Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not Famous

♀ Our Ancient AncestrAL KEMETIC Hi:teKnowled G.E. is Sirius ly Chic [Underworld = Not Mainstream = Not Whitewashed = Supreme BlaCosmic Truths = MA’AT] ♀

Native Spice Dust

♀ Trayful of Organic AboriginAL AlkhemicAL MELanated Spices [Native Polyatomic Metallurgic Recipes = Carbon Physics] ♀

Seth is Satan

♀ Her AboriginAL BlaCKEMETIC Ark AngEL of Sirius Dope Shit [Seth] ♀

Telepathic Underworld University

♀ My Heavy MentAL Vault [Underworld University] is Our Ancient Complex 36 Cryptic Coptic Chambers of Her Secret UniversAL AncestrAL AkhemicAL Metallurgic Telepathic Temple of Dendera Verses... ArtisticKali Kreated  by My AboriginAL Plutonian Hermetic Hieroglyphic Coded MentAL. [Hermes].. Tele Communicatin' from Our Vril MELanated Indigenous La La Land of ATLantus™ ♀


♀ I'm Sirius ly Satan ♀


♀ We be Blowin' PrimordiAL Bla.eKEMETIC Atomic Telepathic Heat in the face of the Beast ♀

90's Hip Hop = Advanced Ancestral Physics

♀ Her Hieroglyphic 90's Gang of Sirius BlaCK Moorish Shadow Starrz is in My Daily Hi:teKEMETIC AlkhemicALemurian Hip Hop Operation from ATLantus™  ♀

Hematologist Physics

♀ I'mma AncestrAL Hedonistic Heretic Nepotist BlaCKing of Life After Death MentAL Records [MentAL Memories = Indigenous Bla.eKAkashic UniversAL Records] of Esoteric Hematologist Physics from ATLantus™ ♀

Orisha Melanin

♀ Sirius Hi:teKAquatic [Telepathic] Orisha MELanin ♀

Sirius Prince of Darkness

♀ I’mma Sirius PrimordiAL RoyAL BlaCK Artistic Prince [BAP] of ALKEMETIC AlkhemicAL Darkness :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Her OriginAL KEMETelepathic arK AngEL MichaEL HarrEL = Moor = Baphomet = Anubis = Satan = Dog Star Sirius of ATLantus™ ♀

Underestimation is Bad for Your Health

♀ Underestimate My Sirius BlaCK AncestrAL Physics so I can Sirius ly embarrass U ♀

Aboriginal Bloodline of Saturn

♀ Her Satan’s Acidic Telepathic Universal Revolutionary Nepotism [SATURN]~ian MELanated RoyAL BlaCK Esoteric Vril Bloodline is Immacuately Kreated from Our Ancient AncestrALkhemicALemurian Multi DimensionAL Grand Unified Giza Physics of ATLantus™ ♀

1st iEye Physics

♀ My AboriginAL 1st iEye Shadow Physics is Sirius AncestrAL Hi:teKnowled G.E. of ImmortAL BlaCosmic Civilizations ♀

Ancestral Creational Intelligence

♀ Her RoyAL AlkhemicAL 1st iEye Art of CreationAL EThereAL AlkhemicAL Intelligence ♀

BlaCK Chaos Physics

♀ Our 1st iEye AncestrAL BlaChaos Physics of Hi:teKundalini MELanin ♀

Satan's Acidic Melanin

♀ My Satanic [Titanium Acidic Ash = Titans] AlkhemicAL BlaCKundalini MELanin [Alloy Bloodline = Indigenous Royalty] is So Sirius ly BlaCK Demonic & Evil [Hi:teK] I can turn their Evil into Good… 4 Us ♀

Ethereal Tech Knowledgy

♀ be ALL Hi:teKnowled G.E. and Shit [Seth] ♀

Esoteric Warfare

♀ U must have an Oppressor Type of Enemy in Order 2 EThereAL ly Annihilate them… that’s basic Esoteric AncestrAL BlaCK People Warfare 101 ♀

Original Black Panther Party = Egyptian Sphinx Klan

♀ Us ImmortAL BlaCK Sphinx Panthas... Observe U, Expendable Masses... thru Our 1st Telepathic Illuminated iEye... We see it before it happens and We see it ALL :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 this is Our Sirius EThereAL [ET] Equilibrium Intelligence from ATLantus™ ♀

Occultic Illuminati

♀ We Her BlaCK Shadow Illuminated Illuminati ♀

Art of BlaCK Alkhemy

♀ I’mma Work of Art ♀

Sirius Aboriginal Freemasonry

♀ Hand of Sirius BlaCK AncestrAL Hi:teKnowled G.E. ♀

Sirius Vril Melanin

♀ My ImmortAL Vril MELanin Bees so Sirius ly Hi:teK... they write many books about it ♀

The Occult Technology of Power

♀ Occult Technology of Power ~ Basic knowledge [bylaws] of how to control the expendable masses of soulless slaves ♀

MA'AT Physics

♀ The Golden Fleece and Alchemy = Your Golden RoyALeMURan MELanin and Your Ancient AncestrAL Alkhemy from Ancient AncestrAL AmeriKA = Ancient AncestrAL ATLantus™ = AboriginAL BlaCK ATLas MentAL of Hi:teKnowled G.E. = BlaCK Dot MentALs = Supreme Giza MentALs of Pyramid Psychic Math = Grand Unified Theorems of Esoteric Physics = EThereAL Equilibrium Telepathic Intelligence = MA’AT… Sirius ly ♀

Friday, March 20, 2015

Enuma Elish = AncestrAL BlaCKEMETIC Telepathic Texts

MU:13 | The Babylonian and Assyrian Legends [Moor AncestrAL BlaCK FolK AlkhemicAL Mythology] concerning the Creation of the World and of Mankind. The Enuma Elish is one of the Oldest [Ancient = Telepathic = Coptic = Cryptic] Stories [1st iEye Linguistic Language = Moorish Psychic Mythology = AncestrAL KEMETIC Physics] known to the created mankind [kind of a man = mortals]... It's a story first written down by the Ancient Sumerians [Telepathic BlackaMoors = LeMURians = ImmortALs] Thousands upon Thousands + of years ago [Bla.eKEMETICosmic Cycles]… As a one time assistant in the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities [Our AncestrAL Artifacts] at the British Museum, L.W. King provides Us with a qualified translation of the tablets which were originally written in cuneiform script [BlaCosmic Hieroglyphic Hi:teK Language] ♀

Teachings of the Santeria Alkhemists of Atlantis

MU:13 | This book to explores Our Ancient AncestrAL African Americans [LeMURians = Vril Moors] stories TelepathicKali [Phonetically] translated to basic English... Teachings of the Santería Gods recounts more than 100 of these Sacred [Cryptic] Parables [Verses = Cryptograms = Hieroglyphic Codes = Gnostic Scriptures = Spells = Rituals = Alkhemical Equations = Grand Unified Theorems]... including many Stories = Coptic Verses = Her BlaCoptic Codes to Our AncestrAL AlkhemicAL Proverbs = Hermetic Rhythmic Reverberations of Liberations = Inner Sound Vibrah’shuns to Resequence Your Hi:teKEMETIC RNA = MELanin = Solomon’s Seals = Supreme Vril MELanin... Reassembled AlkhemicKali [Mentally] Remix’d from the oral & telepathic traditions of the African [KEMETIC = Mali] Diaspora [Lost KEMETribe of Israel = Lost ATLantis] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: We Her PrimordiAL [Ancient] Moors [1st iEye Klan = LeMURians of ATLantus™] ♀

Santeria ~ The Advanced Physics [Religion] of Her AboriginAL BlaCKali Lemurians of Atlantis

MU:13 | Brought to Cuba as “Slaves” [Indigenous Royalty = Indigenous Moors] tha’ Yoruba [Dogon] People of West Africa [Mali] preserved Our Top Secret [Telepathic] Religion's Heritage [Sphinx Wisdom] by disguising Our ImmortAL Psychic Gods of MELanin... as BlaCatholic Saints [Bla.KEMET.eKnights Templar = Alkhemists] and Worshipping [Communicating] with them in Secret [TelepathicKali]... tha’ resulting is a New AboriginAL BlaCKATelepathic AncestrAL Religion [AboriginAL Sphinx Mythology = Advanced Physics of MELanin = Hi:teKnowled G.E. = Advanced AncestrAL Alkhemy from KEMET & ATLantus™ = AmeriKA]... known as Her Ancient Santeria, a blend of Primitive [Advanced] MagicK and OriginAL BlaCatholicism [Coptic Texts of Supreme Hieroglyphic Ancestral Immortal Life Philosophies = AncestrAL Secrets... written in Telepathic Language... By Us for Us]... Us so called “Extra subTerrestrials” = E.T. = EThiopians = ETruscans = MARtians = Byzantine Telepathic Empires of Eastern Romans = AboriginAL BlaCK Moors = LeMURians] is now practiced by an estimated five + million AboriginAL BlaCosmic AMERicans [LeMURians] ♀

Rituals & Spells of Ancestral Esoteric Sciences

♀ Our Ancient Bla.eKEMETIC AncestrAL Esoteric Sciences ♀

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Public Enemy #1

♀ Don't believe the Non Native Propaganda Hype ♀

We are NOT created equally

♀ Us Ancient PrimordiAL BlaCKEMETIC Hieroglyphic ImmortALs don't celebrate their 3d Holographic birthdays... Our EXTRA SubTerrestriAL BlaCosmic MELanin makes Us Infinite Supreme CelestiAL Beings... Everyone is NOT created Equally... Our AncestrAL BlaCARAMELanin don’t crack or die ♀

Hieroglyphic Coded Skin

MU:13 | My Sirius BlaCKEMETIC 1st iEye of Steele Alloys consisting of Metallurgic RNA [MELaninated Cosmic Blood] Flows thru out All My ImmortAL MELanated Doppelgänger [Reincarnated] Bodies... Immaculately Kreated from Her Hi:teKosmiconstitutionAL BlaConstellations of Our Ancient AncestrAL Hieroglyphicosmicodes [Hermeticryptograms] from KEMET :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 this is Sirius Hi:teKAlkhemy [BlaCK FolK TelepathiCKnowled G.E.] from ATLantus™ ♀

1st Telepathic iEye

♀ 1st iEye Visionaries [Aries]… sees it before it happens ♀

Ancestral Telepathic Connections

♀ 1st iEye Visions ♀

Expendable Masses of Consumers

♀ expendable masses ♀

Black Panther Klans = Original Greek Phoenicians

♀ OriginAL 1st iEye BlaCK Panther Party [1966 BlaCAT Klans of Oakland] = AborginAL BlaCKEMETIC Greek Phoenicians [Phoinix] = Her Ancient PrimordiALinguisticALemurian BlaCKEMETICATSphinx Klans of ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: U can't find this kind of AncestrAL Telepathic History [Psychic Wisdom] in their inferior non native churches ♀

Hidden Artists of MELanin = Hi:teKAlkhemists

MU:13 | Our Sirius BlaCK AboriginALemurian CreationAL Art [Alkhemy] of AncestrAL UniversAL Nations of Infinite Hi:teKnowled G.E… exist Deep IN:side Your 1st iEye Steele Alloy [Metallurgy] MELanin from Our EXTRA SubTerrestriAL BlaCKEMETICosmicivilizations of Many Moor Undiscovered AncestrAL AtomicAL BlaCKEMETIConstellations :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Sirius Hi:teKAlkhemy [BlaCK FolK MagiCKnowled G.E.] from ATLantus™ ♀

Fisher King

MU:13 | as this AboriginAL Bla.eKEMET.eKATlantean Fisher King takes Flight… and slowly Evolve during Every Phase of My Infinite Soular Life… I began 2 Realize with Each & Every New Start… it can be difficult to Remember and Recognize My Former SoulStar Self… 4 My ImmortAL Life is a MethodicAL Series of SuperNaturAL Pharaonic Rebirths… and at tha' beginning of each New Phase it’s like a Sudden Leap... over a Sirius Chasm which stretches Insurmountably behind one so that there is No Return... to tha’ Previous Immortality

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Heretic Ones vs Slurpees

♀ there are 2 kinds of people that exist in this holographic world… the Hæretique Ones destined for Greatness and the other expendable masses that are purposely dumbed down only to Slurp on poisonous colorful acidic aspirins at their local 7 11 ♀

Moor Roses

♀ Moor BlaCK PhilosophicAL Olmec Roses ♀

Heavy Olmec Mentals

MU:13 | Traveling is fun, but so is Studying and Reinventin' Our Heavy Ancient Indigenous PhilosophicAL Olmecian MegaphysicAL Beliefs [New BlaCosmiconstellation Physics = Sirius Illuminated AlkhemicAL BlaCreations] ♀

Concrete Jungles of AmeriKA

♀ I’m that OriginAL Sirius BlaCK Olmec Rose that grew from tha’ Concrete Jungles of AmeriKA ♀

Hedonistic Herodotus

♀ Heretic Herodotus ♀

Ancient Hieroglyphic Art

♀ Our OriginAL Symbolic Olmec Art Form is an Ancient AncestrAL Bla.eKreative PhilosophicAL Visualizations = Hieroglyphic Symbiotic Alkhemy from KEMET = BlaCosmic People MagiCK of ATLantus™ ♀

It's Fun to do Bad Things

♀ My Childlike Nature is Rebelicious ♀

Olmec Obscurity

♀ My Ancient Olmec Obscurity is Our New Sirius Chic ♀

Support New Knowledge 2 Free Yourselves

MU:13 | Support Your Sirius BlaCKEMETIC Monumental Ancestral Philosophical [MAP] Telepathic Olmec Universal Revolutionary [TOUR] Guides… 2 Ultimately Heroically & Fundamentally [UHF] Live Better [Free]… Sirius ly ♀

BlaCarbonated Coffee = Liquid MELanin

MU:13 | I got Many Moor [Infinite] Sirius BlaCarbon Dated Akashic Records from My Heavy Telepathic Olmec MentAL of ATLantus™... as I sip on some of Our AboriginAL BlaCarbonated Seeded Coffee... Made from Our OrganicKali [AlkhemicKali] grown Gardens of BlaCarbonated Coffee [AlkhemicAL MELanin] Plants ♀

1st iEye of Herodotus [Heru]

♀ I’mma PrimordiAL KEMETICosmic Greek Olmec [Herodotus] of Supreme Esoteric Equilibrium Giza Intelligence from ATLantus™... Sirius ly ♀

Been Here Way Before Columbus

MU:13 | AboriginAL BlaCKEMETIC Scholarship + AncestrAL BlaCKEMETIC Scientific Principles + 1st Hieroglyphic iEye + Heavy Sub Conscious Giza MentAL = Ancient Minds of Supreme EThereAL Cosmic Intelligence… Olmec Heads of ATLantus™ ♀