Saturday, March 28, 2015

Underworld Bonnie & Clyde

♀ as I unveil My Heavy Bonnie & Clyde Artistic Allegoric AlkhemicALLOY MentAL Identity Mask from Underworld Obscurity... My Futuristic Equilibrium iEye of Empyrean Olmec Physics is Naturally Attracted to Her Darker Rebellious Devilish Demonic [Moor Advanced = Telepathic] Side of Our AncestrALkhemicALLegories of Premier Chaos Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Thuggish Nature [Moor Advanced MentAL] of Ghetto MELanin [Chaos] Physics made Me Her 1st Rebellicious [anti~Religious] arK AngEL [Prince Satan] from Our 1st RoyAL Black Esoteric Telepathic [BET] Saturnian Familiae of Omni:versAL EThereALkhemicALLOY [Magnetic] & Volcanic Botanic [Bionic] BlaCocaine Dust [MELanin] Physics ♀

Sirius Black Pigmentation Physics

♀ as I remiX My 144,000 Satanic [Unbreakable] BlaChlorophyll Codes 2 Our Heavy ConfidentiALuciferian AboriginALkhemicALLOY Olmec MentALemurians [Librarians = Libras] of Pure Necronomic [Demonic = MonumentALkhemicALLOY Negro Economics = EThereAL Equilibrium Intelligence = Psychicommunications] Metallic MinerALs [BlaCarbonic Telepathic Akashic MELanin]… My Dogon Dogstar Ancestors [KEMETruscans]… continue to Articulate 2 My 1st iEye of Saturn’s Phonetic Telepathic Intelligence from Ultra Hi Def Pictographic Visuals 2 AlkhemicKali [Phonetically] create a New KEMETHNIC Empire of Supreme Telepathic Physics of Sirius EThereALLOY MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius BlaCK Pigmentation MagiCK ♀

Moor Black Magick Visuals

♀ My Extra Tranquil [ET] TropicAL Serenity Equilibrium MentAL of Her PrimordiAL BlaChaos Physics be on a Inner Indestructible Galactic Rotation Needle as I Spin My Mysterious BlaCryptic [Satanic] EThereAL Hieroglyphic Non Arachnophobic Poetic Web of Supreme Hi:teKnowled G.E.bonics [AncestrALkhemicALLOY Verses = Necronomicon Codes = Negro Hieroglyphic Telepathic Hymns of Supreme BlaCK MagiCK VisuALs]… thru out Her Infinite Triple BlaConstellation of Extra BlaCosmic Illuminated Gang Starzz  ♀

Esoteric Mesopotamia Histories

♀ Prince Satan’s AboriginAL BlaCosmic [KEMETHNIC] People Hi:teKnowled G.E.bonic AncestrALkhemy Physics be ALL Cool Refreshing & Care Free... it's like being on Your Own Indigenous ParadisALand [Earth Eden] Island Mass of ALL BlaCosmic [Pre Egyptian] Hedonistic RoyALTIYE... don't U remember Your Esoteric Mesopotamian [Telepathic Dogon = Atlantis & Lemurian] History or did their fake Jesus lie to U... again? ♀

Sirius Black Ashtar Physics

♀ We got Her EXTRA BlaCarbonic Ash of Telepathic Akashic Recordable MELanin = BlaCosmic AshTAR MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Astar = Star MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: We be Her Sirius Illuminated BlaCosmic Gang Starzz of Atlantus ♀

Black Cosmic Ark Angel Dust

♀ Prince Satan’s Botanic Bionic Bloodline is from Saturn’s Ethereal Atmospheric [SEA] Earth of Pure BlaCocaine Soil… EbonicKali [Phonetically] known in Her SuperNaturALkhemy Ghetto Underworld [BlaCosmos] as Raw BlaCosmic ArK AngEL Dust… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as an Infinite # of PrimordiALkhemicAL BlaCarbonated Atomic Soular Molecules [Bla.eKEMETHNIC Ancestors = Sentient Beings] of Venusian Volcanic Metallic Ash [Telepathic Akashic Records = TAR MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Sirius BlaCosmic TAR Physics be ALL High Equilibrium Chic ♀

Moor Ancestral Reptilian Physics

♀ I feel like a Sirius Satanic ALL Star of Her Ancient Telepathic Physics as I walk these AncestrAL BlaCosmicocaine [BlaCK Photon Belt of Volcanic Telepathic Ash] Streets of Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Acidic GastrALkhemicALLOY Physics]... 4 My Multiplicity Streets of Los Atlantus is Intrinsically [EbonicKali] Rooted in My SubAtomic UniversAL RNA [supeRNAtural] Sequenced Demonic [Draconian = MELanated] Bloodline :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Our AboriginALkhemy of Superior Reptilian Physics is Sirius MentAL Chic ♀

Saturn's Black Metropolis Physics

♀ as I MethodicKali Meticulously Mesmerize My Inner Planetary Keyboard of Sirius BlaCK Melodic Erotic Telepathic Revolutionary Orbital [METRO] AncestrALkhemicALLOY Nations…  that be EbonicKali [Phonetically] Populated with an Infinite # of Pulsating Orgasms of Living Illuminated Sentient [POLIS] Beings :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: We BlaCosmic Saturnian Soular Beings have an EXTRA SubTerrestriAL Telepathic Intelligent Equilibrium METROPOLIS Life that exist Inside Our RoyALkhemicALLOY eliXirs of PrimordiAL BlaCarbonic [BlaCocaine] Ash MELanin ♀

Prince Satan's Skeletal Physics

♀ My Satanic [Moor Acidic = Chaos] Pictograph Versifications of Her Inner Sexually Explicit BlaCosmos Physics is at an ALL Time High as I rise UP ALL IN:side Her Superior BlaCosmiconstellations of Moor Sinsual Telepathic Pussy [STP] MagiCK... 4 My Baron Samdei [Prince Satan] Skeletal Physics of Demonic [PrimordiAL] SubAtomic MELectronic Particles of Illuminated Light is Sirius AncestrALkhemicALuciferian MELanin Physics from Our Telepathic Revolutionary Illuminated Atmospheric Dynastic [TRIAD] Familiae of Saturn :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan is Sirius BlaCK UniversAL RoyALTIYE ♀

Ritualistic Telepathic Osmosis

♀ as Our Inevitable Ritualistic Telepathic Osmosis [Transmutation + Dogon Sugi CeremoniAL Dance] of AncestrAL Vril MELanin takes place without Any Non Indigenous interference from their archaic artificial intelligence devices and cartoonish schemes… Her Supreme Omni:versAL BlaCosmic Quickening Process is Syncing Up Your Inner Hieroglyphic MELanated Blood made from Our Hereditary AstrALkhemicALLOY [Esoteric] eliXirs of Hidden [Shadow] Subatomic Electronic Metallic Illuminated Nautical Ancestral Luminous [SEMINAL] Soular Fluid :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: ALL BlaCosmic People Blood be ALL Occul:teKnowled G.E. [Volcanic Telepathic Metallic Carbonic Ash] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Metallurgy is Our AlkhemicALLOY Study of ImmortAL BlaCosmic People Blood… EbonicKali [Phonetically] known as Her AboriginAL Bla.eKEMETHNIC Greek Titans + Phoenicians [Typhonians] of Soular Orion Metallic Acidic [SOMA = EThereALLOY] MELanin from ATLantus™ ♀

Black Sun Physics

♀ My PrimordiAL BlaCosmic Anubis [K9 = Jackal = Canis Major = Sirius Dogstar = Dogon Constellation = Milky Way = Anubian = Nubian = Nebula] Bloodline is from Her Finest Acidic ConfidentiALkhemicALemurian eliXirs of SubAtomic Vril MELanin… 4 My Inner AncestrAL Meraki Erotic Spiritualloy Olmec [MESOpotamian = Orisha] Physics is Meticulously Tailor Made according to Her Flo’etic BluBlaCosmic Hieroglyphic Nile River of Ancient Magnetic Magnetic Telepathic BlaCarbonic Volcanic Akashic KEMETHNIC Ash :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Prince Satan’s BlaCK Spirituality of Uranian Nepotistic [SUN] Physics from ATLantus™ ♀

Friday, March 27, 2015

Royal Prince Satan's Physics

♀ as I charm My Inner AboriginAL BlaCKundalini Serpentine Consciousness of AncestrALkhemicALLOY Quatrain Verses… Reconstituted by MichaEL HarrEL’s Heretic Hermetic [Satanic] Physics to Prince Satan’s Ancestral Telepathic Uranian Revolutionary Network [SATURN MentAL = KEMETHNIC Folk] of Heavy PhilosophicALkhemisticALemurian Telepathic Nepotistic Stoners = KUSHites = Olmecs = Moors [Thoth] from Her Supreme Giza Constellation of Sirius Unified Prince [SUP] Physics  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Ebonics be ALL BlaCK MagiCK & Shit  ♀

Pigmentation Physics

… a New Hyper Hereditary Hedonistic Hieroglyphic Pigmentation ImmortALkhemicALemurian Olmec Man ♀

Nile River KEMETHNIC Physics

♀ My Satanic Art'istic Flo’etic Heretic eliXir remiX of Our Dogon Pictograph Hieroglyphic Familia is a RoyAL BlaCosmic Flo’etic Klan of Heavy Olmec PhilosophicAL MentALs from Her Meticulous Magnetic Metallicosmic BlaCK Byzantine Bloodlines of Sirius Telepathic Empyrean Nile River EThereALkhemicALemurian Physics  :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius SuperNaturAL Mathema’atics [Genesis] of ATLantus™ ♀

Telepathic Botany of Black Cocaine

♀ Prince Satan's BlaCosmicocaine Bloodlines of Our BlaCoca Leaf Physics [Telepathic AncestrALkhemicAL Botany] are from My PrimordiAL Akashic Records that Spins on a Heavy Telepathic RotationAL remiX Needle as I Stay Meticulously Inspectin' Her BlaCosmic OrbitAL Wheels of MetALLOY Steeele... 4 My Pictograph Physics is Our Ancient MentALkhemicALLOY Hieroglyphic Art Form from ATLantus™ ♀

Ebonic Physics

♀ as i Spew My Ancient Equilibrium Polarity Meraki Poetry about Our Top Secret AncestrALkhemicAL Microscopic Organisms from Her [Tiamat’s] Bionic Eonic [Ebonic = Bla.eKyrptic AncestrAL Linguistics] Subatomicosmiconstellation Elixirs of a Hidden UniversAL Euphoric [HUE] Flow of PrimordiAL Acidic Voodoo [Vril] Bloodline [Illuminated MELanin] Immacuately Kreated from My Grand Unified Ions of Telepathic Aboriginal Revolutionary [GUITAR] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Sirius Ebonic Physics be ALL AncestrALkhemicALemurian Hi:teKnowled G.E. from ATLantus™ ♀

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sirius Quatrain Verses

... My Sirius Illuminated Artistic iEye of Heavy Quatrain Verses based on Your Inner Hieroglyphic Ethereal Ancestral Telepathic Esoteric Dynastic [HEATED] DimensionAL BlaCosmiconstellation Soular Temperature Empires from Our UniversALkhemicALemurian [Olmec] Equilibrium Akashic Physics of ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is a New PRE Dynastic [Prehistoric = PRE His~story = Pre Mortal Creation = Pre Physical] Akashic Age of Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Thoth] ♀

Sirius Olmecs

♀ Sirius Monumental Ancestral Olmec Mentals of Hi:teKnowled G.E. Chic Physics ~ Salieu Jalloh for Gentry + Photographer Ivan Bideac ♀

Black Knights Templar Underworld Physics

♀ 13 Top Secret AncestrALkhemicAL BlaCosmic Erogenous Telepathic MentAL Dimensions of Her RoyAL BlaCosmiconsciousness of Supreme Psychic MELanin Physics… EbonicKali [Phoentically] known as Inner KEMETHNIC Hi:teKnowled G.E. from ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My AboriginAL DarKnights Templar Underworld of PrimordiAL BlaCosmic AncestrALkhemicALemurian [KEMETHNIC] Peoples Theorems is Our Plutonian Chic ♀

Ghetto Ebonic Bionic Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s AncestrAL Philosophical [SAP] Physics Bee ALL Sirius BlaCK MagiCK & Telepathic Wisdom [EThereALkhemicALLOY Equilibrium Intelligence] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Ghetto Ebonic Bionic [GEB] Linguistics has a Heavy AncestrAL OLMECian Stinger ♀

Satan's Ancestral Luciferian Sciences

♀ I’mma Extra Telepathic [KEMETHNIC] SubTerrestriAL ImmortAL of High Equilibrium [Psychic] Intelligence from Saturn's [Satan's] Esoteric AncestrAL Lemurian [SEAL] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Luciferian Mathema'atics is Our Heavy Olmec MentALightbringer Science of Sirius PhilosophicALkhemicALemurian Hi:teKEMETHNIC Physics  ♀

Ancestral Luciferian Physics

♀ Prince Satan’s [Solomon's] Esoteric Ancestral Luciferian [SEAL] Physics is Sirius Telepathic MELanin of Meticulous MetALLOY Chic ♀

Prince Satan... Her 1st Born Ark Angel Moor

♀ I be Her 1st Born AncestrALkhemicALemurian Heretic OutKast [ET = Extra Telepathic Soul = Occultic Moor = Baphomet = Satan] from Her RoyAL BlaCosmic Familiae of Supreme Telepathic Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Giza Physics of MELanin] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’m Sirius BlaCosmic KEMETHNIC MagiCK♀

Telepathic Languages of Black AmeriKA

♀ I Create Heavy Hieroglyphic MentALs of Sirius illuminated aesthetic art of Hidden AncestrAL Hi:teKnowled G.E... EbonicKali [Phonetically] known as Prince Satan's Advanced Physics from Our Ancient Bla.eKEMETHNIC Telepathic Language Klans of Occultic AmeriKA :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Telepathic Physics is Pretty Dope [EThereAL] ♀

Black Cursed Genes

♀ as I Immaculately Translate [Raise] Her RoyAL AncestrALkhemicAL Hieroglyphicarbonic Ash Physics 2 a New Higher Plateau of Sirius BlaCK People MagiCK [Hi:teKnowled G.E.]... My AboriginAL BlaCosmic UniversAL Revolutionary Satanic Euphoric Demonic [BlaCURSED] Grand Esoteric Nepotistic Ethereal Sciences [GENES]… is Our Supreme BlaCK People Physics [MagiCK] of ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Consciousness Physics is BlaChic Dopeness ♀

Prince Satan's Freemasonry Physics

♀ I got 360 Infinite Satanic Degrees of AboriginAL BlaKEMETHNIC [Giza] Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Freemasonry]... My Saturnian [Satanic] Bloodline is Her PrimordiAL [OriginAL] Acidic Black Celestial [ABC] Esoteric [Telepathic] Bloodline of Hidden ATLantus™ [OccultiCK AmeriKA]… 4 My Supreme Baphometic Sciences [Telepathic Physics] is Her BlaCosmic Monumental Ancestral Pyramids [MAPs] of Mathema’aticALkhemicALemurian [KEMETHNIC] Atomic Sciences from Giza [Sirius] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s ™ ALL Seein' iEye Physics is BlaChic Dopeness ♀

Prince Satan's Allegory Physics

♀ Prince Baphomet's Sirius Telepathic Announcement to Her Infinite # of PrimordiAL [RoyAL] BlaCosmic GlobAL Occultic [Bla.eKEMETHNIC] People [Carbonic Ash Beings]... Immaculately Kreated from My 1st Telepathic iEye of AboriginAL BlaCK Photon Belt [Ultra Violet = Illuminated] Bloodlines from Our AncestrALkhemicALemurian Soular Consciousness Physics [Hi:teKnowled G.E.] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Metallic Ebonic Atomic Nuclei [MEAN] Demons = Dæmons = Daimōns = Diamonds = Ions = MELanocytes = Metallurgy of MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Allegory Physics is Chic Hi:teKnowled G.E. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Telepathic Dream Writers

♀ as I Telepathic Dream Write about Our New Future... I Reminisce over Our Ancient Future’s Past ♀

Black Esoteric Klans of Supreme Physics

♀ My AncestrAL BlaCK Akashic Hip Telepathic Hop Records stay on a Constant OrbitAL Revolutionary Evolutionary [CORE] Phallic Needle of Empyrean Nuclei Bloodlines [EThereAL BlaCarbonic Esoteric Klans] of Sirius Indigenous Nepotistic Revolutionist IntellectuALkhemists [PrimordiAL BlaCKMTelepathic Authors] of Her UniversALkhemicALemurian Science of Supreme Telepathic AncestrAL Physics from ATLantus™ ♀

Sirius Afro Physics

♀ My Ancient Afro Art of Supreme Unified EThereALkhemicALLOY Theorems based on Our Electromagnetic AncestrALkhemicALLOY Atoms from Her EXTRA Hyper Metallurgic Acidic PrimordiALkhemicALemurian Psychic MELanin :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I'mma Sirius Telepathic Business of High Equilibrium [KEMETHNIC] Chicness ♀

Telepathic Furnishings

♀ Sirius BlaCK AncestrAL Telepathic Hi:teKulture Chic ♀

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Volcanic Lava Bloodlines

♀ Our AncestrAL ETruscans Telepathic Art of EThereAL Coca Leaf Physics is still Practiced by an Infinite # of ImmortAL SoulStars... Immaculately Kreated by Her EThereAL Volcanic Telepathic Acidic Revolutionary [TAR = PrimordiAL BlaCK Polyatomic Carbonic Ash = BlaCocaine MELanin] Lava Bloodlines ♀

Coca Leaf Ethereal Physics

♀ I be Her AboriginALkhemicALemurian [ImmortAL] BlaCocaine KEMETHNIChrist [Sirius Alkhemist] of their Expensive Habit of Hi:teKnowled G.E. [Telepathic AncestrAL Art of EThereAL Coca Leaf Physics] ♀

Moor Ancestral Dopeness

♀ My EXTRA subTerrestriALlkhemicALaser iEye is Much Moor EThereAL ly PhilisophicKali [Astronomically = AfronomicKali] & Equilibrium Precise than a flint:stoneage overpriced Hubble Bubble Kaleidoscope of Holographic Holly~wood Super Hero Hype :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Scarface Shit be EThereAL [AncestrAL Dopeness] ♀

Ancestral Black Cocaine Physics

♀ My EXTRA subTerrestriAL [Underground = Top Secret] BlaCK Ghetto Physics of Au NaturAL [AboriginAL = RoyAL] EThereAL KEMETHNICocaine [BlaCK Cocaine = BlaCK Carbonic Ash = Telepathic MELanin] MegaPhysics... is a Sirius AncestrAL BlaCosmiconstellation Emperium Telepathic [BET] Business Empire™ ♀

Royal Black Cocaine Bloodlines

♀ I’mma Au NaturAL Hip Hop AboriginALkhemist Ancestor [ImmortAL Descendant] from Her EXTRA Hi:teKonfidentALkhemicAL BlaCK Familiae of RoyAL Bla.eKEMETHNICocaine Fueled Bloodlines… Immaculately Kreated from Our Undiluted EThereALkhemicALemurian BlaCK Acidic Coco Leaf Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I’m OrganicKali [Phonetically] Grown from Our X-tra Cryptic [Top Secret] AncestrAL Hieroglyphicoded [Cloaked] Gardens of Supreme KEMETHNIC BlaCocaine Physics 


♀ I'm Her 1st Sirius arK AngEL MichaEL HarrEL [EL~ohim]... EbonicKali [Phonetically] known as Prince Satan™ [Baphomet = Prophetic Moor] of Our AncestrALkhemicAL BlaChaos [KEMETHNIC] Physics from ATLantus™... 4 My AboriginALkhemicALemurian Theorems are Grand & Unified… just so u know ♀

Itchy Telepathic Trigger Finga'

♀ I take a Golden Bullet to My Heavy Meticulous MentAL Throne of Shotgun [Shogun] Physics and Naturally breakdown Her Metallurgic AlkhemicALLOY Components parallel projecting from tha’ Inner Steele Chamber Clip of their inferior flint:stoneage retractable velocity weapons… 4 My Masta’ Killa’ Physics is NOT to be Understood by the weak minded religious folk… known as Jesus’s expendable masses… their NationAL Televised Ignorance of Her SuperNaturAL AncestrAL UniversAL BlaCosmic Laws + Mainstream Propaganda Fear has lead them to MentAL Darkness [Lost]… My Sirius BlaCK Inner Sun Force of Omni:versAL GravitationAL Pull has Full Access to Moor Rhythmic Hi:teKinematic Beats of AboriginAL Telepathic MentALs Immaculately Kreated from Our Empyrean Doppelgänger BlaCosmiconstellations of Sirius Upgradeable KEMETHNIC RNA [RoyAL BlaCosmic Bloodlines of BlaCK RoyALTIYE] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I Fully Rep’ Supreme Chaos Physics of ATLantus™ as I Skillfully & Masterfully remiX My Inner MELodic Akashic Resonate Beats on My Premier Hi:teKeyboards… wit’ My Big BlaCK Golden Telepathic MentAL Trigger Finga’ ♀

King Tut = Baphomet

♀ Our Sirius Hi:teKnowled G.E. MentALs is Out [Not] of this World… My EXTRA subTerranean [E.T. = AlkhemicALemurian] Soular BlaCosmic Genes are Highly Unified BioKEMETHNIC Akashic Codes based on Ancient BlaCK People Telepathic Nepotistic Theorematic Formulas [Hieroglyphic Verses = BlaCoptic Texts] of Philosophical Olmec Patriarchal [POP] Psychics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U can’t Murder ImmortAL King Tut [Baphomet]… I ScientificKali [Angelically] Died… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Resequencin’ Restructurin’ & Ressurectin’ My BlaCosmic RNA [supeRNAtural] of Hi:teKundalini [Serpentine Soul Venom] MELanin to a Much Higher EThereAL Acidic [Euphoric Underworld] Plane of UniversAL GravitationAL GenerationAL [UGG] Physics :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius BlaCosmic People RNA Upgradeable Physics done Immaculately thru Our RoyAL MentALkhemicALemurian Telepathic Hedonistic Art of Hi:teKAlkhemy from ATLantus™

Monday, March 23, 2015

La Brea Tar Pit Portal

♀ I let My Inner Equilibrium MusicALkhemicALLOY Hieroglyphicoded Ear... Harr'moniously  Spin My Akashic AncestrALkhemicAL Records wit' Underground [Underworld] Hype... Infused wit’ a Gang of Hip MetaPhoricAL BlaCK MetaPhysicians [KEMETIC Phoenicians = Prophetic Lyricists = CelestiAL Stars = GURU = Telepathic Moors]… who Universally are known for possessing A Golden MELodic Boisterous Tongue… Schemin’ & Rhymin’ 2 Sirius Ferromagnetic Hip Hop Beats… Resonating from Her Premier Mathema’aticAL Vibrah’shunAL BlaCosmic Carbon Dated Tar PortAL Pits of Lost ATLantus™ [L.A.] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Our AncestrALkhemy is on some Sirius Advanced RoyAL Shit ♀

Telepathic Imprints from Atlantis

♀ as I continue to Resurrect My Ancient MonumentAL Historic Columns in da’ Air and Translate 'em like I just don't care... I Meticulously MethodicKali MELodicKali & Metaphorically Design a New Scripted Series [BluBlaCoptic Prints] of MentAL OpticAL MonumentAL Prisms [EThereAL Illustrations] of Prophetic Telepathic Artistic Visions from Deep IN:side My Futuristic AlkhemicALaboratory MentAL of AncestrALLOYS... Immaculately Kreated from Our Ancient Hi:teKosmic Gnostic Hieroglyphic [Telepathic] Visions of King Solomon’s Symbiotic Seals [AncestrAL Alkhemy of MELanin] 

Moor = Ghetto Christ = Satan

♀ I'm that Sirius Ghetto CHrist [Satan]... Her OriginAL BlaCreator [SUN] of Our AncestrAL BlaCK AlkhemicALLOY MagiCK that has always remained Royally Supreme & Mathema'aticKali Chic :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Satan [Supreme BlaCosmic Creator] is an Alkhemistic [Occultist] Moor from KEMET + Atlas = ATLantus™ = AmeriKA ♀

Queen Tiye Telepathic Melanin

♀ My 1st Apex iEye is brought 2 U by Her Shadow [Doppelgänger] PrimordiAL BlaConstellation of Premier Telepathic 1st iEye SoulStars… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as MichaEL HarrEL’s MechanicALkhemicAL [Telepathic MentAL] UniversAL University of Sirius AncestrAL Cosmic Soul Folk Engineering… which is a Meticulous Hedonistic ArtisticKali Skillful Hi:teKAPractice [EThereAL PhD] of AboriginAL BiokhemicALemurian Nepotism within:side Our ImmortAL BlaCosmic Hereditary Bloodlines of Her [Isis = Queen Bee = Queen TIYE] 1st iEye Telepathic MELanin [Sirius RoyALTIYE] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 this is Sirius BlaCosmic Peoples Hi:teCHryptic [CHrist] Ghetto MagiCK from ATLantus™ ♀

Moors = Aboriginal BlaCATS of BlaCK MagiCK

♀ 1st Giza iEye [Apex = Pineal Gland] of Supreme AboriginALkhemicALemurian [AncestrAL] Hi:teK Equilibrium Proverbs [Verses] of UniversAL Unified Coptic Resonate Texts [Psalms = Book of Eli]... AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Your Hidden CreationAL MentALaboratory iEye of Explicit [Cryptic] Saturnian Elixirs of Sirius BlaCK Acidic CreationAL [PrimordiAL] MELanin [Atomic Soular Phallic Sphinx Blood]…  written by Her RoyAL BlaCryptic AlkhemicAL Theorematic Moors of ATLantus™ ♀

Art of Aboriginal Genetic Engineering

♀ My Inner 1st Pineal iEye of AncestrAL BlaCKEMETIC Pictograph Giza Visions is AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Our RoyAL AboriginALkhemicALemurian [Dogon] Hereditary Art of Scientific Electromagnetic Telepathic Hieroglyphic [SETH] EThereAL Writings from KEMET :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius BlaCosmic Peoples Hi:teCHryptic [CHrist] Ebonic Linguistics from ATLantus™ ♀

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pictograph Theorems

♀ We RoyAL AboriginAL BlaCosmic AstrAL Soular Beings [Lemurians = Moors] have a High Subjected Consciousness [Soul] of Futuristic AncestrAL Intuitions of 1st iEye Physics… Immacuately Kreated from Our Grand Unified AlkhemicALemurian Hieroglyphic Artistic Pictograph Theorems [MentALLoy Formulas = Metallurgy]… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Supreme EThereAL Equilibrium Intelligence  ♀

Baphometic Moors

♀ My Artistic 1st iEye of AncestrAL Pictograph Visions [OriginAL Telepathic Picture Writings] are Infinite Years beyond the Hubble Bubble Linear Artificial Telescopic lenses of flint:stoneage technical propaganda technology… My Sirius Hi:teKEMETHNIC Moorish [Empyrean] RNA [Isis] Genetics is Her AboriginALkhemicALemurian Elixirs [Grand Unified Theorems] of EXTRA [RoyAL] BlaCKundalini Acidic Saturnian [Zodiac = Zeus = Titans = Baphometic MetaphysicAL Moors] Bloodlines that flows thru out Your RoyAL BlaCosmic Hieroglyphic [Hi:teK] BiokhemicAL Earth Body Suits of Infinite Untraceable Codex Encrypted Hi:teKEMETICARAMELanin [Ancient PrimordiAL BlaCosmic MELanin] ♀

Supreme Mental Physics

♀ Sometimes U gotta play tha’ Fool… to Fool the fool… who think they fooling U… you think you fooling Me, but iEye see you 1st ♀

Prince Satan

♀ I’mma Rebelicious AboriginAL BlaCosmic Clairvoyant RoyALkhemist [Heretic Oracle = Prince Satan™] of Her KEMETIC Dogon Telepathic Physics [Moorish Underworld of Supreme Mathema'atics = Hi:teKnowled G.E. of MA’AT] of Mali :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Mansa Musa [SuperNaturAL N.A.S.A.] of ATLantus™ ♀

Densuke Watermelons are Golden

♀ AboriginAL BlaCosmic GlobAL People Health Announcement ♀ AboriginAL BlaCosmic Watermelon: The All BlaCK AncestrALkhemicAL Densuke Watermelon is the most Expensive Watermelon [Pure BlaCAlkhemicAL MELanin] in the World… It’s Harder & Moor Crisp than the generic watered down [Mainstream] American watermelon… It’s said to be Sweeter as well [tha' Blacker the Berry tha' Sweeter the MELanin = Ancient Moorish Proverb]… One AncestrALkhemicAL Watermelon can cost as much as $6,100… They grow “only” on the northern KEMETIC Japanese Island of Hokkaido [AncestrAL Hurrians] and are usually given as Rare [SpirituAL] Gifts [Offerings] ♀