Tuesday, December 8, 2015

U.S. of Supreme Black Silence

♀ as this Ancient = Futuristic Universal Sovereign [U.S. = Supreme] Black Seafarer [Fisher King] of Worldwide Monarch Rulership [Divine Black Kingship]… Imperially Positions Himself in an Unknown Stratospheric Airspace [U.S.A. = Hyperion = Sirius] Mental Ship [Spiritual Temple = Noah's Ark] of Untouchable Sorcery [U.S. = Byzantine = Roma Invicta = Undefeated Rome] Powers… My Hereditary [MH] Vodun Viceroyalty Illuminati of Pluto’s Inter~Planetary Parliament… be Clairvoyantly Whisperin’ to My Inner Black Core Subconsciousness Soul of Golden Black Hydrocarbonic Cellular Structures… that be Biogenetically Rooted to Inner Agartha’s Predynastic [Futuristic] Black Amplified Subterranean Sea [BASS] of Superior Epochal Communications [SEC = Supreme Black Silence]… We Sonically [9th Dimensionally] Crafted from Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis]… Checkmate ♀

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