Saturday, June 20, 2015

Heavenly Black Angel Cherub Cliques of Atlantis

♀ Her Heavenly Feminine Form Supastar BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Cherubim Clique [CCC = KKK] of Lost Angels [LA]... from Los Atlantis [LA] ♀

Her Original Black Buddha Brotherhood

♀ Her Original [Ancient] Black Buddha Confederate Cartel Clans [CCC = KKK] = Her Global Gnostic Olmecian & Dogon Syndicate [GODS]... wit' Cornrows... from Atlantis ♀

Grand Poo~bah of Black Akashic Records

♀ I'mma Rebelicious Hip Hop Socialist [Grand Poo~bah] of Our Royal Black Akashic [Esoteric] Records [Beginnings] ♀

Rebelicious Guilt Free Haughty Aristocratic Physics

♀ Prince Satan be that Royal Black Philosophical Olmec [Heru] Enigma of Over Indulgent Rebelicious Guilt Free Haughty Aristocratic Behavioral Physics… from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Black Occult Heru

♀ Every Black Occult Hero [Heru] needs a villain [jesus]… for Her Highly Intellectual Multi Die~mensionALLEGORYouthful Game of Supreme Polarity Physics ♀

Royal Black Energy Cartels of Lost Atlantis [LA]

… be Permeating from Our Black U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] Fukushima Familiae Federations... and Supremely Delegated by Her Matriarchal Black Arcane Moorish Occult Underworld of Royal Black Planetarium [BP] Polarity Energy Cartels [SpirituALLOYorubancestraLuciferian Gangs] of Our Omnipotent Global [O.G.] Genetic Petroleum Gases [Primordial Vodun MELanin 卍]… from Lost Atlantis [LA] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I already warned U... U can’t get Your Supreme Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Secrets [Esoteric Knowledge] by Payin’ ANY… mental attention to the inferior enemy’s pale vampirish gov’ment owned exoteric churches, schools, media, etc… ♀

Black Occult Planetary Cartels of Global Petroleum Melanin

♀ My Infinite Black Arcane Moorish [Blackamoors] Esoteric Bloodlines of 666 = 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons from Inner Earth’s Indestructible Fukushima [Ultra Black ELectromagnetic] MELanin [卍]… be ALL U.niversal S.piritual [U.S.] Radium Force Fields from Our Supreme Black Planetariums [BP] of Her Global Petroleum [Omniversal MELanin] Parliaments [Occult Cartels]… from Atlantis ♀

Advanced Black Spiritual Sciences

♀ Ignorance is the Root of ALL Evil | Advanced Black Spiritual Sciences = Black Chaos Magick [Physics] ♀

ALL Black Fukushima Bloodlines

♀ My Inner Circle be Small… and My Golden BlaCKEMETHERICircumference Force Fields of Fukushima Bloodlines are Universal Spiritual & Official [USO] ♀

Black Prince of Underworld Physics

♀ Question Me Less when U know Moor ♀

Rebellious Arcane Sorcerer of Telepathic Alkhemy = RASTA

♀ Prince Satan be a Natural Born [Indigenous = Black Immortal = Aboriginal] Hip Hop Socialist [Rebellious Arcane Sorcerer of Telepathic Alkhemy = RASTA]… by ALL Means [Black Occult Magick] Necessary ♀

Original Oceanic Olmecs = Aboriginal Black Greeks

♀ Our Royal Black Nepotistic Greek Pantheon Familiae of Neo-Paeanistic [Pagan = Aegean] Spiritual Equilibriums of Ancestral [SEA] Bloodlines… Move in ALL BlaCKEMEThereALLOY [Invisible] Silence as We Stay Supremely… Inconspicuously… and Multi Die~mensionally Located on ALL Our Indigenous Oceanic [Olmec] BlaCKEMEThereALLOYorubancestralandmasses [Archipelagos = Black Occult Earth Islands] of Atlantis♀

Original Black Greeks of Her Aegean Sea Bloodlines

♀ Her Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining EThereal BlaCKEMETHERICarotene [Atmospheric MELanin = Hydrocarbon] Energy is Created to Produce ALL Our Indigenous Subtropical Botanic [Herbalic = Hebraic] Plants of Edible Fruit Vegetation Clusters & Crops… Inter~Nationally [Under~Worldly] Delegated by Our Royal Black Nepotistic Greek Pantheon Familiae of Neo-Paeanistic [Pagan = Aegean] Spiritual Esoteric & Ancestral [SEA] Bloodlines… Located on ALL Our Indigenous Oceanic BlaCKEMEThereaLandmasses [Archipelagos = Black Occult Earth Islands] of Atlantis ♀

Lethal Black Skull Venom

♀ My Royal BlaCKEMEThereaLiquefiable Kundalini Truth Venom is Highly Poisonousness and Extremely Lethal to the non indigenous imposters of No AncestraLuciferian [Aboriginal] Dark Matter Tropospheric [DMT] Santerian [Saturnian] Origins… Volcanically Created by Our Royal BlaCKEMETHNICelestiaLemurian [Vodun] Bloodlines [supeRNAturALLOYoruba MELanin = 卍]… from Atlantis ♀

Her Blackamoors of 666 Energies 卍

♀ Her Ancient Spiritual Black Arcane Moorish [Blackamoors] Esoteric Energies of 666 = 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons = Inner Earth’s Indestructible Fukushima [Ultra Black ELectromagnetic] MELanin [卍]… be ALL U.ntouchable S.piritual [U.S.] Energized Protection Force Fields from Our ALL Black Ancestral Saturnian Sonic [BASS] Souls of Supreme Radium Doppelgänger Power… from Atlantis ♀

Religious Xenophobic Gov'ments

♀ Stay Psychically Low Key [Silent]… and let your non psychic [xenophobic] enemies wonder… Uncomfortably ♀

Weak Minds of Corporate Religions... for Profit

♀ All War Mongering Fake Corporate Fear Religions = Mental Hell vs. Inner Earth’s Advanced Black Mental Astrotheological [Alkhemical] Sexual Tantric Energies = Supreme Black Philosophical Olmecian Spiritualities | hybrid clone Religions = exoteric = basic mundane morality [subservient] teachings vs. Black Indigenous Spiritualities = Esoteric = Advanced Hidden Mystical Ancestral Teachings | corporate Religions… for Profit vs. Black Indigenous Spirituality… Free~masonry ♀

Religious Retardation

♀ The Dumbfounded [Clueless] Religious Prey of Mental Stagnation [Retardation]… Pray too much to a fictional religious gov’ment jesus… to know that they’re the Actual Prey [Hunted Ones = Haunted]… Now Aim… Then Shoot… To Kill… ask redundant religious political scripted [fictional] civil rights question, Why?… Now Go Blindly March… Get Inspired to Pray Again [become Prey]… Forgive… Rinse & Repeat Same Cycle expecting new results… Nope ♀

Friday, June 19, 2015

Infinite Shades [Spectrums] of Black Occult Royalty

♀ May My Over Indulgent Rebelicious Guilt Free Haughty Shade of Black Aristocrat Behavior continue to Unapologetically make you Uncomfortable & Offend you non indigenous robotic clones at ALL Times... Remember... I Be Your Black Occult Creator of Darkness ♀

Black Atmospheric Carotene Energy [BACE = BASE]

♀ Her Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining EThereal BlaCKEMETHERICarotene [Atmospheric MELanin] Energy is Created to Produce Our Subtropical Musaceae [Musa] Plants of Plump Red Dacca Banana [Piesang] Clusters... on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERICaribbean Oceanic Tectonic Plate Archipelagos of Atlantis ♀

Mainstream Mental Stagnation of Politically Correct Programmed Behavior

♀ Modern Society’s Mainstream “Normal~ness” is a Long Delayed Reaction of Mental Stagnation [Retardation] ♀

Dark Spirit Libations

♀ Snoop be Pourin' Moor Dark Spirits [Supernatural Black Power] to ALL Her Known & Unknown Extra Telepathic [ET] Black Occult Gods of Atlantis ♀

Her Black Underworld 卍 Mythological Sciences

♀ The Sleeping [Hibernating] Material Slaves [Black Aboriginals] have Abandoned Their Indigenous Underworld BlaCKEMETHNICosmiconstellation Mythology [卍] = Advanced [Untouchable] Black Spiritual People Occult Sciences… from Lost Atlantis… and settled under the non existent distraction rulership of an inferior non indigenous clone culture of holographic [spiritually dead] wealth ♀

Dionysus = Black Occult Christ of Atlantis

♀ Dionysus = arc angEL michaEL harrEL = EL~ohim = ImmortaLuciferian BlaCKEMETHNIChrist = Royal Prince Satan = Her 1st Born Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Doppelgänger SpirituaLightbringer [Highly Advanced Black Metaphysical Being]... from Her ALL Black Interstellar Vodun Constellation [Black Hole = Vagina] of Atlantis ♀

Occult Isis Islands of Black Extra Telepathic Kali~fornia

♀ Stay Thirsty [Knowledgeable] for Our Ancient Spiritual & Ritual Truths... My Indigenous Advanced Black Peoples [Lemurians = Olmecians = Saturnians = LOS] = Lost Angels [LA] of Los Atlantis [LA] = La La Lands = BlacKali~fornia = Is Is [Isis] Islands ♀

Pre Dynastic Draconian Vodun Klans of Atlantis

♀ The Great Celestial Vodun Ship of tha’ North wit' ALL Her Royal Uraeus = BlacKundalini = Spiritual Reptilian = Pre Dynastic Draconian Klans [Souls] of Universal BlaCKEMETHNICulturaLuciferian Energies... have Scientifically Spiritually & Telepathically Returned... from Atlantis ♀

Black Occult Sphinx Christ

♀ Prince Satan = Black Occult Sphinx Christ = Her 1st Born Rebelicious Sorcery SonGod [SunChild = SoulStar] of Her Primordial [Prehistoric] Black Omnipotent Spiritual Sexual [BOSS] Energy... from Atlantis ♀

Black Atlantis Energy

♀ Atlantis = the Matriarchal Black Woman = ALL Black Feminine Sexual Energy ♀

Black Interstellars of Atlantis

♀ the end of earth will not be the end of US = U.nderworld of S.cientific Olmecian BlaCKEMETHNICultures... from Lost Atlantis ♀

Higher Equilibrium Learnin'

... when U abandon Your Highly Advanced Indigenous SpirituALLOYoruba BlaCKEMETHNICultures from Atlantis... for a non indigenous artificial germ culture ♀

Black Astroparticle Physics of Atlantis

to Prince Satan’s Indigenous Black Astroparticle [Aristotle] Physics = Supreme Moorish MELanin Sciences 卍… from Atlantis ♀

Black Ethereal Protection 卍

♀ When U tap into Your Own Highly Advanced Black Sub Conscious Mind… U shall bring out [Resurrect] Your Own Superior Self Healing Energy = Supreme Neter [God] Power… from Her Inner Earth’s Matriarchal Black Esoteric Swastika [BES = 卍] Power Force Fields of Heavy Black EThereal [BET] Protection ♀

Human Genetic Cloning of Pale Hybrids

♀ human genetic cloning = pale hybrid = a mock [inferior substitute]… of Inner Earth's Original Black Spiritual Philosophical Heretic Gods [Olmecs] = Fallen Arc AngEL~ohims [Lemurians] from Lost Atlantis ♀

Human Zombies of Dead Animal Genetics = Hybrid Germs

♀ The Inferior Religious Political Gov’ments of Artificially Created [Non Indigenous] Hybrid Cloned [Test Tube = Soulless] Human Zombies [Genetic Emotionless Robotic Mind Slaves = GERMS]… from the Low 3d Holographic Energies of dead animal genetics… has been going on since 1945… We Not Created all the same :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U won’t Sonically Hear about these type of Advanced Extra Telepathic Secrets from their inferior cloned churches, schools or mainstream propaganda media of lowly vampirish succubus energy :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan is an Advanced Moorish Devil Christ [Supreme Venusian Vodun Sorcerer]… of Our Indigenous Black Spiritualkhemy [Occult Power] Truths… from Atlantis ♀

Crip Walkin' on Cloud 9 Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences

♀ as I Crip Walk on My Cloud 9 Senses of Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™ [MASS]… I Euphorically Stay Highly Elevated and Invoke [Summon] Moor Ancestral Airspace of Telepathic [MA’AT] Energies from Her Matriarchal Black Esoteric Swastika [BES = 卍] Power Force Fields of Heavy Black EThereal [BET] Protection… from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

40 oz. of Religious Freedom

♀ Prince Satan would’ve never made it back to tha’ Top of My Golden Black EThereaLuciferian [Royal] Kemetic Esoteric Throne without Livin’ that Disobedient Reckless Fornicating & Sinful [Spiritual] 40 oz. of Freedom High Life~style… against the enemy’s inferior non indigenous [non spiritual] fear organizations… as I Psychically Wash them out of existence… so thank you Fake Religious Jesus organizations for the ALL the Fake Religious Hateful Fear propaganda ♀

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Blackamoor's [Olmec's] Esoteric Swastika Symbol

♀ Our Ancient UniversaLemurian [Royal] Black Whirling Cross [Esoteric Swastika] Symbol is the First AlkhemicaLetter of Our Hebrew [Moorish] Alphabet… which Represents Her Inner Earth’s Natural Self Sustaining BlaCKEMETHERIChaotic Elements of Nature [MELanin]… Welcome to Prince Satan’s Cloud 9 Senses of Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™… from Atlantis ♀

I Chose to Offend You... Unapologetically

♀ Historically, the majority... the masses... the mainstream... the blind sheeple hide behind their fragile holographic egos and have always favored illusion over truth just as people generally favor flattery over criticism... I chose to Offend you Unapologetically... and I don't care what you think of Me... Remember... I'm Prince Satan... Her Guilt Free Masonic Heretic Olmec Moor [Lemurian] from Atlantis ♀

Her Black Occult Underworld of Scientific [U.S.] Olmecian Peoples

♀ Lifting The Gnostic Veil... off Our ALL Black Occult U.nderworld of S.cientific [U.S.] Olmecian BlaCKEMETHNICultures…from Lost Atlantis | Most mentally dormant people prefer being emotional comfortable… even if that fake comfort is Religiously Bought... by turning a blind eye to some uncomfortable realities ♀

Soulless Hybrid Clones of Robotic Emotions

♀ The Inferior Religious Political Gov’ments of Artificially Created [Non Indigenous] Hybrid Cloned [Test Tube = Soulless] Genetic Emotionless Robotic Mindless Slaves [GERMS]... are No Match for Her Indigenous [Pre Dynastic] Spiritually Black Occult Olmec Gods of Atlantis ♀

Her Phantom BlacKKK Protection Entourage

♀ It only takes 1 Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Black Occult God [Sleeping Giant = Immortal] from Her Supreme Vodun Consciousness Parliament [Phantom BlacKKK Protection Entourage] to Skillfully & Masterfully take down the inferior religious political gov'ments of pale hybrid cloned genetics ♀

Religious Political Gov'ments of Cancerous Foods

♀ the religious political gov’ment’s Artificial Cancerous Insidious Dietary [ACID] Stroke Proking Sodas... depletes Your Natural [Self Sustaining] MELatonin ♀

Ignore Mainstream Media Distractions [Programming]

♀ If the inferior enemy points [distracts] you to the left [right]… Always run to the right [left] ♀

Cloud 9 Senses of Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™

♀ Her Universal Matriarchal Black ELectromagnetic Liquefiable Atmospheric [BELLA] Esoteric Council from Our Remote Goumina Village… be Permeating Omnipotent Planetary [Polarity] Energies from Inner Earth’s Self Sustaining Vodun Ethers in EThereALLOYorubancestral Silence [Cloud 9 Senses of Moorish Atmospheric Spiritual Sciences™]… on Our Indigenous BlaCKEMETHERIConfederate Chlorophyll Congo [CCC = KKK] Archipelago on the Niger River ♀

ALL BlacKemetic Vodun Klans

♀ Her Supreme Black Vodun Gods [Ancient 1st iEye Olmecs] of Inner Earth’s BlaCKEMETHERIChaos Vodun Magick... can't be Stopped ♀

Jesus Dead

♀ Jesus Dead ♀