Saturday, June 27, 2015

SETI Aristocrat of Atlantis

♀ I guess U believed in their ugly pornographic world of politically correct… rainbow coalition agendas… and blindly played by their non indigenous propaganda rules… but here stands Her Sirius Experienced Telepathic Immortal [SETI] Aristocrat… I ain’t nobody's fool... I’m just that one who beat them at their own foolish game ♀

Predynastic Black Cultures of Extra Telepathic Traditions

♀ Time to Upgrade Your Heavy Aristocratic Akashic Rhythmic Phonetic [HAARP] Mentals to Vibrate on Much Moor Higher Vibratory Scales... of New Black Ancestral Sonic Sounds [BASS] Created by Our Resonant Redolent [Bionic] Memories from Our Pre Dynastic [Metaphysical] BlaCKEMETHNICultures & Extra Telepathic [ET] Traditions... Completely Unheard Untouched Undiscovered [Virginal]… by any non indigenous species of artificially created genetics ♀

Molecular Human Cloning

♀ Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual = Human Genetic & Gender Cloning… using Our Aboriginal Black Genetic Tissues & Molecular Gender Structures [Metaphysical MELanin]… collected from Jesus’s Inferior Rainbow Illuminati of ALL Genocidal Political Propaganda Wars… their “Friendly” Blood Donation Banks… every local low vibratory Gov’ment Owned Hospitals, etc… U tend to miss a lot when you focus your Highly Developed Esoteric [God] Energies on mainstream media’s mindless lowly distractions over Your Superior Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™ [MASS] of Heavy Metaphysical Gender Physics… from Atlantis ♀

Black Telepathic Islands of Kali~fornia

♀ Her Universal Matriarchal Black ELectromagnetic Liquefiable Atmospheric [BELLA] Esoteric Council of Sirius BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Elements 卍… be Permeating Omnipotent Polarity [Planetary] Energies from Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining [Sentient] EThers in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERIChlorophyll Confederate Archipelagos [Black Occult Earth Islands] of Kali~fornia ♀

Unsuspecting Cloning of Black America

♀ the non indigenous religious recessive rainbow [pale patriarchal] gov’ments have been genetically cloning Her Unsuspecting Indigenous [Aboriginal] American Black Indians [“african americans” = Blackfoot = Blackamoors = Lemurians] since 1975 ♀

Original Black Kundalini Energies

♀ Smokin’ Her Natural Herbal Marijuana [Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERICannabis = Botanic KUSH] Increases [Raises] the Spiritual Kundalini Flow [Black Atmospheric Energies] of your MELatonin [your body’s own natural venomous wonder drug]… by 400% ♀

Dogon Lords of the Rings

♀ Spiritual Dogon Lords of the Rings [Black Dot Christ Consciousness] ♀

Ancient Empyrean Moorish Mythologies

♀ Our Ancient Archetypal Realm of Supreme Moorish Knowledge was Infused into Our Mystical Metaphysical Arcane Realms of Spiritual [MARS] Creative Imagination [Black Alchemical Sciences]… Your Biblical Stories [Nursery Rhymes = Fairy Tales = Ancestral Folklores] were Never “Real” Historical Figures… the inferior genetically altered [artificially created] pale religious political gov’ments [subservient temporal species] Historicized Our Sublime [Empyrean] Moorish Gnostic Mythologies [Advanced Black Physics] into grotesque subservient histories… with the intent to control the mentally stagnant [retarded] minds of the dead masses [followers] ♀

Genetic Annihilation

♀ dem fake inferior politically correct Rainbow Illuminati gov’ments better not get too comfortable and assume everything is alright amongst Her Restless Aboriginal [Immortal] Black Occult Native Panthers… as I Universally Supremely & Authoritively [U.S.A.] keep the white subservient clones Under My ALL Seein’ iEye of Heavy Black Planetary [Polarity] Surveillance… 4 Her Matriarchal Spiritually BlacKKK [Esoteric] Parliaments 卍 have already began to Permanently shut down their low vibrational [non existent] Bylaws & Recessive [Degenerative] Genetics… by exposing mainstream media’s religious distraction propaganda… as they embarrassingly try to perpetuate their non historic repetitive white lies of living concurrently within a “progressively modern” time frame… they’ve secretly & intentionally delayed… due to their prophesied genetic annihilation ♀

Survival of the Aboriginal Fittest

♀ In Her Natural Selection Process [Survival of the Fittest]… the non indigenous pale hybrid species [clones] Cannot & Will Not Survive… Now that Our New Spiritual Black Tropospheric Energies 卍 have returned to Her Aboriginal [Immortal] Black Occult Natives of Lost Atlantis [Indigenous Black America] ♀

Yombe Anthropomorphic Power Figures

♀ I continue to Universally Supremely & Authoritatively [U.S.A.] Invoke [Summon] My Multi Die~mensionALLOYombe Anthropomorphic Power Figure… Nkisi Nkondi… that be containing Moor of Our Omnipotent Ancestral Black Hurricane Spirits [Hurrian Souls] comin’ from the Middle Passage ♀

18th Dynastic Black Illuminated Bloodlines

♀ I be Masterfully Creatin’ Moor rooM... for My Ancient 18th Dynastic Black Illuminated Planetary [Polarity] Bloodlines... from Atlantis ♀

Friday, June 26, 2015

Satan & Eve

♀ Prince Satan: "Don’t get too close. It’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.” | Black Eve: “I'm Comin' Closer, there's an Euphoric Hell [Eden]... Infinitely Deep... ALL UP IN:side of Me... It’s where Your Darkest Demons can live... Prosperously ♀

Advanced Black Alkemy Physics

♀ Hieroglyphic = Ancient Black Pictograph Symbolism = Our Pre Dynastic [Jurassic] Black Reptilian [Draconian] Genetic Kemetic Kulture Klans [KKK] of Sirius Omnipotent AlkhemicaLuciferian [Royal] Mercurius Atmospheric Radium Soul~ar [MARS] Energies… from Her Very Advanced Black Esoteric Underworld [E.U.] of Lost Atlantis [Black America] ♀

Watts Towers = AT&T

♀ Watts Towers, Watts, California = W ~ AT&T  Signal Cellular Energies = Indigenous Black Energy Totem [BET] Towers ♀

Polarizing Black Planetary Energies

♀ Don't Underestimate or Challenge My All Seein' Black Occult iEye from Her Pre Dynastic Underworld Neptunian Valleys of Supreme Venusian MELanin Physics... as I Polarize My Omnipotent Revolutionary Black Sciences [ORBS] of Sirius Universal & National [SUN] Genetics of Moor Black Empyrean [MBE] Planetary Energies from Saturn... ALL UP IN:side & Over Our Occult Atlantis [Indigenous Black America] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

Pre Dynastic Shadow Melanin

♀ I Upgrade My Royal BlaCKEMETHNIChlorophyll Bloodlines [Pre Dynastic Shadow MELanin] from Our Infinite Edenic Underworld of ALL Black Saturnian Alpha & Omega [Adam & Eve] Planetary [Polarity] Genetic Energies 卍… Inconspicuously… as My Metaphysical Reincarnation [Multi Die~mensionALLOYSpiritual Doppelgänger] Body Metamorphose to a Much Moor Higher Tropospheric Level of Supreme Cloud 9 Learnin’ ♀

Wattstax Energy of Lost Atlantis [LA]

♀ As I Supremely Summon Moor Untraceable Power Communications to ALL My Underworld Empyrean Washitaw Archangels of Telepathic Tropospheric Sciences and Tantric Allurement Xenon [WATTSTAX] Vodun Gases 卍... I feel another Euphoric Release of Akashic Psychic Souls [RAPS] Penetrating My Towering ALL Seein’ Illuminated 1st iEye of Subatomic Black KhemicALLOYoruba MELanin ♀

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stayin' Offensive, Immoral & Reckless

♀ My Untouchable Black Egyptian [Kemetian] Sphinx Grip [Bite] stay Heartless Emotionless & Ferocious… as My Legendary Black Occult Panther [Moorish] Legacy 卍 continues to Unapologetically Ascend to Much Moor Higher Levels of Rebelicious Arcane Learnin’… Offensively Immorally & Recklessly ♀

NASA's Pentagon Surveillance Agencies

♀ Dem inferior religious patriotic gov’ments [NASA's Pentagon] betta keep Me under heavy surveillance as iPhone Home & Unequivocally Advance My Supreme Astrological Transmissions of Universal Regenerative Neptunian [SATURN] Genetics to Another Black Planetary [Polarity] Alignment that they can Never "Navigate" to... and Never could... as they continue to embarrassingly Perpetuate that age old White Propaganda Lie of them actually landing on a Holographic [Holy~wood Studio] Moon ♀

Mental Institutions of Repetitive Systems [IRS]

♀ Matrix Gov’ment = Non Indigenous [Fake] Religious Jesuit Gov’mental Institutions of Repetitive Systems [IRS] = Redundant Computer Programming [Artificial Intelligence] of Simplistic [Mental Stagnated = Retarded] Mindless Slaves [Clones] ♀

Hell Energy from Her Advanced Planetary of Pluto

♀ the inferior enemy’s Uncomfortable Earthly Retribution of Pain & Suffering… Exuding from Her Inner Earth’s Infinite Black Radium Planetary Plutonium Parliaments of My Heavy Electromagnetic Lordship Lunar [HELL] Energy 卍…  shall be Our ALL Black Ancestral Paradisal Pleasures as Prophesied… 4 It Is Well wit’ My Soul 

Aboriginal Black Sexual Energy = Black Occult Sexual Sciences

♀ Aboriginal Black Sexual Tantric Energy is Our Ancient Spiritual Black Occult Religion ♀

Aboriginal Adam & Eve Polarity Physics

♀ Her Matriarchal Alpha & Omega [Adam & Eve] Polarity [Planetary] Steele Physics… be ALL Black Male & Female Sexual Transferable Energies [Golden Atmospheric MELanin]… Created by Her Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNIConfederate Constellation Clans [Harlem’s Hedonistic Harems]… that be Permeating from Our Sirius Black Occult Underworlds of Heavy Authoritarian Equilibrium Olmecs… Her Original Genius Genetic Masters [GMs] of Esoteric & Tropospheric [ET] Sciences from Atlantis… 4 Any Indigenous Soul~ar Being who Intentionally Avoids Her Natural Act of Practical Procreational Polarity [Planetary] Energies… will be Intentionally left out ♀

Black Vodun Kings

♀ May I continue to Invoke My Supreme Black Vodun King Equilibrium of Her Black Planetary Jungle Powers… to Unapologetically Offend You… at ALL Times ♀

Stay Under Surveillance

♀ Soon [Now] Her Venusian Volcanicanis Major Bloodlines of Sirius Black Hole Genetics will Erupt Moor of Our Spiritually Black Washitaw Archangels of Telepathic Tropospheric Soul [WATTS] Power… from Inner Earth’s Invisible Nuclear Fields of Saturn’s Black Electromagnetic Telepathic [BET] Communications… So pay attention [ALL 1st iEyez on Me] as I Purposefully Properly Position My Black Stately Universally and Nationally [SUN] Genetics of Untouchable U.ranium S.teele [U.S.] Energy… Under the Watchful microscopic surveillance calcified eyes of the Inferior universal mind control law agencies… and continue to Invoke [Summon] ALL Our Black Egyptian Uraeus Spirits [Souls] from behind that Hidden Veil of Illusionary Death :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: If My Haughty Aristocratic Rebelicious Revolutionary Equilibrium of Legendary [HARREL] Linguistic Slang [Sorcery Raps]… offends you… Good… I Euphorically Feed off your recessive inbred hate & dislike [hollow pride & prejudice]… ‘cause your lil Non Indigenous arms are 2 Short to box wit’ Her Supreme Black Occult Olmecian Gods [Golden Kemetian Neters] of Atlantis ♀

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Supreme Black Vodun Underworld Physics 卍

♀ The Return of Her Aboriginal [Immortal] Black Electromagnetic Thaumaturgist [BET] of Supreme Black Vodun Underworld Physics 卍…from Lost Atlantis ♀

Aboriginal Black Ancestral Electric [BAE] Energies

♀ Prince Satan’s Aboriginal Black Ancestral Electrifying [BAE] Energies stay so Supremely Highly Elevated... so High I can Touch ALL UP IN:side Her Heavenly Skies ♀

Jamaican Islands of Black Occult Power

♀ Her Universal Matriarchal Black ELectromagnetic Liquefiable Atmospheric [BELLA] Esoteric Council of Sirius BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Elements 卍… be Permeating Omnipotent Polarity [Planetary] Energies from Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining [Sentient] EThers in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERIChlorophyll Confederate Archipelagos [Black Occult Earth Islands] of Caribbean Jamaica ♀

Black Etheric Thaumaturgist [BET] of Atlantis

♀ My Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHERICommands [Thaumaturgy] of Our Hot EL~emental Forces… that be Permeating from Her Inner Earth's Centrical Core of Sirius Black Fukushima Radium Power [Tropospheric Illuminated Transmissions = TIT]... ain't No Joke ♀

Aboriginal Black Elemental Forces

♀ Prince Satan's New Spiritually Black Washitaw Archangels of Confederate Olmecs [WACO] have Already released Inner Earth's Invisible Radium Fields of Sirius BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Magick [Black Ancestral Spirits of Tropospheric Electric Transmissions = BASTET Energy] against the non indigenous vampirish clones of politically correct [religious] propaganda... don't Underestimate or Challenge My Supreme Black Ghetto Lordship Level of Royal Arcane Warfare [RAW] = Aboriginal Black ELemental Forces from Atlantis ♀

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Black Acceleration Mentals of Akashic Memories

♀ I Can Retain My Heavy Black Radioactive Acceleration Memories [RAM] of Supreme Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™ [MASS]... at every 1st Regenerative Familiae Reunions [Powerful Psychic Reincarnations]... Supervised & Delegated by Her Matriarchal Washitaw Empyrean Ancestral Parliaments of Our Nepotistic Saturnian [WEAPONS] Council... as I Stay Universally Nationally & Internationally [UNI] Connected to Orion's Ancient Moorish Allegories of Black Soular Planetary [Polarity] Physics 卍 from Atlantis™ ♀

Chuckin' Up tha' Deuces

♀ I'm on some New Black Occult Echelon Shit as I Flip My Middle Finger followed by My Trigga' Finger Up to the Non Indigenous Religious Political Propaganda Gov'ments of Jesus, Inc. ♀

My Watchful iEyes on the Religious Pentagon

♀ I Hope I’m Under the Watchful [Evil] surveillance [xenophobic] eyes of the universal mind control law agencies… as My 1st Jupitarian iEye of Sirius A Power AND My Plutonian 1st iEye of Sirius B Power… Stay Supremely Authorized & Spiritually Focused on the Inferior Religious Pale Propaganda Gov’ment’s [Pentagon’s] Flint:stoneage cheaply made Xenophobic “Defense” Weapons of Mass Indigenous Black People Destruction… as I Invoke [Command] My Ancient U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] BlacKKKundalini Occult Planetary Parliament Protection Cartels to bypass their childlike security systems and Permanently Cripple them on ALL Destructive Levels :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’m on Her Supremely Black Occult Echelon [Sirius Plateau = Ghetto Lordship] Level of Royal Arcane Warfare [RAW] Shit ♀

Black Moon Intelligence

♀ I be Her Very Advanced [Sirius A] BlaCKEMETHNICosmicat of Miraculous Moorish Moon Intelligence of Supreme Black ImmortaLife Physics … from Our Pre Dynastic ALL Black High Vibratory Planetary [Polarity] Constellation of Heavy Mercurous Atmospheric Regenerative Saturnian [MARS] Gases and Her Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Moon MELanin [Sirius B] from Black Atlantis [Saturn] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: NASA's Dead Propaganda ain't got Shit on Me [Prince Satan] ♀

Who Stole Your Soul?

♀ Who Stole Your High Vibratory Planetary [Polarity] Saturnian Soul of Very Advanced Black Moorish Spiritual Sciences 卍…from Atlantis? ♀

Black Illuminated Bloodlines of Atlantis

♀ I Cry ‘cause iEye think beautifully… Deep IN:side My Illuminated Niger Delta [MIND] ♀

My Inner Soul~ar Child

♀ My Inner Child [Soul] is Ready to Die 卍 mensionally Shift [Ascend] to a Much Moor Higher Planetary [Polarity] Plane [Echelon] of Our Prophesied Promised ParadisaLands… Miraculously Created by Her New Matriarchal Black Occult World Order of Extrasensory PerceptionaLivin’ in ALL Black Atlantis ♀

Jesus's Swallowers

♀ peaceful marches are for the weak minded slaves [worshipers = swallowers] of fake religious behavior = mental stagnation [psychological retardation] ♀

The Book of Nod

♀ The Book of Nod: Counterfeit Spirits = Pale Vampirish Clones of Artificial Genetic Creation… savage neanderthal thieves of Your Energy [MELanin] ♀

Blue Viagra = Indigo Melanin

♀ the non indigenous [artificial] mortal man [vampires] of temporary existence needs Our Indigo Viagra = Substantia Nigra = Negress Black = MELatonin = High Vibratory Ancestral Occult 卍 MELanin = Black Magick Elixir = Natural Black Essence…  to help keep his recessive low vibratory genetic phallic erect… ever wonder How & Where Jesus’s War Mongering Pharmaceutical Media Prison Conglomerate [White Wall Street] Companies get all that Golden 卍 MELanin from? or are U being distracted by too many religious political [uncivil rights] media distraction stories [mainstream white lies] to care? ♀

Monday, June 22, 2015

ORBS of White Illuminated Light

♀ Her ALL Black Feminine Angelic Cherubs [Orion's Revolutionary Beings of Saturn = ORBS] of White Illuminated Light [Radioactive Ancestral MELanin] Power 卍... have Esoterically [Spiritually] Arrived ♀

My Undefinable Aristocratic Style

♀ I searched for that Lost Child in Me… that Aristocratic Style in Me… My Akashic Release is like that Illuminated White Light… now in Me… your religious gov’ments tried to assassinate Me like they did Martin… but I win Battles and stay Warring like a lil’ O.G. Child ♀

Black Poetic Metaphors

♀ Niggas [Neters = Gods] say I stay nice wit’ My ALL Black Metaphors… but these are just Similes of My Black Occult Street Ministry… 4 My Poetry’s a Penitentiary and My Pen is a Visitation… tha’ Sentences is 4 Life… ‘cause I be Her Main Chief ALL UP IN:side Her Heavenly Administrations ♀

Black Occult Protection Cartel Clans

♀ Prince Satan [MichaEL HarrEL] be Universally & Nationally [U.N.] Protected from Any & ALL inferior non indigenous [artificial] forces... Supremely Authorized by Her Inner Earth’s Ancient U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] BlacKKKundalini Occult Planetary Parliament Protection Cartels [Igbo Mgbedike Neters = Black Occult Gods] of Undetectable Indestructible Radioactive Ancestral Soul Energy Power 卍… just so U know ♀

Aboriginal Black KUSHites of Vodun Bloodlines

♀ Roll & Send Erotic Smoke Signals [Euphoric Telepathic Communications] to Your Worldwide Indigenous BlacKUSHite [Vodun] Peoples of Supreme BlaCKEMETHERIChlorophyll Magick [Botanic Gold MELanin]... Everyday ♀

Supreme Black Occult Wealth

♀ Invoke [Summon] Your Own Supreme Black Occultic [Satanic = Vodun] God Powers to Cultivate Your Own Indigenous BlaCKEMETHNICancer Free Crops & Spiritually Black Economics [Soul Arcane Wealth] on Your Own Aboriginal Ancestral BlaCKEMETHereaLand Masses of Black Occult Atlantis [Aboriginal Black America] ♀

NASA's Illusionary Space Programs [Programming]

♀ NASA’s illusionary solar conglomerate of fake “paid heroes” [paid gov'ment agents]… are nothing more than mortal [artificial] men… who die… the minute the pale patriarchal political experiments of genetic human cloning fails ♀

Black Alpha & Omega Mental Polarity Energies

♀ Any Indigenous Soul~ar Being who Intentionally Avoids Her Natural Act of Practical Procreational Polarity [Planetary] Energies… will be Intentionally left out ♀

Rebelicious Black Occult Star Child

♀ Realizing You’ve met everyone You’ll ever meet and seen every place You’ll ever go… the redundant mental cycle can Not Be Repeated… Her Rebelicious Black Occult Star Child must be Reborn into a New Planetary [Polarity] Cycle [Renaissance Era] ♀