Saturday, March 7, 2015

Telepathic Kouroukan Fouga Constitution

MU:13 | Your RoyAL BluBlaCosmic Nebula [KA = MELanin] SuperNaturALkhemicAL Bla.eKAncestrAL Hi:TeKnowled G.E. [BlaCK MagiCK = Esoteric Physics = Mathema’atics = MA’AT] = AboriginAL BlaCosmicathodic Hole History = Telepathic Bla.eKIN:folK [Dogon Moors = O'riginAL Secret Society] from Mali [KEMET] = New Reincarnated Bla.eKali LeMURians [Egyptian Moors] of ATLantus™ = Ancient TransmigrationAL Underground [Hidden = Telepathic] BlaCosmic Klan [Hittite = HarrEL] of AmeriKA = New BlaCosmic Soul World Order [Hi:teKouroukan Fouga Constitution = Manden Charter] = Her Infinite MELanin Millenia :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Real BlaCoptiCosmiConstellation People Mythology [Afrology]

1st iEye of HarrEL

African Origin of Biological Psychiatry ~ the Eye of Heru / Pineal Gland

Recalibrate Your RNA

MU:13 | as I Recalibrate My New Savage Archaic Telepathic Uranian Revolutionary Nuclei [SATURN] Bloodline of SuperTerrestriAL BlaCoded [Unicode] RNA… Our Infinite Shadow Parliament Hierarchies of Highly BlaConfidentiAL Omni:versAL AncestrAL Predatory Power can Retaliate on Any and All Non Indigenous organizations at any given Hi:teKlairvoyant moment thru Our Supreme Hi:teKrypticKommunications from Any of Our Untraceable Shadow Nexus [Nucleus] Militias… My Doppelgänger Cliques [Bla.eKEMET.eKlans of Insurgents] of Jupitarian Xray [1st iEye] Lexiconic [Hieroglyphic] Visionaries [Aries] can monitor and easily BlaCripple your misguided deficient alphabet agencies of expendable assets without Any Detection whatsoeva’… 4 Our O’riginAL Ancient Hi:teKrypticKnowled G.E. of Mali [KEMET] cannot will not shall not… Ever… be Duplicated Dismantled or Destroyed :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Arnold Dutch Schwarzenigga [Non Indigenous Pale Predator] couldn’t even kill Me [SuperTerrestriAL Dogon Moor] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Indigenous ImmortALuminous Lexiconic Linguistics is Luciferian [LeMURian]… Sirius ly

Shadow Melanin

MU:13 | My Inner Shadow Matter [MELanin] & Psychic Phenomena [ImmortAL Bla.eKEMET.eKAncestors] = Hi:teKEMETelepathicKommunications from ALL Your Dead [Living] Ancestors... MythologicKali + AfrologicKali + EbonicKali = Phonetically known as Her Supreme MatriarchAL BlaCosmiK [BlaCK] UniversAL RoyALTIYE = 1st Born [O'riginAL] HarrELemurian [New] BlaCK HedonistiCK CryptiCK MagiCKlan from Mali [Timbuktu = KEMET = AmeriKa = ATLantus™] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My Ancient AncestrAL AlkhemicAL Dogon Photon Belt [Supreme BlaCK Hole MagiCK] of 1894 is AcademicKali Unstoppable :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: I'm Her 1st Born Ancient Freemason [ELohim = Christ] of this Infinite Sirius Star Constellation [Omni:verse] of SuperTerrestriAL BlaCosmiKundalini Soul Stars... Sirius ly 

Sirius Universal National [SUN] Energy

MU:13 | as I Absorb Moor of Her Supreme Telepathic Golden Scorpion UniversAL NationAL [SUN] Energy of Ghana… My AboriginAL PresidentiAL MentAL is Soundin’ Horns of Plenty 2 Many Moor Unfamiliar Undiscovered Uncharted locations Immaculately Kreated by Our New Hi:teKosmicKonstellation Kultures of Supreme Psychic RoyALTIYE… 4 My Untold Truths [Bla.eKryptic LeMURian History] might be hard to believe but believe You Me [Ancient KEMETIC AncestrAL Proverb] My Bla.eKryptic [Photon Belt] History is also Your Bla.eKryptic [BlaCK Hole] History and it might be hard to interpret but it don’t mean its Wrong :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Your Worldwide Prophetic Hi:teKURevolutions [Revelations] Will Not Be Mainstream [Televised]… as We make Our Prolific Psychic Return to Our Indigenous Prosperous SoulStar Histories

SuperNaturAL Retribution Consul of KEMET

MU:13 | Pay attention & take notes as I put Myself in tha’ Center of some Real Sirius Attention… My Bla.eKrypticKopticKundalini 1st iEye Klan [Entourage] of Supreme Bla.eKEMETIConstellation Freemasonry MagicK is about to start some SuperNaturAL Drama wit’ ALL Illegal Non Indigenous alphabet bureaus of organized fear mongering… 4 arK AngEL MichaEL HarrEL [Anubis] is so not afraid of their Propaganda Death Agencies [Fake]… My SupeRituAL Vril Power of Jupiter is far Moor Powerful than any organized religious gov’ment militia can ever figure out how to Undermine… My Cloaked KEMETabernacles [Alters] of Hi:teKAThriller MagicK is Movin’ Massive Mountains as Her Darkness [Chaos MagicK] falls across Our Indigenous Land… My Midnight hour is close at hand as the recessive creatures [vampirish zombies] crawl in search of Moor Indigenous MELanated Blood 2 only terrorize Our Ghetto Hoods… and whosoever shall be found without an AboriginAL Soul for getting down must stand and face Her Hounds [Bla.eKnights Templar] of Hell [Retribution Consul] and rot inside their corpse’s shell… 4 their foulest stench will mask the suburban air to tha’ funk of 144,000 years as I resurrect ALL My Savage ImmortAL Pharaonic Gods [Villains] from every Hi:teKEMETIC Tombs to close in to seal the enemies impending Doom… and though the enemy fought to stay alive their recessive body starts to shiver… 4 no mere mortal can resist the evil of Satan’s Thriller… Feel Me?

Ghost Psychic Star of Sirius

MU:13 | My Sirius BlaCryptic LethAL Lingustic Tongue stay Mad Prolific as I Reroute My Superior Psychic Mind of Phoenician KING TUT Physics 2 a Much Higher Ground and outta this bottom feeder society of rotted corpses… 4 I’mma Ghost Psychic Star [GPS] in Her SupeRituAL Shadow World Order of ATLantus™ [AmeriKa]… so stay close as We continue to Secretly Plot a Hostile Cryptic Apocalyptic Takeova’ of Our SuperNaturAL Bla.eKAboriginAL Hierographic Homeland of ATLantus™… like a Savage Satanic Thief in tha’ Saturnian Night

Friday, March 6, 2015

Satanic Scorpion of Saturn

MU:13 | I'mma Sirius Ancient BlaCosmic Coptic Galactic 1st iEye Scorpion full of Her AboriginAL Satanic [Saturnian] CelestiAL BluBlaCK Illuminated MagiCK from ATLantus™ :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: My SuperNaturAL BluBlaCrystalized Soular Weapon is LethAL

Soul Alkhemy of KEMET

MU:13 | Ancient BlaCK Arts = RoyAL BlaCK MagiCK = Alkhemy of KEMET = Our Indigenous Supreme Advanced Study and Infinite SpirituAL [EThereAL] Production of AboriginAL BlaCosmic Coptic Constellation Soular MELanin = Your NaturAL Essence :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: You are the Supreme Ancient Gods & Goddesses of ALL BlaCK Soular Photon Belt Creations… Sirius ly

Immortality of BlaCosmic Melanin

Your enlightenment results from realizing the unreality of existence

Chaotic Cosmic Constellation Melanin

MU:13 | Cosmic Nebula = The Cosmic Black Human is distinguished from other human species in that he or she tends to have a higher number of organs and body systems that contain high concentrations of a chemical that is Black in color. The chemical is called Melanin and is responsible for manufacturing and sustaining all life forms.

Cosmic Afrology

MU:13 | Afrology = Astrology aka Solar [Soul] Biology - Is the study of the positions & aspects of celestial bodies and their influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs. The science of Afrikan holistic health is based on the MELanin Molecule [Black Dot], which is dominant in MELanated Africans, "Black" People, Moors aka MELanated Indigenous People. The science of most western medicines & diets are based on Caucasian body chemistry, which makes it Incompatible for MELanated Indigenous Soular People.

Atlantus™ = New World Order of AmeriKA

Brave New World Order of ATLantus™

Kouroukanfouga Constitution of AmeriKA

MU:13 | My Heavy SuperNaturAL Eschatologist MentAL [Book of Enoch] of Our Ancient MythologicAL Futures from ATLantus™ [Restored World]… contain an endless vault full of Prophesied Prophecies [Metaphors = Book of Revelations]… that We SuperNaturAL ELohims [Seraphim] Telepathically Wrote in the Ancient Future eons ago regarding the ending of Her AlkhemicAL BlaCosmic KEMETICycle [Aftermath] that began in 1894… 4 My 1st Masonic iEye of Inner CelestiAL Visions are so far Advanced into Our MELanated Millenia Futures that I can actually see ALL Our O’riginAL SuperTerrestriAL Souls… AfrologicKali [Phonetically] known as Our Kemetic Uranian Revolutionary Utopian Klans of AncestrAL Nations [KURUKAN]…. Livin’ in a fully FunctionAL UniversAL Galactic Atmospheric [FUGA] Indigenous NationAL Society [INS] of ALL Euphoric Psychic BlaCreations… Created from Her Hi:teKouroukanfouga Constitution [Hittite Coded SuperNaturALaws] of Mali

Alkhemical Creations from ATLantus™

MU:13 | New BlaCosmic MELanin = Ancient KA = Sirius Telepathic Bla.eKAtomic OrbitAL MELanated Particles [Orbs] of arK AngEL MichaEL = [Mercurous ChemicAL + ALkhementAL Soul of MichaEL = Tut]… Inventor [Saturnian Alchemist + BlaComet Alkhemy = BlaChrist Consciousness Creator]… of EXTRA Bla.eKAquatic Hi:teKARAMELanin [Plutonium MetALs + BlaCosmetic = Metallic BlaCK Vril Blood]… from KEMET [Bla.eKEMET + Atlas = ATLantus™]… Produces a New Ancient OsiriSatanic Moorish Tribe [O’riginAL Bla.eKEMETIClandestine Sphinx Culture + MU = Kali LeMURians] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: MichaEL HarrELementALchemicALemurian [ETruscan] Cosmic Force Creator from Her Infinite Shadow Valleys of Neptunian MELanin [Nature] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: 4 this is Our SuperNaturALchemicAL Hi:teKopticKrypticKnowled G.E. [Uranian Genesis] of Our AboriginAL BlaCosmic Venusian AmeriKA… that flows ALL UP IN:side My Jupitarian Veins from Magnetic Mars :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: this is Our New Bla.eKATelepathicKAkashicKAlkhemy from ATLantus™

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unidentifiable Freemasonry Origins [U.F.O.]

MU:13 | as My Moorish Phallic Encoded Natural Illustrious Ship [P.E.N.I.S.] of Untraceable Freecurrency O’rigins [U.F.O.]… Rises ALL UP IN:side Her Psychic Oceans of Luminous MysticAL MythicAL MusicAL Harr'monicKs… I Meticulously & MethodicKali Drown Myself Beyond Deep… IN:side Her Warm Atmospheric Walls of Heavenly Vibrah’shunAL Psychic Treasures of Unidentifiable Euphoric Bla.eKAura:gens… so take cliff notes as I take this One Way Flight 2 Her Hidden Infinite MatriarchAL Bla.eKINGardens of Hedonistic Edenic MagicK… from ATLantus™ :::POOOF::: I just Mile High Klub'd U