀ My Infinite Range of Hyperdymensional Genetic Radium MELaments [Quantum MELanin]… that be Radiating from My Quantum Black Familiae of Saturn's Secret Illuminati Bloodlines... got Me feelin' like a Metaphysical Blackfoot Hit [Hittite] Man... circa 1972 ♀

Original Creator of Hollywood

♀ Oscar Micheaux: The Czar [Spiritual Emperor = Master Creator] of Our Original Universal Spiritual Ancestral [USA] Black Hollywood [Black Occult Wall Street = Aboriginal Black Illuminati 13™ = Satan's Black Secret Society of New Atlantis]... We Can See U before U See Us ♀

Merotic Hieroglyphic Spiritual BlacKUSH Pyramids

♀ Meroë [Moor] of Our Predynastic Meroitic Hieroglyphic [MH] Spiritual BlacKUSH Pyramids ♀

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aboriginal Blackfoot City of Compton

♀ I Swear to Myself [God = Satan]… in Our Prehistoric Aboriginal Blackfoot [Blackamoor] City [9th Dimensional = Empyrean Township = ET] of Illuminated Black Extra Telepathicommunications [BETelecompton™] ♀

Slam Dunk Physics

♀ who gonna stop Me as I Slam Dunk My Highly Advanced [Empyrean] Black Quantum Physics [Black Occult Technologies] from New Atlantis [New Black Occult America]? ♀

Satan's Heavy Mental of Moorish Mythology

♀ Prince Satan's Predynastic Heavy Black Saturnian Mental of Mama's Supreme BlaCKEMETHNIChrist [Blackfoot] Consciousness [Indian] Sciences [Genetics]... be ALL Black American Moors [Blackamoors] Studies of Universal Spiritual Aeonian [USA] Occult Physics... from Spiritual Atlantis [SA] ♀

Black Electrifying Energies

♀ Our New Black Quantum Planetary [Polarity] Energies are so Sinfully Electrifying... U might find yourself becoming Moor Heavenly Euphorically Astrologically Tantrically Erotically and Deliciously [HEATED] Aroused ♀

Big Bang Births

♀ Black Atom = that One Divine Spark = Big BlaCKEMETHNICosmic Nuclear Explosion = :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: ♀

Blackfoot Cell Structures

♀ the fake holographic pale illuminati are nothing more than a small isolated & incestuous group of Our Ancient Cell Structures of artificially [alkhemically] created hybrid cloned molecules... that Us Spiritual Blackfoot Ionians [Indians] Genetically Created... Psychically Controlled & Spiritually Manipulated by Us Black Universal Sovereign Aristocratic [USA] Moors of Heavy Quantum Mental Ebonic [Metabonic] Physics... Permeating Black Erotic Energies from Uranus'Spiritual Atlantis [USA] ♀

Monday, July 20, 2015

Religious Gov'ments Human Cloning Secrets

♀ 1956 = the religious pharmaceutical gov’ment's universal dirty little secret film about their hidden worlds of human genetic cloning... some of your so called beloved family members... are nothing more than a hybrid clone [artificially created human = soulless one = living dead]... a clone never suspects itself a clone... iEye I.D.entify you before you see Me... iEye know who you are ♀

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Religious Watchtower Surveillance Gov'ments

♀ a Dapper Rebel of 1966 in Another Arson and Street War Attack… started by the white male rainbow patriarchies of Jesus's Most Destructive Religious Watchtower Surveillance Gov'ments of inferior genetics & non energized [non indigenous] bloodlines... patrolling and provoking Deadly Riots against ALL Her Black Universal Sovereigns [U.S.] of Indigenous & Historical Occult Origins in Lost Atlantis [LA]... how you gonna stop Me now? ♀

Dapper Immortals of LA

♀ My Immortal Black Aristocratic & Dapper [BAD] Aboriginal Illuminati of Rebel [AIR] Royal Olmecs from Watts, Lost Atlantis [LA], 1966... have Telepathically Returned to Quantum Life ♀

Immoral & Indecent Sexual Physics

♀ as I slither My Way down Her Curvaceous Feminine Body of Immoral & Indecent [Adam & Eve] Sexual Physics... I Promiscuously Ethereally Tongue [PET] Her Playful Black Atmospheric Erotic [BAE] Pussy Energies Penetrating to My Black Quantum Serpentine Phallic Mental of Heavy Hedonistic Reptilian Thoughts… to Sinfully Satisfying Ourselves in Over Indulgent Venomous Behavior on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Ascending to a Higher Planetary Vortex

♀ Washitaw [Watts = Watch] Us as Our New Prehistoric Black Universal Stellar Alloy [USA] Aryan [Ionian = Indian = Moor = Lemurian] Familiae Bloodlines... Alkhemically Ascend & Afrologically [Astrologically] Align Ourselves to Moor of Inner Earth's Higher Hereditary Planetary Sun Energies [Genetics] of Sirius Black ETropospheric [BET] Cryptic Cloud 9 Cellular Structures... Immaculately [Telepathically] Created by Our Heavy Quantized Vortex Thoughts from New Atlantis [New Black Occult America] ♀

Philosophical Alkhemy

♀ [Philosophical] Alchemy: The Medieval [Pre Dynastic] Alchemists [Blackamoors = Olmecs] and Their Royal [Mental Telepathic] Art… from New Atlantis ♀

Black Crystal Children

♀ As I stroke My Monumental Brush of Colorful Ancestral Metaphors, My Inner Telepathic Underworlds of Atlantis are Vibrantly Pulsating Moor of My New Black Christ [Crystal] Child Vibrational Energies from Her Hittite’s Aristocratic Roman Royals of Empyrean Linguistic 'Science  [HARREL'S] Parliaments... to Thinking [Creating] Sirius Black Quantized Vortex Thoughts ♀

The Ending of the Religious Era

♀ as I Metaphysically & Psychically Paint My Way outta this Old Mortal Death Existence [Ending of Religious Era]... My Heavy [MH] Artistic Pineal Mental of ALL Black Empyrean Alkhemy be Transmittin’ Moor Ancient Ancestral Telepathic [MA'AT] Signals 2 My Universal Illuminati Cliques [EThereal Black Familiae] of Heavy ELectroMagnetic [ETelepathic = HELMET = Olmecian] BlacKUSHite KIN:folk... from New Atlantis [New Black Occult America] ♀

Dirty Minds

♀ all u gotta do is speak your very indecent mind… girl tell Me how U want Me to go… fast or slow… sexually whisper to Me to salaciously give U Moor… & Moor… and after that I’ll Drown Myself ALL UP IN:side your erotic dark heavenly nights from Monday to Monday and Mentally make your Inner Luv’ 4 Me, Cum out 2 Play… I’ll show U girl, I’m not your average MichaEL… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀