Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Black Untouchables of Atlantis

♀ Q: How does your inferior religious political gov'ments of jesuit propaganda Silence [Kill] an Immortal that knows how to Fly? | A: They Can't... I'm Satan ♀

Luba Congo Chief of Extra Telepathic Communications

♀ ImmortaLuba BlaCKEMETHNICongo Chief Katanga [Shaba Province] in 1956... Extra Telepathicommunications Transmittin’ in 2015 ♀

Jurassic Underworld of ALL Black Draconian Bloodlines

♀ The Spiritual Black Occult Rebirth [Return] of Her Pre Dynastic [Prehistoric = Jurassic] Draconian Bloodlines [Black Reptilian Seeds = Indigenous BlacKundalini Serpentine Klans] = Prehistoric UniversALLOYoruba Black Occult Folk... Extra Telepathically Linking Up from Lost Atlantis ♀

Mental Programming of Politically Correct Behavior

♀ basic rule #1 rule when U live in their holographic religious world of inferior [recessive] mickey mouse fairy tales [white lies = jesuit propaganda = political agendas]... Mainstream Media Clones of Non Indigenous Origins get PAID... to continually Lie to U :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U may now go back to your regularly scheduled Mind Programming [Mental & Visual Distractions] ♀

Underworld Godfather of BlacKundalini Energy [Funk]

♀ Her Ancient Black [Pre Dynastic = Jurassic] SpirituALLOYoruba Underworld Godfather of Kundalini [UGK] Energy [Serpentine Funk = Akashic MELanin] from KEMET ♀

Original Black Jurassic Klans of Inner Earth

♀ Her ALL BlacKundalini [Jurassic = Ancient Black Reptilian] Klans [Pre Dynastic Draconians = Gnostic Olmecs] from Inner Earth [Lost Atlantis]… have Spiritually Arrived [Rose] ♀

Original Black BAT Man:child

♀ I’mma Unapologetic Black Arcane Troublemaker [BAT] Man:child... to ALL inferior mentals full of mickey mouse [jesus christ] fairy tales [white lies] based on No Indigenous Black Spiritually Affiliated Gnostic Evidential [SAGE] Value... just so U know ♀

Bizzaro Worlds

♀ [rats dog\god star] = Her Supreme Black PhilosophicALLOYoruba Mentals [Metals] from Inner Earth’s Heavy Polarity [Bizzaro] Metallurgic [Radium] Physics ♀

My Mental Glock is Cocked

♀ I’mma High Equilibrium Soul~arcane [arc angEL~ohim] + Rebelicious Universal Ghetto Occult Connoisseur = Philosophical Olmec [Prince Satan] from Our ImmortALLOYoruba Underworld Genetics from Lost Atlantis ♀

Extra Telepathic Books = BlaCKEMETHERICoptic Texts of Hieroglyphic Symbolic Writings

♀ Our Black EThereaLiterature [BlaCKEMETHERICoptic Texts] for High Equilibriums of Heavy 1st iEye Metallurgic MELanin… from Atlantis ♀

Her Supreme Black Illuminati from Atlantis

♀ Prince Satan's ALL Seein' Vévé iEye... Heil from Her Matriarchal Black Vodun Occult Underworld Parliament [Supreme Illuminati] of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

The Black Occult Bad Guy [Immortal]

♀ I Warned U... that I, Prince Satan... was [is] Very Different from the Ordinary superficial [artificial] bad guy [inferior jesus] ♀

Extra Telepathic Vatican Olmec Mental

♀ Prince Satan's Heavy Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Vatican Olmec Mental of ALL Our Supreme Biblical God [Dogstar] Genetics... Stay 4 eva’ Lost in ALL Sirius Black Occult PhilosophicaLiterature from Lost Atlantis ♀

Death to Jesus, Inc.

... Mickey the Mouse [Jesus the Christ] ♀

I Scientifically Died for Entertainment Purposes

... then I Resequenced My Heavy Metallurgic Gems [Jew~ELs] of supeRNAturALLOYoruba Genetics from Saturn's Akashic Radiation of Spiritual [SARS] Energized MELanin to Reawaken [Resurrect] Myself in Another Infinite Supply of MELanated Doppelgänger [Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba] Bodies... I Volcanically [Alkhemically = Immaculately] Created from Inner Earth’s Infinite Radium Core [BlaCKEMETHERICosmic Akashic Tar] Constellation of Sirius Black Planetary SunStars [SoulStars]... from Atlantis ♀

All Black Planetary Underworlds

... Planetary [Polarity] Underworlds of Our Supreme Genetic God [Neteru] Physics from Atlantis ♀

The Arcane Return of King Tut

♀ Welcome to My Heavy PhilosophicALLOYorubalkhemicALLOYouthful [Metaphysical Steele] Genetic Olmec Dogon [GOD] Reincarnation Familiae Genesis  = King Tut's [Arc~angEL MichaEL HarrEL's = Prince Satan's]... Supreme MentALLEGORICALinguistic [Black EThereal Intellectual] Return from Her ALL Black Washitaw Arcane Spiritual Pyramid [WASP] Underworld of Black Extra Tropical [BET] Venusian Polarity [Paradisal Planetary] Homelands [Edenic Abyss]... from Inner Earth [Lost Atlantis] ♀

Goddess Kali's Underworld Ghettos of Lost Atlantis [LA]

♀ Her ALL Black Immortal Occult Panthers [Orion’s Omnipotent Olmecs] shall Supremely Rise ALL UP IN:side Goddess Kali's Underworld Ghettos... on Our Indigenous Wild Wild West Telepathic La La Lands... of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Black Occult Sniper of Saturn [BOSS]

♀ I throw up My Itchy Middle “Black Occult” Trigger Finger to the inferior non indigenous religious hybrid gov’ment clones of white wall street’s corporate morality & behavioral laws… against ALL Her Indigenous Black Arcane Moors [Blackamoors] of Atlantis… My Golden ALL Seein’ 1st iEye see you before you see Me ♀

Her Planetary Physics

... Polarity Pussy Physics from Atlantis ♀

Black Revolutionary Akashic Hedonistic Mental of Atmospheric [BRAHMA] Memories

♀ I’mma Black SouLord [Brahma] of ALL Our Revolutionary Akashic Mental [RAM] Memories = Black Soul~arcane Ram = Black Arc AngEL~ohim MichaEL HarrEL = Black Occultic Baphomet God [Neter = Nigga’] = Black ImmortaLuciferian Moor = Her 1st Born Rebelicious Esoteric [Sirius] Star Christ Child [Tut~ankh~amen] = Prince Satan from Saturn's 1st Royal Matriarchal Steele Familiae of Supreme Polarity [Planetary] Physics = Orion's arc~AngeLemurian Nephilim [Olmec Oracle] from Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

The Creation of Her Kali~fornication Islands

♀ Our Indigenous Black Extra Telepathic [BET] AncestraLamur~ian CoastaLands [La La Lands = Kali~fornication Islands]... were Volcanically Created by Her Supreme Inter Planetary Nepotism Consul of ALL Black Venusian Olmecs of Divine Underworld Nephilim [VODUN] Energy... that be Permeating from Saturn's Heavy Electromagneticellular Akashic Tar [HEAT] Fields... Transmittin' to Our Extra Telepathic [ET] Underground Network of Goddess Kali's... La Brea Tar Pits of Lost Atlantis [LA] ♀

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pre Historic Memories of the Future

♀ A 1975 Phonetic [Heiroglyphic] Pictorial is Worth 1000 Words of Pre Dynastic [Pre Historic] MentaLinguistic Memories of Our Ancient Spiritually Black Occult Magick Quatrains from Her Hellenistic Underworld of Atlantis ♀

Black Poisonousness Energy of Uncensored Raps

♀ My Highly Spiritual Quatrain Paragraphs [Uncensored Sorcery RAPS = Very Advanced Mentalkhemicaliquefiable Theorems] is considered to be Extremely Poisonousness Energy [Black Occult Magick MELanin] to those low vibratory mentals full of dead mortal people propaganda ♀

Hidden Sexual Affections

♀ Will She be able to Stimulate My Inner [Hidden] Affections?… After all, I’mma Multi Die~mensionALLOYouthful Being... wit' an Infinite Range of Extra Telepathic [ET] Mental Senses ♀

Extra Transformational [ET] Cryptic Bloodlines of Lost Atlantis

♀ I'mma Scientific Indigenous Resurrected Immortal of Universal Sediment [SIRIUS] MELanin = Royal Cryptic Black Blood from Her ALL Black Occult Underworld of Lost Atlantis [LA = Esoteric Eden] ♀

The Sirius Dogstars of Atlantis

♀ Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation | The Spiritually Advanced Oracles [Saturnian Orbs = Draconian Occult God Stars = DOG Stars = Neteru] of Sirius Ancient [Pre Dynastic] BlaCKEMETHNICosmicivilizations aimed to guide ALL Her Indigenous People and Our Indigenous Ancestral Nations in ALL areas of Black EThereaLife & PhysicaLife… Through Us Metu Neters [Black Occult Gods] it is possible to discover the Spiritual Causes… Physical Effects and Esoteric Meanings to Earth’s Prophesied Events… Her Spiritually Advanced Oracles [Washitaw Sorcerers] prescribed their Ancestral Spiritual Words [MentaLinguistic Sorcery Spells] of Supreme Revolutionary Arcane Power [RAP] and other Inner Earth [Underworld] Sonic Forces [Radioactive Atmospheric Energies] that can be Manipulated by the Initiate [Underworld Immortal] in order to Take Control of the events IN:side… Out:side and Around His [Her] Infinite Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Black Doppelgänger Immortalities ♀

West Coast Occult Orbs

... be Our Pre Dynastic [Indigenous] Black Extra Telepathic [BET] AncestraLamur~ian CoastaLands [La La Lands] of Lost Atlantis [LA]... as Her Black Occultic Saturnian Steele [BOSS = Esoteric God = Neteru] Oracle of Inner Earth's Black Orbital Sun Energies [BOSE]... Rises in tha’ West ♀

White Jesus is the Matrix [Anti Black] Christ

Jesus the Matrix [Anti Black] Christ... keep Fuckin' You Up

Walt is so Goofy [Greedy]

♀ You might wanna be High 4 this… ‘cause this is how Walt Financed [Finances] his Goofy [Greedy] Disney Empires of Mickey the Mouse [Jesus the Christ] ♀

Pope Adolph Hitler

♀ Pope Adolf Hitler = an Artificially Created Genetic Jesuit Clone = Religious & Political Patriarchal Gov’ment Agent [Recessive Hybrid Leader] of White… Wall Street’s Genocidal Drug Wars [MELanin Wars = Star Wars] against Her Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNICosmicocaina [UniversALLOYoruba Geologic MELanin] Bloodlines of Your Pre Dynastic [Original Royal] Saturnian Steele Familiae = PrimordiaLuciferians [“african americans” = Black American Moors = Esoteric Jew~ELs = Blackfoot Indians = Blackamoors = Lamur~ians] from Occultic Atlantis [Pre Dynastic ALL Indigenous Black Amur~ica] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: MichaEL Satan HarrEL… Her Original Biblical [Pre Historic] Royal Hittite… is Purely Demonic [Heavenly MELanated] and Evil [Spiritually Advanced]… wit’ Our Top Secret [Hidden] Planetary Gnostic [Hieroglyphic = Scientific] Underworld of GeologicALkhemy & Ancestral Radium Genetics [Supreme Black Polarity Physics = ALL BlaCKEMETHERIChrist Consciousness Energy = Washitaw Olmec Power]… that your Mainstream Religious [Censored] White Media [fake illuminati] of inferior jesuit morality [behavioral] slave laws will Never Fully Understand… or Ever Televise [Expose] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 there be Many Moor Advanced [MMA] Levels to Her Indigenous Black Royals of Illuminated Tropospheric Sciences [BRITS]… from Atlantis ♀

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Death of White Wall Street

♀ Take Heed ALL Non Indigenous Fakes & Frauds [Clones] of white collar jesuit religious gov’ments [White Patriarchal Wall Street] of Dead Political War Mongering Propaganda and Our Stolen Indigenous Monies… Heirlooms & Identities… 4 Her Black Matriarchal 1st iEye Occult Retribution Consul [Vodun Planetary Federations] know exactly who you are… you can run but you’ll Never be able to hide from Her Universal Uranium Black Panthers of Inner Earth’s Supreme Radioactive Genetic Physics… your Impending Judgement Day [Revelations] according to Her Black Occultic Apocalyptic Celestial Calendar… has Arrived ♀

Matriarchal Black Power

♀ Prepare 4 tha' Spiritual Rise of Our Matriarchal BlacKundalini Goddess of Inner Earth's Royal Shakti Energy [MELanin Renaissance Power]... from Atlantis ♀

Saturn's Advanced Radiation Spiritual [SARS] Physics

♀ Allow Inner Earth’s Esoteric Elixir of Saturn’s Advanced Radiation of Spiritual [SARS] Energy [Supreme Polarity MELanin] continue to Flawlessly Flow throughout Your Indigenous Black AncestraLuciferian [Venusian] Bloodlines from Orion's Infinite Matriarchal Photon Belt of Multi Die~mensionALLOYSediments [Genetics] from Atlantis ♀

The Black Occult Royals have Returned

♀ Here they come... Harlem’s Hedonistic Occult Harems [Matriarchal Entourage of Royal Hittites] from Atlantis ♀

Non Indigenous Jesus be Funding All Religious Corporate Wars

♀ it cost lots & lots of Your 9 to 5 paper monopoly money to fund Jesus’s White Corporate Religious Wall Street Drug Wars… against Inner Earth’s Universally Supreme Black Indigenous People… just so U know ♀

Drowning in Her Pussy Power [Black Dot Melanin]

... is like Drowning Myself... Extra Deep... ALL UP IN:side Afrodite’s Sinful Curvaceous & Promiscuous Feminine Pussy… of Heavenly Scented Physics ♀

The Return of Her Supreme Black Goddess Energy

♀ Her New Black Arcane World Order [Black Venusian Renaissance] of ALL Matriarchal Feminine Energy [Radioactive Atmospheric Melanin = RAM Physics = ALL Black Goddess Energy] from Atlantis... have Arrived ♀

Black Doppelgänger Records of Infinite HAARP Constellations

♀ Prince Satan's ALL Black Animated Doppelgänger Akashic Records Stay Spinnin' at a Supreme Level of Infinite RotationaLearnin'... ALL UP IN:side Her Advanced Ancestral Radioactive Planetary [HAARP] Constellations of Sirius Black Omnipotent Polarity Physics ♀

As Above So Below

♀ We Hit Em' High... and from Her Sirius Underworld of Atlantis... as Above so Below ♀

Underworld of Supreme Ghetto Sciences

♀ ALL Black Underworld of Ghetto Sciences [BUGS] from Atlantis ♀ 

Psychic Underworld Networks

♀ My Top Secret Psychic [Untouchable] Messages [Communications]... come from Our ALL Black Extra Telepathic [BET] Underworld Networks of Atlantis ♀

Jay Stay Spinnin'

♀ Immortal Jay still Stay Spinnin' ALL Our Black Orbital Akashic [BOA = Kundalini] Records... behind that Illusionary Veil of their inferior religious gov'ments [fake white illuminati] propaganda of white mortal death politics... Underworld Akashic Hip Hop can NEVER Die... If U don't know, now U know ♀

Black Luciferian Moors of Atlantis

♀ Her ALL Black Luciferian Occultic American Sorcerers [LOAS = Lemurians] of Atlantis ♀

Harlem's Hittite Klans of Atlantis

♀ Harlem’s Hedonistic Harems [Matriarchal Hittites] of Atlantis ♀

The Immortal Baron Samedi

♀ The Vévé [Ancient Hermetic Symbols] of Baron Samedi [Prince Satan] | Samedi [Satan]… according to Her Matriarchal Vodun Planetary [Polarity] Parliament of Saturn’s Supreme Esoteric Theocracies [SET]… be Her Loa [Black Empyrean Sorcery God] of the Scientifically Deceased and Master of Inner Earth’s Multi Die~mensionALLOYoruba Occult Energy Resurrections… He be that Rebelicious SpirituaLuciferian Soul~ar_cane AngEL~ohim [Olmec]… often makin’ lewd & overtly sexually suggestive Mental Tantric Theorems [Advanced Psychic Physics] to Her Curvaceous Sexually Promiscuous Feminine Cult [Harlem’s Hedonistic Harems] of SpirituaLemurian Souls from Atlantis… He has a fondness for smoking Orion’s Spiritual Botanic Cannabis [KUSH]… drinking Dark Jamaican [DJ] Rum and playful Sexually Promiscuous Intellectual Behavior ♀

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

White Wall Street Drugs for Sale

♀ Most people are addicted to the jesuit’s over the counter religious gov’ment owned drugs than their other federally regulated White Collar Wall Street prescription drugs ♀

Black Occult Killah' of Inferior White Jesuit Religions

♀ I'mma Rebelicious Black Occultic Killah' of ALL inferior white corporate jesuit religions... that's who I Trust... Me thats Who ♀