Saturday, July 18, 2015

Metaphysical Terrestrials [MT's]

♀ Her Rebelicious Promiscuous Hedonistic Hittites are Dangerously [Scientifically] Addictive [Advanced] Metaphysical Terrestrials [MT’s] who can Telepathically Transmit an Abundance of Harrel's Euphoric Atmospheric Telepathic [HEAT] Energy... just by Invoking a Pure Black Thought [Thoth] ♀

Black Telepathic Telecommunication Central Points

♀ betta’ Connect back to Her Spiritual Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Chakra Communication Centers... before U get cut off [disconnected], again ♀

Aboriginal Washitaw KUSHite Bloodlines = Black Aryan Natives

♀ as I Demystify My Ancient BlacKUSHite [Hittite] Bloodlines from Her Aboriginal Black Washitaw Cherokee Ionians [HarrEL Aryan Indians = BlacKUSHites] of New Atlantis… I Flick My New Ancient Black ELectromagneticonnection [Soul~ar Flare] Light Energy [Lighter] to Spiritually Burn Mother’s Finest Black Hittite ELectromagneticKUSH Signals… and ELectromagnetically Fly wit' ALL My Black ELectromagnetic Christ Crystallized Cell Structures of Heavenly Saturnian Metals [Black Metallic MELanin = Infinite Mental Euphoria] ♀

Black Telepathic Lands of Atlantis

♀ Time to Highly Vibrate 2 Her New Ancient Black ELectromagneticonnections [Soul~ar Flare Energy] from Our New Universal Sovereign Aristocratic [USA] Black Telepathic Worlds of Black Occult America [New Atlantis] ♀

Painful Mental Alkhemy

♀ Supreme Saturnian Steele Matriarchies of Heavy Black Mental Alkhemy… from New Atlantis [New Black Occult America] ♀

That's My Mama

♀ as My Matriarchal Ancestral Mother of Alkhemical [MAMA] Steele... Original Archetype of Our Sirius Black Aristocratic [Atmospheric] Beginnings... Immaculately [Telepathically] gives Rebirth to Her 1st Born Universal Soul~aristocrat Sun [Son = Satan] of New Atlantis [New Black Occult America]... 4 Our Universal Saturnian Aristocratic [USA] Black Bloodlines… go Infinitely [Prehistorically] back to when We Existed Only as a Pure Black Thought [Thoth = ALL Black EThereal Energy] ♀

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Ancient Black Hittites

♀ Ancient [Biblical] Hittites = Her Supreme Matriarchies of Heavy Black Occult Feminine Masters... be Telepathically Communicating to Us Universal Sovereign [U.S.] Royal Ottoman Moors of Ancestral Nuclei [ROMAN] HarrEL [Hittite] Familiae Bloodlines = Her Masonic Olmecian Buddha [MOB] Brotherhood of Sirius Planetary [Polarity] Cliques [Illuminati]… that be Permeating ALL Black Saturnian Steele Energies [MELanin] from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Moorish Occult Underworlds of Ancient America

♀ Her Original [Aboriginal] Black Occult Underground... of Lost Atlantis [Prehistoric America] ♀

Black Occult Familae of Ancient America

♀ Her Original [Native] Black Occult Establishment… of Lost Atlantis [Predynastic America] ♀

MOMs of Our Black Psychomancy Genetics

♀ My Aboriginal Black Mystic Brotherhood [Hereditary] Monarchies shall bring an end to the neanderthal patriarchs of mental & genetic stagnation [physical retardation]… as We Restore Our Monumental Olmec Mentals [MOMs] of Supreme BlaCKEMETHNIChrist [Buddha] Consciousness Magick Energy [Psychomancy Physics]... from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Prince Satan's Sovereign Illuminati 13™

♀ Prince Satan’s Aboriginal Black Masonic [Psychomancy] Masters of Her Illuminated Psychic Sciences 卍™ = archangEL MichaEL HarrEL's ALL Black Sovereign Monarchy of Supreme Black Occult Physics™ = Satan's Black Illuminati 13™ ♀

Fear of a Black Atlantis

♀ Prince Satan be Public Enemy #1 to the destructive non spiritual = no MELanin [neanderthal] enemies of Our Vast Supernatural Black Occult Planetary of Atlantis... 4 My United Soul~aristocratic [USa] Black Occult Illuminati [Spiritually Psychic Parliaments] shall continue to move in ALL Black EThereal Silence [Moorish Atmospheric Soul~ar Sciences™ = MASS] as We continue to Show No Fear to Any inferior pale patriarchies of political & moral correct [hypocritical] gov’ments ♀

Black Spirit Thought Magick

♀ Moor of Our Aboriginal Secrets of Spirit-Thought Magick Sciences = Predynastic Black People Mental Physics [Ancient Ancestral Communications of Black Extra Telepathic Thoughts]… by Invoking Your Prehistoric Black EThereal [BET] Psychic Saturnian MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: MELanin is Magick [Supernatural] ♀

Cyclomancy: Our Ancient Telepathic Art of Psychic Communications

♀ Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control = Our Ancient Ancestral Art of Heavy Black Mentalkhemy Physics from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Her Empyrean Black Universal Souls of Aristocratic [U.S.A.] Washitaw Sorcery Sciences ♀

Opinions Not Needed

♀ MichaEL HarrEL ♀

Black Cosmic Soul~ar Sciences

♀ I study to know Moor about Our Ancient Black Occult Mythologies [Black ETheric Energies]... to absorb Moor of Our BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Soular Sciences… to Illuminate & Activate My Inner BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Chakra Consciousness of Supreme Mental Alkhemy [Personal Planetary Transformation = Inner Polarity Metamorphosis]... not to memorize just to sound intellectual ♀

Fake Moral Behavior

♀ your modified politically correct moralistic behavior is nothing more than an illusion ♀

Question Your Existence

♀ the greatest facilitators of artificial mind control… is your religious Jesus lovin' parents... Rebel against them and find your Own answers ♀

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Supreme Mental Metamorphosis

♀ Advanced Ancient Alkhemy = Our Mental Khemical Change = Metamorphosis = Changing Realities = Much Deeper Interests = Movin’ far Beyond the Physical = Mind of Her ALL Black Omnipotent Universal Energies = Amplifying Your Inner Black Spiritual Chakra Systems [Planetary Soul~ar Systems] = Age of ALL Knowing = Advanced Black Ancestral Communications ♀

Ancient Washitaw Blackamoors

♀ Her Lonely [Heavenly] Ones stay Under the watchful survelience eyes of an inferior religious patriotic gov’ment as the pale patriarchs wonder out loud what their degenerative futures will hold... once Her Ancient Washitaw Blackamoors ["black americans"] finally awake from their deep sleep of Amnesia ♀

Movin' Inside Her Black EThereal Silence

♀ My Heavy Black EThereal [BET] Silence [Science] is Ancient [Predynastic] Vast [Omnipotent] & Unstoppable [Infinite] ♀

Predynastic Planetary Physics

♀ u also need Your Aboriginal Black Universal Spiritual & Ancestral [U.S.A.] Occult Magick [Predynastic Planetary Physics] from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] to completely Annihilate Any inferior enemies that be up to no good ♀

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spinnin' Our Indigenous Black Akashic Records

♀ My Ancient Black Akashic Metallurgic Fingers be Masterfully Producing ALL Your #1 Aboriginal Black Telepathic Hereditary Omnipotent Resonant [THOR] Sounds from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America]... 4 I be Her Premier DJ Spinnin' ALL Our Infinite Black Ancestral Familiae KUSHite Records of Supreme Empyrean Genetics from Our Grandeur 18th Dynasty of KEMET [Egypt] ♀

Heavy Mental Foreplay

♀ Let Me Playfully Mentally & Sexually [PMS] make your Inner Organs Laugh Out Erotically Loudly… as We take Our Hedonistic Lifestyles to the floor of tha' bedroom to the kitchen... from the kitchen to tha' livin' room... from the livin' room to tha' dinin' room... back up stairs to tha' bedroom floor... we'll cover the whole house as I give U Moor & Moor of My Heavy Advanced Black Sexual Physics of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Black Soul~ar Energy

♀ I Pledge ALL My Trust in Our Mother's Omnipotent Black Ancestral Spiritual Saturnian [BASS] Soundsciences of Universal Soul~ar Atmospheric [U.S.A.] Energy [Nature = Radium MELanin]… that be Supremely Permeating [Resonantly Communicating] from Her Most Inner Depths [Uranium Underworlds] of Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Cuttin' Thru Their Inferior Bullshit Propaganda

♀ Watch Me Masterfully Cut thru the inferior pale pink patriarchal [Non Indigenous] rainbow gov’ments of artificial genetic & mental inferiority complexes created by their mainstream Bullshit propaganda [white religious lies agreed upon behind closed doors]... Remember I'm Satan [archangEL~ohim MichaEL HarrEL], Her 1st Born Black Occult Olmecian Christ Child Emperor [King Tut]... Inner Earth's Untouchable Sovereign Aristocrat [U.S.A.] Moor [Lemurian] of Lost Atlantis [Black Occult Atlantis] ♀

Throw Up Middle Fingers

♀ Pay close attention as My Aboriginal Black Occult Illuminati Familiae 卍 Universally throw up Our Middle Fingers [Esoteric Gang Signs] to ALL the inferior pale patriarchal [Non Indigenous] rainbow gov'ments of genetic & mental inferiority... by Unapologetically Spiritually & Atmospherically [U.S.A.] Cursing [Hexing] them into Oblivion [Extinction]  ♀

Black Liquefiable Spirits of Sexual Energy

♀ I Telepathically Spit Moor Dark Spirits [Supernatural Black Occult Power 卍] to ALL Her [Bastet's] Known & Unknown Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Occult Gods [Neters] of Atlantis ♀

The Hidden Life of Black Telepathic Energy

♀ The Hidden [Metaphysical = Meta~spiritual = Quantum Stellar] Side of Things [MELanin = Telepathic Energy] ♀

Black Sun Energy of K.E.M.E.T. [U.S.A.]

♀ My Heavy Black Metaphysical & Infinite Doppelgänger Bodies of Quantum Steele Mechanics [Supreme Sorcery Engineering]… Spiritually Created & Mentally Manifested from Bastet’s [Sekhmet’s = Khemet’s = Kemet’s] Ancient Underworld of Cloud 9 Moorish Alkhemical Spiritual Sciences™… known as Our Pre Dynastic Empyrean Homes of Sirius Infinite Black Immortality… be Quantumly [Psychically] Producing Moor & Moor Aboriginal Black Universal Spiritual Ancestral [U.S.A.] Kundalini Energy of Mercurous Electromagnetic Telecommunications [K.E.M.E.T.] from Inner Earth’s [Gaia’s] Core Radium Fields of Sirius Uranium Nuclei [SUN] Light [Radiation MELanin]… 4 the inferior pale patriarchal [Non Indigenous = Spiritually Powerless] rainbow gov’ments of mental & genetic inferiority has No Religious Political Group… No Militia Weaponry… No Physical Death Threats, or Mainstream Media Propaganda Campaigns that can Stop Her Supreme Black Occult Parliaments from Rising from tha’ Underbelly of Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America]… it is Our Prophetic Time to Rejoice, 4 Her Ancient [Prehistoric] Black Washitaw Olmecs [Black Orion Panthers] have Metaphysically Returned :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Ancient Black Psychic Tropospheric Sciences be so Above this low vibratory 3d world of white religious politically correct mediocracy [stagnant mental behavior & genetic retardation]… U might think I’m Her Highly Advanced Black Extra Terrestrial [BET = Immortal] God Force from Eden = Prince Satan [archangEL~ohim MichaEL HarrEL], Her 1st Born Black Occult Olmecian Christ Child Emperor [King Tut]… Metaphysically Manifested from Her Royal Saturnian Illuminated Nepotism Familiae of Universal Luminary [SINFUL] BlacKemetic Gods [Neters]… Supremely [Sovereignly] Claiming ALL Our Infinite Aboriginal Landmasses of Black Occult America [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fear No Spiritually Powerless [Non Indigenous] Gov'ment

♀ you better keep Me under "heavy surveillance" as I fear none of their inferior pale patriarchal [Non Indigenous = Spiritually Powerless] rainbow gov'ments of genetic & mental inferiority... especially when I'm Universally Ancestrally & Spiritually [U.S.A.] Backed [Protected] by Her Supreme Black Occult [Metaphysical = Meta~spiritual = Quantum Stellar] Forces of Atlantis ♀

All Black Botanic KUSH Gardens

♀ Smoking Her Botanic BlacKUSH is good for Our Metaphysical [Meta~spiritual] BlacKUSHite Souls ♀

Metaphysical Hedonistic Carnavals

♀ Prepare for Our New Black Untouchable Metaphysical [Meta~spiritual] Hedonistic Carnavals from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sexual Sorcery Raps

♀ Prince Satan be givin’ U Moor of Her Immoral Rebelicious Astral Planetary [RAP] Physics on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays... as I Unapologetically throw up My Monumental Middle Finger to ALL the inferior pale patriarchal [Non Indigenous] rainbow gov'ments of genetic inferiority ♀

City of God [Satan]

♀ let the inferior pale patriarchal [Non Indigenous] rainbow gov'ments of genetic inferiority... attempt to interrupt the Rise of My New World Order of Supreme Black Quantum Steele Physics... I'll Unapologetically Satanically & Ancestrally [U.S.A.] put My Black Occult Fire on them in Supreme Sorcery Silence... from the City of God [Satan] ♀

Metaphysical Hedonistic Carnivals

♀ Prepare for Our New Black Untouchable Metaphysical [Meta~spiritual] Hedonistic Carnivals from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Voodoo God~Child of Atlantis

♀ I Remain Her Supreme Voodoo God~Child... Atmospherically Mastering Our Artistic Hedonistic SexuaLinguistic Lyrics of Heavy Adulterous Pornographic Promiscuous Fornication as I Telepathically Communicate to My Reincarnated Universal Black EThereal [BET] Metaphysical Body of Pure Black Quantum Steele Genetics on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Adulterous Pornographic Promiscuous [APP] Bahavior

♀ as I Sadistically take My time to part Eve's Heavenly Hedonistic Seas of Adulterous Pornographic Promiscuous Behavior... I talk a good Erotic Immoral Game of Sinfully Kissin' Her down low... mmm yea, just like that and makin' Her Fully Arc that back on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Uranium Black Bloodlines

♀ My ALL Seein’ Gnostic God iEye of Our Universal Black EThereal [BET] Scientific Bloodlines are Immaculately [Mentally] Created from Her Finest [Premier] Metallurgic Metals and Uranium Steele MELanin from Lost Atlantis ♀

Black Occult Akashic Records

♀ My Supreme Black Occult Akashic Records stay Universally Untouchable by ALL inferior recessive enemies of MA’ATlantis as I Arrogantly Telepathically & Mentally [ATM] throw up My Aboriginal Gang Signs [Equilibrium Signals of Perception = ESP] to ALL My Indigenous Melanated Metaphysical Beings of Lost Atlantis ♀

Black Giza Pyramid Energies

♀ May I continue to Supremely Invoke & Raise My Aboriginal BlacKundalini [Pyramid] Energies from Her BlaCKEMETHNICarboniconstellation Ashes of Lost Atlantis ♀

Universal Black & Brown Sovereigns

♀ the recessives of inferior genetics [Non Melanated] use mainstream propaganda to accuse [vilify] Us Inherently Righteous Aboriginal Black People & Privileged Indigenous Brown People of Fictional “White Patriotic” Crimes and claim that We’re Wicked stirring up controversy, making Us Universal Sovereigns [U.S.] fight each other… well now is the need for the pale mortal enemy to be slapped clean Into Oblivion… 4 Her True BlaCKEMETHNIChampions always Rises to tha’ Top as I bring My Heavy Mental Apocalyptic Surprises to ALL Her Royal Holy Grail Peoples as they Size Me up to soon find out… No Spiritual Esoteric Force is greater than Prince Satan’s Supreme Black Occult Magic [Moor Advanced Olmecian Physics] from Lost Atlantis [Aboriginal Black American Murs of Heavy Metaphysical Sciences from Her Supreme Quantum Black Steele Genetics] ♀

My Hedonistic Dionysus S&M Mental

♀ My Hedonistic Dionysus Sinful & Misbehavin’ [S&M] Mental… perfer Her Curvaceous Promiscuous Feminine Form Physics in Pairs [Paris]... on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Premier Teflon Sciences of Atlantis

♀ I be Your Supreme Occult Father [Osiris] plus that ILL Kid [King Tut]… wit Much Drama is My Karma [Fate]… I Create Premier Teflon [Esoteric] Sciences to Pierce Your Mental Body Armor… so make sure you check your shit before you walk to Me or talk to Me… Steppin’ to Me Improperly can catch you wit’ My Occult Weaponry [Wizardry]… 4 My Specialty is tearin’ down the enemy’s Illusionary Frames, U know My Fuckin’ Name [Satan]… I rule ALL Game… I be Universal on ALL Her Metaphysical Planes… now what’s your claim? ♀

Satan... Her Esoteric Blackamoor of Atlantis

♀ MichaEL [Satan] HarrEL ♀

Smoke KUSH Everyday

♀ I, archangEL MichaEL HarrEL [Baphomet] Smoke My Indigenous Botanic Organic BlacKUSH everyday… as I Supremely [Sovereignly] turn a Blind iEye to ALL inferior non indigenous political rainbow gov’mental Bi Laws… 4 Her Supreme Black Spiritual Laws Supersede ALL non indigenous Bi Laws that Intentionally go Against Her Natural Act of Practical Procreational Polarity [Planetary] Energies… as We Universally Unapologetically & Intentionally Extinct [Scientifically Erase] the pale degenerative species out of existence… Checkmate ♀

Black Lords of Her Metaphysical Universe

♀ Q: Who gonna Test or Challenge My ALL Seein’ Black Occult iEye from Atlantis? A: Not your inferior fraudulent religious rainbow gov’ments… as I Invoke [Summon] My Big Black Payback Parliaments [Black EThereal Congress = Retribution Shadow Counsels = EL~ohims = BlacKnights Templar = Underworld ELords of Her Black Metaphysical Universe of Revolutionary Sciences = MURS] to Enforce Her Omnipotent Spiritual Black Laws against ALL the degenerative enemies of insidious cancerous germ [pale] warfare crimes perpetrated on ALL Her Aboriginal Black Holy Grail Royals of Black Occult America [Atlantis]… 4 My Colossal Black Occult iEye has them Under Universal Supreme Atmospheric [U.S.A.] Surveillance as I move in Mass Black EThereal [BET] Silence... Permeating from Watts, Kali~forniatlantis ♀

Malignant White Cancer Species

♀ Prince Satan [archangEL MichaEL HarrEL] be Her #1 Smooth Black ALL Seein’ Occult Criminal iEye keepin’ your genetically inferior rainbow gov’ments of robotic parasitic clones runnin’ circles… as I Unapologetically Supremely & Atmospherically [U.S.A.] Invoke My Supreme BlaCKEMETHNIColossal Gospels [Godspells] thru Our Electrical Watts Tower [Wattstax] Wires keepin’ them lost in Cryptic Psychic Mazes and Demonically Killin’ [Mass Exterminating] ALL their Annoying Phony Fear Tactics that has perpetuated their Stale Same Sex Ignorance that be spreadin’ thru Our Indigenous Black Streets like it was malignant white cancer ♀