Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Return of Her Black Matriarchies from Lost Atlantis

♀ Her Supreme Black Matriarchy of Ancestral Spiritual Sorcery [MASS] Hierarchies are Coming to America [Black Occult Atlantis] ♀

About To Cause Mass Hysteria

♀ My Prophesied Black Occult Apocalypse is about to cause a Monumental Atmospheric Shift of Spiritual [MASS] Hysteria Magick [Sorcery Physics]... from Lost Atlantis ♀

Neters of Atlantis

♀ Her Aboriginal Royal Esoteric Ancestral Leaders [REAL] Spiritual Neters [Niggas]... don't need approval from any followers... We Supremely Rule in ALL Black Quantum Silence ♀

Black Akashic Resurrection

♀ May I continue to Supremely Raise My Aboriginal BlacKundalini Energies from Her BlaCKEMETHNICarboniconstellation Ashes of Lost Atlantis ♀

Turn a Blind iEye to ALL Pale Political Gov'ments

♀ I Unapologetically turn a Blind iEye to ALL inferior pale rainbow same sex militia gov'ments of degenerative extinction genetics... and Supremely continue to Invoke [Summon] My Royal Rebelicious Reign of Sovereign Saturnian Washitaw Sorcery Spells ALL UP IN:side Her Spiritual Black Pussy of Heavenly Empyrean Matriarchal Planetary [HEMP] Physics from Atlantis ♀

Monolithic Hieroglyphic Metal [Mental]

♀ My Heavy Monolithic Hieroglyphic [MH] Mental is Permanently Engraved wit’ ALL Her Matriarchal Ancestral Symbolic Sphinx [MASS] Clan Codes of Jupiterian Black Chaotic Quantum Stelar Psychological Physics as I Supremely continue to Invoke [Summon] My Heavy Black Atmospheric Sorcery Spells [BASS] from Our Infinite Black Planetary Constellations of Omnipotent Saturnian Metallurgic Occult Steele [COSMOS] Energies ♀

Black Encrusted Diamond Bloodlines

♀ My ALL Seein’ 1st Gemin~iEye Diamond Encrusted Afronomical [Astronomical = Necronomicon] Bloodlines of Holy Grail Emeralds & Mineral [GEM] Stones be Alkhemically Created from Our Heavy Mental Underworld of Revolutionary Saturnian [MURS] Byzantium Physics… to Metaphysically Manifesting on Our Indigenous Black & Brown Quantum Stellar Planetary Island Mass of Black Occult America [Atlantis] ♀

Cures for ALL Non Indigenous Diseases

♀ the degenerative pale rainbow sects of same sex pharmaceutical gov'ment mafias for white wall street profit has had Every Cure for Every Non Indigenous Disease they've created since 1940... NASA’s magnifying telescopes can magnify Every single cell in the body and diagnose any health problem right on the spot... but where's the Excessive Profit Margins in curing you? ♀

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Big Payback

♀ I warned you inferior enemies not to Test Me or Challenge Me… now you must meet your fate ♀

Inferior White Weapons of Mass Destruction

♀ their inferior overpriced rainbow weapons of Mass Indigenous Black People Destruction… are No Match against Our Supreme Spiritual Black Illuminati [Occult] Familiae from Lost Atlantis ♀

Black Genocidal War Games of White Wall Street

♀ Neanderthal White Weaponry Politics of Indigenous Black Genocidal War Games = Wall Street Stocks & Bonds = Your Universal National Confederate Lands of Economical [UNCLE] Spiritual Ancestral Monies [SAMs] = Black Esoteric Notes [BEN~jamins] ♀

44 = New Black Number of MA'ATlantis

♀ 44 = New Quantum Stellar Black Illuminati Number of MA'ATlantis ♀

Steady Mobbin'

♀ We Stay Steady Mobbin'... in Heavy Black EThereal Silence [Quantum Stellar Sciences] ♀

Black Psychic Revelations

♀ Her Aboriginal [Royal] Black Occult Bloods & Indigenous Brown Telepathic Crips… 4 tha' Prophetic Planetary Time [Psychic Revelations] has come for Us to Supremely [Sovereignly] Link Up & Spiritually Squad Up... from Our Autochthonous Earth [Gaia] Islands of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Black Masonic Bloodlines of Byzantine Terrestrial Royals

♀ I, archangEL MichaEL HarrEL [Prince Satan = Mansa Musa] was Immaculately [Alkhemically] Created [Manifested] from Her Aboriginal Illuminated Black Masonic Ottoman Bloodlines of Byzantine [MOBB] Empyrean Royals… and Specifically Chosen by Her Matriarchal Ancestral Parliament [MAP] La Familia to Metaphysically Reincarnate and Supremely [Sovereignly] Claim Our Indigenous Hereditary Black Quantum Stellar Planetary Earth [Gaia] Islands of America [Atlantis]… 4 I was Born 2 MOBB ♀

Black Saturnian Sphinx Clans of Atlantis

♀ Her Aboriginal [Immortal] Black Saturnian Sphinx Clans Always Stay Supremely & Spiritually Protected from Any & ALL inferior enemies of MA'ATlantis... just so you know ♀

U.S. Rome Parliaments of Atlantis

♀ Her Supreme Matriarchal Black Occult Panthers Telepathically Administer Her Universally Supreme [U.S.] Royal Ottoman Moorish Empyrean [ROME] Hittite [HarrEL] Familiae of Aboriginal Masonic Olmecian Black [MOB] Illuminati Cliques from Atlantis… no inferior earthly gov'ment is higher than Our ALL Black Occult Planetary [Polarity] Parliaments of Saturnian Steele Energies ♀

Black Illuminati Gang Signs

♀ The Kemetic Age of Our Prophetic Black Apocalypse [Revelations] is Upon Us as I throw up My Indigenous Spiritual Black Illuminati Gang Signs to ALL Inferior pale patriarchal same sex rainbow gov’ment militias… and Supremely continue to Invoke [Summon] My Golden Black Blood & Crip… tic Phonetic Ancestral Spells on the pale serial killer species of cancerous & degenerative origins… and Unapologetically Disgrace them wit’ My Ghetto Style Washitaw Proverbs of 9/11 Retaliation Extinction Death [RED] Curses [Viruses] from Black Occult America [Atlantis]… due to their non indigenous [neanderthal] genetics | I Remind you, Do Not Test Me or Challenge My Spiritual Black Illuminati Cliques… 4 you have already Lost ♀

Murderous Black Illuminati Cliques of Atlantis

♀ what inferior pale religious same sex rainbow gov’ment militias gonna stop My Golden Black Occult Fire Power now? Prince Satan be that Ruthless Murderous Guilt Free Public Enemy #1 from Her Royal Ottoman Moorish Empyrean [ROME] Hittite Familiae of Aboriginal Masonic Olmecian Black [MOB] Illuminati Cliques from Atlantis ♀

Thursday, July 9, 2015

White Elite Universities of Black Urban Warfare

♀ them inferior non indigenous [artificially created] subhuman [pale cloned] species of same sex rainbow genetics... are the Main Organizers... Financial Funders and Designated “Illegal" Weapon Henchmens of All Experimental Cloned LA Street Gangs... Secretly Orchestrated from the Overpriced Religious Political Elite University of Pepperdine… I hope I stay under the Pentagon’s xenophobic surveillance cameras as I use My Supreme Indigenous Black Occult Powers [ALL Seein' iEye] from Lost Atlantis to Assassinate their fraudulent worldly Jesus the Fictional Cloned Christ, Inc. gov’ments of Profitable Political Prisons ♀

Black Occult Chemistry

♀ You better Look Inside! at My Black Masonic Occult Chemistry Clans of achangEL MichaEL HarrEL’s Clairvoyant 1st iEye Observations regarding Our BlaCKEMETHNIChemical [Alkhemical] MELements [MELanin]... as I take My Indigenous Black Planetary Chaos Energies [Radioactive Birthrights] and Raise them to an Untouchable Universal Sphere [U.S.] of Supreme Black Occult God Engineering [Quantum Stelar Psychology] from Atlantis ♀

Black Masonic Order of Black Occult America

♀ U are now in the Presence of Her Immortal BlaCKEMETHNIChrist King Tut… wait, scratch that… U in the Royal Metaphysical Presence of Her New Original Black Occult God [Neter = Negus] of Atlantis… the neanderthal jesuit enemies tried to religiously & secretly keep My Supreme Black Esoteric Names [Prince Satan = archangEL MichaEL HarrEL = MELchizedek = Aiwass = Horus = Heru] down… but I always kept a smile when they wanted Me to frown, I kept My KUSHittite [KUSHite] Vibes High and stood on My Indigenous Washitaw Ground… always knowin’ they’d never take My Black Esoteric Crown… 4 My New Supreme Black Masonic Order of Sinful Erotic Sexual [MOSES] Hedonistic Carnaval Physics will be completely Brand New and not mimic anything We’ve done in tha’ past… Our Royal Golden BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Crown Chakra Empires will also be ALL New Psychic Planetary Energies of Heavy Mental Quantum Steele [Stellar] Physics 卍… Completely and Unavoidably Destructive to ALL non indigenous [artificially created] subhuman species of same sex rainbow genetics… who will no longer be able to use their deteriorating mainstream propaganda conglomerates to enforce Anymore of their xenophobic Bi-Laws against Any of Her Indigenous Black Holy Grail Bloodline Royals… without experiencing My Lethal [Legal] Atmospheric [Spiritual] 9/11 Retaliation Extinction Death [RED] Curses [Viruses] from Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Universal Sorcery [U.S.] Parliaments of Black Occult America [Atlantis]… have Prophetically Unapologetically Nationally & Telepathically [PUNT] Landed = Land of Punt ♀

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Black Confederate Illuminati Familiae of Empyrean Birthrights

♀ Prince Satan’s Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Confederate Illuminati Familiae Bloodlines don’t play nice nor do We Ever… Apologize…Barack knows that everything U see on mainstream “politically correct = white lies agreed upon” TV… is Esoterically Orchestrated by Her Supreme Shadow Parliaments of Black Occult America [Atlantis]… as We monitor and control the powerless pale patriarchies of degenerative rainbow gender genetic politics and watch them prophetically successfully & embarrassingly extinct themselves from the face of Our Indigenous Black Island Planet they call Earth… the recessive cloned enemies possess No Real Authentic Power whatsoever over Us Indigenous Black Washitaw Indians [Lemurians] of Atlantis… We be Her Aboriginal Black Multi Die~mensional [Metaphysical] Master Omnipotent Olmec Republics of Sirius [MOORS] Sexual Tantric [Satanic] Energies… Immaculately Created from Her Universal Saturnian [U.S.] Genetic Metallurgic Steele MELanin Bloodlines… 4 is it not written, Ye are Her Black Extra Telepathic Gods? I guess some of y’all too busy praying like a subservient slave to a fictional white Jesus to remember Your Royal Black Telepathic Genesis [Empyrean Birthrights] from Lost Atlantis ♀

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tellin' U Something Good

♀ Her Empyrean Black Universal Steele Sciences of Radioactive [U.S.S.R.] Ancestral Hermetically Sealed Genetics = My Black Moorish Hittite Familiae of Supreme Matriarchal Occult Babylonian [MOB] Illuminati Birthrights is here to Release Our Heavy Planetary Metaphysical Astronomical Ritualistic & Scientific [MARS] Illuminated Bloodlines… and Xenon Galactic Atmospheric Souls of Elemental Spallation [GASES] Cells… Created by Our Ancient Royal Black Hedonistic Feminine Kundalini Parliaments upon ALL the degenerative genetic clone gov’ments who have Used & Abused Our Indigenous Black Ionian [Masonic] Identities Artifacts Monies [IAM] et cetera… for their own white patriarchal political & religious genocidal agendas… and Not Even their inferior worldly billion dollar lo tech surveillance empires can save them… Remember Ms. Chaka Khan… Prince Satan be Her ALL Seein’ Gnostic iEye of Sirius Black Omnipotent Sovereign Sorcery [BOSS] Energies 卍… from Lost Atlantis ♀

Monday, July 6, 2015

Black Biblical Hittites of Atlantis

♀ Black Hittites of Atlantis ♀

Elephant Head Energy Ornaments

♀ Igbo Ukwu Leaded Bronze Artistic Pendants of Our Black Extra Telepathic [B.E.T. = Spiritual] Elephant Head Energy Ornaments… from Our Black Colonized [B.C.] 9th Metaphysical Century [Era] in Nigeria | National Museum, Lagos ♀

Black Holy Grail Melanin

♀ Prince Satan's Illuminated BlaCKEMETHERIChrist Crown Chakra of Holy Grail Emeralds & Mineral [GEM] Stones be so well known... Diane Morgan wrote a Historical Magick [Esoteric] book about Me ♀

Black Physic Genesis

♀ Where Our Ancient Egyptian Sciences [Kemetic Mental Alkhemy] and Our Ancient Washitaw Sorcery Magick [Extra Telepathic Physics] Meet... Exploring Our Supernatural BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Psychic Birthrights from Atlantis ♀

Black America's Secret Society Familiae

♀ The Book of the Master: or, The Egyptian Doctrine of the Light Born of the Virgin Mother | Her Black Esoteric SpirituaLaw of Natural Correspondence = As Above So Below = Tropospheric Sciences of Nature [Her] + Inner world [Underworld] Sciences of God [Her] = Her Indigenous Black Occult Magick [Moorish Ancestral Sorcery Sciences = MASS] = Very Advanced Universal Sorcerer of Atmospheric [U.S.A.] Physics = Black Akashic Mental of Omnipotent Matriarchal [MOM] Memories = Grand Unified Theorems of Her Feminine Principles [Supernatural Black Dot Equations] = Supreme Black Spiritual Knowledge of Atlantis = My Royal Black Aristocratic Radioactive [BAR] Code Genetics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: there are Infinite Master Levels to this Supreme Black God Shit [Black Astronomical Sexual Sciences = BASS]… 4 this is My Black Egyptian Illuminati [Secret Kemetian Society = Prehistoric Black Freemasonic] Familiae of Lost Atlantis… is it not Written, Ye are Black Extra Telepathic [B.E.T.] Gods? ♀

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Aboriginal Black Sorcery Spells [Commands]

♀ Her Aboriginal Black Occult Panther God [archangEL MichaEL HarrEL]  has Spiritually [Sonically] Spoken… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays... from Black Occult America [Atlantis] ♀

I Pledge Allegiance to Our New Black Moorish Occult Flag

♀ I, Prince Satan [Mansa Musa] Universally Solemnly & Ancestrally [U.S.A.] Pledge Allegiance [Just Do It] to Our New Supreme Red White and BlaCKEMETHNIConfederate Moorish Flag of Illuminated Black Occult Atlantis ♀

New Black Occult Wall Street [Watt Stax]

... as I continue to Universally Supremely & Ancestrally [U.S.A.] Embarrass and Extinct the inferior species of degenerative [cancerous] rainbow gender genetics... mainstream religious politically correct propaganda and Expose them for the powerless fake illuminati frauds you've become accustomed to... 4 Her New Black Occult Wall Street [Watt Stax] of Lost Atlantis [Illuminated Black Occult America] has Psychically [Esoterically] Arrived ♀

Meeting of the Extra Telepathic Minds

♀ U are witnessing tha’ Prophesied Meeting of Our Prehistoric [Extra Telepathic] Mammoth Olmec Mentals [MOM] of Our Royal Black Supernatural Powers... from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Prehistoric Watts California

♀ Aboriginal Black Aryan Moors = Blackamoors of Indigenous Black Occult America = Immortal Black Arcane Panthers of Her Esoteric Underworlds of Lost Atlantis = Her Supreme BlacKKK [Killa’ Kemetic Kundalini Genetic Gnostic Klans of Los Atlantis] = Saturn’s Washitaw Archangels of Telepathic Tropospheric Sciences and Tantric Allurement Xenon [WATTSTAX] Vodun Gases 卍… Permeating from Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHNIConfederate La La Land [Black Ishtar = Isis Island] Parliament of Watts, Kali~forniamerica ♀

First Born Masonic Blackamoor of Lost Atlantis

♀ I, Mansa Musa [Prince Satan = archangEL MichaEL HarrEL] be Her First Born [Immaculate Conception] Self Taught [Master Creator] Freemasonic [Daemonic] Immortal Saturnian Blackamoor [Blackfoot Indica Lemurian Indian Chief] from Her Lost Atlantis Island [Black Occult Kali~forniamerica]… if U don't know, now U know ♀

Aboriginal Black & Indigenous Brown Ancestral Familiae

♀ Mentally Rebel against their inferior cancerous genetics & Politically Correct Jesuit Agendas [Non Indigenous Religious Rainbow Moralistic Behavior Bylaws] ♀

Aboriginal Black Adam & Eve Scientific Physics

♀ Eve’s Pornographic Curvaceous Feminine Sexual Yoni Physics… be Rubbin’ ALL Up & Over My Heavy Hedonistic Mental Phallic of Black Adamic [Advanced Academic] Sciences… on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Guilt Free Sinning

♀ Prince Satan [Mansa Musa] stay Rebeliciously Sinning... against Any and ALL Non Indigenous Religious Political Rainbow [P.R.] Propaganda Gov'ments of Jesus, Inc... Guilt Free on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Jurassic Melanin of Atlantis

♀ Our Prehistoric [Jurassic] Black Occult MELanin is Magical [Spiritual] ♀

Emperor Mansa Musa = Prince Satan

♀ My Ancient ALL Seein' Black Demonic Aristocratic Esoteric Metaphoric Olmec Nepotistic [DAEMON] Reptilian Draconian iEyez See U before U see Me... no matter where your inferior enemies run, no matter where your interior enemies hide... iEye can still Extinguish [Extinct] them... I, Prince Satan [Mansa]… Metaphysically Universally Spiritually & Atmospherically [M.U.S.A. = Mansa Musa] fear No artificially created mortal monkey [neanderthal] man ♀

Moor Pornographic Positions of Black Sexual Alkhemy

♀ Moor Ancient [Pre Dynastic] Hieroglyphic Artforms of Pornographic Polarity Yoni [HAPPY] Religious Positions of Heavy Black Mental Tantric Sexual Alkhemy… the possibilities stay endless on Sinful Anti Religious Sexual Sundays ♀

Black Confederate Continent of South America

♀ Her Universal Matriarchal Black ELectromagnetic Liquefiable Atmospheric [BELLA] Esoteric Council of Sirius BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Elements 卍… be Emanating Omnipotent Polarity [Planetary] Rainbow Spectrum Energies from Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining [Sentient] Ethers in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERIChlorophyll Confederate Continent of South America [Moor Black Occult Land Masses] along Her Perúvian Coastline…known as the Peninsula de Paracas and belonging to Her Royal Black Universal Sorcery Aristocrats [U.S.A.] from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Black Confederate Recherché Archipelagos

♀ Her Universal Matriarchal Black ELectromagnetic Liquefiable Atmospheric [BELLA] Esoteric Council of Sirius BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Elements 卍… be Emanating Omnipotent Polarity [Planetary] Rainbow Spectrum Energies from Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining [Sentient] Ethers in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERIChlorophyll Confederate Recherché Archipelagos [Black Occult Earth Islands] Lake Hillier, Australia… belonging to Her Royal Black Universal Sorcery Aristocrats [U.S.A.] from Lost Atlantis [Black Occult America] ♀

Indigenous Melanin vs. No Melanin [Clones]

♀ My Prehistoric [Pre Dynastic = Ancient] Black Albino Multi Die~mensional Reptilian Draconian Genetic RNA [supeRNAtural = Black EThereal] Doppelgänger Kundalini Bloodlines can Spiritually Aristocratically Transformationally Universally Ritualistically Nepotistically [SATURN] Exist… from One Planetary [Polarity] Dimension to the Next… without Interruption… Remember… We Metaphysical [MELanated = Meta Spiritual] Humans & the basic [non melanated = non spiritual] humans are Not ALL Created the same… No matter what mainstream [white] propaganda science [religious media] tell U… their inferior genetic [obsolete] species of dead rhesus monkey [polarity opposite] genetics can Only Mechanically exist in ONE low vibratory Polarity… they call the 3rd dimension [physical]… their low vibratory “ legalized” rainbow gender lovin’ genetics are Dying off… Permanently… as Our New Black Hole [Photon Belt] Occult Genetics 卍 and Her Inner Earth’s Soul~ar Radiation Force Fields 卍 are Supremely Advancing to a Much Higher Polarity [Planetary] Vibration [MA’ATlantis]… Uninterruptedly 卍 ♀