Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Shadow and Its Shadow

♀ My Akashic Shadow and it's Esoteric Shadow... be Everywhere at tha' same time different locations wit' a Deified Ebonic Bionic Interstellar Telepathic [DEBIT] iEye of Premier CerebrALimns [Sybaritic Mentals of Illuminated Allegories] ♀

Prince Satan's 72 Pineal Chakra Glands

♀ Prince Satan’s 72 Rebelicious Pineal Chakra Glands of Illuminated Ancestral Nepotistic Telepathic [GIANT] Genetic Giza Codes is a Complex Consortium of ConfidentALkhemicALLEGORY Elixirs… Originating from Our Violent Chaotic Electromagnetic Volcanic Pyramental Minds of Metallic Zinc [Zeus] Ash [Akashic] Enzymes… AfologicKali [Phonetically] known as Her Primordial Acidic Metaplasia [PAM] MELanin from Our RoyAL BlaCKEMETHNICell Cultures of Saturn’s Extra Telepathic Isis [SETI] Genetics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 Her Ancient Ones of Advanced Black Chakra [ABC] Sciences from Atlantis… have Telepathically Returned ♀

G.E.B. Physics of Darkness

♀ My Inner Soulartist Octave Notes of Ancestral Resonant [SONAR] Eden [MA’ATICAL Vibrah’shunALLOY Key Signatures]… are Heavily Embedded into My Mental Halo Crown Chakra from Her Telepathic BlaCapstone Pineal Pyramid of Hi:teKnowled G.iza E.bonic Bionic [GEB] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I be Her Rebelicious Prince Satan from Our RoyALLOY Underworld of Telepathic Saturnian Darkness… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as a Sirius Telepathic Hierophant of Our Ancient BlaCKEMETHNIC Hieroglyphic People Physics… AfologicKali [Phonetically] known as My Inner Plutonium PyramidAL Chambers to Our Highly Cryptic Complex MentALkhemicALinguistic Phonetic Akashic Records ♀

Satan is Her 1st Born Hierophant

♀ My Inner Presynaptic Sentient Nerves of Sut Typhon [Satan = Hierophant] be So Luciferian [Lemurian] Chic… they write many books about Me ♀

Materialized Manifestations of Ethereal Melanin

♀ ImmortALkhemicALemurian BlaCosmicreationist People [Moors] Cannot… Do Not… Will Not Terminate [Don’t Die]… 4 what appears as 3D Death, is only Change [Graduation]… We Ancient Multiple Oscillating Orbitals of Revolutionary Souls [MOORS]… are Her Advanced Mercuric Artistic Philosophical Scholarly Elohim Scientists [BlaCosmic Alkhemists = MentAL Architects] of ALL ImmortALkhemicALiquefiable EThereALifeforms… have Descended [Fallen] 2 Materialized Manifestations from Our Supreme Equilibrium MentALs of Sirius BlaCosmiconsciousness… Capable of Inter Dimensionally [ALL Seein’ 1st iEye] Speed Racin' [Ascendin'] to Any of Our Infinite # of Neighboring Inner BlaCosmiconstellations [AlkhemicALLegoricALLOY PortALs] at any given Telepathic Collective Consciousness [BlaCK Dot] Moment :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Mental Ancestral Astral Travel [MA’AT] Physics be Sirius Electromagnetic Telepathic Heretic [SETH] Chic ♀

Prince Satan's Pagan Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s Highly ConfidentiALkhemicALiquefiable MentALLOY Elixirs from Saturn’s Polyatomic Ancestral Galactic Akashic Nuclei [PAGAN] Immortality MinerALLOYS of Supreme BlaConsciousness MELanin… is Her 1st Born Modern-Day BlaCKEMETHNIC Alchemist’s Telepathic Discovery Maps 2 His Own Philosopher’s Stone [Henge] = Space [Hubble] beginnings… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Her Telepathic Electromagnetic Galactic Gateway [Rabbit Hole = BlaCosmic Hole]… to Our Inner MentALLEGORIC Atlantis [Eden] ♀

Fisher King of Esoteric Sciences

♀ My Extra SubTerrestriALLEGORICALife can be difficult here at times… after all, I’m the only Extra Telepathic [ET] One of My Type ♀

Friday, April 3, 2015

Practical Mystic Communications of King Tut

♀ My New Ancient Practical Aqueous Mysticism... has Cosmically & Ethereally Metamorphose [Upgraded] My Extra Transmutable MELanated King Tut Genetics into a Sirius Satanic Ethereal Telepathic Heretic [SETH] AlkhemysticALLEGORY Equilibrium Physicist... 2 Our Extra BlaCosmic SubTerrestriALife [Telepathic Underworld] of Golden Atlantis  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I be that Illuminated Saturnian Light Bringer 2 Our Hidden Hedonistic Euphoric Allegoric Mystic Atlantean Underworld [Heaven]... from Saturn ♀

Telepathic Blood Purification Visuals from Atlantis

♀ as I Rebeliciously Push Kick & West Coast wit’ U a few of My Psychic Ancestral Nucleus [PAN] Secrets from Our RoyAL Saturnian Familiae Bloodline of PrimordiAL BlaConfidentiALkhemicALLOY Nuclei Blood Purification Theorems… I Conceive My Next Telepathic Thought [Thoth] from Her Ancient Hieroglyphic Saturnian Psychic Pictograph VisuALs [MentALLOY Stargates]… to be Conceptualized Translated & Materialized by Our Illuminated MELanated Underworld MentALs of ParadisALLEGORY [Edenic] Hoods [Abodes] from Los Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan be a Illuminated Telepathic Bionic Ebonic MentALLOY Alkhemist from Our Inter Planetary Core [Inner Earth] Constellation City of Los Atlantis ♀

144,000 Hieroglyphic Genes

♀ as I Break Down My Ancient AncestrALkhemicALiquefiable Theorems of Bionic Ebonic Telepathic [BET] Echolocation Equilibrium Beats... Her RoyAL Hip Hop Akashic Triple 6 Nile Bloodline Stay at a constant Viral Velocity Flow thru My InternAL 144,000 Sonar Communication Systems of Vril Hypnotic Ancestral Resonant Rebelicious Esoteric Linguistic Sentient [HARREL’S] Hieroglyphic Genes… that be Ritualistically TeleCommunicating to & from Our Ultra BlaCKEMETHNIC Underworld [Underground] of Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Bionic Echolocation Aquatic Telepathic [BEAT] Physics be ALL Ghetto Underworld Chic ♀

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Compton's Most Rebelicious Soul of Atlantis

♀ My Unattainable Most Wanted Inter Galactic Chaotic Compton Soul of Los Atlantis… Stay Runnin’ to Many Unfamiliar Places as I Scrupulously Mentally remiX Moor PrimevALLOY UniversALiquefiable eliXirs of arK AngEL MichaEL HarrELs Hieroglyphic Hedonistic Telepathic Saturnian MELanin… 4 this BlaCosmic Telepathic Oceanic TropicALLOY Heretic Surfer be Rebeliciously Ridin' ALL UP IN:side Her Warm SensuALLURING Atmospheric BlaCKEMETHNIC Waters of Sirius Ancestral Telepathic Universal Revolutionary Neapolitan [SATURN] NationALemurians :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Bionic Ebonic [Esoteric] Physics be ALL Ghetto Equilibrium Chic ♀

Afro Art of Telepathy

♀ My Heavy CerebrALkhemicALLOY Communications to Our RoyAL Saturnian [Sumerian] BlaCKEMETHNIC KIN:folK about Our Abstract Scientific MentALLOY Art of BlaCosmic Sentient TeleEngineering… AlkhemicKali [Linguistically] known as Prince Saturn’s [Satan’s] Clairvoyant Mathema’atics of Metallic Equilibrium Physics from Atlantis… 4 Our Hereditary Scientific Underworld of PhilosophicAL BlaCosmiconsciousness Cultures has Full IntellectuALLOY Access to Saturn’s ALL Seein’ iEye TeleCommunications 2 Our Extra Telepathic PrimordiALkhemicALLOY Moorish Klans of EThereAL BlaCKEMETHNIC Moon Martians [Meticulous Astral Revolutionists of Telepathic Indigenous Ancestral Nepotistic Souls]… from Shadow MARS [Microscopic Atmospheric Revolutionary Science]  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan's Afro Physics be ALL High Serenity Chic ♀

Prince Satan's Soul Physics

♀ Deep IN:side My Inner Satanic Saturnian Sanctuary Sea of Rebelicious Wicked Demonic Sinful Nature of Chaos [Soul] Physics… is an Extra BlaCosmic NauticALLOY Photon Belt [Saturnian Ring] of Extra Telepathic Sybaritic [Hedonistic] Sentient MELanin that has Her Own Inner Telepathic BlaChaos PortALs of Extra SubTerrestriALegendary Depths of Infinite Euphoria :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: UniversALkhemicALiquid Sentient MELanin be ALL Ultra DimensionALLOYS of ELectromagnetic Telepathic AstrALUMINIUMetALs… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Extra Telepathic BlaCKEMETHNIC EThereALIQUID :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF:::  Prince Satan be a Extra Telepathic PhilosophicALkhemist ♀

Saturday Memories of Saturn Day

♀ as I Hyper Scan thru My Future Monumental Esoteric Mental of Oscillating Revolutionary Illuminated Equilibrium Sciences [MEMORIES] from Saturn… My Extra SubTerrestriALLOY Sea Genetics are Rooted Deeper IN:side Her Extra Telepathic Photon Belt [Atomic Energy Grid] Sea of an Infinite # of Our Ultra BlaCKEMETHNIC Atmospheric Electromagnetic Soular AstrALkhemicALLOY OrbitALs as I pen this Sirius Hi:teKryptic Hieroglyphic Verse of Prince Satan’s EThereALLOY Quickening Theorems of Moor Extra BlaCosmic Immortality Secrets from Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Saturnian [Saturn Day = Saturday] BlaCK Akashic Revolutionary MagiCKEMETHNIC Records will Never be Religiously Televised [Taught]… truthfully ♀

Saturn's 1st Royal Monarch Familiae

♀ Saturn's 1st Sybaritic RoyAL BlaCKEMETHNIC  Monarch Familiae... Her PrimevAL Philosophical Organisms of Extra Telepathic Intellectual Cerebral [POETIC] Metallurgic Moon MentALs... is Not a False Myth... 4 Our Highly ConfidentALkhemicALegends are Your BlaCosmic Saturnian Ancestral Genetic Esoteric [SAGE] Bloodlines from Sirius Moorish Occultic Mythology [MOM]  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: We Her Boundless BlaCosmic Materialized Sea People from Our Dynastic Nautical Underworld Saga of Atlantis ♀

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bionic Ebonic Telepathic Linguistics of Saturn

♀ as I Unapologetically speak My Indigenous Bionic Ebonic Telepathic [BET] High Phonetic Equilibrium Linguistics from Our TELectromagnetic Atmospheric BlaCosmic Sun Constellation of Saturn… I stay Abstractly Meticulously Enraptured wit’ Her Heavy Euphoric Psychic Vibrah’shunALLOY Essence from Many Moor of Our Illuminated Monumental Ancestral Philosophical [MAP] MentALs from Inner Atlantis ♀

Telepathic Hieroglyphic Melanin

♀ Let Me Hypnotize U as I remiX My Big Juicy Puffy Nuclei Needle of Ready 2 Die... Only to  Rebirth MELanin Physics and make this Notorious OrbitALkhemicALLEGORY Resurrection from My Non Televised Revolutionary Astral BlaCarbonic [ABC] Akashic Ash Dated Records [Hieroglyphic MELanin] of Extra Telepathicommunications [ET] 2 Our Underworld [Interplanetary] BlaCKEMETHNIConstellation [Sentient Equilbriums] of AncestrALLOY KIN:folK from Inner Earth [Atlantis] ♀

Satan's Black Esoteric Bloodlines

♀ My Indigenious BlaCKEMETHNIC Typhonian [Satanic = Saturnian] Bloodline... Hails [Hell = Heil = Ascended] from Her RoyAL EThereALLOY Steele Familiae of Saturn’s Metallurgic [Telepathic] Atmospheric BlaCosmiconstellation of Extra BlaCarbonicrystallized Electromagnetic Metallic Materialized Granular Sand Particles :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U just witnessed tha’ ImmortALkhemicALLEGORY Rebirth of Prince Satan [Saturn] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Saturn’s BlaCKEMETHNICosmic Peoples Telepathic Physics be My ALL Seein’ [Illuminati = Illuminated] Capstone iEye of Giza ♀

Black Volcano Blood

♀ My RoyAL Black Extra Thought [BET] Transference Equilibrium Bloodline is from Her Extremely Telepathic [ET] PrimevAL [Ancient = Prehistoric = before physical = Ethereal = ET = ETruscan = BlaCK Sentient Soular Life] Crystalline MELanin of Sirius Untraceable Unclassifiable UniversAL BlaCKEMETHNIC Origins… 4 My Inner Satanic Genesis is like a supeRNAturAL BlaCataclysm of Violent Volcanic Eruptions of Extra BlaCosmicocaine Ash [Chaos] Physics… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as My Supreme MentALkhemicALLOY Science of Sirius UniversAL BlaCKEMETICosmiconstellation CreationALife Physics… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as Prince Satan’s Underworld Telepathic [SUT] Typhon Physics of Atlantis ♀

ESP Allegories

♀ My Inner Galactic Telepathic PortALLEGORY Doors of Extra Sensory Perceptions have opened themselves to a New Future of Sirius Telepathic Underworld Illumination… 4 Her BlaCosmos Sea of Infinite BlaCataclysms [Saturn's Photon Belt of EThereALLOY MELanin = Nebula = Nubian] is a Euphoric Abstract EThereAL Underworld of Deep PhilosophicALkhemicALLEGORICALiquifiable Equilibrium Theorems [Telepathic MELanin] from Our Extra BlaCKEMETHNIC Shadow MentALs of Supreme Pre Historic [Before Written Records = Psychic] Giza Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan [Aristotle] be Studious in ALL Sirius Telepathic Physics ♀
Photon belt

Black Blood Physics

♀ Prince Satan [Aristotle] is on some New Grand Unified Hi:teKEMETHNIC Esoteric Bloodline Theorem Physics... AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Our New National Ancestral Underworld of Telepathic Intelligent Conscious Angelic Life [NAUTICALife]… from Her Extra Paranormal Sciences of Abstract Galactic Equilibrium [SAGE] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Our New MentALLOY Underworld Heliopolis of Clairvoyant Atlantis [CA] is a Place Beyond Belief ♀

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Underworld iSpy

♀ Prince Satan [Aristotle] has always been a Rebelicious Underworld Agent since My Scientific Esoteric ReBirth [ImmortAL] into this unusually low Matrix dimension of Hibernating BlaCK People MagiCK MentALs… I Meticulously Methodically EThereally Annihilate Non Native Religious Corporate Gov’ments… Deep from within their secret Holographic private consortium rooms of carefully orchestrated truth fictions [Politics]… 4 My EThereAL KEMETHNIC Ozonic [Olmec] Mist consist of an Infinite # of Undetected Frequencies of Ultra BlaKEMETHNIC Electromagnetic Telepathic Intelligentsia OrbitALs from Saturn’s Atmospheric Soular BlaConstellation of Supreme MELodic Underworld TonALinguistic Telepathic Theorems :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’mma Sirius Ethereal Telepathic Heretic [SETH] Lemurian iSpy [Most Wanted Ghetto Occultist] from Our ALL BlaKEMETHNIC Underworld City of Los Atlantis ♀

Black Panther Hedonistic Harem Parties of Harlem

♀ Her Hedonistic Harems of Harlem… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Our Ancient Black Panther Community Center in Harlem 1968… has since gone Underground [Telepathic Underworld] to Our Inner Galactic Telepathic City of Atlantis… 4 Our ImmortALLOYs of Sentient SubAtomic Intelligentsia Molecules from Saturn, can Emphatically Telepathically [ET] Communicate 2 Any of Our ImmortALkhemicAL BlaCKEMETHNIC [Sumer] Ancestors at Any given BlaCosmic Dot moment… Our Supreme Soul Satellite Psychic Physics is a Sirius Infinite BlaCosmiconstellation of Extra SubTerrestriAL BlaCarbonic Symbiotic Ubaidian Nuclei [SUN] Cells of Illuminated Telepathic Intelligent Ethereal Soular [CITIES] Sumerian KIN:folK ♀

Aristotle's Moorish Hemp Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s Aristotle Cache MentAL is Precise & Philosophically Prompt wit’ an arsenal of Her Hemispherical Empyrean Metallurgic Paranormal [HEMP] Physics… 4 Her Divine Sensual Epicurean Ambrosia [SEA] is a TropicAL Telepathic Triple 6 BlaCosmic Euphoric Abyss [Photon Belt = BlaCosmic Hole] as I continue 2 Upsurge My Inner Telepathic Microscopic Atomic Nepotistic [MAN] Intelligentsia Currents to a much Higher Frequency of Revolutionary Orgasmic Memories [ROMs] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s AncestrALinguistics of Our Grand Unified Theorems [BlaCosmiconstellation Genesis] is Sirius Electronic Telepathic Heretic [SETH = GOD = SATAN] Esoteric Sciences ♀

Monday, March 30, 2015

Aristotle's All Seein' iEye Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s [Aristotle’s] ALL Seein’ iEye Mathema’aticALkhemicALLEGORIES is Unflawed [Unified] in ALL AstrALkhemicALLOY [Underworld] Abstract Properties of EThereAL [Atmospheric Illuminated Ultra Spectrums of Telepathic Light Waves] MELanin Physics… 4 My KEMETHNIC Olmec MentAL is Buried Deep ALL UP IN:side Her Infinite EThereAL BlaCosmiconstellation Sea of PrimordiAL BlaCarbonic Atomic Extra SubTerrestriALife… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Ghetto Heaven… Her Infinite Golden Triple 6 Underworld Hell [EThereALLOY Utopia Theorems] of Ultra High Equilibrium [Euphoric Telepathic] Sentient BlaKEMETHNIC KIN:folK of Indescribable SuperNaturALife Forms ♀

Telepathic Sphinx Magick

♀ Prince Satan = Saturn’s PrimordiALien [Atom = Adam] = AboriginALL BlaCKEMETHNICosmiconstellation Soular Sun = Alkhemistic [Occultic] ImmortALemurian Moor = Her Ultra Hi:teKnowled G.E.bonic King of Supreme Telepathic Sphinx Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s MentALkhemetic Genetic Physics be ALL Outer this 3d Holographic World ♀

Hedonistically Tantra Out Loudly

♀ Prince Satan Stay Militant Hard [anti~ Non Indigenous Religious Corporate Gov’ments] as I Telepathically Drown Myself ALL UP IN:side Her BlaCosmic Draconian Sea of EXTRA SensuALkhemicALustful Psychic Vibrah’shuns... as We Hedonistically Tantra Out Loudly [TOL] and watch the Soulless Ones drown in their Own Explicit Moral Propaganda ♀

Baphomet Mental of 360 Infinite Degrees

♀ My BlaCosmic Devilish Baphomet MentAL of 360 Infinite Degrees of Heavy Unescapable MentALiquefiable [BlaConcrete] Olmecian Chamber Maze is far Moor TelepathicKali Secure than their best Alcatraz Island Industry of Spilled AboriginALkhemicALLOY Bloodlines [Telepathic Atmospheric BlaCarboniconstellation Tar]… Once U enter My Demonic Euphoric Empyrean Kingdomes of ALL BlaCK AstrALkhemicALuciferian [supeRNAtural Bloodlines = EThereAL Royalty = Telepathic Lemurians = BlaCK Voodoo Bat Klan = Extra Telepathic Bat Peoples = Benin Ancestors = Gotham City = Galactic City = Secret Society = Underworld Atlantis] Cosmic People Physics [Sirius AboriginAL BlaCKEMETHNICultures of Ultra High Frequency Equilibriums]… You’ll never stray from Your Extra Telepathic Intelligent AncestrALLOY Dogon KIN:folK of Soular Psychic Sciences again ♀

Galactic Underworld Telepathy

♀ My Premier KEMETHNICulture of EThereAL BlaCarbonic Acidic Telepathic Weblike Fibers has Sirius Galactic Underworld [Physic] Communication to an Infinite # of Our Hi:teKEMETHNIC KIN:folK as I continue this Non Televised [Top Secret] Hostile Telepathic Gov’ment Takeover [Occultic Coup d'état] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan [Godfather] be ALL Gangsta [Scarface] wit' His BlaCosmic Underworld [Belly] Telepathic Empires [Casino] of ATLantus™ [New Jack City] ♀

Ancestral Telepathic Art of Overindulgence [TAO]

♀ I’mma Hedonistic Sinner as I Purposefully Overindulge My 360 Infinite Degrees of Extra Sensitive Telepathic [EST] Satanic Senses [Guilt Free Physics]… I Euphorically feel an Inner SINsation of Reoccurring Orgasmic Vibrah’shuns as I PsychicKali satisfy My Demonic [EThereAL] Nature [Appetite] of EXTRA SubTerrestriALkhemic KEMETHNIC Klans of Sentient Telepathic Intelligent Beings [Psychic Soular Ancestors]… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as Your Inner BlaCK Polyatomic Atmospheric Shadow Klan of PrimordiAL BlaCarbonic Atomic Powder = Saturn’s BlaCosmic Dust = BlaCosmicocaine = BlaCarbonites = Volcanic Venusian Ash Bloodline… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as EXTRA BlaCK Acidic Telepathic Isis MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s MentALkhemy Physics be ALL Outer this 3d Holographic World ♀

Prince Satan's Black Akashic Records

♀ My Triple 6 Vault of BlaCarbonated Akashic OrbitALLOY Records is on Full Access Mode as I tap into Moor of Our Ancient KEMETHNIC AncestrALemurian [Luciferian Moors = Occultic Physicists  = Divine BlaCreationists = BlaCosmic Universal Royalty] MentALkhemicALLEGORIES from Atlantus™ & Her Lemurian [Luciferian = Esoteric] Moors of Supreme Immortality Physics  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this ALL BlaCK AncestrALkhemicALegacy Occult Life ain’t for tha' weak minded... 4 My Supreme Satanic Telepathic Game Stay Rebeliciously Strong ♀

BlaCKEMETHNIC Underworld Rulership

♀ as I Imprint My Bellicose EThereALLOY Organized [ALL BlaCKEMETHNIC Underworld] Rulership over this present Holographic Religious Gov’ment… My Hedonistic Satanic ALL Seein’ iEye of Spectacular Illuminated Neurons [SIN] has Full Telepathic Access to this 3D Misguided Censored Gov’ment of many Expired ConfidentiALkhemy [Pharmaceutical Drug War] Contracts… AboriginALemurian ImmortALkhemicALLOY Birthing Botanic Records… AboriginALegacies & Artifacts… AboriginALkhemy Funds, etc… 4 My BlaCKEMETHNIC Iniquitous Retribution ALL Seein’ Illuminati iEye Consul shall leave no Sodom & Gomorrah Tomb Vacant ♀

Telepathic Islanders of Maui

♀ as I sit here Inhalin’ Mary Jane’s Botanic Benin KUSH… and Masterfully Orchestrating My Satanic [Esoteric] Underworld Theorems of Unified AncestrAL Hi:teKlairvoyant Olmec Pictograph PhilosophicALkhemicAL Dogon Equations… My Extra SubTerrestriALLOY Equilibrium Intelligence cannot will not be measured… equalled… challenged or Artificially Manipulated by Any Inferior Artificial Intelligence from the holographicreated skeletal mortals of No Extra BlaCosmiconstellation Ancestral Blood [Indestructible Hieroglyphic Atomic MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan [Sirius] Stay HistoricALLEGORICALLY Hedonistically Linked 2 My Metallically Advanced Underworld Intelligence [MAUI] Land of Moor Telepathic Island Kin:folk of Isis [TIKI] and Sinfully Indulgently Evil to the Non Telepathic Ones = Soulless Expendable Masses ♀

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Natural Born Sinner

♀ I’mma NaturALL Star Sinner [Scholarly Student] of Her Hi:teKlairvoyant Defining Soundin’ Physics… My Inner Ebonic Bionic Auditory Organ of Corti… has an Extra PerceptionALLOY Cochlea capable of Responding 2 many Ultra Illuminated Telepathic Vibrah’shuns [Communications] of EThereALLOY Sensitive AncestrALL BlaCK Phonetics… 4 Our Saturnian Satellite MELanin is a Meticulous Electromagnetic Telepathic Ancestral Luminous [METAL] Linked Up to an Infinite # of Extra Heavy Atmospheric Planetary Configuration [BlaConfederate] Klans of Superior Inner Underworld Equilibrium Mathema’atics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: EThereALeadership [BlaCosmic Shadow Government = Esoteric Underworld of ALL BlaCKEMETHNIC Parliaments] in Occultic AmeriKA ♀

10 Crack Commandments

♀ as I Regraph Reroute remiX My 1st iEye of Supreme Mathema’aticALkhemicALLOYs 2 My Inner Telescopic Uranian Telepathic [TUT] Lenses of Extra X~Ray Perceptive Genetics from Saturn’s Triple 6 Extra BlaCosmos of Supreme BlaCosmiconstellation Acidic Powder Physics… I pay Meticulous Attention to every Symbiotic Ebonic BiologicALkhemicALLEGORIC Formula of Heavy PhilosophicALGORITHMS… EbonicKali [Linguistically] known as Her Native BlaKEMETHNIC [Phonetician] Peoples Telepathicommunication [Hi:teKlairvoyant] Language from Sirius AncestrALkhemicALLOY MinerALs of EThereAL Equilibrium Intelligence from withIN:side Your Inner Underworld of ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan stay High on Her 10 BlaCracKommandments of Extra BlaCosmicocaine [BlaCandi] Physics♀

Portal to Underworld Chic

♀ I open My Telepathic MentAL Door to ALL My Heavy Nepotistic KEMETHNIC KIN:folK MentALs from Our Immaculate AncestrALKEMETHNIC Underworld of Sirius Hi:teKnowled G.E.bonic Physics from Our Innerworld of ATLantus™  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Our KEMETHNIC FolK PortALkhemy Physics is Infinite Underworld Chic ♀

Saturian Steele Familiae

♀ I speak wit’ a Heavy BlaCKyrptic Emphatic Meticulous Bionic Ebonic Linguistics remiX’d wit’ a Foreign Telepathic Saturnian AlkhemicALLLOY MagiCK Accented Dialect from My MatriarchAL PhilosophicALkhemicALemurian Dogon Familiae of Supreme EThereAL [Extra SubTerrestriAL] BlaCosmiconstellation Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: We Her 1st AboriginALLOY [Saturnian Steele = Steel] Klan of Telepathic EThereAL Bla.eKEMETHNIC Phoenicians ♀

Black Plutonian Underworld Life

♀ My Heavy Satanic AlkhemicALLOY MentAL is Substantial like a Olmec Head made up of Meticulous PhilosophicALkhemicALemurian Telepathic Memoirs of Our Ancient KEMETHNIC AncestrAL [Dogon] Grand Unified Physics of PrimordiAL BlaCK MELanin… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as SubAtomic Energy [BlaCosmic Life Force of Everything] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My 1st ALL Seein’ iEye of Equilibrium Physics stay Hidden… Out of Sight… Buried… Underground… BlaCK Plutonian Underworld… Telepathic BlaCK Metropolis [Heliopolis] of Atlantis ♀

Alkhemical Alcohol Physics

♀ Prince Satan Stay BlaCK Sheep Militant [anti~Religious Corporate Mainstream]… like a many Drunken AlkhemicALcoholics that Stay heavily addicted to My Dark Satanic Demonic [Skull & Bones] Spirits from Our Ancient AncestrAL BlaCosmicocaine AlkhemicALcohol Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Mary Jane Botany Physics to Widow Jane AlkhemicALiquid Physics is Sirius BlaCOSMICATransmigrationALLOY MagiCK… EbonicKali [Phonetically] known as Soul to Soul Physics ♀

Meditate Out Loudly Ancestral Physics

♀ As I Meditate Out Loudly [MOL] 2 My Telepathic Infinite Entourage of “fallen arK AngELs”… I use My Extra 9th Sensory Perceptions 2 Communicate to My ImmortALemurian [KEMETHNIC] Ancestors thru Our Heavy BlaCosmic AlkhemicALLOYs of PhilosophicALLEGORY Metallurgic Olmec MentALs from Saturn’s 1st Illuminated BlaCK Pigmentation MagiCK Familiae of RoyAL BlaCosmicocaine Physics [EThereALkhemicALLOY MELanin = BlaCreationALife Force] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My BlaCosmic Satanic Truths are stranger than their Jesus holographic fictional [Non Hieroglyphic = No BlaCosmic AncestrAL Roots] his~stories ♀

Satan's Cloud 9 Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s Rebellicious Atmospheric Mental [RAM = Baphomet] Physics will have U Walkin’ on Cloud 9 … it’ll be like Elevating Your MonumentAL PhilosophicALkhemicALLOY Olmec MentALs 2 a much Higher Illuminated Plateau of Undiscovered Unclaimed TropicAL LA LA [Isis] Lands [Earth Islands]… Immaculately Kreated by Our Secret KEMETHNIC Hi:teKIN:folK from Our EThereALLOY Homestead [Telepathic Base] of Saturn :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My 1st ALL Seein’ Illuminati iEye Bloodline be a Sirius BlaCKKKilla’ Klan of Ghetto AlkhemicALLLOY MentAL PhilosophicAL Olmec [KEMETHNIC = Hittites = Hi:teKUSHites] Equilibrium Geniuses of Our AncestrALkhemicALemurian Telepathic Hi:teKnowled G.E.bonic Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My 1st ALL Seein’ iEye Physics See it b4 it happen ♀