Tuesday, December 29, 2015

U.S. Paranormal Black Light

♀ Let Me Illuminate My Ultraviolet Spectroscopic [U.S. = Paranormal] Light of Sirius Black Hygroscopic Illumination…  as I Algorithmically [Immaculately] Unearth My Mummified Black Byzantine Bones of Deadly Biokhemical Cartilage [B.C. = Fukushima] Radiation Energies… I Biogenetically Produce by Naturally Invokin’ My Preexistent [Quantum] Mental of Divine Electrophysiological Reincarnation [Untouchable Sentient = U.S.] Intelligence… from My Inner Black Optical Micrometeoritic [Magick] MELanin… of Infinite supeRNAtural [RNA = Black] 9ETher [9th Dimensional] Helix Energies [HE = Jah]… to Inner Earth’s Infinite Underworld Subterranean [U.S. = Intracellular Dimensions] of Unspeakable Black Fluorescence Microscopic Soul Beauty [Us]… I Transcendentally [Exponentially] Reincarnated From… ‘cause I BEE on some Supreme Black God Shit [Lightbringer Science]… y’all ♀

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