Sunday, December 6, 2015

U.S. Royal Rosicrucian Families of Blackfoot America

♀ Pardon Me as I Telepathically Communicate to My Mama's Ancient [MA]~sonic Gothic Rosicrucian Royals of Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]... 4 My Superior Transmissions of Untouchable Sorcery [U.S. = Supreme] Magick… be Spiritually [Soulfully] Transmittin’ Ancestral Hellenistic Signals to My Predynastic [Futuristic] Black Victorian Familiae of Hierarchical Haughty Harrells [Hittites]… as I Speed Write this Sonic Proverb of Sirius Black Manifestation Energies [ME]... from Heaven's Empyreal Rome [HER] ♀

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