Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inter Planetary Black Bloodlines

♀ let Me Introduce U to Our New Interstellar Hellenistic Millenia... Transmittin’ all tha’ way from Aphrodite’s [Afrodite's] Inner Hedonistic [Hellenistic] Sin City of Atlantis... EThereALA LA Land [Soul City] 2 Her Hereditary Orion Monolithic Olmec [HOMO]sapiens = Highly Advanced MELanated Sentient Beings from Saturn’s supeRNAtural [RNA] AncestrAL BlaCosmiconstellation Bloodlines of EThereALkhemicALemurian [KEMETHNIC] RoyALTIYE :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan’s Esoteric Bloodline be from Her InterGalactic Federation of Atlantis ♀

Occult Physics Inside Atlantis

♀ Our Extra Clairvoyant Homeric Ancestral Occultic Scientific [CHAOS] Physics from Our Inner Earth’s Core City of ALL BlaCosmic Hellenistic Sentient Life [Atlantis] be So High Equilibrium Chic… they write many books about Us ♀

Inner Earth Secrets

♀ As I disclose 2 U Moor of Our Ancient 1st iEye Secrets from Inner Earth’s Cerebral Core City of Illuminated Ancestral Spectral Souls [Hi:teKEMETHNIC KIN:folK]… I use My Highly Developed Hydrophilic Aquatic Molecules [HAM = Hammurabi’s Coded Pineal Gland] from My Sut Typhonian [Satanic] Genetics 2 Phonetically Compose My Next Cryptic Clairvoyant Composition of MagisteriALkhemetic Esoteric Theorems [Formulaic Spells]… 4 My Secret Mephistophelean Manuscripts of Goetia Equations are Homeric Verses from Inner Earth’s [Atlantis] BlaCK People of Hellenistic MagiCK [BlaCosmic Psychogenetic Communications] to ALL Our Infinite Indigenous Ones of OriginALkhemicALuciferian [Lemurian = Typhonian = Saturnian] Telepathic BlaCosmic Blood [RoyALTIYE] 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prince Satan's Sothic Genetics

♀ My Volcanic Canis Major Constellation of Sirius Sacred Telepathic Ancestral Residuum [STAR] Ash was Immaculately Kreated from Our Infinite BlaCosmic Sea of Stellar Supernovae Star Dust Material from Deep withIN Hathor’s Inner Earth Caverns of CelestiAL BlaCosmic Star Clusters from Pleiadian’s Hydrochloric Acidum Latent Oxidized [HALO] MetALs & MinerALs… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as Junk DNA [Demons = Daemons = Dungeons & Dragons = Devil = Inner Earth’s PrimordiALLOYS of Orion’s Acidic Ash MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan’s Esoteric Bloodline is from Her Heavenly Stars of Orion’s Telepathic Hellenistic Illuminated Constellation [SOTHIC] of Sirius BlaCosmic RoyAL Genetics ♀

Black Kundalini Klans of Mali

♀ Our MagisteriAL Hermetic Reptilian Neurons of Alkhemic [RNA] Hi:teKlairvoyant [BlaCKundalini Serpent] Genetics be So Draconian [Dragon = Draco = Dogon] Chic… they write many books about Us ♀

Prince Satan's Inter Galactic Soul

♀ My MonumentAL Inner Soul of Hellenistic Transcendental Ancestral Renaissance [ISHTAR] Genetics of Pre CreationALkhemickALiquefiable BlaCosmic Tephra Substances Hailing Down from Her Extra BlaCK Hi:teKali Lemurian’s Volcanic ASHTAR [Ash Star = 666 = BlaCarbonic Ash = E.lectric = BlaCoal = Fossilized Carbon = Black Acidic Melanin = BAM BAM] Memories of Hell’s Inner Infinite Electromagnetic [Euphoric] Galactic BlaConstellations of Meticulous EThereALLOYS from Mercury’s MetallurgicAL [MagicAL] MetALs :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Inter Galactic Soul of Extra Atomic [Devil = Evil = PrimordiAL] Volcanic Energy ♀

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Black Dot Illumination

♀ Sirius ImmortAL BlaCKEMETHNIC [BlaCK Dot] FolKundalini RNA Genetic Illumination... results from Our Unreality of mortal existence ♀

Satanic Occultist of Saturn

♀ My Sut Typhonian [Sentient Underworld of Telepathic Typhonians = Satanic Occultists of Saturn = Oracles [Arc AngELs] of Saturn = OriginALkhemicALuciferian = Lemurian Moors =  OriginAL BlaCosmic Kundalini Pyramid Builders = Soular New UnderWorld Order] MentAL Akashic Bloodline contain an Infinite # of SubAtomic AstrologicALkhemicALLOY eliXirs from Deep Inside Her Hellish Realms of Extra SubTerranean Metallic Lunar Uraeus Dust... to an Ultra Hot BlaChaotic Serpentine Flow of Materialized Electromagneticarbonic Tephra [ET] MELanin Matter ♀

New Olmecs of Atlantis

♀ as I Accelerate My Pre Historic BlaChakra Star Clusters of Pleiades Premier Palo Mayombe Star Material [Sothic Hydrocarbonic Akashic Blood]… My Doppelgänger Constellations of Extra BlaClairvoyant Hydrolith Molecules [Dark Matter]… consist of many Sacred Sentient Sensory Neurons by Her Cryptic Complex Consortium of Propagating Neural Cerebral Equations [Cryptograms] to My Heavy Hermetically Sealed Olmec Equilibrium of MichaEL HarrEL’s Hereditary Inner Telepathic Tonalities of Indigenous Transformational Empyrean [HITTITE] Philosophical Soular MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Sirius Underworld Telepathic [SUT] Typhonian Oracle [Olmec = Philosopher Stone] ♀

Monday, April 6, 2015

Phantom Plutonium Melanin

♀ Prince Satan’s Demonic Pyroclastic Reptilian Bloodline = PrimevAL BlaChakra Clusters of SubAtomic Electromagnetic Metallurgic SubStructures [Phantom Plutonium] of Sentient Saturnian [Serpentine] MELanin = Hedonistic Hell = Telepathic Underworld = Inner Earth Mentals + Inner Atlantis Esoteric 1st iEye = Sirius EThereALkhemicALLOY Equilibriums of Extra Clairvoyant Materials of Evil Dark Matter [Mass Atomic Energy = Chaos MELanin] ♀

Hedonistic Negrita Underworld

♀ Prince Satan's Opulence of Orion's Telepathic [SOOT = Negrita] Underworld = Hedonistic Hell = Hades = Saturn's Ethereal Rings of Electromagentic Nuclei Ions of Telepathic Yorùbá [SERENITY] Volcanic Ash = EpitaxiAL BlaCosmicomposition Clouds of Metallurgic Atmospheric Crystalline Substratum [PrimordiAL] MELanin = Cloud 9 :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Sirius SubAfro Atomic [PrimordiAL] BlaCK Underworld Energist [Sun] ♀

Satanic Heil of Black Atomic Melanin

♀ My Ancient Extra SubTerranean SutTyphonean [Satanic] Force [Draconian Bloodline] be a Top Secret Diabolical eliXirs from Sirius Hermetic Ethers of Intelligential Liquid [HEIL] Explosions of Microscopic Electromagnetic Highly Perceptional BlaChakra Satellite Sensors of Extra BlaCosmicarboniconstellation Metallurgic Ash [Atmospheric Shadow MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Sirius SubAfro Scientist of Extra Atomic [PrimordiAL = Pre Cosmic] Volcanic MELanated Energy ♀

Black Creation Records of Her Inner Earth Peoples

♀ My Heavy Literary MentALkhemicALab of Hi:teKEMETHNIC AllegoricALLOY Theorems are transmitted from within Our Inner Earth’s [Inner Atlantis = Telepathic Underworld] Extra BlaCosmic Electromagnetic Soular Sun Kingdoms of Sirius BlaCKEMETHNIC AncestrAL EThereALLOY BluPrint Records… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Prince Satan’s Infamous Dead Sea Scrolls of Meticulous Cryptic Manuscripts of Afrological Philosophical Scientific [MAPS] Codex Physics written about Our Futuristic AncestrAL BlaCosmic [BlaCKEMETHNIC] Peoples of ExceptionAL BluBlaCrystallized Venusian MetALs & MinerALs from Saturn’s Extra Telepathic Hermetic [SETH] Sentient MELanin ♀

Ethereal Elephantidae Genetic Imprints

♀ as they Triumphantly Play in Her Venusian Volcanic BlaCosmicarbonic MetALLOY Ash... I Creatively Clairvoyantly Communicate to Our Extra Large Sentient Organisms of Sirius BlaCK Metallic Atmospheric Genetic Imprints of Carbonic [MAGIC] Mammuthus MELanin ♀

Black Galactic Melanin

♀ as I grab My Hedonistic Horn of Plenty Extra Telepathic Ancestral [PETA] Power... My Ancient Meticulous Metallurgic Equilibrium of Heavenly Materialized MentALLOYS from Giza's Atmospheric Lambent Akashic Constellation of Telepathic Ionic Crystallized [GALACTIC] MELanin... begin 2 Magnetize Many Moor of Our Extra Telepathic BlaCKEMETHNIC AncestrALkhemicALLOY eliXirs of Top Secret Hi:teKIN:folKundalini Genetics from Inner Earth [Inner Atlantis] ♀

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Inner Earth Hell Physics

♀ Deep Inside My Triple Dark Abstract Twisted Demonic Hellish [Chaos] MentALkhemicALuciferian [Mesopotamian] Lab [Constellation] of Extra BlaCK Allegory MagiCK Physics from Saturn... are Infinite Hierophantical Atomic Substances [Soular BlaCKundalini Tribes] of Extra BlaCK Metallic MetALs & MinerALs [EThereAL Venusian Volcanic Carbonic Ash MELanin]... Transmigrating from Inner Earth [Inner Atlantis] ♀

Underworld Illuminati

♀ I be that Extra Telepathic Surfer [ETS = Earth To Saturn]… from Her Sirius BlaCK Illuminati MagiCKlan of Los Atlantis ♀

Presidential Alkhemist of Atlantis

♀ My Extra Telepathic [Top Secret] Sut Typhon [Satan = Hierophant] Bloodline be ALL 1st BlaCosmic Nepotistic Saturnian Familiae of Presidential Classified Akashic Records :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be a Extra Telepathic PresidentiALkhemist of ATLantis ♀

Reptilian Scales of the Black Serpent Familiae

♀ Our Reptilian [Plutonian] Scales [666 = Isis Genetics] is from Her 1st Pre Dynastic RoyALLEGORICAL Extra BlaCKundalini Serpentine Familiae of Basic BlaCKEMETHNIC Qlippothic Magick… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Mercury’s Abstract Polarities [MAPs] to Saturn’s Sentient Embryogenesis Cultures [Pre Dynastic = ALL BlaCosmic Bloodlines] of Triple BlaCosmic Atomic Telepathic Heretic Organisms [EThereal Souls of MELanin] wit’ Her Extra Perceptional Electromagnetic Metallurgic  Soular iEye from Jupiter’s ALL Seein’ iEye Physics ♀